Stonetree: What took you so long?
Schanke: Cross-town traffic.
Stontree: Tell me about it.

Nick: Over-kill, if you ask me.

Natalie: Basically, someone blew all of these guys to hell.
Nick: Any idea how badly she was hurt?
Natalie: Oh, what? I'm supposed to know that? Give me a break. I got some blood samples from the cab. If you want anymore than that, go buy a Ouija board. I'm sorry. It's been a bad day. They cut my budget all too pieces. I'm going to lose two of the attendants off my shift. Both of them have families and the worst of it is that neither of them has anything to go to. I mean working in a morgue doesn't exactly qualify you to do anything else. Life's a bitch.
Schanke: And then you die.

Nick: Do you really think this will work?
Mei: Men come to me to control their desires. Their urges, for food, for opium. For you the urge is blood.

Mei: It would better if we did not have to live here, but what better place for him to learn the evils of temptation. Urges and desires are all in the mind, and the nerve that lead from the mind. You see? The mind controls all.
Nick: Where are you going?
Mei: You must face your temptation.

Dr. Chung: Don't move. You move. I shoot.
Nick: Take it easy, I'm a cop.

Chung: I don't like much police.

Kwan: Are you going to get something done?!
Schanke: You think you can do better?!
Kwan: I couldn't do any worse?!
Stonetree: Problem?
Schanke: Yeah! I've had it with this creep.
Kwan: Can't you get me a real detective to work with?
Stonetree: Oh, I'll real detective you, you little...

Schanke: Listen I'm trying to question witness and he will not interpret, he will not cooperate in any-
Nick: No, no, don't stop on my account. Sounds great, really professional.

Schanke: I should have popped him when I had the chance.
Stonetree: You missed a real career opportunity with the diplomatic core, Schanke.

Nick: You know Captain, I think you should put Schanke in charge. No, seriously, I mean, he knows the case, he knows the street. I'm not really a team player. I can do more good out there on my own. Schanke's the obvious guy to put in charge of something like this. Any objections? That's it then. Way to go Schanke. Give 'em hell.

Nick: Please, I'd rather you didn't pull a gun on me it a weakness.

Nick: Can you keep her safe here?
Chung: I will die before I let anyone harm her. Anyone.

Nick: It would be a shame for her to survive a mob attack and end up dying because of stubbornness.
Chung: Stubbornness. Huh. What appears to you as stubbornness, is a fear of revenge. We should all be afraid of revenge.

Stonetree: What are the red pins for?
Schanke: Red means possibles. Geez, how many times do I-
Stonetree: Good career move. And the green?
Schanke: Definite negatives.

Schanke: Oh geez...don't sneak up on me like that, Knight. I can't be responsible for what might happen next.

Schanke: Yeah, it's funny how you've taken my theory and decided to call it your own.
Nick: Hey, law of averages, Schanke. I mean, every once and a while even you've got to be right.

Stonetree: But if you're gonna keep her out there on her own, I want you out there with her--every second. And I want a doctor out there with her, too. These are not suggestions, detective. You understand?
Nick: Yeah, I understand.
Stonetree: Detective? Where do you think you're going?
Nick: I'm gonna find me a doctor. (Leaves)
Stonetree: What are the red pins for, again?

Natalie: I don't think this is a good idea.
Nick: Come on, it's like riding a bike, you never forget.
Natalie: Nick, I don't know if I've ever told you this before, but most of my patients over the last few years have all been dead.
Nick: Well then, this will be a nice change.

Natalie: This is remarkable. I don't think they could have done much more than this at a trauma center. But she is almost comatose.
Chung: My needles have made her sleep.
Natalie: Well, medically, that's about all she needs.
Chung: Hmm. Obviously.
Natalie: For now. She will need surgery to close the internal wounds.
Chung: And want to take her away with you.
Nick: I have no choice.
Chung: No. Your kind never has a choice.

Chung: The past.... One never forgets his past. She will never escape her past. I know I have never been able to.

Nick: *You did not see this.*
Chung: Ah, but I did.

Nick: I'd better go radio in for help.
Natalie: But, Nick, he-
Nick: I know. He saw me.

Natalie: Well, maybe they won't believe him.
Nick: He hates me, Nat. I don't know why, but he does. And he knows he's got me.
Natalie: Well then get out of here. Go.
Nick: It's happening again, the story of my life.
Natalie: If I have to leave, I'll get in contact with you somehow.
Nick: Hey, promise me one thing. Whatever happens you won't ever stop trying to become human.

Stonetree: Nick, I've been talking to Mr. Chung....
Nick: You know Captain, he's a pretty old man, uh, he can hardly even trust his own eye sight. I mean, I know the guy shot at me, but he didn't hit me. You can ask Natalie. Chung probably thought-
Stonetree: Nick, what are you talking about? Chung just asked if you'd give him a ride home.
Nick: Oh. Yeah.

Nick: Why didn't you say anything?
Chung: What should I have said?
Nick: You could have told them what you saw.
Chung: I saw you saving Nancy Leung's life. The life I was fighting to save as well.
Nick: What are you going to do now?
Chung: I'm an old man. I'm going to rest. I've been seeking rest for long time.
Nick: I'll give you a lift home.
Chung: Thank you.
Nick: I'll bring my car.
(Nick turns to leave, gets a needle...)

Chung: If you struggle, the needles will make you suffer more.
Nick: Why are you doing this?
Chung: Because I know what you are. You are the thing that killed my mother.
Nick: Chung, that's not possible.
Chung: These are all old eyes, but they see clearly, they do not deceive me. were alive in those days, you can't deny that. Yes, I know what you are.

Nick: I don't deny I that I was alive when your mother was living, but I've killed no one in...a hundred years.
Chung: Liar! I saw it with my own eyes. You killed her. You sucked the blood from her!

Nick: You're Mei's little boy? I didn't kill your mother.

Chung: I saw you.
Nick: No. You saw me holding her. I tried to help her, to save her.
Chung: Coward!
Nick: That night. The night your mother died.... I was not the only one there. There were three of us.

LaCroix: Oh, Nicholas. Nicholas, when will you ever learn? Do you think any of those needles can save you? Do you think anyone of them ever could?
Nick: Can't you leave me alone?

Janette: An immovable feast!

Nick: Why won't you understand? Our friendship is over.
LaCroix: No. It's forever. And anyway, it's not your choice. What are you doing, Nicholas? You can't become human. Your desires are in your soul, they are immutable.

Nick: No. Mei, get out of here!

Nick: He killed from lust, not hunger. He killed just to kill.

LaCroix: You are what I am!

Nick: There were three of us. One was a woman. A beautiful woman. Do you remember? Do you remember?!
Chung: Yes I remember. I remember her.
Nick: Let her come to us. Let her speak in my defense.
Chung: That woman, she is alive?
Nick: Yes.
Chung: All right, but if you are lying, both of you will die.

Janette: Nicolas! Where are you? Nick! This better be....
Nick: No.
Chung: Ten seconds, he's dead!
Nick: No.
Janette: Then what do you want me to do?
Nick: 1916. We were in San Francisco, remember?
Janette: Oh...yes. How could I forget, sweet Nicolas.

Janette: You saw wrong!
Chung: Why should I trust you?
Janette: Because I could have killed you in an instant! Nick could probably have killed you too, he could have ripped your throat out. But Nick has repented his ways, he tries to do...good.

Janette: Nick did not kill your mother. Another of us did.

Janette: The man's face. Think. Remember seeing it.

Chung: It wasn't you. It wasn't.

Nick: Well?
Janette: After nearly 800 years, I would have thought you could do just...a little bit better than this.
Nick: Well, I'm a cop, Janette. If I have too many possessions, they'd think I'm dirty.
Janette: Oh, yes, right. You know, I honestly don't know why you bother, Nicolas. You're not human, and you never will be. (spying a glass...) Oh...may I?
Nick: Yeah, help yourself.
Janette: What is it? It's cow isn't it? Delicieux. Eww. You know Nick, your life would be so much easier, if you came over and joined us again...for good.
Nick: Oh, I refuse to do that.
Janette: Right. Instead, you choose to cower before an old man, a man that you could snap like a twig.
Nick: But for me it's a better life.
Janette: Is it really? Even though you needed me to save you?
Nick: I'm grateful for that.
Janette: Are you? Then show me. Show me, Nick.

Janette: may become one of them someday, but right now...right now, I know exactly what you are.

Natalie: Nick...? Oh. I'm sorry. I-I...thought you'd be...asleep. I'll-I'll just...I'll just go, and-
Nick: Nat. Natalie. This is...Janette. We're just old friends.
Janette: It's a pleasure to meet you, Natalie. Nick has spoken of you...often. We'll have to get together

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