Nick: A word to the wise; Immortality’s no excuse not to floss.

Janette: Oh Nicolas, you used to be so charming. You know I don't care about what happens to them, and neither should you.
Nick: Some people change.
Janette: Ah, but you're not people hmm? You're never going to learn that are you? Just taste it. You can't deny what you are. You need it.

Schanke (To Alma): Well, ah, hi there.
Nick: I thought I told you to stay outside.
Schanke: What are you doing? I was just about to score.
Nick: Outside, come on.
Schanke: Wait outside, wait outside so you can play with all of the beautiful stuff in there by yourself.
Nick: It's dangerous in there, Schanke.
Schanke: Dangerous? I eat danger for breakfast. That is grade A action in there. You're just selfish.
Nick: Look, you're a married man, Schanke.
Schanke: Hey, listen. My father fooled around. His father fooled around. It's a family tradition.
Nick: Oh yeah? You know, I don't think you got it in you.
Schanke: Is that right?
Nick: Yeah.
Schanke: Is that right? You don't think I have it in me?
Nick: No I don't.
Schanke: I'm telling you, it's in the genes.
Nick: Ha!
Schanke: You're looking at a killer ladies man.

Nick: What is it this time?
Schanke: Ugly.

Schanke (after the Caddy sluggishly comes to life): Great car.
Nick: It works.

Schanke: What the hell is this?
Nick: It's a crucifixion. Get her covered up and get her out of here!
Schanke: Easy, Knight. You heard what the man said. Get her to the ME's fast! You okay? You got to admit, that's a first for me, too.

Schanke: That is a guilty man.
Nick: Yeah, but not about killing her. They were probably just having an affair.
Schanke: He and the victim? They said she was married.
Nick: Oh come on, Schanke, I thought you were a man of the world.

Schanke: They say that death by crucifixion takes hours, days even.
Nick: She was dead before she got spiked.
Schanke: How do you know that?
Nick: There's not enough blood.

Natalie: Boy, I really hate to admit this, but you were right. Coronary. She died from shear, unmitigated terror.

Natalie (Holding up a cross): Beautiful, isn't it?
Nick: Yeah, depends upon your point of view.
Natalie: These things really make you uncomfortable, don't they?
Nick: They make me feel weak. I'm afraid of them.
Natalie: Well, that's the next thing we should work on.
Nick: Well, if you don't mind, I'd just as soon stick with your garlic pills.
Natalie: To become mortal, Nick, you're going to need to confront your immortal fears.
Nick: Do you want me to start wearing it to bed?
Natalie: No, but you will need it for evidence.
Nick: Why?
Natalie: I screwed up. It just didn't register when I found them on the other two women.
Nick: The other two victims wore crosses?
Natalie: I checked. They're all Catholic.

Joan: You've been following me.
Nick: Yes, I couldn't help myself.
Joan: I could feel someone...some thing.
Nick: Hmm.... Were you frightened? Is that why you stopped to hide? Hmm?
Joan: I'm not hiding. I stopped to pray for a safe journey. I'm going to meet with the Dauphin in Vaucouleurs(sp?).
Nick: It's a shame. I don't think you'll ever arrive.
Joan: I have no fear of you.
Nick: You should.
Joan: No. My grandmother used to tell me of the handsome creatures cursed to spend eternity in darkness. You, Nicholas of Brabant, the man of the night.
Nick: You think I'm cursed? I who will live forever.
Joan: Oh, yes, very. Because you are afraid of salvation. You who choose to live forever, live in constant fear of death. I do not. I will pray for you, Nicholas. I will pray for us both.
Nick: Courage, what is your other name?
Joan: Joan.

Nick: Well, the garlic pills are definitely an improvement.

Alma: Want to dance, or ah, maybe something else?
Schanke: Well, yeah, I uh, sure....
Schanke: So what's a girl like you doing in a place like this?
Alma: It's a life.
Schanke: I can't believe I'm actually dancing to this stuff.
Alma: And what else goes with dancing?
Schanke: I don't know uh, dinning?
Alma: *I was thinking of something else.* Take my hand....
Schanke: Sure.

Nick: Father! Detective Knight, Homicide.
Father Rochefort: Piere Rochefort. Is there ah, something wrong, Detective?
Nick: No.
Father Rochefort: Were you looking for me?
Nick: Not specifically, I was just waiting for....
Father Rochefort: ...any old priest who came alone? Why don't we go inside?
Nick: It's okay, I don't mind the weather. Father, do you know any of these women?
Father Rochefort: I buried them all.
Nick: Yeah, but can you tell me something about them? Did they know each other?
Father Rochefort: I'm sorry. I have to go.
Nick: It's a coincidence, isn't it, Father? Three women from your church all murdered. One decapitated, one disemboweled, and the last one-
Father Rochefort: Yes, I know. I'm sorry. I can't help you.
Nick: Father, it's a religious person who's doing this, isn't it?
Father Rochefort: If that's the case, perhaps he'll confess.
Nick: Maybe he already has.

Alma: For my next life, I'm going to be a dancing doctor. I think doctors are too...formal...too impersonal, don't you think? Honey, baby, sugar.... I think your plumbing needs a little flushing, don't you? That's how I'm going to treat my patients. Take slow easy breaths, kiddo. We don't want your blood to boil. It spoils the taste. It's okay...breathe.... I'm going to cure you, you macho dog. Forever!
Janette: Alma!
Schanke: Where am I?
Janette: Just get out of here.... Alma's not the kind of woman that you want to play around with. The consequences could have proved fatal.
Schanke: What? You mean she might have- You mean I could have caught something like-
Janette: Let's just say that you would have become a permanent member of the night shift. (Grabs his arms as he heads for the door) Never ever come back to this club, Mr. Schanke. Believe me, I'm doing you a favor.

Nick (To Magda): Call an ambulance! Now!

Father Rochefort: Detective. Faith is the cornerstone of the church. The church grants people salvation and everlasting life. I believe in it. Is there nothing you believe in that strongly?

Joan: Nicholas....
Nick: Well. You're a very different person from the last time we meet. A heroine now.
Joan: A heretic they say.
Nick: Well they do have a point. After all, why would God reveal his plans through a farmer's daughter?
Joan: Why would he send his son to us as a carpenter?
Nick: And so you'll die a martyr? Well, I'm sure that would please you very much.
Joan: What would please me very much is to be back in Domremy with my family.
Nick: So you are afraid of dying. *Life isn't so everlasting now. I can give it to you. A life that never ends. A power beyond your imagination....*
Joan: Don't.
Nick: Why throw your life away for the church? For some pious old men who would lie to you.
Joan: If my death is necessary to keep the church strong, so be it. I will live on in the hereafter.
Nick: How can you be so sure your god will be waiting for you on the other side?
Joan: Faith. Pure, simple, faith. Take this to remember me by. (Holding a wooden cross out to Nick) To remember that the faith you've lost is always there to regain.

Magda: Detective Knight, I've been looking all over for you. Are you okay?
Nick: What?
Magda: What do you mean, what? I just saw you get shot.
Nick: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I was just grazed uh, I'll be all right. Thanks for asking.

Natalie: It's amazing looking, and very, very old. Where did you get it?
Nick: It was Joan of Arc's.
Natalie: Joan of Arc? The Joan of Arc. Did she actually give it to you?
Nick: Yeah, I wanted to bring her over, to save her life, but she wouldn't let me. You know, she had incredible strength, this courage...utter lack of fear.
Natalie: Faith.
Nick: Yeah. Faith in her own immortality...the spiritual kind, not the kind I had to offer. Bring the cross closer to me.
Natalie: Why are you all so afraid of it?
Nick: Because it's a symbol of the one true light, and we are creatures of the dark. (Nat turns, planning on moving away from Nick) No, bring it closer.
Natalie: Why tackle this now?
Nick: Because tomorrow I'm spending the day in a church.

Schanke: That woman doesn't know when she has a good thing going. I mean, how many guys call her from work just to say 'hi'?
Nick: At six in the morning? You know, there's an old Italian saying--When a man sends his wife flowers for no reason, there's usually a reason.
Schanke: Well, there's another old Italian saying--Get outta my face.

Joan: Do not mourn for me, Nicholas. I will live forever. Hold up my cross. It will give me courage.

Schanke: Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
Nick: How long has it been since your last confession, my son?
Schanke: About two years. I know I haven't been a good Christian, Father, I'm probably a lousy Christian by your standards, but Last night I did something, I don't know, Father...I just don't know.
Nick: You can speak freely, my son.
Schanke: Oh, I've been married now for ten years, and all that time I've been good. I'm not the type of guy to ah, to ah....
Nick: Fool around?
Schanke: Exactly. You took the words right out of my mouth. I mean I was raised a good Catholic, Father. I'm Polish-Italian, you can't get much more Catholic that that. Anyway, I went to this club that my partner hangs out at a lot.
Nick: Why did you go there?
Schanke: Well, this partner of mine...I gotta admit I've been giving him a tough time but, he's a real piece of work, you know? He always makes me wait outside this place, never lets me go in. So, the other night I went in there looking for him, and you would not believe this place, Father, I can just use your imagination. So I went back last night...alone.
Nick: With lust in your heart.
Schanke: Why did I do it? I mean, what was I trying to prove? There was this woman in there, her name was Alma or Yvette, I don't know what her name was.
Nick: It's Alma.
Schanke: Yeah, right, Alma. Anyway, she was coming on to me like I was Mel Gibson to the tenth, like I was some sort of Greek- (Stops, realizing who he's talking to) God....
Nick: Number one, I thought I told you to stay away from there. Number two, you're supposed to cover this place from the outside.
Schanke: You son of a-
Nick: Twenty Hail Mary’s. Promise you'll never go in there again.

Father Rochefort: I don't expect you to understand...but you have no right to trample over-
Nick: Let go of me!
Father Rochefort: We both want to stop this poor man before he kills again.
Nick: Poor man, yeah. The guy just mutilated three of your parishioners.
Father Rochefort: He can be forgiven. We all can be forgiven. Detective, even you can have life everlasting. Now, let's break a little bread...start over, as friends. How do you feel about bratwurst and sauercraut? (Nick, who'd started looking a bit sick, passes out) Oh my....

Schanke: Hey, Knight okay?
Nick: Alive and well, Schanke. I think your confession made me sick to my stomach.
Schanke: Look, that is not for publication. I do not want you contacting Reuters or UPI, got it?

Nick: Really I couldn't.
Magda: Oh, please.... (Puts the cross in Nick's hand)
Nick: Thank you. Yeah.

Father Rochefort: You should come in some time, confession is good for your soul.
Nick: You know, I think my partner does enough confessing for both of us.

Natalie: You were able to hold it.
Nick: It burns, but not as badly. Who knows? Maybe I'm a step closer.
Natalie: To God or mortality?
Nick: Maybe both.
Schanke: Hey guys, I'm famished. Want to grab a bite?
Nick: No thanks, Schanke. Sun's coming up.

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