Schanke: Cooperate with me. Nobody's listening to me here, are they? Is anybody going to listen to me? I'm the one that's.... Don't wave your finger at me, mister.
Nick: (Approaching) Let me. Let me. (Says something (in Korean by CC))

(Natalie pulls in to precinct parking lot, gets out, and drops her keys)
Natalie: Rats. (Picks them up, stands up and gasps, startled)
Hostage-taker: Excuse me, ma'am, are you going into the police station?
Natalie: Ah, yes, I am.
Hostage-taker: Good. (Holds up noose-gun) We'll go together, huh?

Schanke: Three more. Three more shifts and I'm off this night gig.
Nick: Yeah.
Schanke: I am never covering for another night detective on vacation. Never. Besides, it gets weird around here after midnight.
Nick: It's the witching hour, Schank. You'll learn to love it, when you don't have a choice. What's with the family?
Schanke: Oh, the old man over there plugged a gangbanger who beat up his son and tried to rob his store. All the homeboys are freaking out, and we've got to protect the family.
Nick: How's the gang member?
Schanke: (Going through a drawer, precariously hanging on) Laid him out. DOA. You know, I cannot find anything here in Wilson's desk. It is an absolute.... (Drawer comes out, lands on floor upside down) Would you look at that? I should just leave it there, huh? He'll be back in three days. I should just leave it there.
Nick: Pick it up.
Schanke: Okay, I'll pick it up. (Gets on floor to work on that)
(Natalie's led in with the noose around her neck and gun to her back)
Desk Sergeant: Gun, gun, gun!
Nick: (whispering and pulling his gun out) Stay there, Schanke.
Someone: Gun!
Hostage-taker: No! They stay. Back away!

Hostage-taker: All right, listen up. Everybody keep their heads and do exactly what I say, and no one has to get hurt. I want my brother released. I want Jimmy Lee.
Nick: (to Schanke) What is he talking about?
Schanke: Bank robbery this afternoon. The guy killed a guard. He's downstairs in the lockup.
Nick: This guy's crazier than his brother. Schank, hang tight. He doesn't know that you're down there. Wait for your shot. You might have to take him out.
Schanke: Right.
Stonetree: (coming out of his office) Who in the hell....
Hostage-taker: You in charge here?
Stonetree: I'm Captain Stonetree, you talk to me.
Hostage-taker: (As Nick approaches) Hey don't move. What are you doing? I said nobody move. I'll kill her, I swear. Stop! (Nick stops) Stop. You drop the gun, and you get on your knees. Do it, you son of a bitch, or I'll take her head off right now! (Nick does as told) That's good, very good. Now...put your hands behind your head. Do it!
Nick: Let them all go. Take me instead.
Hostage-taker: Shut up.
Nick: You haven't got a hope in hell...
Hostage-taker: Yeah. I said shut up!
Nick: Haven't got one hope of getting out.
Hostage-taker: I said shut up and stay where you are.

Bernhardt: (With a broom stick to Nick's back) Stay where you are!
Nick: I was just browsing.
Bernhardt: The library closed hours ago.
Nick: Look, is that thing loaded?
Bernhardt: I could run into you with it!
Nick: Well, that could be a problem.
Bernhardt: (Pulls Nick's passport from his pocket) You are an American? What are you? CIA?
Nick: You'd better hope not.
Bernhardt: What are you doing in East Berlin?
Nick: Actually, I just came for the scenery.
Bernhardt: So you thought you could find that very funny, especially without your papers.
Nick: I brought my library card. (Turns the tables...Nick's in control of the situation, the broomstick now held in front of the other's throat.) I'm looking for a book. Now, who here can help me find it?
Bernhardt: My father. He is the night custodian.

Bernhardt: He was upstairs, snooping around.
Herr Toffler: And you brought him here?
Nick: Actually, I brought him here.
Toffler: (With a knife held out to Nick) Amerikaner. Why are you here?
Nick: Your hospitality to strangers is uh...heartwarming. (Nick easily takes the knife) I'm looking for a book. It's an ancient manuscript call the Abarat. Do you know it?
Toffler: Nein.
Nick: Well, I know it's here somewhere. I've been tracking it for years. And it leads me to this place. Now, I want you to help me to find it.
Toffler: Go back to America. You will get no help from us.
Nick: I might not give you the choice.
Lily: The book won't do you any good. Unless you read archaic Sanskrit, that is.
Nick: Well, I've got time to learn.
Lily: Why are you interested in the ancient book of miracles? What's in it for you?
Nick: A cure. According to legend, the Abarat contains cures. For curses.
Lily: Maybe the internal security will assist you. They are very accommodating to American spies.
Nick: And to enemies of the state? A little after-hours research?
Lily: We are helping our father with his job.
Nick: You're looking to get out. You're looking for the old catacombs. And you're looking in the wrong place.
Toffler: Mind your own business.
Lily: What do you know about the catacombs?
Nick: Well, I know that they were constructed to accommodate the dead during the plague.
Toffler: Everybody has heard that legend.
Nick: Under the old Bergen church. They're closer to the wall than you think. Nowhere near the Deissen Strasse where you're looking.
Toffler: These maps are 200 years old.
Nick: I've done my homework.
Bernhardt: Is that how you got into East Berlin? The tunnels?
Nick: No, the tunnels have been sealed for centuries. I...had my own way across. I didn't use the tunnels.
Lily: However it was you came, you're going back.
Nick: Oh yeah. With the Abarat.
Lily: (moves closer) With us. I will help you find the book. I can do the translation, and you will take us back with you to the other side of the wall.
Nick: (retracts the knife's blade) It's a deal.
Lily: Come on. You might want to take off your jacket. It's very warm down there.
(Lily's leading him down some stairs)
Lily: The Abarat was supposed to have been among the artifacts that were recovered in an Afghanistan dig in the early part of the century. All kept here in the uncatalogued collection.
(They go into a room with a lot of stacked books)
Nick: Well, this doesn't look so bad, I don't think it'll take us that long.
Lily: Just wait, you have not yet seen. (She shows him the rest)
Nick: Oh yeah, I see what you mean. We've got our work cut out for us. Would you recognise the book if you saw it?
Lily: I think so. I can read the covers. Languages are my specialty. (They go back to the first section) Toward the end of the war, the Luftwaffe searched for the book. They believed it contained a magic formula that would enable them to um...defy gravity?
Nick: To make men fly.
Lily: They were very desperate in the end. You are also desperate.
Nick: I need to find the book quickly.
Lily: Before someone else does?
Nick: Yeah, well there are others who want the book as badly as I do.
Lily: To take the cure?
Nick: Or to prevent me from taking it.
Lily: Oh...then the book is very important to you.
Nick: The book is my freedom.
Lily: Then you know what it is like...to be trapped in a life you do not want?
Nick: Yeah. I have an idea.
Lily: Yes. I believe you do. I'm sorry, I-I did not catch your name.
Nick: It's Nick. Nick Thomas.
Lily: Before we go any further here, don't you think you should go and um, show Bernhardt and Father where the catacombs are?
Nick: That's my part of the bargain, you're right.
Lily: Assuming that you really do know how to find them....
Nick: And you'll keep looking for the book?
Lily: I will stay here a few more hours. We cannot resume together until tomorrow evening. We are only permitted access to these areas thanks to my father.
Nick: Well, that suits me fine. I only work nights anyway.
Lily: Tomorrow evening, then. Bernhardt and Father, they are waiting for you.
Nick: So they are.

LaCroix: Nicholas.... (Nick stops)
Toffler: What?
Nick: Quiet. (looks around, thinks he heard something) It's nothing. Let me see the map again.
Toffler: This is the oldest map I could find.
Nick: Well, see, the old Bergen church had a subterranean mausoleum. Perhaps we could access the catacombs from there.
Bernhardt: The old Bergen church was destroyed in the war. The government would not allow it to be rebuilt. I know where the ruins are. Come.
(They go, Nick again hears LaCroix whispering his name. He looks around, then follows.)

Nick: (in the ruins) Toffler, Bernhardt, over here.
(They come)
Nick: Give me some light. I think this is it. (To Bernhardt:) Go ahead.

Bernhardt: Let's go.
Nick: Wait, wait, wait. Not yet.
Bernhardt: You wait. I'm going through.
Nick: (Stopping the other) Hey, I said, not yet. We don't go until I found out it's safe, and until I have the Abarat. Then we all go together.
Toffler: We are not leaving without Lily.
Bernhardt: Okay, we'll wait, but the longer we delay, the greater chance we have of being caught.
Nick: All right. We'll return tomorrow. Just go home, go home. Gather up a few things you want to take. We meet tomorrow night at the library.
Toffler: Bernhardt, we go. We make an agreement. Ja?

Nick: Herr Toffler? Herr Toffler! We meet tomorrow night. Midnight, at the library.
Toffler: Midnight. Bernhardt, come on.

Stonetree: Your loyalty to your brother is admirable.
Hostage-taker: Hey, he's always been there for me, so now I am here for him.
Stonetree: It's not going to get you anywhere. Can you imagine what it's like outside this building right now?
Hostage-taker: Well, I'm going to get out of here, all right. See, they are going to get me out of here...and she is going to get me out of here...I'll get out, all right, I'll get out.
Stonetree: Go ahead, take a look for yourself. See what you're up against. There's at least a dozen heavily armed officers outside right now. You and your brother will step outside, and they'll take you out so fast you won't know what hit you. Nice 'n clean. Like Surgery. You're in the same position we are. You're under the gun. You'll die tonight. Are you ready for that?
Hostage-taker: No. No, I am not going to die here. You're all going to put your weapons down. Put them down where I can see them. All of you. Now! That's it. See, that's it.
Nick: Captain's right, you know. You're a hostage, too. *We're all in this together now.*
Hostage-taker: All together....
Nick: *We are all hostages here.*

Lily: We are all hostages here, Mr. Thomas. Hostages in our own country.
Nick: We're all hostages to something.
Lily: This is the land of broken spirits...like living dead, for some of us.
Nick: Well, I can certainly relate to that.
Lily: Except for the party members, of course. There is a lot of promise for the people who sell their soul, so-called socialists. Ah, there is no Abarat in this one. Father should be on his dinner break now. We should go and join him.
Nick: If it's all the same to you, I'll just stay down here and keep looking, all right?
Lily: You don't even know what you're looking for. No. Come on. We'll.... How you sa in America? Take five minutes.

LaCriox: Are you from the ministry?
Officer: Are you the one who called?
LaCroix: About a matter of great importance for your agency.
Officer: Who are you?
LaCroix: Let's just say I'm a...friend of the state...and I would like to register a complaint.

Toffler: Good meat we cannot get, but Russian vodka we have a surplus. My daughter here is very intelligent. many months of conscientious study.Lily: Oh, Papa.
Toffler: She cannot get a job worthy of her intelligence. She mops floors at the university. She is a janitor like me. Why? No party member. They keep a lid on us. No jobs, but plenty of Russian vodka to keep the population happy. (Pours some ?more?) ???
Lily: (toasts) Nostrovia.(?sp)
Nick: (hesitates, but does as well) Here's looking...at you, kid.
Lily: What have you managed tonight, Father?
Toffler: I do not know what it is, but it not stink.... Some kind of meat.... (Offers some to Nick)
Nick: Uh, no thanks, you just go ahead.
Toffler: We are to celebrate our agreement.
Nick: (First shakes his head, but they don't let him refuse. Takes a bite under close scrutiny, trying not to gag) It's delicious. (Takes a good drink of vodka)
Toffler: Your American food has spoiled your palate. Here, we eat what we can get, and we get very little. So, have you found the book?
Nick: Uh, there's no luck yet.
Lily: But, I think we are close. Only a few more crates to search.
Toffler: Is there a chance that we might leave tonight after Bernhardt arrives? I have sent him home to pack...to pack for a holiday.
Lily: He'll want to take his tools. Bernhardt is a mechanic, a very good one. He has daydreams about American muscle cars.
Nick: Well, all I need is the book, the Abarat. Look, I'll go through the tunnels first, just to make sure that they're passable.
Lily: You'll go through the tunnels? And we'll wait behind? For the police, maybe?
Toffler: You're not setting us up, are you, Herr Thomas? The police do that here regularly.
Nick: You're just going to have to trust me, won't you? Like I have to trust you to give me the book.
Lily: Are you to be trusted, Mr. Thomas?
Nick: Yes. Are you?

Bernard: (Gathering some things) 'Show him the way.' (Something in german...) What the hell are we waiting for? (Says something in German) I'm not going to wait. I will find my own way. (Goes to leave)
Police: Bernhardt Toffler? Bernhardt Toffler, stay where you are!
(He runs, gets to a fence and tries to climb it, gets pulled down)
Police: Don't move.

Lily: Look here, we must be getting close. Here is a document that actually makes reference to the Abarat. Nick: So we know it actually exists.
Lily: At least, I think it's a reference, but perhaps it's a part of the same set that contains the Abarat. See here? This is a formula for medicine.
Nick: A prescription.
Lily: Yes. Yes,. There are many of them, but this is not the Abarat. I mean...this is more of, um...a cookbook or something. See, there's nothing in here about magic, or curses. Tell me what it is like where you come from.
Nick: America? (Gets a nod) Well, the streets aren't lined with gold, if that's what you think.
Lily: At least they are not lined with Russian tanks. I don't want to go to America. I would be very happy to live in West Germany. This is my country. We all just want to live free.
Nick: Well then, you will.
Lily: That's good. I hope you are not trying to deceive us, Mr. Thomas.
Nick: The same applies to you, Lily. But then, you'll just have to trust me.
Lily: I hope that you are telling us the truth. Because if you are not, if you are a member of the secret police, if you do betray our trust.... I will kill you myself.

Nick: Trust me. You will never get out alive.
(Man (Korean man from beginning) moves toward the gunman)
Hostage-taker: Freeze or die, punk.
Schanke: (whispering from under desk) One shot. Just give me one shot.
(A uniformed officer reached for gun, and they guy shoots him and fires off several other shots, hitting Stonetree)

Hostage-taker: Okay, so we're all hostages are we? I'm a hostage to, am I? Well, I'll show you hostage! I will show you! (Holds up a grenade) You like that, huh? You see that. You see it?! You give me my brother, right now, or we all go to hell together. All of us, together. One big happy, dead, family.
Nick: (down by Stonetree) I've got to get you to a hospital.
Stonetree: Nick. You got to remember what's important here...the family.
Hostage-taker: Get him out! I want all of these cops out of here, now! All of them. All of them!
Stonetree: Get the family outta here.
Hostage-taker: The more people you get out of here-
Nick: I'll get you and the family out.
Hostage-taker: -the less that get hurt. Listen to me, okay? Okay?!

Nick: I will get you and your family out of here. And I'm depending on you to hold to our agreement and help me with the translation, right?
Lily: We'll take the Abarat with us. It may take some time to decipher. Weeks, perhaps.
Nick: I've been searching for this book for years. Been through hell trying to find the thing. Gone all over the world trying to track down different leads. Believe me, if we find it, when we find it, we'll have all the time we need. When we cross over, where will you go?
Lily: We have family there, distant relatives. Hopefully, they will take us in until we can get established.
Nick: A new life for all of us.
Toffler: I am going to collect Bernhardt. He should have been back by now. Sometimes he is distracted.
Lily: We are almost through here, only a few more crates to search.
Toffler: I hope you find the book so we can leave tonight. (Turns to leave, but turns back) Herr Thomas...? What if the book is not in this collection?
Nick: Well, if I don't find the book here, I'll just have to look for it somewhere else. But I still have to go home. And you'll just have to come with me, won't you?
Toffler: Good, good. I will tell Bernhardt the good news. (He leaves)
Lily: You have made him very happy.
Nick: And you?
Lily: Well.... Yes, I will be very glad to get out of this awful place.
Nick: Now all we have to do is...get Bernhardt to cheer up.

Officer: (after Bernhardt is hit by another) One more time, please. Where is the American agent?
Bernhardt: What American?
Officer: Gerhardt, jog his memory, please.
(Bernhardt is again hit)
Officer: The American who was helping to plan your escape. What is his name?
Bernhardt: I do not know any Americans.
(Again, he's hit)
Officer: Maybe I'll let some air into your thick skull, ja? Clear your head.

Another officer: Sir? (Gives a piece of paper to the agent)
Officer: So, your father works at the central library. Is he there now? Is your sister with him?
(Bernhardt doesn't answer. Gets punched.)
Bernhardt: Go to hell.
(Gets hit again)

Officer: Put him in a car. We'll go to the central library and gather up the others. The American is there. I want him alive.
LaCroix: The American is mine.
Officer: After we interrogate him you can do whatever you please with him.
LaCroix: You will not be able to arrest him.
Officer: Oh, you know him? Perhaps we should interrogate you.
LaCroix: Try....

Stonetree: You've got to get them out of here.
Nick: (standing) Let them take the captain out of here.
Hostage-taker: Oh, no. No, I am in charge here, and I call the shots. You will do what I say, and I say I want to see my brother. You get him up here.
Nick: Oh, no. You don't get something for nothing.
Hostage-taker: There's no negotiation here. I'm not negotiating nothing. No deals, nothing.
Nick: Now, you listen to me. You don't give me anything, you don't get anything. Let them go, and I'll tell the officers here to stand down.
Hostage-taker: I let them go, you'll bring me my brother?
(Nick nods slightly)
Hostage-taker: Okay. All except the old man. He stays until you deliver my brother.
Nick: It's a deal.
Hostage-taker: Good. Then we'll talk about getting us out of here, hmm?
Nick: You got it. (Gestures for the others to leave)
Schanke: (whispering to himself) Okay. Wait for it, Schanke. Wait for it, Donny boy.
(Everyone is gotten out but the man)
Nick: Okay, now the woman. Cut her free.
Hostage-taker: Hey, no way. No, no, no. You bring my brother. That was the plan.
Nick: No. Listen, it's over.
Hostage-taker: What?
Nick: There's only one more deal. You cut her free, surrender and you won't die. That's it.
Hostage-taker: Big mistake, Cop. (Pulls the pin out of the grenade) That's a huge mistake.

Lily: This is the last of them. If your book is here, it's got to be in this one.
Nick: Well, we'll find out soon enough.
Toffler: Lily. (Something in German, she goes to him) Police are at the house. You told them.
Lily: An agent of the police?
Toffler: You set up my son. I will cut your heart out you bastard.
Lily: We trusted you!
Nick: I had nothing to do with Bernhardt's arrest.
Toffler: Liar!
Nick: I'll prove it to you. Let me prove it to you. Listen.

(Outside, the police are banging on the doors, trying to break in. They get in.)

Nick: We haven't got much time.
(Toffler closes the door, and locks them in)
Nick: You have no choice but to trust me. (More footsteps, he tosses Lily's coat to her) I'm your only way out of here now.

Nick: You have no choice but to trust me. I'm you're only way out of here now.

Hostage-taker: You're not giving me anything to live for, cop. (Jerking on the noose a bit) Move. You see, I don't mind dying today. Especially not with such pretty company.
Natalie: Natalie, listen to me. Nothing's going to happen to you.
Hostage-taker: Ah...so it's Natalie, is it? You see, we were never properly introduced. Is she your girlfriend? Officer?
Nick: Okay, I'm going to give you one last chance. Give it up.
Hostage-taker: Forget it, cop. You see, we are all leaving here together. All of us. We're going to take a nice little stroll in the sunshine. Get up! We either all leave here together or they carry us out in parts, in little plastic bags, you got that? Is that what you want? Is it?!

Nick: Is there a back way out?
Toffler: Ja, but the door is locked. I do not have a key.
Nick: Don't worry. I'll take care of that. Once we get out, go straight to the Bergen Church. I'll pick up Bernhardt and meet you there. All right, stand back.
(Nick opens the door, pulls in the officer and throws him into the wall, knocking him out.
Nick: Come on, let's go.

Lily: (Seeing Nick pull the lock off with his bare hands) H-how did you?
Nick: Never mind, let's go. (They go outside) Go on, quickly. I'll catch up.
Toffler: Yeah.

Nick: Hang on, Bernhardt. You'll have to excuse my driving. I'm really not used to traveling like this.
(Nick undoes Bernhardt's cuffs)
Bernhardt: I thought you--
Nick: I know, you thought I was with the police. I guess we've dispelled that idea. Come on, let's go.
(They get out, Bernhardt leans against the car hood)
Nick: Come on, let's not lose it now. Let's go.
(They go around the corner and stop)
Nick: Bernhardt. You must sleep.
Bernhardt: What?
Nick: Now! (He does, and Nick takes off...)

Lily: Where are they?

Nick: (at ruins) Bernhardt.
Bernhardt: (waking up) I passed out?
Nick: Come on, we haven't much time. Let's go.
Bernhardt: We are going?
Nick: Yeah.
Bernhardt: My father, my sister?
Nick: They're waiting for us. Come on.

Toffler: Bernhardt.... Thank God, you made it.
Lily: Your face....
(They go down the tunnel)

Toffler: Shh!
Nick: The police. How the hell.... LaCroix. Go ahead, go on. Don't stop, and don't look back. Go on. I'll look after the police.
Lily: Please, be careful, Nick.

(At gunfire)
Bernhardt: Come, Papa. (They continue)
(Lily hesitates, and turns back)
Toffler: Lily!

Lily: (Seeing Nick and the dead officers) This is what you are? This is why you want the cure from the Abarat?
Nick: It's my curse.
(He pulls a support down, caving in a section)
Nick: Come on.

Bernhardt: It's blocked.
Toffler: Nein.
Nick: Wait. (Tries it, then pulls the door out) Go on.

Nick: (in West Berlin) Lily, now you know why I have to go back for the book. It's my only hope.
Lily: If it contains a cure, I will help you find it. And if not, the secret of what you are will always be safe with me. (He kisses her) You have given us life. We will repay you in kind.

Nick: Look, it's over. Give it up!
Hostage-taker: No, you give it up. See, I'm going to do this. I'm going to pull this off. I'll do it. I'll kill everybody here, everybody, because I don't care, man. I'm going out. I'm going out in a blaze of glory.

LaCroix: (Holding a thin large pressboard/book out) Is this what you want, Nicholas? I must say, it's quite an interesting read.
Nick: Give me the book, LaCroix.
LaCroix: No. Did you really think I would let you get your hands on this?
Nick: I'm taking the book with me, LaCroix. I'll kill you if I have to.
LaCroix: I'm afraid not, Nicholas.

Hostage-taker: Gotcha. (Let's Natalie loose) You say goodbye to her. You say goodbye, time to go.
Nick: Do it now, Schanke! Do it!
(Schanke shoots and hits the guy, Nick goes for the grenade)
Natalie: No, Nick!

Nick: Yes! (Holding up a somewhat crumpled grenade, silence, then he tosses it to Schanke)

Nick: That sort of Vegas period?
Natalie: The white suit.
Nick: The whole white suite, the whole thing, for 49 years.
Schanke: My sideburns are not to be ridiculed by--
Nick: Hey, Cap. Hang on a second.
Schanke: Good to see you.
Natalie: Welcome back, Captain.
Schanke: How's your arm?
Stonetree: Doctor says I'll probably never even remember it. Lucky for me, he got me in the meat.
Schanke: You're a lucky guy, Captain. I guess, uh, being overweight sometimes can be a lifesaver.... What I mean is, uh, being stocky and, and, and well-built.... What I mean is being muscular and-and well-constructed.
Stonetree: Detective, how long has it been since you had to go out and bring in parking tickets?
Schanke: (Makes a whistling sound) Coffee's brewing. (Leaves)
Stonetree: For your information, the report on the grenades came in. The boys downstairs said it's probably a dud.
Nick: Well, then, I guess we're all very lucky.
Natalie: Yeah, uh.... But, listen Nick, next time you want to play John Wayne, please...don't invite me. I owe you one, anyway. (Gives him a kiss and leaves)
Stonetree: Did real good, Knight. You hung in there. It was a good thing you did there. That family's very grateful. You got them all out and none of them got hurt. Nick, you there?
Nick: Oh, I'm sorry, Captain. I was thinking about something else. Another family that I know.

Lily (On answering machine): Nicholas, it's Lily Toffler. I was so happy to get your letter today, I had to call. We are all well after so many years. Father is still with us, thankfully, and Bernhardt is an engineer now with BMW. You'll be happy to hear that I have been awarded tenure finally, at the university. My oldest boy, named Nicholas, of course, is now almost sixteen years old. I can't believe it. I'm sorry we've lost touch for so many years. Time just goes by so quickly. Nick, I haven't given up, and I know that you never will. I think that other copies of the Abarat, or at least the information contained in the book, still exist, and I continue to track them down. You might say that it's an obsession of mine. Father says to tell you that we think of you often, and very fondly, especially as we watched that dreadful wall come down two years ago. I saved a piece of it for you. I'll send it now that I know where to reach you. Nick...I know it's never enough to repay you for what you did for us, but, thank you, from all of us, forever.
(Answering machine clicks off)
Nick: It's enough.

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