Schanke: Don't look at me, this whole thing's too weird.

Stonetree: You know, you think you know someone, and then- What makes a guy change like that? What brings out something in a guy like that?

Janette: How badly do you want me?

Stonetree: What makes a good man evil?
Nick: The eternal question.
Stonetree: Well, do your best to answer it.

Schanke: Smells like ode of love triangle, to me.
Nick: Well, that's sure a possibility.
Schanke: It's just a matter of putting two and two together.
Natalie: Or in this case, one and two.

Man outside Jilly's: Park the Caddy for you, Mister?
Nick: In your dreams, pal.

Manager of Jilly's: What's the matter, guy, you can't read the sign there, come on.
Nick: Ah, you know, four beers, a little James Brown and you can't keep me off the tables, huh?
Manager: Hey uh, can I help you with something, or what, you know?
Nick: Yeah. Detective Knight, Metro PD.

Nick: Listen, if this is when I'm supposed to be peeling off a wad of bills, I'm a little low on on cash. But if you wait a minute, I'll make a phone call. Hey, out of thirty, forty uniforms there's got to be a pocket with some spare change.

Manager: Yeah, she's really something. Your two boys there, they thought so too.

Anne Foley: You must be strictly VIP for Billy to have let you into the club. (Nick holds up his badge) Good guess.
Nick: I'm Detective Nick Knight.

Anne: I'm afraid I'm not going to be of much more help to you than that. I wish I could. I guess you're just going to have to keep digging...pulling back the layers.
Nick: Investigational Theory 101.
Anne: Stripping 404.
(Schanke opens the door)
Nick: Maybe I'll see you again sometime?
Anne: I think you will.

Schanke: Well?
Nick: Well what?
Schanke: Did you find out anything from her? Huh? Or were you just down there enjoying the view? Well, I can't blame you, she is hot. I mean she was born with oven mitts and a tube of tanning oil.
Nick: Are you done? Because if you are, I'd be interested in hearing anything you've got to say about the case.
Schanke: Yeah, I'm done. I'm done.

Schanke: Mother of pearl, would you get a load of that!
Nick: Schanke, are we on duty or what?
Schanke: Yeah, yeah, we're on duty.

Schanke: What the hell are you doing?
Nick: One of us has to nail this thing.
Schanke: Excuse me Knight, I'm not the one with high heel puncture marks on my tongue. Although you should have seen yourself. I guess you're never gonna know what it's gonna be.
Nick: What what's going to be?
Schanke: What it is that's gonna do it for you. With me it's autumn afternoons, plaid skirts...kneesocks.
Nick: Kneesocks?
Schanke: Yeah, Martha Brecker. Oh, Martha Brecker, junior high. She wanted me to tattoo on her 'Ringo Forever' so I did, right on her knee with a ball point pin. I was so nervous, I spelled 'Ringe Forover.' Oh, yeah.... Every time I see a plaid skirt now, I....
Nick: You forget how to spell?
Schanke: Something like that. Do you think they have any idea what affect they have on us, what power they have over us?

Janette: Nicolas, brave knight, brave crusader, conqueror.... Are you ready to be conquered?
Nick: Yes.
Janette: But can you truly surrender, after all you've won? Surrender to the darkness of the soul, the richness of the night, the weakness of desire? How badly do you want me, Nicolas? Just how strong is your weakness?

Schanke: Let's face it, Nick, it's all a game. A big, elaborate game. You can't trust them as far as you can throw their credit cards.
Nick: Oh come on, Schanke, get out of the dark ages, huh? You can't blame women for all the evils of the world. We all have our dark sides. A million things can trigger it off. Greed. Fear. Lust for power.
Schanke: Women?
Nick: Yeah. For some guys it's women.

Schanke: Old Benny boy was dirty.
Nick: Oh yeah? How dirty?
Schanke: Up to his eyeballs in grade-A high-sulfide low-mulch content manure. He'd been embezzling from one of his clients--Viastar Oil.
Nick: Viastar Oil. Well, they're big.
Schanke: Multinational.
Nick: So, why would he try to pull such a high visibility maneuver like that?
Schanke: Cheap thrills.
Nick: Cheap?
Schanke: Not exactly. Over a two month period, he had taken over fifty grand.

Schanke: You know, working with you is hazardous to my health. I'm not even going to bother asking for a drink, because, I mean, Lord knows what you've got in that fridge over there. I mean, red wine just isn't going to cut it right now. But then again, it might be the best thing for me.
Nick: (Blocking Schanke's path) I'm all out.

Schanke: Oh man, I've got to go home and catch some zzz's. I'm not worth a wad of buffalo chips if I don't get eight hours.
Nick: That explains so much....

Schanke: Why do you have so many remotes here?

Natalie: Got anyone in mind?
Nick: I have someone very much in mind.

Anne: Well. Look what the cat dragged in.

Nick: So tell me, how does a stripper afford a place like this?
Anne: A stripper doesn't.
Nick: Then who does? An accountant? Cause you're sure not a cop on a basic salary.
Anne: Wrong on both counts. Someone practicing corporate law.
Nick: Who might that be?
Anne: You're relying too much on appearances, Detective. Appearances can be deceiving. The corporate lawyer who bought this place, was me.

Janette: Brave crusader, strong...good...defender of the cross. Who are you really?

Nick: I had a feeling it would be a mistake to underestimate you.
Anne: It's good to trust your feelings. Most people never dare.
Nick: There are a lot of things most people wouldn't dare.
Anne: That's a shame. Not to dare, is to not live....

Janette: Can you feel my darkness Nicolas? Feel it absorbing your light. Can you feel the power and the danger of my darkness? The beautiful risk?

Anne: And you're looking for the murderer's murder?
Nick: It's interesting that you would make that distinction.
Anne: It's big news when a cop strangles someone, regardless of what happens to the cop afterwards.
Nick: Not in this case it wasn't. You see, we never released that information to the press.

Nick: What about an alibi? Did you have one?
Anne: Let's suppose, just for the sake of argument, that I needed on. So many men in high places would love to think that they owed me something.
Nick: They'd be lying.
Anne: And you never lie, Detective? I don't know, In my experience, everybody lies. Everybody likes to pretend they're something else, to hide the dark parts. Fascinates me. Would you like to know why I gave up law? I know you're curious. I know you're more curious about what I am, than what I might have done. I gave up law because I wanted...purity. I wanted to live in that part of myself that most people are afraid to even visit. And I dance because I want to make others do the same, and because I love to watch that decent, to watch their...helplessness, as their civilized selves slip away.
Nick: You think that men are civilized?
Anne: Are you? Or are you lying? Is your life a lie?

Anne: Tell me you don't want me to have an alibi. Tell me you don't want me right now so badly you can't even remember your name.
Nick: Don't. Believe me, you don't want me to forget myself.
Anne: I want you to forget half of yourself, and bring me the other half.
Nick: Don't....
Anne: The dark half. I want the darkest, most dangerous part of you.

Janette: Say goodbye to the light Nicolas. Now you know it will never satisfy you.

Nick: You don't know what you're asking.
Anne: Yes, I do. I can feel it in you. I can feel the evil that makes me want you so badly. I want you to do something for me. I want you to do something to bring me that part of you.

Janette: Only darkness can satisfy you. Only darkness....

Anne: There's so much more to life if you're willing to play a little outside the rules...take a few chances. Do something to take us over the edge.

Janette: No matter how shining and good a knight you were, the darkness was always there.

Anne: I want you to steal for me. Have you ever stolen anything? I want you to steal for me, and tell me how it feels. I want you to take something important. Something that will be missed. That's a dangerous thing to take.

Janette: Only darkness can satisfy you. The darkness was always there. Always stronger than anything else in your heart or mind.

Anne: I want you to bring me Berkhart's case book.

Schanke: Well, well, well, well, well. If it isn't Casanova himself. Where were you last night? As if I didn't know.

Stonetree: You look like hell.
Nick: I didn't get much sleep.
Stonetree: What's going on with the case? Any progress?
Nick: I'm working on it.
Schanke: Oh, that's what you call it. Work. You spent the evening with a stripper who's a suspect in the murders.
Nick: It's a lead, that's all.

Stonetree: Do you have anything?
Schanke: Yeah! While he was out skinny-dipping by the light of the moon, other people were working!

Schanke: I spoke to his wife. She mentioned that he had a case notebook that he always carried with him.
Stonetree: Oh, that thing. He never put it down.
Schanke: Well, he put it down somewhere, because it's missing.
Stonetree: Well, it's at my house. I was checking it out, seeing if there was anything useful in it.
Nick:Is it still there?
Stonetree: Yeah.
Nick: Mind if I pick it up?

Natalie: Schanke filled me in on your new little diversion. I guess you've got more important things on your mind.

Nick: Why are you burning it?
Anne: I never really wanted it. How did it feel to steal?
Nick: It was simple. It was easy, it was good!
Anne: It's just the beginning. There's so much more for us. So much deeper we can go. Do you want to? Do you want to go deeper? Wouldn't it feel good to do something far, far worse?

Schanke: This case has put us both a little on edge. Although, some of us have found better ways to deal with the stress than others.

Schanke: I knew we should have brought a flashlight.
Nick: I can see fine, Schanke.

Schanke: Anne? Anne?
Anne: Hello, Schanke.
Schanke: Look, uh.... We're not here to play games, okay?
Anne: So what. You're such a tough guy. D'you like it?
Schanke: Well, yeah.... Look, were not here to cause any problems, all right?
Anne: It's not my usual style, but uh...I wore it just for you. Do you really like it?
Schanke: Its even the right school. I can't believe he told you that. He told you about that? Nick!

Anne: I was right. I saw it in you. Tell me!
Nick: No, you tell me. What did it feel like to kill Berkhardt?
Anne: It felt fantastic! It felt....
Nick: Yeah....
Anne: Sexy, powerful.... When I put that knife into him, I felt it go right through me. What's wrong?
Nick: You don't have to tell me anymore.
Anne: Because you know exactly how it feels?
Nick: No. Because you have the right to remain silent.

Schanke: Nick? Nick? You all right?
Nick: Yeah, I'm fine. He missed me. I...just fell on something. How about you?
Schanke: Don't worry about it. I'll wear turtlenecks.

Nick: Anne, its over.
Anne: I thought you had it in you, Detective. But you're just a tourist.

Schanke: What is it with you, Knight, are you on the make 24 hours a day?
Nick: You know Schanke, you've got a dirty mind. Nat and I are just good friends.
Schanke: Oh yeah, right.
Nick: Ah, I didn't think you'd understand.
Schanke: Of course not, you understand women so much better than I do.
Nick: It takes years and years of practice.

Nick: This was one uncomplicated lady, Schanke. Ultimately everything she did came down to one reason...thrills. Cheap thrills.
Schanke: Well put. Thank you very much.

Nick: Sometimes you get more than you bargained for.

Nick: Where are you going...? (LaCroix enters) Who are you?
Janette: His name is LaCroix.
LaCroix: Hello, Nicholas. We're going to be friends...(Vamps out)...for a long, long time.

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