Jimmy Anderson: What? You want me to give up all of this?
Schanke: It's a promotion, Jim-Bo.
Jimmy: It's homicide, Donut. Why the hell would I want to go back to that?
Nick: Hey, wait a second....Donut? Did you just call him Donut?
Jimmy Anderson: You guys don't?
Nick: Well, maybe now we do.
Schanke: Back off, Knight, I'm warning you. It's a name I got because I used to have an affinity for junk food.
Nick: I guess now its grown into a full blown addiction.
Schanke: Excuse me, did we come out here tonight to uh, trash Schanke? I don't think so....
Nick: Okay, okay.

Jimmy: Daytime Commander.... I don't know. Pay might be nice, but uh...personally I'm a night-owl.
Nick: Yeah, I can relate to that.

Jimmy: Put your eyes back in your head, or I'm going to have to tell Myra.
Nick: Four years my partner...he never let me get away with anything.
Jimmy: You don't know how good you got it with her, Donny. She's a hell of a woman.

Jimmy: I ain't cut out for dragging bodies out of the Don river. Besides, if there's the slightest chance I'd have to work with this slacker again....

Schanke: I thought you told me you quit?
Jimmy: I told you, you quit, I quit. That's the deal.
Schanke: I have not had a smoke for two weeks.
Jimmy: Not according to your wife.

Schanke: They got him, Nick. They got Jimmy.

Natalie: Are you sure you didn't find any more casings up there?
Nick: One shot, one casing, what's the problem?
Natalie: Well, whoever it is that killed Anderson, did it in one shot. Now, that makes him one hell of a marksman.

Natalie: You sure you didn't see or hear anything?
Nick: Nothing. I've told you, not a damn thing.

Nick: Hey, Schank. Let's call it a night, huh?
Schanke: Are you out of your mind? In case you forgot, that was Jimmy Anderson bleeding to death on the pavement. And you want me to go back to my house?
Stonetree: It's the thing to do.
Schanke: The best thing I can do, the thing I'm gonna do, is hunt him down.
Nick: Captain, cut him a little slack on this.
Stonetree: Hell, I lost a partner. Billy Wisdom, back in '78. Great cop. Family man. He was a real influence on me. Some parolee ambushed us with a shot gun. I emptied my revolver in the guy. Put a whole in him the size of my fist. But that didn't bring Billy back. It never does.

Stonetree: I'm gonna give this one to you guys, Schanke. But if the i's aren't dotted and the t's aren't crossed....
Schanke: They'll be crossed. Believe me, they'll be crossed.

Schnake: So Jimmy climbed up onto the roof. The guy was just about to leap, and Jimmy says 'Go ahead, but give me a couple of minutes 'cause in this neighborhood I can sell tickets to this.' He just walks away and leaves the poor SoB on the ledge. The guy grabbed onto the drainpipe so tight that it took two uniforms to pry his hands off. The point being, it worked. This was our first week out of the Academy, but Jimmy knew how to handle it, he...he knew people. He knew what made them tick inside. He was a great cop.
Nick: Did he have any enemies?
Schanke: Who doesn't? Town's full of citizens who'd like to pop us off.
Nick: Yeah, but there's a big difference between those who'd like to, and those who do.

Schanke: Thanks for backing me up with the Captain. I really appreciate it.
Nick: Well, that's what partners are for.
Schanke: Yeah. Yeah.... That's what partners are for.

Schanke: Geez...he was after me, not Jimmy.

Stonetree: Don, you still got that cottage up north?
Schanke: Yeah.
Stonetree: It would be a good idea if you sent Myra and Jenny up there with twenty-four-hour uniforms until we catch this guy.
Schanke: Yeah.
Stonetree: It would also be a good idea if you went along.
Schanke: Uh-uh. Sorry.
Nick: It's different now. You're a target. The equation's has changed.
Schanke: Nick, I really don't think you understand the situation.

Janette: Nicolas! I can't. I can't go on.
Nick: There's shelter ahead.
Janette: I can't. You go!
LaCroix: Nicholas! Leave her!
Nick: No!

Janette: They'll follow the horses won't they? They won't stop here-
LaCroix: Silence! Nothing for a moment, then he gets shot. I believe they just answered your question.

Schanke: You're not talking about a six-year-old here.
Nick: We could debate that, Schanke.

Schanke: Could you please join me for a little egg roll repast?
Nick: Sure, but I'll just watch, okay?

Schanke (To Nick): You know what I think you need? I think you need a woman in your life.

Schanke: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Nick: Yeah, either the guy reads minds, or it's someone in the precinct.
Schanke: No, no, I don't want to hear that. He was just tailing us and got lucky, that's all.
Nick: You believe that?
Schanke: If he is one of us.... I got, I got no place to hide, Nick.
Nick: Don't be so sure.

Janette: No, absolutely not.
Nick: One or two days, Janette, that's all.
Janette: We can't risk it, he is an outsider.
Nick: He needs your help.
Janette: And what if he were to find out what I am? You know what would have to happen.
Nick: There's someone hunting him. He's a target. If anyone should be able to understand that, we should.

LaCroix: I'm weakening. Nicholas!
Janette: Leave us alone! We bid you no harm!
LaCroix: Don't waste your breath. They are hunters as accomplished as we!

LaCroix: No mercy, Nicholas! No mercy!

Nick: He needs your help, Janette. We both do.

Nick: Schank, although we all know you're irresistible.... Do me a favour? Keep your hands off the women.

Nick: He's a caged animal, Nat. And the longer he's caged, the more dangerous he becomes. You never feel safe when you're the hunted.

Nick: You've almost been blown to bits, isn't that enough for the past couple of days?

Natalie: So, the animals are restless, are they?
Nick: Why am I suddenly feeling like I put him in the wrong cage?

Schanke: Hey, anyone here? Hello.... Whoever's in there, come out. I'm a police officer.... I knew this place was full of wackos.
Janette: What are you doing down here?
Schanke: Well, I saw someone lurking around, you know know like lurking?

Schanke: Just one thing, is that thing in the corner a coffin?
Janette: Oh, you mean uh, that old thing? We um, we cater to the occasional fetishist.

Norma: 16596?
Nick: What are you doing?
Norma: That's your badge number isn't it?
Nick: Yeah, but don't worry about it.
Norma: You were at the scene of the shooting.... You're Schanke's partner, there might be something in your background. There's got to be a glitch. All we have here is your last couple of years with us. No medical birth records.... What police force were you at before this one?
Nick: Uh, it's okay Norma. Just get me the information on Schanke and Anderson, okay? There's no problem.
Norma: Yeah, but-
Nick: You are terrific. (Kisses her on the forehead.) Thanks.

Schanke: You see Janet-
Janette: Janette, it's Janette, please.... Janette...
Schanke: My apologies, Janette. My Old Man, God rest his soul, he used to say to me the best offence is a good defense. Guy goes for you, you go right for his throat, you know what I mean?
Janette: Oh, yes. Intimately.
Schanke: Really?
Janette: Um hmm. I too have been pursued, Mr. Schanke, and I can tell you that running and hiding get you nowhere.
Schanke: Exactly. You took the words right out of my mouth. You should tell your friend Nick that.
Janette: Oh, I don't think that he needs to be told.

Schanke: Wait a minute, wait a minute, put on the brakes mean Knight took on that whole Chicago gang--single handedly?
Janette: Um-hmm. I'd never seen him that violent. It surprised even me. But, they would have most certainly have killed us if Nick had done nothing.
Schanke: Well, he's a different guy now, that's for sure.
Janette: Yeah. It's a shame, isn't it? Now he thinks that reasoning is the solution to every problem.
Schanke: And you don't?
Janette: I think that if someone tries to take something from you, you strike back. That is what differentiates the winners from the losers.

Stonetree: You got a problem, Officer?
Norma: Yes, I think I do.... Listen, I know this is going to sound crazy.... I-I checked it over and over again on the computer and, according to our database, Officer Knight doesn't exist.

Nick: Janette, I need a favour.
Janette: Darling, I'm warning you, you're using them up all at once.
Nick: Is Larry Merlin still in town?
Janette: Oh dear.... You are in trouble, aren't you?

Larry Merlin: Accessing the Toronto mainframe won't be a problem.
Nick: Good, then you can take care of it.
Merlin: Right away, but that's not all there is to it. Since you've been flagged as a blank file, they're going to back-track you up every (??)
Nick: Meaning?
Merlin: Meaning, whatever identity we create I'm gonna to have to load it the information systems all of the way down the line...from the hospital you were born in, to your last job.
Nick: Well, how long is that going to take?
Merlin: A week maybe, if I'm lucky, less.
Nick: Look, I need this thing dealt with right away...if they start asking a lot of questions....
Merlin: You should have come to me in the first place, Nick. I would have set you up properly and I would have saved you a lot of grief.
Schanke: That's the same thing my accountant says to me every year.
Merlin: Don't worry, Nick, I'll find some way to do it, but it's going to cost.
Schanke: He says that, too.
Nick: Thanks, Merlin.

Schanke: Tell me something I don't know!
Nick: Okay, you know of any cops that want to kill you?
Schanke: You're out of your mind. A cop!
Nick: That's where the leads are taking me.
Schanke: Then you don't know what you're doing!

Schanke: I promise you I'll be right back. Cross my heart.
Janette: Please, don't do that in front of me.

Janette: About fifteen minutes ago. He said that he was just going across the street to buy a newspaper.
Nick: Janette, I thought I told you to look after him.
Janette: And I have been a good sport about it, but I am not a babysitter for you idiotic buddies.
Nick: Look, someone's out to kill him-
Janette: Then let him fight back! Come on Nicolas, you did. Let the hunted become the hunter.
Nick: He's out of control, Janette. He's running on instinct.
Janette: Is it such a bad thing? Is it such a bad thing, Nicolas, to be running on the instinct of self preservation?

Stonetree: Does anybody happen to know anything about a plain-clothes police officer who happened to just commandeer a car down on Richmond Avenue?

LaCroix: Nicholas, the trap door. Under cover, quickly!
Nick: No. There is still one more....
Janette: Nicolas, come with us! Into the darkness. Don't be a fool!

Schanke: We got him.
Nick: Yeah, Donut, we sure did.

Norma: I don't understand it, but there he is. I looked for a week. I check every database, every department, and nothing. And then I come in here this morning and boom, it comes right up.
Stonetree: Computers work in mysterious ways. Personally, Norma, I've never ever trusted the things. Hey Nick, where were you born?
Nick: Uh...Chicago.
Stonetree: See? It's always best to go to the source.
Nick: 1957
Norma: '58
Nick: Oh yeah, it was New Year's day. You know, I always get mixed up by that?

Schanke: Gotta do something to pass the time, I hate desk duty.
Nick: Well, I didn't realize you were an opera buff. Polka, yes, but opera....
Schanke: Igor Stravinsky, Charlie Parker, the Beatles.... The world of music has as many facets as the...gem of life. Each beautiful in its own way.
Nick: A quote from Don Schanke.
Schanke: How'd you know?
Nick: Lucky guess.
Schanke: Myra can do that too.
Nick: She and Jenny okay, now?
Schanke: Yeah, thanks to you. I really got in over my head there, didn't I?
Nick: Well, you brought him down.
Schanke: Yeah, but it would have turned out differently if you hadn't warned me.
Nick: We're all capable of loosing our judgement once in a while. All somebody has to do is press the right buttons.
Schanke: Well, he really pressed mine. The problem is uh...he was right. I mean, he had me. And all those things he said.... You wonder how good a cop you really are.
Nick: Look, you became a cop, and a damned good one, for more reasons than being able to shoot. You didn't have to draw your gun on that Jefferson case and you saved more than three lives. And you didn't have to draw your weapon when you pulled Mary McCaffree out of that burning car.
Schanke: You been reading my files?
Nick: All I'm saying is Anderson was right. There's more to being a good cop than picking up dead bodies, and you're a good cop.
Schanke: Is this a compliment? I'll try not to get a swelled head.
Nick: You want me to tell you the truth?
Schanke: Yeah. Yeah, I want the truth.
Nick: You lost that battle a long time ago, Donut.

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