Chauffeur: Ah, they'll be gone for about an hour. Mrs. Hedges sure gonna beat the hell out of those credit cards today.

Denise Ford: No, Captain Stonetree. No, I don't know where...but I do know there's been a kidnapping.

Schanke: Hey, hey, lady, this is a crime scene! Didn't you read the signs? Public not allowed!

Conrad Hedges: Are you connected with this investigation?
Stonetree: We need her special talent. She's a psychic.
Hedges: Really....
Stonetree: She gets results.
Hedges: Aren't psychics and clairvoyants the police department's last resort, Captain, not the first?
Stonetree: Uh, these two men are on the first. Mr Hedges, Detective Schanke, Detective Knight.
Nick: Mr Hedges.
Schanke: Don't worry, sir, we'll find your family. Without the booga-booga stuff.

Nick: If there's any way, that we can help you Ms. Ford-
Denise: Clear the area.... You were positive I wasn't married. Perhaps we share the same gift?
Nick: No, just the absence of a wedding ring.
Schanke: I think she likes you.
Nick (at the same time): I think she likes me.

Schanke: You want to know what I think about psychics?
Nick: Not really.
Schanke: A psychic ruined my life.
Nick: Uh hmm.
Schanke: I kid you not. Myra's got this aunt who's figures she's got the power, yeah? The power to make my life like hell. What she did--she told Myra I wasn't going to she another spring, so all winter long I'm eating watercress, bean sprouts, lowfat yogurt.... You ever eat lowfat yogurt? Come to think of it, I've never seen exactly what you do eat. Anyway, she turned me into this fitness fascist. You ever try tofu?

Denise: Pain.... Like a needle.... And darkness. There was one death in this car--the driver. He lay there. I can feel...the wind, I think. I can feel cold metal. Close...close by.
Nick: Mrs. Hedges?
Denise: No. Ah...I feel old...very, very old. Ancient. I am a black shape flying against the moon....

Schanke: Why do you figure she's right about that? I mean, spring has come and gone and I'm still here. This woman is as flipped as Myra's aunt.

Nick: I can hear the wind.
Schanke: Well I don't buy any of it. Psychics...and rich people with their rich kinky problems. Did you see the...the size of that limousine? Oh, come on.... I figure the wife had a little fling with the chauffeur and the daughter did to, and all three are Mamboing in Mexico.
Nick (finding the chauffeur): Well, if they are, they didn't take the chauffeur.

Natalie: Well, I'm impressed. You got his location dead- on.
Denise: Yeah, but the images aren't as clear as they should be. I've never felt like that before.

Denise: I see a man in a driver's uniform, just like George's. He's watching us.... He's our man, I can feel it.
Nick: What does he look like, Denise?
Denise: Ah, it's hard to see now. Sunglasses.... He's looking up at the sun. Sunlight is death!
Natalie: The man, Denise, can you see his face?
Denise: This is all mixed up. Weird...insane images. He's in distress. He's hiding his face. He's hiding from the sun!
Nick: Try to get back inside the car, Denise. Come on. Do it.
Denise: I'm in the limo. Mrs. Hedges will beat the hell out of them credit cards today. Someone at the window.... (Flashes on vampire green eyes, then Nick, and screams)
Natalie: Denise, what is it, what's wrong?
Nick: Sit down, Ms. Ford. Relax.
Denise: No. No, excuse me, I...I have to get out of here. I have to get out!
(She runs out, and Nick and Nat look at each other)

Stonetree: Why is it when the sky opens up, I'm always the one without an umbrella? What'd you find out?
Schanke: Wait! I see a...
Stonetree: Give me a break. What did you get over at Human Touch.
Schanke: Well, you know, Captain, my-my grandmother adored Mother Teresa...said if there was a saint on the face of this earth, Mother Teresa was it. So, when I went over to Human Touch, what did I see? An eight by ten of Hedges and Mother Teresa, and she's giving him a big hug. I mean, the guy is a saint! I doubt he's got an enemy in the world.
Stonetree: Saints usually have more enemies than you or I. Sometimes even more skeletons in their closets. Dig deeper.

Nick: What ails thee, brother Matthew? Has that fox been at the hen house again
Matthew: This can not be. Brother Nicholas, were you not outside but even now?
Nick: I've been here a good hour, Matthew. Princess has been feeling rather poorly. Sit down and collect yourself. I'll take care of that fox once and for all.
Matthew: I could swear I saw you...or someone, in the sky like a great evil black bird.
Nick: There's a tale fit for the tavern, Matthew. Have you been asleep under the old oak tree again?
Matthew: No. I saw something. A demon. Some dark power thrown up from the pit.
Nick: A trick of the moonlight. An owl. A cloud, perhaps. Never a demon. Devout men aren't troubled by such things, Matthew.
Matthew: Then am I a tormented sinner? For what I have seen is not of this earth.

Denise: Detective Knight, do you believe in past lives?
Nick: Well....
Denise: You should.

Denise: Tell Stonetree to get someone else, I'm not doing any good. Nothing's making any sense!

Denise: Don't trust what you see...this is madness.

Nick: I have to know what you saw, Denise.
Denise: You! I keep flashing on you. From another time. You with blood on your face! What does that mean? You tell me!

Denise: No, nothing.
Natalie: Maybe you can try again later.
Nick: Here, let me walk you out.
Denise: No! No, I'll find my own way. (Leaves)
Nick: Denise!
Natalie: She knows about you, Nick.

Matthew: Oh sweet Jesus, deliver me from this torment. I fear I am losing my wits. I have seen strange, terrible sights. My friend Nicholas tells me it is but my imagination. Men do not fly. They can not appear in two places at once. Yet, I see this. Dear God, I saw my friend fly! Is my friend bewitched, am I? Or is it that I am cursed and demented and beyond all remedy? Help me, Jesus, I beg you. I can not live like this.

Stonetree: So, Denise didn't find anything at Hedges place?
Nick: No.
Schanke: How about you, Knight? Or were you too busy watching the witchy woman?
Stontree: That's enough, Schanke.
Schanke: Hey, listen, I'm the only one who's doing any real police work, here. All this psychic is doing is wasting our time.

Nick: So, what do you suggest?
Schanke: Are you asking me? Wait, what's the date today? I've got to circle this one on my calendar!

Schanke: Denise. Denise. Hey, listen, let me know when you guys are finished the Ouija board, cuz my kid's got to borrow it.

Nick: You should be sleeping, Matthew.
Matthew: Where do you go at night, Nicholas?
Nick: Hunting.
Matthew: What manner of beast has business after dark?
Nick: That fox that troubles you so.
Matthew: It is you that troubles me. I lie awake nights on end doubting my own senses.
Nick: Then I must beg your forgiveness, Matthew. You've taken me in and given me shelter. I would not repay your kindness with torture.
Matthew: For God's sake, Nicholas, tell me! Is my poor brain addled, or am I witness to miracles?
Nick: Miracles are beyond me. *Forget what you saw. You have no memory of-*BR> Matthew: You. You're trying to play tricks with my mind. Get out! No. No, please. For God's sake, what are you? You must tell me, Nicholas!
Nick: I'm just one of God's creatures, like you.

Nick: I never told him.
Natalie: What happened? (Pause) The truth can set you free, or hadn't you heard? (Gives him a big glass of on of her mixtures)
Nick: Well, they may carve that in stone, but it ain't necessarily so. This is awfully pale.
Natalie: Protein doesn't have to be red to be potent. Drink it. It's all in your mind.
Nick: Yeah, that's what Denise says. You know, she won't have a mind left if I don't get out of it.
Natalie: This is the twentieth century, we don't believe in demonic possession anymore. I said, Drink It!
Nick: Ewww. It's just like 'we don't believe in vampires.'
Natalie: Tell her the truth, Nick. I know what you are and it hasn't made me crazy.
Nick: Maybe you're one of a kind, Nat.
Natalie: That's what I've been trying to tell you for ages.
Nick: Of course, you might be the craziest of them all.
Natalie: Hmm. Drink. (Phone rings and saves Nick)

Stonetree: What the hell did you do to Denise Ford?
Nick: What are you talking about?
Stonetree: She's a basket case. She's quit the Hedges investigation. She says she's finished. What's happening, Nick. Nick: I don't know.
Stonetree: Well, this is just all wonderful. You've driven Denise crazy.

Natalie (as Nick's going for the window): Nick. Nick! Don't.
Nick: You drink it.

Denise: Get away from me!
Nick: I need to talk to you. I want to explain.
Denise: What's happening to me? I don't understand. It's you, isn't it? It's your fault! Ah, I must be dreaming this. That's it. You're just a nightmare, just another vision, a wisp in the wind.
Nick: No. No, believe me. This is as real as it gets. You're not losing your mind, Denise. Those images that were blindsiding you, they weren't delusions. You were seeing me.
Denise: No. I didn't see you. I saw a monster that kills!
Nick: That used to kill. I'm about to ask you to believe something that's unbelievable. This is what I am. (Shows her) I'm not going to hurt you.
Denise: Get away from me.
Nick: Look, I'm trying to show you that what your mind was telling you about me was the truth. What you saw with your own eyes was the truth, right? I'm not going to hurt you, Denise.
Denise: You're...a vampire?
Nick: Yeah.
Denise: Ever since I was a little girl I could always tell what people were hiding behind their expressions, but you take the cake. All those things I saw, they were real?
Nick: I'm sure some of them were. Look Denise-
Denise: You really drink blood? I saw you in a coffin!
Nick: I don't drink blood anymore--at least not human, and I don't sleep in a coffin.
Denise: How many years have you been alive?
Nick: Eight-hundred.
Denise: That's fantastic, and scary, and weird! Eight-hundred years, and you know the best part? It's a huge relief. At least I haven't gone crazy.
Nick: No you haven't.

Denise: Nick? Can you fly? (He nods) Take me with you sometime.
Nick: I'll think about it.

Denise: Your wife was out tonight, wasn't she?
Schanke: Yeah, she was bowling.
Denise: Yeah. That's right. Bowling.

Schanke: Sloth.... Well, that's better than what she called me last week.

Denise: Since when did you become such a true believer, Detective?
Schanke: I'm a good cop, I've gotta keep an open mind.

Denise: I'm flying?
Schanke: Yeah. Yeah, you're flying.

Natalie: You couldn't have saved her, Nick.
Nick: I never should have told her the truth about me, Nat.
Natalie: If you hadn't, she would have gone crazy.
Nick: Sure. So I set her mind free and hook her on the case again.
Natalie: You can't blame yourself for that. She made the choice to follow you.
Nick: Oh, I know. I know.

Schanke: Hey, a milkshake! Great, a man after my own heart. (Taking a drink of it) Ugh...what is this? Oh God. (Takes a bite out of what he thinks is a hamburger) What is this?!
Nick: Tofu. Don't you like it?

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