Note: The various flashbacks in this episode aren't *really* flashbacks, they're to Emily Weiss' book....

Sophie: Christian....
Christian: You must not despair, Sophie.
Sophie: It's all I have left. I am bound by duty to marry Gaston. We cannot change that. See how the flame dances in the glass, each a part of exquisite fire. It could be us.

Christian: I must
Sophie: Christian!

Emily Weiss: He fled into the silent street, guided only by the hunger that overwhelmed his shame. She must never know the truth. She must never know the truth, that even now he searched for his first kill of the night, and a meal of blood to satisfy his terrible desire to feed.
Interviewer: That was so wicked. So, you're going to be in town for a couple of days, promoting your new novel?
Emily: Yes. And on Friday, there's a book signing as well as the reading.
Gloria: (off to the side) Where, Emily, tell them *where*.
Interviewer: Okay, the latest installment of the vampire sagas is called 'The Denied'. Hot off the presses, another best-selling, got to read by author Emily Weiss. Very cool.

Andrew: She wasn't really that bad, she's just a little...reserved.
Gloria: Reserved? I've seen more emotion in the library.
Andrew: I better get her to the dressing room. The mob's gathering.

Interviewer: Was that okay? You know, she's a great writer, yeah, but she's so...bland, huh?

Andrew: Sorry folks, we're running a little late.
Frenzied fan (wanting her read his letters/get a response): Can, can you read this?

Andrew: Can I get you something?
Emily: No, Andrew, I'm fine. I just hate interviews, that's all.
Andrew: Well, the limo should be here in a few minutes. We'll try to get you back to the hotel as soon as we can.
Emily: Thanks.

Schanke: She writes vampire books. This is a PR stunt, and you want us to baby-sit?
Cohen: Try attempted murder. Her publishers rep made a request for protection. The brass agreed. Dead high-profile authors don't do much for the department's reputation.
Nick: But Captain, we're homicide.
Schanke: You know, post-facto kind of guys.
Cohen: She works nights, sleeps days. Perfect for you two. Go talk to her, while I appropriate the funds for a safe house. (She goes back into her office)
Schanke: A safe house? Homicide cops for this? What the hell is she thinking?

Schanke: I'm Detective Schanke, Ms. Weiss, and this is my partner, Detective Knight.
Emily: I told the officer I didn't see who attacked me, I'm sorry.
Gloria: I'm Gloria Chapman, I represent Harman books, and this is my assistance Andrew Morouski. You understand how concerned we are about this, but Emily refuses to cancel any of her appearances.
Emily: Really, I've had my share of run-ins with over zealous fans. I'm sure that's what all this was.
Nick: Why do you say that?
Emily: What else could it be?
Nick: I would like our medical examiner to see that wound.
Emily: Is that really necessary?
Nick: At this point, yes.

Natalie: Well, they're definitely teeth marks. If it was a vampire, it got scared off before it could do any real damage. (Nick turns and walks away) What?
Nick: Emily Weiss. She kept staring at me in the police station.
Natalie: You know, Nick, women sometimes do take a second look at you.
Nick: Or maybe she knows.
Natalie: What? About you? How could she?
Nick: I've read her books. She's got this...sixth sense about us. It's extraordinary.
Natalie: Well, if you like that sort of thing.
Nick: Maybe I do. Bye.
(Nick leaves, and Natalie picks up the book)
Natalie (reading from the book): And there was Christian, the boy she remembered now a young man in the street below, the music in his smile like the sound of crystal chimes.
Grace (coming in): The Denied--chapter one, page four.
Natalie: You're reading it too?
Grace: Can't help it.

Janette: Oh, Nicolas...such delightful timing.
Nick: Sorry, it's business. Excuse us.
(The man with Janette leaves)
Nick: I'm looking for LaCroix.
Janette: Some business.
Nick: I think a member of our community might have tried to kill Emily Weiss tonight.
Janette: Really? How delicious. I know quite a few of us would like to do that--myself included. No, no, no, no, no...Emily Weiss' work is not like the stuff of B-movies or dime store novels. Those we can laugh at, because the would doesn't take them seriously and so we are safe. But her just a bit too accurate for comfort. So, you think LaCroix?
Nick: It's a possibility.
Janette: Be careful, Nicolas. If it is him, he won't tolerate your interference.
Nick: Just tell him I'm looking for him.

Schanke: (at first in a whisper to Nick) You've got to be a real nut to get off on this. Check this out. This 'Christian drank greedily from LaSalle's wrists'. Please. (Then, louder) What's the big deal about vampires, why is everybody so crazy about them?
Gloria: People like to read about taboos, Detective. It's a kind of intellectual voyeurism.
Schanke: You mean like Hard Copy?
Gloria: Not, exactly.
Andrew: Immortality, that's a hook too.
Nick: What do you think, Miss Weiss?
Emily: Oh, a vampire lives in a constant state of desire and disgust. His nature often revolts him, but he doesn't have the will to deny his indulgences. There's the killing, but there's also the pleasure, the sensuality, the lust. The sheer ecstasy of it all. But then again it's only fairy tales and I just make 'em up.
Nick: So you're not a believer?
Emily: Of course not, but I do keep their hours. I've always loved the night. Its silence, its sweet scent, the freedom....
Schanke: Yeah, right. (Leaves with the others)

Nick: Your books aren't fairy tales. They have power and passion.
Emily: Oh...but you don't see any of that passion in me.
Nick: Well, not seeing it doesn't necessarily mean it's not there.
Emily: People are interested in my books, not in me. And I prefer it that way. I'm not one for confessionals.
Nick: I'm sorry, I'm disturbing your work.

Emily/Sophie: Oh, Christian.... Please, take me away from here. He disgusts me.
Nick/Christian: We can't control what must be. Our grief sustains up now. Return to your, ???. Tomorrow you will marry Gaston. It is your duty.
Emily/Sophie: No, please....
Nick/Christian: You must go now. Sophie, you must go!
(She leaves, running off)
Nick/Christian: (sensing the other) LaSalle! What is it you want?
LaCroix/LaSalle: Simply to offer my advice. You know what you must do to keep her for yourself. Why are you waiting?
Nick/Christian: I'm not a murderer.
LaCroix/LaSalle: (gestures momentarily to the cane) The panther kills to survive. Is it a murderer? No Christian, you're not a murderer, but you *are* a killer. If you deny yourself your true nature, you will always be weak. I've tried to teach you this. Why resist me?
Nick/Christian: On a whim, you made me a vampire. I will not take Sophie's life for you.
LaCroix/LaSalle: I'm afraid there's no alternative. If you do not kill her, I will. You must learn.
Nick/Christian: I won't allow that.
LaCroix/LaSalle: Don't you understand. We are no longer human. We have no constraints, no guilt. We are completely free. Accept it. She's yours.

Schanke: (After Emily puts her hand on his shoulder, startling him and he sits up) You scared me! Well, I couldn't sleep, and there was nothing else around, so I figured.... It's actually kind of interesting, you know.
Emily: Fine. I'm glad my book helped you pass the time.

Emily: I was wondering, will Detective Knight be joining us this evening?
Schanke: Yeah, he'll be here soon. Why?
Emily: Oh, nothing. I'm afraid I was a bit curt with him this morning, that's all.
Schanke: Good for you.

Schanke: How's McCabe?
Nick: He's all right. Still think this is all a PR stunt?
Schanke: They got a lot of nerve if it is. Assaulting a cop--biting a cop. Nobody saw nothing as usual. Whoever this guy is, he moves real quick...or whatever he is.
Gloria: How the hell did this lunatic know where Emily was? I thought a safe house was supposed to be a secret?
Nick: We do the best we can. Unfortunately, sometimes this happens.
Gloria: Oh, well that's all right then. No problem. It happens.
Andrew: This is crazy. Who would want to kill a writer?
Gloria: Ask Salman Rushdie.
Nick: Excuse me.
(Nick leaves and walks over to Emily)
Nick: How are you doing?
Emily: This is so awful. I feel terrible about the officer. It all happened because of me.
Nick: He's doing fine. (She stares after the departing ambulance) What is it?
Emily: Uh...nothing. I was just thinking of something. Nevermind. A long time ago.

Gloria: So where does Emily go now?
Nick: I have an idea. My apartment. It's got limited access, it's easier to protect.... Any objections? (Nothing) Emily? (She shrugs) Take her to the precinct. I'll swing by when I have it all set up.
Schanke: Come to my place and I'll show you some garlic and holy water, huh?

Janette: My dear, you cannot be serious.
Nick: Janette, you know only our kind can protect her from our kind. I'll only be gone a few hours.
Janette:'s like asking the fox to guard the henhouse. I know how I feel about her, she must be killed.
Nick: Please Janette. I know I'm asking a lot of you, but I also know I can trust you.
Janette: Mon cher, you've been spending too much time in the sun.

Nick: Hi Emily. Ah...this is Janette. She'll be staying with you while I'm out. You can count on her.
Emily: Oh...hello.
Nick: (softly to Janette as she takes off her sunglasses) Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Remember, I trust you.
Emily: Nice to meet you.

Nick/Christian: Please, Sophie. Do not punish yourself.
Natalie/Sophie: I was young, I believed with all my heart that no matter how difficult life became, that one day I would find love. Is it such a foolish thing to ask for?
Nick/Christian: It is foolish not to wish for love.
Natalie/Sophie: But now I shall never know love, because I cannot have you. I am imprisoned here for a crime that I did not commit and there is no possibility of escape. Do you understand?
Nick/Christian: More than you'll know. I've lied to you Sophie. I am the cause of your misery.
Natalie/Sophie: Oh no.... Oh no, Christian, you know you are not to blame.
Nick/Christian: I shall show you...why you must forget me.
Natalie/Sophie: (as he walks away, she follows him) Oh, but I can't forget you. I won't forget you!
Nick/Christian: (He turns, vamped out) You are not in love with a man, Sophie. You have been deceived by a creature who should exist only in hell.
Natalie/Sophie: Oh no....
Nick/Christian: Forgive me. I shall always be near you, I shall always watch over you.
(She kisses him, and he eventually pulls back)
Natalie/Sophie: No, Christian.
Nick/Christian: Sophie.
Natalie/Sophie: Christian, no, please.
Nick/Christian: Sophie! (He pushes her onto the bed and leaves)
Natalie/Sophie: Christian! Christian...please don't go. Christian!!!

Nick: Slow night?
Natalie: (She jumps) All right, all right, what can I say. I'm a fan. This stuff really gets to you.
Nick: Obviously.
Natalie: Nick, was it ever really like this, being a vampire?
Nick: Well, we're not that big on melodrama.
Natalie: Too bad.
Nick: Mind you, she hits more than she misses.

Emily: well do you know Nick?
Janette: We go back a ways.
Emily: If you prefer not to discus it....
Janette: No, no, no, no, no...I wouldn't want to spoil your fun. But how about I ask you a question, hmm? Let's see...oh, I don't know...are you falling in love with Nicolas?
Emily: In love?
Janette: Hmm-hmm.
Janette: Oh, if you prefer not to discuss this...
Emily: Well, he seems like a good man.
Janette: He does *seem* like that doesn't he?
Emily: (After a moment of silence) I'm thirsty, would you like a drink?
Janette: I'm debating that.
Emily: Huh?

Natalie: Well, Emily's wounds were very similar to McCabe's.
Nick: A vampire?
Natalie: I can give you an educated maybe. Why, do you got somebody in mind?
Nick: Neither attack was very efficient. Clumsy at best. Not very typical of our kind.
Natalie: Well, maybe it was done that way on purpose to throw you off the track.
Nick: What?
Natalie: Schanke told me that Emily was staying at your place.
Nick: It seemed to make sense.
Natalie: Oh, it does...I mean, I think it does. I was just wondering if you were feeling something for Emily.
Nick: I don't want her to get hurt.
Natalie: Nick, if you have feelings, you should act on them.
Nick: It's too dangerous. I've got to meet Schanke

Janette: So, these 'vampires' of yours.... How would you research them?
Emily: Research? For creatures that don't exist? Oh, vampires are a wonderful myth. Taboos drawn from the deepest pools of our unconscious.
Janette: that's what they are. Mythical union archetypes just kind of swimming around in pools.
Emily: Well...something like that.
Janette: Maybe I should
(Janette stands up, looking away and vamping out. She then remembers what Nick told her: 'Janette remembers Janette, I know I'm asking a lot of you, but I also know I can trust you. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Remember, I trust you.' Then, Janette falls back onto the couch.)
Emily: Are you all right? You look a little pale.
Janette: I'm fine.
Emily: Are you sure you won't have that drink?
Janette: Yes, I'm sure.
(Janette gets up, then senses something, looks up and finds LaCroix in the skylight)
LaCroix: (only audible to Janette) Good girl, Janette. You are not the one who will take her.

Schanke: You've got to admit that there's some really hot stuff in Emily's book. I mean the whole blood sucking thing--it's all so sexual!
Nick: Well, of course.
Schanke: And they can hypnotize their victims, did you know that? Imagine just looking at a woman and she's under your spell!
Nick: Oh, that would be cheating.
Schanke: Are you saying you wouldn't? What are we going to find here that forensics didn't?
Nick: Whatever they missed.

Nick: (holding a piece of red, faceted crystal/glass) Hey, Schank?
Schanke: Find something?
Nick: Oh, probably not. See what forensics can come up with on this, will you?
Schanke: Are you kidding? This fell off some kid's doll or something.
Nick: Yeah, I know, but we should check it out. I'll keep looking. I'll catch up with you.
(Sensing LaCroix/another vampire, Nick walked over to where LaCroix is.)
LaCroix: Let us talk of duty, Nicholas, and loyalties betrayed.
Nick: Is it you, LaCroix?
LaCroix: Making these feeble attempts? Of course not. I'm leaving it up to you.
Nick: I'm assigned to protect her.
LaCroix: Ms. Weiss is too close to us. She has too much of us on the page.
Nick: She doesn't even believe.
LaCroix: So she says. Perhaps she's blinded you. Perhaps that is why you have failed in your duty.
Nick: My duty?
LaCroix: You know what that is. I'm watching you.

Nick: Hi, any problems?
Janette: Oh, nothing...too...unexpected. Well, so nice to have met you, Miss Weiss.
Nick: I knew I could trust you.
Janette: Don't you ever do that to me again. He was here.
Nick: LaCroix?
Janette: Uh-hmm. He wants you to do it. To take her.
Nick: I know.
Janette: He made you, but...can he trust you?
(Janette turns and leaves)
Emily: She's fascinating...and very beautiful.
Nick: Yes, she is.
Emily: How did you happen to meet her?
Nick: Actually, it was through a mutual acquaintance. She's just a friend.
Emily: I see you've been reading it. And?
Nick: Why do you write about vampires the way you do?
Emily: I'm not sure I've ever asked myself that. I suppose I admire them in a way. I see them as ultimately more human than we are. They live with such terrible secrets, such overpowering drives. Their battle is far more palpable than ours.
Nick: More human?
Emily: Yes. You're a very intriguing man, Nick. I can say things to you that I can hardly say to myself. About what I write, what I feel....
Nick: So, tell me what you were feeling tonight when the ambulance drove away. You were distracted.
Emily: Frankie Curtain. He lived across the street from me until we were eighteen. We used to read Shelley and Poe to each other. He was terribly in love with me. I tried to let him down easy, but.... Finally I had to tell him the truth, that I just wasn't in love with him. Later that night...I didn't here the shot, just the sirens, as the ambulance pulled up in front of his house.
Nick: Suicide.
Emily: It's very hard to let someone in when you've caused so much pain. To risk the emotion.
Nick: So you write.
Emily: So I write. (She gets up, moving to stand next to him) Bury the longing.
Nick: For...?
Emily: Desire. (She puts her hand on his shoulder/back) Touch. Passion.
Nick: Love?
(He stands and kisses her, but pulls away)
Emily: Don't be afraid of it. I don't want to be afraid of it anymore.
(They kiss again, and again, he pulls away)
Nick: I can't do this.
Emily: Don't turn me away.
Nick: I'm not. I'm not. I'm turning myself away.
Emily: We have time. I should get some rest for the big night. I'll see you later.

Nick: Well, may I get you your slippers, Sir?
Schanke: Hey, you know that sparkly thing? Glass, Nick, glass. The lab boys are having a real snicker fest at my expense. Thank you.
Nick: I'm sorry, Schank. Well, it was worth checking out.
Schanke: Next time you find a marble on the street, play with it if you get my drift.
Nick: (as Emily approaches) Writer's cramp?
Emily: I don't regret the passing of the quill and parchment era.
Schanke: Listen, I got a question for you.... You know.... Damn. It's in here somewhere. You know that part where LaSalle brings Christian over? It's fine, and it works, but couldn't it be a little bit more...real?
Nick: And you know from real, Schank?
Schanke: C'mon, Knight. Use your imagination!
Emily: Glad you're enjoying the book, Detective. (She leaves)
Nick: Well, it's a nice break from the funny pages, huh, Schank?

Schanke/LaSalle: Come! See what I've done for you.
Emily/Sophie: My God! What are you?
Schanke/LaSalle: Think of me as your guardian angel. I've just granted you your darkest wish!
Nick/Christian: LaSalle!
Schanke/LaSalle: Get out!
(She pulls away, but LaSalle doesn't releaser her immediately)
Nick/Christian: Go. Hurry.
(She leaves)
Schanke/LaSalle: Poor, poor, Christian. I had to take matters into my own hands. The husband is dead, and you are now free to take her, unopposed without, guilt and all that. That is your greatest concern, isn't it?
Nick/Christian: Get out of here, LaSalle.
Schanke/LaSalle: Very well, but I warn you. I will expect you to do your duty...or...I will destroy you, and her.

LaCroix: Psychology. For all their lofty declarations to the contrary, humans have no idea of what they are. Unlike us, Nicholas, we know exactly what we are, and what we must do.

Andrew: Sorry, you're going to have to wait in...your turn, like everyone--
Fan (same as before): No, I don't want to wait any more.
Andrew: You're going to have to wait your-

LaCroix: That...will be trouble.

Fan: Look, get out of my way! (And he goes for her)

Fan: All I wanted was an answer to one of my letters. As of last Friday I sent her two thousand nine hundred and twenty eight. You'd think I could get one reply, just one!
Cohen: I have bad news. It came in five minutes ago from that bookstore.
Nick: (reading it) Damn.
Schanke: (reading it aloud) I am still near her. I will always watch over her. You cannot stop me.
Cohen: No one saw who sent it. You've got the wrong man, gentlemen.

Emily: Standing at the window, Christian could feel the cooling breeze that blew off the river. The room was utterly quiet. Sophie sat on her bed, watching the shadow patterns the guttering candles cast on his back. It was then that she realized she could no longer deny the impulses that churned inside her. Impulses beyond the physical, emotional, and even the spiritual realms. It was something she had never experienced before. It was beyond life. And Christian could give it to her. She arose from the bed and approached him.

Emily/Sophie: There is only one barrier left in our way. I want you to take me across it. I want to join you.
Nick/Christian: How could I consign you to this hell?
Emily/Sophie: Is it hell? Christian, you mustn't deny what you are. That is to live in hell. I know that now.
Nick/Christian: How can I accept what I am. I'm neither living or dead.
Emily/Sophie: As I am without you. Please, take me. I want to be with you forever. Please! I beg you....
Nick/Christian: No, Sophie.
Emily/Sophie: Christian....
(And he takes her)

Schanke: I need to take a cold shower.

Gloria: (to Andrew) You know, something has definitely happened to that woman.

Andrew: We're uh...we're going to have to fight a mob to reach her dressing room.
Nick: Okay, keep close to her.
Gloria: Oh, darling! You were splendid. I've never seen you read with such feeling.
Emily: I haven't had a reason to until now. (And then, whispering to Nick) You are my vampire.
(They leave, and Schanke approaches)
Schanke: It looks like our fearless killer vampire took the night off.
Nick: Go with them, Schank. I've got someone up here I'm looking for.

Schanke: (knocking on the door to Emily's dressing room) Emily, it's Detective Schanke. Everything all right in there?
Emily: Yes, we're fine, we'll be out in a minute.
Schanke: I'll be out here, so if you need me, just scream in terror.
Emily: Okay, thank you very much. He's a character, that detective.
Andrew: Maybe you'll write about him next.
Emily: Next?
Andrew: You're really writing about people you know, right?
Emily: No. I write about vampires, Andrew, and I don't know any vampires--real ones, anyway.
Andrew: You're certain of that?
Emily: Don't be silly, Andrew.
Andrew: There might be a vampire in our midst. One that wants to be with you for all eternity.
Emily: Andrew....
Andrew: I'm sorry, Emily. I don't mean to upset you. I was moved by your reading tonight. There was no other way for the lovers to survive. (He turns, holding up his cane) Do you recognize this? A panther headed cane.
Emily: Like Christian's.
Andrew: You know who I am, don't you?
Emily: What are you doing, Andrew.
Andrew: There's no need to fear me. You don't fear Christian, do you?
Emily: He's a character in a book.
Andrew: And you're not Sophie?
Emily: There are certain aspects drawn from me....
Andrew: Just as you drew Christian from me. You know I'm him.
Emily: This has been fun, Andrew, but why don't we just go back and talk to Detective Knight.
Andrew: Don't to this, Sophie. Don't let him come between us. You'll force me to destroy him. (She tried to flee, and he grabs her) I'm sorry Sophie, but we must be together.... Forever.

Natalie: Nick! I ran a blood test on McCabe's bandages, and I found traces of two distinct types of blood. Now, normally that wouldn't happen because vampires don't have blood.
Nick: Unless they've just fed.
Natalie: Right. But if they have, then that blood is full of their digestive enzymes, and these samples weren't, Nick, they were pure.
Nick: It's a human. Playing vampire with a big time delusion.

Natalie: What? What is it?
Nick: It's gone?
Natalie: What's gone? (He leaves, and she starts after him) Wa...Nick?
Nick: Is Emily alone in there?
Schanke: She's in there with Andrew.
Nick: Out of the way. (He breaks down the door)
Schanke: What the hell's going on?
Nick: It's Andrew.
Schanke: Tell me you're joking.
Nick: Seal off the grounds. They've taken the fire escape up to the roof, stay here.

Emily: What are you doing?
Andrew: I'm bringing you across with me.
Emily: Where too, Andrew? You're not a vampire.
Andrew: We will die together, Sophie. It's what you wanted, isn't it? It's the only way we can have eternal life.
Emily: I'm not Sophie!
Nick: Don't do it, Andrew.
Andrew: You can't stop me, LaSalle!
Emily: He thinks he's Christian.
Nick: Be careful what you wish for, Andrew.
Andrew: You'll never take her from me!
Nick: (He vamps out) Christian! *I made you what you are. You must obey me. Let her go. Release her!*
Andrew: What are you?
Nick: What you pretend to be.

LaCroix: (After draining and tossing Andrew off the building) Your turn, Nicholas.
Emily: You really are...a vampire.
Nick: That is why I cannot love you, Emily.
Emily: Yes, you can.
LaCroix: Take her. It is your duty.
Emily: Yes, Nick, it's what I want.
Nick: This is not a fiction, Emily. You have no idea what you are asking me to do.
Emily: I don't care. I want to be with you.
LaCroix: Take her! Give in to what you are!
Nick: Never.
LaCroix: Nicholas!
Nick: Emily. You must forget that you've ever seen us like this. Forget, my love. You must live your passion and never write about vampires again.
LaCroix: Lucky boy, lucky girl. (He leaves)
Emily: How did I get here? Where's Andrew? (She sees him on the street below) Oh my God.
Nick: It's not your fault.
Emily: Yes it is. He jumped because of me, because of the book. It's all happening again. Frank.... The vampire sagas are finished. I will never write about them again.
Nick: Come this way, Ms. Weiss.

Natalie: What you felt for Emily was a positive thing.
Nick: You must be joking. I almost destroyed her because of what I felt.
Natalie: But, you didn't. And what you did, by not taking her for yourself, is called...sacrifice. A very human gesture.
Nick: Another part of love?
Natalie: 'Love can destroy and yet create. Nothing before love will ever be the same after it.'
Nick: Sophie, to Christian, the last line of 'The Denied'. So?
Natalie: So, you're more than you were before you met her. And what you felt for her has brought you closer to what you want to be.
Nick: Yeah.
Natalie: G'night Nick. See you tomorrow.

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