Natalie: When's the last time you put coolant in this thing?
Richard: I don't know. Come on, let's go. I'm in a hurry.
Natalie: You're always in a hurry, but you never get there....
Richard: Natalie, you're starting to sound like Mom. I'm already ten minutes late. Come on.
Natalie: Oh, wow, a whole ten minutes!

Schanke: Oh, look, here comes trouble.

Nick: Take it easy.
Man: Don't move!
Nick: I'm not. I'm not moving, just my lips. Just my lips are moving, okay?

Natalie: Richard...you forgot your briefcase.
Richard: Thanks sis.
Natalie: Knock 'em dead.
Richard: I sure hope so.

Nick: Nat, it's not your fault.
Natalie: I know that. Why couldn't he have just stayed out of it? He had to be the hero. He always has to be the hero.

Natalie: Have you ever heard the expression, only the good die young? Well you're seeing it right now in front of you.

Richard: What hit me?
Nick: It was a 38 caliber truck. Don't worry we got the guy's plate number.

Natalie: Nick, I need to talk to you. I've been thinking this through, and it doesn't make any sense.
Nick: No, it doesn't.
Natalie: He doesn't deserve to die, Nick.
Nick: I know.
Natalie: He's a good man.
Nick: You don't have to tell me that.
Natalie: He's got a wife and a baby. I don't think Sarah's going to survive this. He's my little brother, Nick.
Nick: He's strong. There's a chance he'll pull through.
Natalie: Ah...no, there isn't, really. I've cut up people who've died from less. There's only one person who can save him. Only you can fix it. Make him like you. Give him back his life. I want you to make him immortal.

Nick: Natalie, no. You don't know what you're asking.
Natalie: Oh, yes, I do. Richard is gonna die. You know that, and I know that.
Nick: What I can offer him, Nat, is not life.
Natalie: Oh, come on, Nick. I've known you for a year and a half, I'd say you were alive. In fact, I'd say you had a pretty good life! You're human--you've got feelings, you've got emotions. I've seen you laugh. I've seen you get angry. I've seen you show compassion.
Nick: Yeah, those are human qualities, Nat, but I'm not human.
Natalie: And, and, I don't even think the sun is as big a problem as we thought it was.... Why, I'm-I'm sure I could-
Nick: Sure. How can either of us be sure?
Natalie: We have made progress. I've watched you hold a crucifix. I know that I can make you human again, and I can help Richard just like I helped you. My brother doesn't deserve to die, Nick. He's spent his whole life trying to do good.
Nick: I know. I know he's a good man.
Natalie: He works as a prosecutor for nothing. He watched his friends take six-figure salaries and he hung in there so that he could help you guys put away the bad guys. You-you know we used to tease him about it. All his life, we called him the white knight. What's happening now isn't right and it isn't fair. It isn't fair to Richard or, or Sarah, or Amy or me.
Nick: You're not being rational, Nat. You're not really thinking about the consequences.
Natalie: You're the one who's not being rational. You don't need that. Besides, you owe me!
Nick: (Dumps out his glass) Natalie....
Natalie: Damn you! What-what makes you so special, huh? What makes you the only person that deserves to live forever. Nick, please....
Nick: The life I can give him is worse than death, Nat.
Natalie: Oh, is it really! Well then why don't you just walk out in the sun and end it all right now. If what you have is so terrible, then just kill yourself. Here, let me do it for you. (as she goes for the remote) I have never asked you for anything but this. Don't you have any humanity?
Nick: I don't know. You're the only one who ever thought I did.

Nick: We haven't much time. You're going to die.
Elizabeth: Good.
Nick: That's what you want?
Elizabeth: Look at my face. Isn't death what you would choose. You don't know what it's like to be an outsider.

Nick: Elizabeth, Shh. I can help you. I can make you well again. I can make you young, strong. I can give you power beyond your wildest imagination. I can make you immortal.
Elizabeth: Stop playing with me.
Nick: You will be beautiful again.
Elizabeth: Beautiful? I would give you my soul for that.
Nick: I do not require that. But, you must become what I am. You must become a vampire.

Janette: Nicolas. Oh, you've got that look in your eye....

Janette: Here to renew old acquaintances?
Nick: I need something from you.
Janette: That's a promising start.
Nick: Advice.
Janette: You're such a grind.
Nick: Have you ever brought anyone over?
Janette: Well, I'm not exactly the mothering type.
Nick: I'm serious.
Janette: So am I. Why? Are you thinking of doing it?
Nick: I'm considering it.
Janette: A lover?
Nick: No. A relative of someone who's very dear to me. He's dying.
Janette: Then let him.
Nick: It's not as easy as that, Janette.
Janette: It's easier than doing what you're contemplating.
Nick: So you have done it.
Janette: No. I have never been able to stop myself at the right moment, you know, while there is still life in them to bring them over and make them a vampire. I guess I'm just...too much the glutton. I can't bring myself to stop until they are drained and I am satisfied. My promise of eternal life is broken. But by then there is no one left to apologize to.
Nick: I can control my urges.
Janette: Yes, too well, I'd say. Few of us are like you.
Nick: The one I'm thinking about bringing over is a good man.
Janette: Pure of soul...?
Nick: No one is that, Janette.

Janette: Now, are you prepared for what will come later? The eternal bond. Your life, and the other's, will be intertwined forever.
Nick: I don't believe that.
Janette: Think of LaCroix, following you through the centuries.
Nick: He wanted to control me, to be like he was.
Janette: He was your father, your creator. He loved you. If you do it, just be certain that you take the responsibility.

Nick: Problem?
Schanke: No thanks. I already got one.

Schanke: Just another sweaty day in paradise.

Schanke: Man, oh, man, talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, huh? Poor guy.
Nick: It's not fair, is it?

Natalie: He's a strong man.
Doctor: I know, but he's not superhuman.

Nick: How is he?
Natalie: He's dying, Nick. My brother's dying right in front of my eyes.

Elizabeth: Do it. I beg you!
Nick: You must promise me to do what I ask.
Elizabeth: I'll promise anything!
Nick: Swear it.
Elizabeth: I swear. H-hurry!

Natalie: Nick, please!

Natalie: What have you done!?
Nick: It's okay.
Natalie: My God, you've killed him!
Nick: No.
Natalie: When was the last time you tried to do this!

Nurse: Oh, excuse me....
Natalie: H-he didn't suffer at all. He died at 2:02 am of total cardiac failure.
Nurse: Doctor Lambert, I'm so sorry.
Natalie: Ah...I'll need you to give me a hand.
Nurse: This is highly irregular. We can handle him here.
Natalie: Uh, no, it would be better if I took him downtown. My brother's death is still part of a police investigation.
Nurse: Are you sure?
Nick: Yeah, we're going to need to take a look at his body.
Dr. Gray: Excuse me, sorry to intrude, but uh...where do you think you're going with this body?
Natalie: Um...I am a forensic pathologist with the city coroner's office. We have to take him downtown.
Dr. Gray: I'm Doctor Gray with the organ donor program, and this man's a donor.
Nick: He changed his mind.

Sarah: But the funeral? Richard's funeral. The grave, his casket?
Nick: It had to look as though he actually died. A homeless man with no family or friends. He was buried in Richard's grave. I'm sorry we had to put you through it. But there was no other way.
Natalie: We saved his life. Sarah, we brought him back.
Sarah: You're really asking me to believe that there are vampires, now, in the 20th century, and that you turned Richard into one of them. I don't believe you.
Natalie: He was dying, Sarah. Nothing could be done for him. Nothing.
Nick: There was no other way to let him live.
Sarah: You're both crazy if you expect me to believe that.
Natalie: Nick is the proof, Sarah. Nick is a vampire.
Sarah: Right. You turned Richard, my Richard, into one.
Nick: It's the truth.
Sarah: Just like that.
Natalie: Look I know its a big shock.
Sarah: Shock? Well it is if I believe you, unless this is some kind of ridiculous, sick joke.
Nick: It's not a joke, Sarah.
Sarah: You're a vampire? You kill people by....
Natalie: Nick is different, Sarah.
Nick: And Richard will be too.

Sarah: This is madness.
Natalie: No. It's a miracle.

Elizabeth: The pain is gone. Am I dreaming? Am I in heaven? Am I beautiful?
Nick: Oh, yes. Very beautiful.
Elizabeth: How beautiful?
Nick: As beautiful as Avon in the moonlight.
Elizabeth: The pain is gone, but I hunger.
Nick: I will teach you to feed. I will stay your hunger.
Elizabeth: How can I ever repay you?
Nick: Your smile is thanks enough.
Elizabeth: I know my smile is quite bewitching sir, but even I must admit that it is not enough to repay you.
Nick: You have eternity to make up for it.
Elizabeth: Eternity. Listen to the sound of that. Eternity. But you're not lying to me, are you? I am beautiful again, aren't I?
Nick: Yes, you are, and you will live forever.

Nick: Keep calm. Calm yourself, Richard. Stay calm. We have a lot to talk about.
Richard: I'm hungry. I'm really hungry.
Nick: Yeah. Yes, I know.

Richard: This is unbelievable. Nick? What's going to happen to my life now?

LaCroix: You will live longer than in your wildest dreams. You will see life begin, and end, and begin anew. I taught Nero the tune, and together we watched Rome burn. I rode with Charlemagne, and taught Genghis Khan the lessons of war. All of these opportunities I have given you. A life never threatened by age or disease. You are a blessed man, Nicholas.

Richard: I'm a vampire?
Nick: How long have you known me? I fit in, don't I? If you try, you're life can be pretty much like you left it. But you need to know some things. The sunlight will kill you. In time you can gain tolerance, but for now you've got to stay away from it. Fire will kill you. Garlic will sicken and repel you. (Richard laughs) This is deadly serious. You can live forever. You can watch your child grow up. But, you have to pay attention. Crucifixes will burn you.
Richard: But my Sarah has one.
Nick: Not anymore.
Richard: This feels so strange. This is completely healed. Oh my God... I feel..I feal like I'm seventeen again.
Nick: You'd better get some rest. The sun is coming up.
Richard: This is really happening?
Nick: Um-hmm.
Richard: Sarah and Amy, when can I see them.
Nick: When you're ready.
Richard: What do you mean, when I'm ready?
Nick: You're urges and desires will always fight your reason. You have to control them.

Nick (As Elizabeth drains a guy): Elizabeth, no!
Elizabeth: That was glorious!

Nick: Can you do that?
Richard: Of course, I can.
Nick: Richard, don't make me sorry.

Sarah: Are you all right? I mean-
Richard: Am I boringly normal, just like I was before? Yes.

Nick (Seeing Schanke fiddling with some flowers): New hobby?
Schanke: They're for Natalie.
Nick: I thought you were a happily married man?
Schanke: Her brother just died, Nick, I'm simply paying my respects. Man, I thought you were supposed to be the sensitive one.

Natalie: How is he? When can I see him?
Nick: Soon enough.
Natalie: What is it? What's wrong?
Nick: Ah, nothing. I was just a little uneasy, that's all. You know how hesitiant I was.
Natalie: It's going to work out, I know it. Sarah's dying to see him.
Nick: Soon enough.
Natalie: Yeah, I told her. I can't blame her for being impatient, though.

Schanke: She's tough.
Nick: What?
Schanke: Natalie. It's good that she can accept death. It's going to happen to us all, right?
Nick: Yeah, that's what they say.
Schanke: I remember when Myra's mother died, it took her a long to get over it. But then one day it was like she realized it's the way of the world, it's the way things are supposed to be. Myra lost her mother, and I lost a mother-in law.

Schanke: You're not going to believe what I just heard.
Nick: Try me.
Schanke: Lady said the guy who killed him did it with his teeth.

Stonetree: He's killed three people in three hours. He's on a spree. He isn't gonna stop unless we stop him. If you see anyone out there who looks suspicious, bring him in. And I wouldn't get too close to this guy, he's ripping people apart with his bare hands. All right, that's it.
Schanke: You know Captain, considering the vermin this guy is getting rid of, I'm sure there are some folks who are saying he's um...doing our job for us.
Stonetree: You wouldn't happen to be one of them would you, officer?
Schanke: Just giving you a taste of public opinion, sir.
Stonetree: What are you doing here by yourself? Where's Knight?
Schanke: He was with me when he heard about the second killing, then he disappeared.

Janette: No, I told you. Everyone has been on good behaviour.
Nick: You're sure?
Janette: No one would be stupid enough to make a kill so near here. It's not like we need any extra attention.
Nick: Okay. Have you seen a man, he's about six foot tall. He's a convert, he might have come down here.
Janette: You didn't. How could you? Why?
Nick: I thought I could handle it.
Janette: You have put all of us at risk. You should know better than anyone else that this power has to be controlled.
Nick: I know, I know.
Janette: You must find him. If they discover him they may discover us.

Saul: You're supposed to be dead. Shoot him.
(They shoot...Richard laughs as he approaches all vamped out)
Richard: Are you scared, Saul?

Elizabeth: I was once the most beautiful woman in the country. They all did my bidding. And then the disease came and they turned on me. I am paying them back for that.
Nick: But why? They are nothing to you now.
Elizabeth: I have waited so long for this. I have prayed to be beautiful again, and I have prayed for this day when I can take my revenge.
Nick: This is not what I wanted.
Elizabeth: No, but it is what I did.

Natalie: My brother did all that? My God, what happened to him?
Nick: He couldn't control what he truly wanted to do. He wanted to make the streets safe.
Natalie: But all those people-
Nick: Yeah, well he's not the man he used to be, is he, Nat. He's lost some of his humanity.
Natalie: Well how are we going to find him?
Nick: Well, if he doesn't find shelter soon....
Natalie: Maybe that would be for the best. It's all my fault, Nick.
Richard: How can you say that sis? Besides, it's not your fault. It's his. Right Nick?

Elizabeth: You were the one who gave me the power.
Nick: I healed you, and you betrayed me.
Elizabeth: Then take your reward. It has been so long since I had a man beside me. Please.

Richard: You got to take the blame along with the credit.

Elizabeth: I am your creation.

Richard: You want to take this away from me?
Nick: I can't let you repeat what you did last night. C'mon you can control those urges Richard. You can keep them down.
Richard: Now why would I want to do that?
Natalie: Richard you're wrong, please. I love you.
Richard: Natalie, don't you understand? I'm the same as our friend here. I'm on the right side of the law. And now I have the strength to back it. I've dedicated my whole life to putting people away, and that's what I'm going to do, for good.

Richard: I've missed you.
Sarah: It is really you. On the phone I thought it was just a dream.
Richard: Sarah, I love you. Seeing you again, it's like magic.
Sarah: It is really you.
Richard: *Come to me.*
Natalie: NO! Sarah!

Nick: *What you saw in here did not really happen. It was a nightmare. You will forget it. Your husband died in the hospital and was buried. You came here to see Natalie.*

Sarah: It's too bad he didn't have a second chance.
Natalie: I know how you feel.

Natalie: Sometimes children understand better than we do.

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