Woman: All I said was that a woman can be aroused by it too.
Man: ???? put your life on a newsstand.
Woman: What, you think I'd be embarrassed?
Man: I think you should be embarrassed.
Woman: Have you read any Camille Pegliah?
Man: You know, as a matter of fact I have. I just happen to be an expert making her lasagnas.
Woman: You know, you're absolutely hopeless. She's a feminist author.
Man: Ah...
Woman: Lucky you have a great ....
(They kiss for a bit, until the man hears something)
Man: Did you hear something?
Woman: What?
Man: I don't know. Something in the trees.
Woman: You know, you're just tense. I think we work on that.
Man: Yeah.
(They go back to what they were doing)
Woman: (another sound) Okay, that I heard.
Man: Okay, come on, we're out of here.
Woman: Come on, will you hurry!
Man: All right. It was probably just a dog. That, or Camille Pegliah.

Natalie: Partial remains of body weigh one hundred and forty three pounds. Period. Gapping defects on right cheek and neck. Thoracic region shows massive irregular defects, partly scalloped and ragged.... (She keeps going)
Nick: So, why exactly are you avoiding Cohen?
Schanke: Remember the Robinson report?
Nick: Yeah, what about it?
Schanke: I never wrote it up. Talk about things that come back to haunt you. The woman suddenly needs to see it. She won't let it go. 'Where's the final on the Robinson case, Schanke?' As if she's really going to read it.
Nick: So why don't you just finish it?
Schanke: It is so...boring.
Nick: I'll be sure to tell her that.

Natalie: ...slashing and gouging wounds. Possible predation to torso, cause to be determined. List death as homicide at this time. Period. (Turns off her tape) Well this is about as brutal as it gets guys.
Nick: Any theories?
Natalie: You know, I would rather not speculate on what kind of person is capable of doing something like this.
Grace: (Coming in) Guys...Captain Cohen just called. She needs to see you, ASAP.
Natalie: Bye.... (Schanke mouths something, and they leave) Rest in peace....

Det. Bridget Hellman: There you are. Here's the witness statement from the Bullock murder in Bloor park last night.
Nick: Anything?
Bridget: All we've got is what the girlfriend saw, which as you know isn't much.
Nick: Great.
Bridget: And the Captain's waiting to see you in her office.
Schanke: I'll join you later.
Cohen: Detective Knight, this is Chief Inspector O'Neal, Dublin CID.
Liam O'Neal: Ah, how do you do? Liam, please.
Nick: Nick.
Cohen: The Inspector's interested in the Bullock murder.
Liam: I flew here as soon as I heard. You have a six-foot-four, two-hundred and twenty pound football player who's literally torn to pieces. How, and why, I don't know. You do have a witness to the actual crime, only she didn't see the murderer.
Nick: Well, it doesn't look as if I'm needed here.
Bridget: (Knocking on the door) Captain?
Liam: Will that be the witness statement?
Bridget: Yes.
Cohen: I'm opening everything to Inspector O'Neal. He's to have full access to the investigation.
Nick: I'm sorry, I just don't understand why the murder of one of our football players would interest a chief inspector from Ireland.
Liam: In 1979 four people were murdered in Dublin under similar circumstances. In 1983 in Iceland, four young women. In 1987 he surfaced again in a retirement home in Maine--seven victims. And now he's here. Same MO--jagged wound across the throat, torn to pieces. But if he has the time, well, he likes to carve 'em up like a christmas goose. Other than that, we have precious little on him.
Cohen: The Inspector has Interpol clearance, so give him full cooperation. Now, gentleman, if you'll excuse me, it's been a long day, and I'm ready for a hot bath and dinner.
Liam: Well deserved, I'm sure.
Cohen: Thank you, Inspector. And Knight, please tell your partner that I know he's avoiding me. I expect the Robinson report on my desk by this time tomorrow.
Nick: I will, Ma'am.
Bridget: Um...
Cohen: Do you need to see me, Hellman, or are you just hovering?
Bridget: Actually volunteering, Ma'am. I'd like to be on the Bullock strike force. I've done all the file work, and I really feel like I could really contribute to the investigation.
Cohen: Strike force? Hellman, you watch too much TV. Do yourself a favour, stick to the paperwork. Field work will come in its time.
Bridget: Ma'am, I know I'm a rookie, but sooner or later a homicide cop has got to deal with a homicide, and for me sooner's better.
Cohen: This is a bad one.
Bridget: Are there any good ones?
Cohen: If Detective Knight and the Chief Inspector want you, it's okay with me. How's that? Now, I'm late for an appointment with some hot water.
Bridget: Thank you, Ma'am. (Cohen continues on her way out) Have a good soak! (Turning to Nick) Well?
Liam: I think you'd make a charming addition to the team.
Bridget: Please, Nick?
Nick: Yeah. It's time to get your feet wet. Now tell Schank the coast is clear so we can get on with this.
Bridget: Yes! (She leaves)
Liam: Ah, Nick, if you don't mind, I'd like to lay down a few ground rules when the others get back. I...I don't want to step on any toes. I know this is your investigation, but there's a few things that should be clarified. Is that all right with you?
Nick: I don't mind at all. Now, I have to ask you this--are you registered to carry a gun, because the department can get you one?
Liam: Well, that's very kind of you, but
Nick: Oh, that's right, you don't carry one back home.
Liam: No, it's not that. It's just that I'm quite sure in this particular case, a gun won't be of any use.

Schanke: You know, my wife had an aunt who married this guy from Dublin by way of Athens?
Liam: That's an interesting mitch(?).
Schanke: Yeah, every St. Patty's day we'd all get together and dye the ouzo(?) green.
Bridget: We got another one.
Nick: Where did they find the body?
Bridget: Allen gardens.

Liam: A man's body is torn asunder, and yet there's only a few drops of blood. So where did it go?
Nick: How would I know?
Liam: Oh, I thought you might have a few ideas.
Nick: This is consistent with the rest of the murders, isn't it?
Liam: Oh, yes, yes.... Fascinating.
(He leaves and Natalie comes up)
Natalie: So what was all that about?
Nick: I wish I knew.
Natalie: You know, Nick, this does look very....
Nick: I know what it looks like, Natalie, I know. I know.
Natalie: Okay, okay. (Seeing Bridget looking sick) Are you okay? Ah, here, why don't you just take some deep breaths, in and out, nice and easy.
Bridget: I'm sorry, I really should be able to handle this.
Schanke: You know, I once saw this guy, he was hit by a combine. Whoa, what a mess. I mean, they found his left hand way over by--
Natalie: Schanke, do you have something really important that you have to go and do?
Schanke: Just trying to provide a little perspective. It helps, you know.
Natalie: Yeah, right.
Nick: Nat, could you take these guys back?
Natalie: Where are you going?
Nick: To find some answers.

Janette: Something that can pick up a 220 pound man, shake him like a puppy, and tear him to shreds. Hmm. Are you trying to entertain me?
Nick: He took all his blood, Janette.
Janette: Don't waste your time.
Nick: You know who he is.
Janette: You can do nothing.
Nick: Let me be the judge of that. Janette....
Janette: I don't know where he is.
Nick: Give me his name.
Janette: His name. What use is a name? How many names have you had over the past seven centuries? Ecoute, Nicolas, you do not know what you are dealing with, here.
Nick: I'm going to find him whether you help me or not.
Janette: For your sake, I hope you don't.
Nick: Just tell me!
Janette: You've heard of him.
Nick: His name, Janette!
Janette: His name, among others, is Jack the Ripper.

Schanke: I'll have two goliath chili dogs, fries, large cream soda, small coffee, and onion rings. You guys want anything?
Natalie: Ah...I think we'll pass.
Schanke: Make that a diet cream soda.
Liam: How did Detective Hellman seem to you when we dropped her off?
Natalie: Oh, a bit green around the gills I suppose, but otherwise okay.
Liam: Good. I must say, you make a pleasant change from the usual medical examiners I'm used to dealing with.
Natalie: Really, how so?
Liam: Well, for a start, you're young, beautiful, and you don't smoke cigars.
Natalie: You can spare me the Irish charm, O'Neal. I've had my shots. I'm immune.
Liam: I was just stating the facts.
Schanke: Could you guys give me a hand here?
Liam: I appreciate your giving us a ride. Detective Knight left the crime scene rather abruptly.
Schanke: Well he does that, get used to it.
Liam: I was sorry to hear about his affliction.
Natalie: What affliction?
Liam: Well, his allergy to the sun. Captain Cohen mentioned it. Poor fellow can only work at night.
Natalie: Well, he saves a bundle on sun block.
Liam: Does he live uh, alone?
Schanke: Well, he's not married if that's what you mean. Nick married? Not in my lifetime.

Liam: What about his family?
Schanke: They're all from Chicago. But you know, I've never actually seen pictures of-
Natalie: You know, I've got some family in Ireland. County Cork. I've always wanted to go there. I hear it's beautiful this time of year.
Liam: Oh, it redefines the color green. And the air...well, it's impossible to describe the smells of Ireland. But then, it's the people that make a country, and we Irish are a strange breed if I do say so myself.
Natalie: You mean like kissing the blarney stone and believing in Leprechauns?
Liam: Now, now...don't go selling the little people short. I personally know dozens of hard-working, sober people who've seen them.
Schanke: Wait a minute. You're trying to tell me that Leprechauns actually exist?
Liam: You see, you folk on this side of the pond are too sophisticated and cynical to believe in anything but your own technology. We Irish are more attuned to the old ways. We're an ancient culture, superstitions die hard.
Natalie: So you're a believer then, Inspector O'Neal?
Liam: Oh, I believe in a number of things that might surprise you.
Schanke: Like Santa Claus and the boogie man?
Liam: Not Santa Claus, perhaps, but if you mean by the boogie man, a creature from your worst nightmares, yes, I do, don't you.
Natalie: No. No, I don't, actually.
Liam: What about vampires?
Schanke: Hey, Nat, the road, the road! (Once they were back on path) Oh, man....
Liam: Was it something I said?
Schanke: I dropped my chili dog. It's not back here. I think it rolled up front. Just lift your legs, Liam.

Janette: This killer is much more than just a vampire. LaCroix knew that. He feared it when he made him.
Nick: LaCroix?
Janette: You really don't know who it is, do you?

London: 1888

Janette: Look, I told you he would come.
LaCroix: I hope I didn't spoil your evening.
Nick: What do you want?
Janette: He is poisoned.
Nick: By what?
LaCroix: By whom. A surgeon/barber in the east end. I want you to go to his shop, the alleyway behind it, and make sure that he is dead.
Nick: Send Janette.
LaCroix: I need her to give fresh blood to cleanse me.
Nick: I'm through killing innocent mortals, you know that.
LaCroix: He is not innocent! And you are still one of us. We cannot take the chance that he will come over.
Nick: Since when did you develop scruples?
LaCroix: Since I tasted his putrid flesh. Felt his pulse. Since his life force flooded my brain. He is dangerous to us, Nicholas. A mad man.
Nick: And we are not? What we do is not madness?
LaCroix: He laughed as I fed.
Nick: You laugh when you kill.
LaCroix: I couldn't finish him.
Nick: that's what's bothering you, is it? You've finally meet someone as depraved as you are.
LaCroix: Why won't you listen? He has an evil that I cannot begin to fathom. An insanity that could expose us, jeopardize us all. I need you to do this for me, Nicholas.
Nick: And I will not.
Janette: Please, Nicolas! Please, please....
Nick: Let him suffer, Janette. I'm leaving for America tomorrow night. (Nick leaves)
Janette: He is lost to us.
LaCroix: Let him go. Pray that the Barber does not live.

Nick: So, this is the Barber.
Janette: In Hungary at the turn of the century, he was known as Bela Kiche, twenty three kills. And then in Spain, around the 1920's, he was El Muerte de la Noche. Thirty two, in one month. Stupid killings. Frenzies that attracted stories and investigators.
Nick: So why was I not told about this.
Janette: Because LaCroix knew that you would react exactly as you are reacting now. You had your chance, Nicolas. You had your chance, and now, it's gone.

Man: (with another, carrying a struggling Liam) Father Hurley, Father Hurley! The O'Neal boy as been hurt, his mother killed.
Father Hurley: What's happened?
Man: We found the boy dazed in the street, his poor mother in an alley nearby. Father Michael took one look at his wound and said to bring him to you, that you'd know what to do.
Father Hurley: Show me. (They do, and he sees the wound--vampire bite) Lay him across the fount(?), and hold him tight. Quickly, we haven't much time, the evil is spreading. Lord, please protect the integral soul of this poor child. Lord Jesus Christ please help me. Now hold him tight!

Natalie: I hope I didn't wake you.
Nick: I'd have to be asleep first.
Natalie: Ahhh, I need coffee.
Nick: Under the sink.
Natalie: You keep coffee under the sink? That is so gross.
Nick: Hey, when do I drink it? Nat, is there something wrong?
Natalie: O'Neal's been asking a lot of questions about you. He even went through your personnel file down at the station.
Nick: What kind of questions?
Natalie: Oh...where you're from? Do you have any family? Has anyone seen you during the day? Those kind of questions. And uh, he asked me if I believed in vampires.
Nick: He actually said that?
Natalie: What's going on? Does O'Neal know about you?
Nick: I'm not sure. But I have the definite impression he knows it's a vampire behind these murders.
Natalie: So, it's true. Well, do you know who it is?
Nick: Yes. And you're not going to believe it.

Liam: Ah, Detective Hellman. Do you think our killer will strike again?
Bridget: We can count on it. The pattern suggests at least four killings before he or she moves on.
Liam: Mmm...well, where will they be?
Bridget: In one of the downtown parks. The killer's MO is fairly consistent. In Dublin, they were all nurses in residence. In Iceland they were all lab workers working the night shift. He's territorial. He kills where he feels most comfortable.
Liam: I'm very impressed, Detective, you've done your homework.
Cohen: So, this is where you've been hiding from me?
Schanke: Oh, we were just talking about the case, Captain. And now that we've finished that discussion, I will go straight to that report. (Schanke leaves)
Cohen: So, how's it going?
Liam: You have a fine detective in the making in Hellman, Captain. But we're going to find out what she's really made of. We're off to the morgue to see if our victims can reveal more clues.

Natalie: Jack the Ripper?
Nick: That's just one of his legacies. He's out there somewhere. There'll be more killing.
Natalie: You can't blame yourself, Nick. It was LaCroix who brought him over.
Nick: He asked me for my help. I'm responsible for this. I could have stopped him.
Natalie: Yes, by asking you to do something you had sworn not to do.

Nick: I was there, the opportunity was mine.
Natalie: Everyone has regrets, Nick. Everybody has unfinished business.
Nick: Yes. But mine is a killing machine.

Liam: These aren't your first, are they? But you've never seen the likes of this, right?
Bridget: No.
Liam: So, how does it affect you--physically or emotionally?
Bridget: Both.
Liam: Well, you'll get over the physical part. Pray you never get over the emotional. The day that happens, is the day you've been a cop for too long.

Grace: Seen everything you wanted?
Liam: Thanks very much, Ms. Balthazar.
Grace: Uhhmm. (she leaves)
Bridget: What were you looking for in there?
Liam: To tell you the truth, I was looking for your reaction. You know, I don't even know your first name.
Bridget: Bridget.
Liam: Well, how about I call you Bridget, and you call me Liam, then?
Bridget: Well, I'd like that, Liam.
Liam: Very good. I'd like to seal our friendship with a little, uh, gift. Are you a church go-er?
Bridget: In my family, you have to be.
Liam: Much like mine. Well then, you might appreciate this. (Pulling out a cross on a chain)
Bridget: It's lovely. For me?
Liam: Let me put it on. Now, you've got to promise me that you'll wear this day and night while I'm here.
Bridget: Day and night?
Liam: Well, it's a good luck charm. We Irish are a very superstitious lot.
Bridget: Thank you. (Gives him a kiss on the cheek)
(Nick and Schanke arrive, the latter clearing his throat)
Liam: Ah, good evening, gentleman. An untimely presence.
Schanke: Visiting hours are over. We're going to take a soil sample at the Bullock site with forensics. You're invited.
Liam: Actually, I think I'll let Detective Hellman cover that. I want to talk to Bullock's girlfriend.
Nick: We've gone over her statement with you a dozen times already.
Liam: Well, sometimes I like to get the sense of a person. So you're off without me.

Schanke: So, Hellman, you and the Inspector seem to be getting quite cozy.
Det. Bridget Hellman: We're just working together.
Schanke: Yeah, like Nick and me, right?
Bridget: Just partners.
Schanke: Nick, did I ever kiss you?
Nick: If he keeps bothering you, I give you my permission to shoot him.
Bridget: It wasn't anything romantic, I was just thanking him for the beautiful gift he gave me. See? (she holds the cross up, Nick sees it and swerves the car)
Schanke: Did everybody forget how to drive all of a sudden?!
Nick: Sorry. Squirrel.

Miklos: Last call, what will it be?
Liam: Ah, well, just some information for the moment. I'm a friend of Nick's.
Miklos: We don't make any money on information.
Liam: Ah....well, larger and lime, then.
Miklos: I'll have a waitress bring it to you, then.

Waitress: (with his drink) Four fifty. Anything else?
Liam: Look, I'm a friend of Nick Knight's.
Waitress: That's nice.
Liam: He comes in here, do you know him?
Waitress: No.
(He holds up some money, puts it on the table, and then holds up a cross up to her)
Waitress: What are you doing! Miklos!
Liam: I'm sorry, there's been a mistake.
Waitress: (As Miklos arrives) Stop him, he's crazy!
(Liam pulls the cross on Miklos, holding it too his forehead)
Miklos: You're out of here!
Liam: Look, there's been a misunderstanding. I'm...I'm sorry, lass, keep the change.
Miklos: Nevermind that, friend. Now!
Waitress: What's that all about?
Janette: Must be a Jehovah's witness. Telephone please.
LaCroix: Make sure he gets here...just before sunrise.

Officer: Message for you. The lady said it was important.
Nick: Sign me out, Schanke, and get this stuff down to lab.

Janette: Can I get you a drink, Nicolas?
Nick: It's nearly sunrise.
Janette: That's never stopped you before.
Nick: Janette....
(Nick looks behind him)
Janette: He's in the back room....

Nick: So this has been where you've been hiding.
LaCroix: I don't hide. Janette has been kind enough to offer me shelter. As she will you. The sun has risen.
Nick: What do you want?
LaCroix: I want nothing from you this time, Nicholas. I'm here to help you. The Irishman.
Nick: O'Neal.
Janette: He knows us. He can sense our presence. He has our insight.
Nick: How?
LaCroix: He was nearly one of us, a half-drained mortal.
Nick: Like the Barber.
Janette: Except that O'Neal did not taste enough vampire blood, he never came fully across, and so he became a hunter.
LaCroix: Yes, a hunter who pursues us now. He pursues you to avenge his family. Nicholas, I'm doing this for you.
Nick: Doing what?
LaCroix: Arranging for him to meet our barber friend. Your mistake.
Nick: I want none of this.
LaCroix: Isn't that what you said the last time? When I asked you to kill him for me? Oh well, don't worry Nicholas. It's all taken care of.
Nick: By bringing me here before sunrise.
LaCroix: And by magic. Fairy dust. Just a sprinkle. But it's enough to rid us of someone who would destroy us. Soy bean residue. Does it look familiar?
Nick: You planted it at the murder scenes to get me to bring O'Neal to your creation.
LaCroix: Clever boy.

Cohen: A processing implement?
Natalie: Soy bean dust.
Bridget: Found at both murder sites, and on the bodies.
Natalie: I don't know how we missed it the first time.
Cohen: Well, now that you've found it, I'd be delighted to know what you think it means.
Natalie: Well, forensics says the dust has a high water content, and pits that suggest it's several years old.
Bridget: So, wherever it came from hasn't been in operation for a while. Good a place as any for a killer to go to ground.
Cohen: Queen's Key(?) mill has been closed for at least five years.
Bridget: Well, then I'd like to take a look, Ma'am. Please, Captain, just humour me.
Cohen: Have Knight or Inspector O'Neal reported in?
Bridget: Not yet.
Schanke: Hey, Lipensky, if I read Robinson his rights at the station, and not on the scene, do I have to ??? a 10Q form?

Cohen: Busy, Schanke?
Schanke: The report's almost done, it'll be finished tomorrow!
Cohen: Take a break.
Schanke: Excuse me?
Cohen: I want you to go with Hellman out to the old Queen's Key mill. She thinks she's on the killer's lair.
Schanke: Is that a fact?
Cohen: Yeah, well, let her down easy when you don't find anything.
Schanke: Yeah.
Cohen: And...don't let the dust bunnies bite.
Schanke: Hellman, we're rolling.
Natalie: Uh, hey, Schanke, wait a minute, will you? Look, Captain, I know this isn't my place, but I really think that they should wait for Nick and Inspector O'Neal.
Schanke: Natalie, I think we can handle a routine search on our own. Can we go?
(Cohen nods to them)
Natalie: I would really feel a lot better if Nick were with them.
Cohen: Like the man says, Doctor. It's just routine.
Natalie: I know, I....

LaCroix: That's right, Nicholas. You should get some rest. The wheels are in motion. There's nothing you can do.

Schanke: Nice place to hang out....
Bridget: Do you think he's in here?
Schanke: There's certainly no shortages of place to hide. This place is huge. We're going to be here all night. Let's split up, put our walkies on four.

Nick's answering machine: This is Nick Knight. I'm not in, or I'm asleep. Leave a message. Don't take it personally.

Recording on Nick's cell phone: The customer you are trying to reach is unavailable. Please try later.

Natalie: (not being able to get hold of Nick) Where the hell are you!

LaCroix: He'll be up and out by now. O'Neal can take far more light that we.
Nick: It's not O'Neal that worries me.

Liam: Anyone seen Detective Hellman? Ah, my favourite ME, what a pleasant surprise.
Natalie: Spare me your Irish charm, O'Neal, I need to talk to you. We linked the killer to a mill down by the lake. Schanke and Hellman are there right now.
Liam: How much do you know?
Natalie: Enough to tell you that we'd better get the hell down there before the sun sets. And that Nick is on your side.
Liam: Well, that has yet to be proved. But either way we must go, and there's not enough time to pick up the proper weaponry. I just hope that you're feeling particularly brave today, Doctor.

Schanke: Hellman?
Bridget: You scared the hell out of me!
Schanke: Sorry. Find anything?
Bridget: There's no sign of life.
Schanke: Me neither. Tell you what, we'll give it a few more minutes, and then we'll meet up, all right?
Bridget: Okay, keep in touch. (Schanke says something, 'out', maybe) Just not so loud.

Nick: Captain, you have to stop them.
Cohen: They're just following up a lead, Knight. Take it easy. Unless there's something you're not telling me?
Nick: No, Captain, I'm sure they'll be fine.
LaCroix: (cuts off Nick's call) You had your chance long ago, Nicholas. It's much too late now. By the time you find them, they'll be gone.

Bridget: Schanke?
Schanke: You know, it's good to hear your voice.
Bridget: Listen, I'm at a dead end here, and it's getting really dark.
Schanke: You want to pack it in?
Bridget: Well, it's just that....
Schanke: I'll tell you, that Robinson report is looking better by the minute. We're out of here. Let's meet up by the car.

Liam: Any idea where I begin?
Natalie: We'll split up.
Liam: No. You lock yourself in the car and stay perfectly still.
Natalie: Oh, no, that maybe be the way you do thinks back in the old--
Liam: Don't argue. Believe me, you only think you know what you're dealing with, here.

Bridget: Schanke!! He's here!!
Schanke: Where are you?

Bridget: Schanke!!

Schanke: (searching) Where the hell are you?!

Bridget: Schanke!!

Liam: Bridget? Bridget!
Natalie: O'Neal!
Liam: What are you doing here?
Natalie: I heard shots.
Liam: Well, I think she must be outside. Quick, give me the keys to your car.
Natalie: They're in the ignition.
Liam: Right.

Bridget: Get away from me!

Natalie: O'Neal, get out of there!

Nick: It's done.
Liam: I give you my thanks, Detective, and my secrecy. You're not like the rest.
Schanke (Coming up from behind them): What the hell happened?
Liam: (Going over to Bridget, where she's dead) Perhaps if I told her why. I'm so sorry.

Schanke: I just don't get it.
Liam: People are capable of extraordinary feats of strength as well as callus murder.
Schanke: Yeah, but to break down those steel doors?
Natalie: Well there are cases of children lifting cars off their parents.
Cohen: This is a little extreme.
Liam: The extremes of madness, Captain, and of evil. Be glad that you can't make full sense of it. That tells you that you're human. I'd like to thank you all for your help.
Schanke: Anytime, Inspector.
Liam: And of course my sincere condolences for the loss of Detective Hellman. Our killer would still be out there on the streets if it wasn't for her. That's a fine tribute.
Cohen: Thank you Chief Inspector. I'm glad it's over. And Dr. Lambert, we'll get your car reimbursement to you as soon as the report is filed. (Schanke tries to sneak out) I suggest you have Knight do it.
Schanke: Tomorrow, Captain. Just...give me one more day.

Natalie: Well, Nick is going to be very sorry he missed you. He should be in soon.
Liam: I'm afraid I have to run, I have a few things to do before I catch the red-eye home.
Natalie: Ah, another night-traveller. You know, I would really like to study you.
Liam: Is that a fact? Hmm. Well, I'll never be able to concentrate on the in-flight movie now.... As much as it pains me, I hope we never meet again.

Janette: You should not have saved his life. LaCroix was right.
Nick: No. O'Neal finished something I could have prevented. He stopped the killing that began because of me. I'm in his debt.
Janette: But it is exactly the same mistake, is it not? There will come a time when you will regret this, Nicolas. He has found you. The rest of us. How long will it be before he forgets how you helped him? Before he returns to hunt us down?

Bridget (now a vampire): Hello, Liam.
Liam: Hello Bridget. I've been expecting you. (He kills her with a crossbow)

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