Nick: Hey, Dell(?).
Detective Dell: Nick.
Nick: Where's Schanke?
Dell: School concert. His daughter is singing tonight, so he'll be back later.
Nick: Ah, you family guys stick together, huh?

Nick: Maybe they didn't like the way he crunched his numbers.

Natalie: Messy, but traditional. Two in the chest, one in the head. Large caliber...hollow points, judging by the exit wounds.
Dell: Whoa! Two-car garage.
Natalie: In like a sports car, out like a semi.

Nick: It's okay, you're safe. Don't be scared. It's the police. It's all right, sweetheart, you can come out now.
Lisa: I didn't do it.

Dell: Lousy deal for a little kid to have to face all of this murder crap.
Nick: Yeah. Children are resilient, but there's a limit, huh?
Dell: It ain't easy bringing up kids, Nick. You should try it.
Nick: I want to. I do think about it sometimes.

Daniel: Let me down! Let go! Let me down! Please, miss, make him let go.
Janette: Certainly, as soon as we find a policeman.
Daniel: Air raid warning, miss. No bobbies out tonight. Why don't we just call it quits, and I'll be on me way.
Nick: He's a cheeky little tyke, isn't he?
LaCroix: I say we should roast him over a fire.
Janette: Mmm, how does that sound, dear boy?
Daniel: Me name's Daniel. What's yours? Princess something?
Janette: Daniel, where do you live?
Daniel: Where ever I can lay me head. The gutter, on most nights.
Janette: Couldn't we at least take him for a meal?

Stonetree: Are you listening, Knight?
Nick: I'm sorry. What?
Stonetree: The kid. Lisa Cooper. She's your baby till the father comes home.
Nick: Oh, what a second...I mean, what about her relatives?
Stonetree: Not in town. Her father's an oil rigger, works the platforms offshore. Gone away for a month at a time. We'll get him here as soon as we can. Meanwhile....
Nick: You know, I think Nat's the best one for the job, she's ah-
Stonetree: Not a cop. You do it.

Carmela DeMarco: I don't got eyes in the back of my head. What could I do?
Schanke: It's okay, Mrs. DeMarco. No one thinks it's your fault. This is Detective Knight.
Nick: Thanks for coming down, Mrs. DeMarco.
Schanke: Carmela takes care of Lisa when her dad works.
Carmela: She can be a real handful, that kid. A good girl, don't misunderstand me, but when Lisa goes her own way...only one she ever listened to was her mama. God rest her.
Nick: What happened to her mom?
Carmela: Drunk driver. Lisa went out on the road and...her mom went after her to...pull her back, you now? Lisa has suffered ever since.... She blames herself for her mama's death. That's too much guilt for a little girl to carry.
Schanke: Mrs. DeMarco, we've contacted Lisa's dad, and now he's coming in on the next available chopper. Until we're certain that she's out of danger, Lisa will be our responsibility.
Nick: We'll make sure you get home safely, Mrs. DeMarco. And...I'll assume protective custody of Lisa.

Carmela: Good luck to you, Mr. Knight. You'll need it! (She leaves)
Nick: This was Stonetree's idea, I'm not the right guy for this assignment!
Schanke: You don't like kids, Nick?
Nick: Yeah, I..yeah, I like-
Schanke: Your instincts will kick in! Don't sweat it! After a few hours with that little angel, you'll probably...get the biological urge to have some of your own. How old are you, anyway?
Nick: Well, a lot older than I was five minutes ago.
Schanke: The right age! You are ripe, man, you are ready. Come on, Pops, this is an easy gig. You'll rent some Disney Classics, you'll sit around, you'll play Barbie until your mind turns to mush.

Lisa: So, the Pope says, 'No thanks, sister, I don't want to pick up any bad habits!'
Schanke: See, Nick, the kid's a real charmer.
Nick: Got anything you can use? Okay, have these copied and circulated. Gary, get me an unmarked precinct car. Don't want to take her in the Caddy. It's too open. I want her safe and snug. Okay, you're with me. Let's go.
Lisa: Wait. Wait! Wait! Show him the other suspect.
Schanke: Oh. Oh, that's real funny. Is this supposed to be me? You think this looks like me?
Nick: No. No, you're right. Uh...you've got much more prominent...um...um...nose hair.

Nick: That's quite a sense of humor you've got there, Lisa.
Lisa: Let's hear the siren.

Lisa: Ever kill anybody?
Nick: Well, police work isn't like what you see on TV.
Lisa: Nothing's like what you see on TV.
Nick: Or like you read in the comic books. Read a lot of those?
Lisa: Many as I can.
Nick: Well, maybe you should change your literary diet a little.
Lisa: I don't eat 'em. They keep me company. You know, when my dad's gone.

Lisa: They get you? They must have got you, right? I mean, you were right there.
Nick: Nah, I'm okay.

Lisa: Is this your fortress of solitude?
Nick: Yeah, solitude's a good word.

Nick: Hey Lisa...you break it, you bought it, okay?

Natalie: Natalie's Bed and Breakfast.
Nick: Hi, Nat, it's me. Look, I, uh, caught one.
Natalie: How bad?
Nick: Well, you know, I'll live. Could you?
Natalie: On my way. Just got a few more customers to tuck in.
Nick: Okay. Thanks.

Lisa: Do you got a drinking problem?
Nick (to Lisa): You know--you ask a lot of questions. You should be a detective.
Schanke: I am a detective.

Schanke: Knight? What's shakin'? Diaper duty gettin' you down already?
Nick: Uh, listen up, we've been made. Two perps...I've already called it in. Someone took a little target practice at my head.
Schanke: Oh, they shot at your head, huh? Well, I guess it's gotta be our boys. I'll check it out. Tomorrow.
Nick: Now, Schank.
Schanke: Damn it, Nick, I'm watchin' my favourite TV show. Come on....
Nick: Yeah, well, tape it. Get over here. I might have a little...ballistic evidence for you.
Schanke: Oh, come on, Knight.
Nick: Schanke, bring some food.
Schanke: Ya know, you're a real pain in the 'rhoids?
Nick: What do you like? (He asks Lisa, and she mouths her answer) Pizza. And...bring some other stuff...um, you know, stuff kids like.
Schanke: Well, should I bring a bib and spoon-feed her, too? (Laughs and hangs up)

Lisa: You're not married?
Nick: No.
Lisa: Are you straight?
Nick: Yeah.
Lisa: And...there's nothing in your refrigerator.
Nick: Well, I'm not home a lot.
Lisa: Can I call you Nick?
Nick: I'd like it if you did.
Lisa: I'm sorry about everything. But I'm...I'm glad you found me.
Nick: Maybe you found me.

Janette: (To LaCroix) Isn't it refreshing to have a little one about the house? Almost as if we were a real family. It's a strange but sweet sensation. I think I rather like it.
Nick: Now don't finish it all in one bite. Where are your parents, Daniel?
Daniel: Me mum copped(?) it in an air raid last year. Dunno where me dad is. He ran away when I was small.
Nick: You have no family to go to?
Daniel: Only an auntie. Up north. Sheffield way. Never met her, but she might take me in. Course, I'd need a...train fare. Couple a quid would do me nice, please.
Nick: We'll see.
Janette: (Brings a package for him...a toy fire truck) Daniel, you are a very...lucky...boy. Nick practically flew all over London to find a special treat for you. Close your eyes. Ta-da!
Daniel: Thanks, Princess. (He hugs her, and then Nick.) You're a real mate.
Nick: Well go on, play with it.

Lisa: Where's your girlfriend?
Nick: Girlfriend?
Lisa: The lady doctor. You should marry her. She's got it bad for you. I can tell.
Nick: You're nuts, Lisa.
Lisa: My mom used to say that. Life's a beach. But it goes on, right? That's what they say.
Nick: And on, and on, and on.

Schanke: Pizza cop! Pizza cop! Buzz me in, Knight.

Schanke: This guy has got the weirdest taste of any cop I've ever known. He doesn't like doughnuts, he doesn't like burgers...

Schanke: (After trying to catch a piece of pepperoni in his mouth and missing) You think I should leave him any pepperoni?
Lisa: Better him than the floor.
Schanke: Isn't she cute? I'm out of practice. Anyone even remotely resembling Lisa's ID will be sleepwalking through a lineup tomorrow morning, I rest assured.
Nick: Ah, that's great.
Schanke: How would you like Cincinnati Schanke to show you the fine art of poker?
Lisa: Poker? That's kinda hard, isn't it?

Schanke: I call.
Lisa: Three kings. Read 'em and weep. Ante up, pigeon. Lisa needs new shoes.
Schanke: New shoes? I just bought your college education.
Nick: She's way out of your league, Schank.
Schanke: She's just a kid for... Um...do you have ten bucks you can spot me 'till payday?
Nick: I'm all tapped out. You should quit while you've still got your shirt.
Schanke: Lisa, honey....
Lisa: You wouldn't borrow money off a little kid, would you?

Natalie: It's happy hour. Hi, Lisa. You okay?
Schanke: Mmm, you do smell nice tonight, Doctor. What are you wearing--eau de formaldehyde?
Natalie: Have you been corrupting this child?
Schanke: Hardly.
Natalie: You know, it's awfully late. Shouldn't you be asleep?
Lisa: I'm cool. Honest. I didn't know you made house calls.
Natalie: Only for deadbeats. Come on, Nick, let's go take a look at that shoulder.
Schanke: Why, what happened to it?
Nick: Uh, just pulled a muscle.
Lisa: The perp riddled him with bullets.
Schanke: Oh, yeah, right.
Lisa: Nick was wicked! You should've seen him. He's not afraid of anything.
Schanke: Well...except marriage, maybe. Right, Nick? And children-
Natalie: Uh, Nick, shall we? I've got places to go, people to dissect....

Nick: You know, I have to really stop getting shot. Sometime someone's going to notice for good.
Natalie: Hmm, have you tried ducking?
Nick: Okay, I'll try it.
Natalie: Let's see.... Now, that's strange. The wound is still open.
Nick: It can't be.
Natalie: I wonder....
Nick: What?
Natalie: Well, this must mean your metabolism's changing. I mean, this thing should have been healed and sealed within minutes, right?
Nick: Well, usually bullets go right through me.
Natalie: An open wound is a definite improvement. Means you're not healing as fast as you did. I don't know, but we might be feeling shades of mortality here. The program must be working. I mean, look, you can see yourself in the mirror.
Nick: Yeah. Only sometimes.
Natalie: Have you tried that artificial blood substitute I gave you?
Nick: Oh, you mean the low fat, zero cholesterol, no sodium, absolutely no-
Natalie: -flavour. Yeah, well don't knock it, tiger, it's obviously working.

Nick: Ow! (They're both a little surprised) Wow!
Natalie: You felt pain!
Nick: Uh, not much, but-
Natalie: But some! I hit a little teeny tiny human nerve end in there!

Natalie: Well, you are still a medical marvel, but I think we are getting just a little bit closer. How's the babysitting detail going?
Nick: I'm enjoying it. And I'm afraid of it. Who knows, if mortality is my future...maybe a family of my own is possible, too.
Natalie: Must be strange for you having a kid around the house.
Nick: There was another, once.

LaCroix: Keep him.
Nick: You can't be serious.
LaCroix: What our Janette wants, she must have.
Nick: The boy would discover too much. There's danger for us if he stays.
LaCroix: He would never betray his own.
Nick: LaCroix, he's a child.

Nick: His name was Daniel.
Natalie: Tell me about it.
Nick: Just the same old story. He looked to me for help...didn't get it.

LaCroix: Can you imagine what it would be like? Think of it, Nicholas. His body arrested at such a...precious age. Youth eternal. It would be an interesting experiment, don't you think?
Nick: He's too young to choose.
LaCroix: Choose...? My dear Nicholas, we offer him the rarest of gifts. We choose for him.
Nick: You are deranged.
LaCroix: Yes, I know.
Nick: I want no part of this.
LaCroix: Do you think that Janette's motives are entirely maternal? Ask her yourself. She has plans for the boy.

Natalie: So you'll talk to her?
Nick: I'll talk to her.
Natalie: She needs to talk, you know. Sometimes there's a delayed stress syndrome, a period of denial. She might be suppressing her feelings.
Nick: Nat, I'm not a professional.
Natalie: No, I know, but you're a sympathetic ear. And see that she gets some rest.
Schanke: Yeah, and I'll bring her dad by in the morning, okay?
Nick: Okay. Oh, Schank. Here. (Gives him some money...)And here, ballistic evidence. I...dug it out of the upholstery.
Schanke: You're a lucky cop, Knight. Bye, Lisa.
Nick: Bye, guys. Lisa: Is my dad here?
Nick: Soon, Lisa. I guess you love him a lot, huh?
Lisa: Yeah...but I'm glad you're here.
Nick: Thanks. So tell me about him. What's your dad like?
Lisa: He should be a cop. He's made out of the stuff of heroes.
Nick: Something out of_ Janie Jinx_?
Lisa: Nah. _Silver...Surfer_...issue...26. But he did get a medal in the war. Once a guy fell off an oil platform, and sharks were all circling around him, and my dad dived in with his scuba knife...and he saved him.
Nick: Wow.
Lisa: And another time he swam fifty miles in a hurricane because it was my birthday, and he didn't want to miss it.
Nick: Well, you're a lucky girl to have a dad like that.
Lisa: But why does he go away so much? It wasn't so bad when my mom was here. But after.... It was all my fault. My mom got killed because of me. That guy tonight? If I hadn't've bumped into him, or slowed him down...maybe he would've got away.
Nick: Shh. Listen, Lisa. You can't blame yourself for what happened tonight. Any more than you should blame yourself for what happened to your mother.
Lisa: I'm really scared, Nick. Those killers are going to get me, aren't they?
Nick: No, they won't get you. I won't let that happen, I promise.
Lisa: Will you stay here with me until I fall asleep?
Nick: Yeah. Sure. Close your eyes. I'll be right here.

Nick: Daniel.
Daniel: You're usually asleep now.
Nick: You and I have to talk, Daniel. You must leave this house.
Daniel: Why? What've I done wrong? I thought you liked me.
Nick: I do like you, Daniel. Another time and place...another life...you'd be welcome as a son to me. But I can't stand by and see you hurt. You'll have to go.
Daniel: Don't put me out, Nicky, please!
Nick: Your life is in danger, Daniel. You will leave this house, Daniel. You will leave us now.
Daniel: I don't want...I must leave. Yes, leave.
Nick: *You want to leave this house, Daniel. You want to run. You want to run for your life.* (Daniel leaves, following Nick's words.)
Janette: Daniel! Daniel! Where is he?!
Nick: He's gone.

Lisa: Come on, Nick, up and at 'em. Come on, officer. Wake up and smell the donuts.

Lisa: (She was playing with a pocket mirror...shining light from the window, letting some of it land on Nick..he reacts) Sorry, Nick. I didn't mean to!
Nick: The lights! Close the blinds! (Nick goes to the kitchen, and then upstairs)
Lisa: I was only playing. Are you okay? What was I to know? Do you need any help? I didn't mean to hurt you! I screwed up, okay? I'm sorry! Nick, open the door! Please?
Nick: I'm blind! I'm blind!

LaCroix: Toys at your age, LaCroix. Really....
Daniel: Hello, Nicky! Welcome home.

Schanke: She's, uh...she's a live wire, your Lisa. Did you know she plays poker?
Mr. Cooper: Sure, I taught her. You didn't, uh....
Schanke: Oh, yeah. I did. Twenty-three bucks she clipped me for. You know, I-I know this is, uh...none of my business, Mr. Cooper, but that is not good stuff to be teaching your kid.
Mr. Cooper: Sorry, uh...cards was just something me and Lisa could do together.
Schanke: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I understand.

Schanke: When you're...away, working every other month, what else does Lisa do? Ah--how would you know, right?
Mr. Cooper: I thought Carmela could handle her.
Schanke: You are missing out on the best years. Believe me. I got a daughter, I do know.

Nick: Lisa. We need help. Someone's trying to break in.

Lisa: Nick?
Nick: Don't be scared, Lisa. Just be quiet and stay absolutely still.

Schanke: Lisa has a big hole in her life, and so do you. You can teach her never to draw on an inside straight, but that's no substitute for having a father there telling a bedtime story, being right there, rock-solid when she needs him.
Mr. Cooper: You're not telling me anything I don't already know. Can we go get her now?
Schanke: Yeah. Absolutely. She's with one of my best men.

Lisa: All right! (Watching Nick toss one of the guys.) Touchdown!
Nick: (Looks up at her...he's vamped out) Lisa!
Lisa: Am I dreaming this?
Nick: I'll explain later. There's another one of them out there somewhere. Lock yourself in the bedroom. Now!

Officer: Schank. We just got an all units, code three. There was an explosion at 101 Gateway Lane. It's Nick's place.
Mr. Cooper: What's wrong? Is it Lisa?
Schanke: Uh--no, no, no. No problem. Give him a cup of coffee.

Nick: Lisa.... Lisa, you listen to me.
Lisa: I can't wait till I tell.
Nick: No.
Lisa: Aw, come on, Nick. Hey, at least tell me. How can you fly like that?
Nick: I didn't fly. You did not see me fly.
Lisa: Yes I did.
Nick: *No, you didn't. Do you understand?*
Lisa: Yes. I understand.
Nick: Good.

Nick: Well, we did it together, huh? You were brave and strong, and without Lisa Cooper, we couldn't have won.
Lisa: Without me, those guys wouldn't have come here. You could've been killed cause of me. It was all my fault.
Nick: Stop beating yourself up, Lisa. It's not your fault that those guys are killers. And you were here because you were doing the right thing.
Lisa: Nick, I stole those comics. That's why I was running and bumped into that Marty guy. I started all of it.
Nick: Marty Angelo died because he was a thief stealing from thieves. His life killed him, Lisa, not you. And the drunk driver that killed your mom? His fault, not yours. You can't go on hurting because of what adults dump on you, Lisa.
Schanke: (After entering) Nick, Lisa! You all right?
Nick: Well?
Lisa: Yeah!

Schanke: Kids. Got to love them.

Natalie: Okay you, come sit down here.
Nick: Oh, you know I don't need this stuff, Nat.
Natalie: Yeah, I do, but they don't. So, just sit still and suffer.

Mr. Cooper: Baby, are you okay?
Lisa: Yeah, I'm okay.
Mr. Cooper: Listen, I'm sorry. I should've been here for you.
Lisa: You didn't know.
Mr. Cooper: That's no excuse!

Natalie: Honestly, you kids get yourself into all kinds of trouble....
Nick: Me and Lisa?
Natalie: Yeah. But don't worry. She'll bounce back better than you have over Daniel.
Nick: Well, it's too late to change what happened to Daniel, isn't it?
Natalie: What did happen to Daniel?
Lisa: Nick, Natalie, this is my dad.
Nick: Mr. Cooper. I've heard a lot about you.
Natalie: How do you do?
Lisa: Me and Nick solved the case together. I'll go say bye to Schank.

Nick: She's right, you know. We couldn't have done it without her. She's a great kid.
Mr. Cooper: Who deserves better than she gets. I'm never around when I should be. My job.
Nick: Well, it's not too late. She's still here. She loves you.

Lisa: Come on. You meet my dad?
Schanke: Yeah.

Natalie: Have you ever thought of finding work _in_ town?

Lisa: Well, Detective, let's get together and fight the forces of evil again sometime.

Lisa: Do you have to go back to work soon?
Mr. Cooper: I think you and I should have a serious talk about that.
Nick: Uh, Lisa? (Holds out the comic books. You forgot these.
Lisa: Nah...Janie Jinx is a dweeb. But you know what I did forget? To pay for them. Let's go do that now. I got my own money. This nice detective was teaching me how to play some poker.
Mr. Cooper: I gotta teach you not to take advantage of your elders.

Natalie: Okay, here, I got _Janie_Jinx_.
Schanke: Mm-hmm, this one's mine.

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