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Contact Me working on this, although mostly done...hopefully all the 'broadcasts' are here, and I do mean that literally...what is broadcast, not necessarily all of the monologues...I'll put other notable monologues, 'unbroadcast' ones, on their own page in a bit. :)

Second Season - Third Season

By Episode:

Ashes to Ashes - Avenging Angel - Baby, Baby - Be My Valentine
Black Buddha I - Black Buddha II - Blackwing - Blood Money - Can't Run, Can't Hide
Capital Offence - Close Call - The Code - Curiouser and Curiouser - Dead of Night
Father's Day - Fever - Francesca - Human Factor - Jane Doe - Last Knight
Let No Man Tear Asunder - A More Permanent Hell - My Boyfriend is a Vampire
Night in Question - Partners of the Month - Sons of Belial - Strings - Trophy Girl


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