Man: All I want to know, is where is Katherine?

Schanke: It's not a pretty sight.
Nick: Is there ever one that was? Any ID?
Schanke: Not yet.

Toronto: Probably early 1950's

Madelyn Pinchot: (Trying to open the garage door) Katherine? Katherine, are you in there? Katherine?
(She calls the other's name several times, and Nick comes out of the house.)
Madelyn: Katherine, answer me!
Nick: Katherine, can you hear me? Katherine? (Nick pulls open the garage door, changing)

Schanke: Nick? Did you know her?
Nick: No. No, I didn't.

Natalie: Ligature marks on wrists and ankles suggestion that she was tightly bound. Period. Blunt force trauma in the occipital region with resultant massive intercranial hemorrhaging.... I couldn't wait any longer, I had to start the party without you.
Nick: Anything?
Natalie: You could say that. Our Jane Doe here was tortured to death.
Nick: How long ago?
Natalie: Minimum twenty-four hours, maybe more. Do we know who she was yet?
Nick: Metro doesn't.
Natalie: But you do.
Nick: I did, a lifetime ago. Her name was Madelyn Pinchot. I met Gordon and Katherine Barrington in London in the mid-fifties. He used to fly with the RAF, and she worked for the Red Cross. We became close friends. When they moved to Toronto after the war, we corresponded, but I didn't see them again until I received Katherine's urgent telegram.

Madelyn: Yes?
Nick: Hello. I'm here to see Katherine Barrington. My name's Nicholas Hamilton.
Madelyn: Mrs. Barrington's not receiving uninvited guests. Certainly not tonight.
Nick: I'm sure she'll see me. You must be Madelyn. Please, give her this. (Handing her part of a picture)
Madelyn: Just a moment.
(Madelyn goes inside, and after a moment Katherine comes out.)
Katherine Barrington: Hello Nicholas.
Nick: Hello Katherine.
Katherine: I'd always hoped you'd keep it. How was your trip.
Nick: It was uneventful. I'm so sorry about Gordon. How are you holding up.
Katherine: The worst is over, thankfully. Most of the guests have gone. We'll bury him tomorrow.

Natalie: So how did our friend fit into all this?
Nick: She was Katherine's private secretary. Actually she more of her confidant, really, almost like the sister she never had.
Natalie: And....
Nick: And she and Katherine disappeared without a trace shortly after I arrived.
Schanke: Am I interrupting something? Good! God forbid you should let me know where you're going. People might actually start to think we're partners. Missing persons received a report about a woman that matches our mystery guest. Let's boogie.
Natalie: Oh, wait...what a did they disappear?
Nick: She had help...from an expert.

Schanke: Madame Natasha's Psychic readings? Sheesh! I wonder if she has something for a precinct Captain's hex?
Ava Franklin: (Before they knock) Come in. (They enter) It wasn't a poltergeists, if that's what you're thinking.
Nick: What happened here?
Ava: It was like this when I came in. I thought maybe someone tried to rob the place, but they didn't take anything. I'm Ava Franklin, Madame Natasha's amanuensis. Her pupil. (Shakes hands with Nick)
Schanke: Detective Schanke. This is Detective Knight.
Ava: You found Madame, didn't you? She's...she's dead. She was tortured.
Nick: Ava, I'm sorry, but we have to do this? (Shows her a picture) Is this Madame Natasha? (She nods) Ava, how did you know that Madame was dead?
Ava: You don't understand.
Schanke: We already don't understand.
Ava: I'm psychic. Gifted, Madame always said. I have visions, premonitions. Sometimes they come true. That's why she hired me. She was helping me sharpen my gift. It's unpredictable, you see.
Schanke: When did you notice Madame was missing?
Ava: Three days ago. She missed a lecture and she'd never missed one before. I tried and tried to contact her.
Nick: Did you notice anything unusual before she disappeared? About Madame, a client, maybe?
Ava: Um, hm, an old guy came to see Madame. It looked like they were arguing, but I was in the back, I couldn't here, they kept their voices down.
Schanke: Could you describe him?
Ava: He had a powerful aura.
Schanke: Could you use more mundane terms, something I could maybe pull out of a lineup? Sorry, but my third eye is a little rusty.
Ava: He was about six feet, broad shoulders. I don't know. Just an old guy.

Jeremy Stanton: Dear Katherine, how will you ever survive such a tragedy.
Katherine: I'll manage, Jeremy.
Stanton: Look, if there's anything I can do, anything at all, just....
Katherine: You've done enough, Jeremy.
Stanton: Katherine, I know this isn't the time, but perhaps tomorrow we can discuss some of the more urgent matters pending before the board.
Katherine: Business can wait, Jeremy.
Stanton: The board has already voted, and I assured them that we will have your full consent. All you have to do is just sign--
Katherine: Talk to Madelyn. She'll schedule you some time in the next few days.
Nick: Mr. Stanton....
Stanton: Very well. I'm sorry for your loss, Katherine. Truly sorry.

Nick: Ava? Did you see anything else? Something that might help us catch this killer?
Ava: People. They're spinning...a ball.... I'm sorry.
Schanke: Mind if we look around?
Ava: Her room's right through there.
Nick: We'll just be a minute.
(They go into the room)
Schanke: What does this woman have that was so important? If you ask me, this Ava lady is one piece of lamb short of a souvlaki, if you get my drift.
Nick: Haven't you heard Schank, you must remain open to possibilities.
Schanke: Yeah, right. Well my grandmother and her cronies used to do this table levitating thing, asking famous dead people skill testing questions. Give me a break! Well, I guess we should get the forensic boys in here.

Schanke: Man oh man this place is a mess. Did you find anything?
Nick: (Holding a torn picture in his hand) Nothing.

Nick: Harry, do me a favour, will you?
Harry: Yeah
Nick: Take this down to the lab, have the boys blow it up as big as they can without losing definition.
Schanke: Jeremy Stanton, huh? Catching up on the business news at the taxpayer's expense?
Nick: He's a suspect.
Schanke: Oh, yeah, right. Jeremy Stanton? The zillionaire, the mega-buck mover and shaker, bastion of the business world? That Jeremy Stanton? You might as well try to nail the royal family while you're at it.
Nick: What would you charge them with, Schank?
Schanke: Uh, misuse of the gene pool, perhaps?
Schanke: You know I hate to be the one to tell you this, but Jerry Stanton is very politically connected, I mean he's got big bucks, big muscle, he sprinkles guys like us over his breakfast granola for crying out loud.
Nick: Like I said Schank, I still think we shoul-
Schanke: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...we should remain open to all the possibilities. Right. But what could Jeremy Stanton possibly have to do with this?
Nick: I know Jeremy Stanton killed Madame Natasha.
Schanke: Hello! What? Oh, man, oh, man, if you can make that stick I will build you a shrine! We're partners right. Partners row in the same direction, right? Well, row with me. This is everything I've got on Madame Natasha. Reams of stuff from every provincial bureau. Born in Winnipeg of Ukrainian immigrant parents, undergrad at McGill, Masters at UVC. And I've got tax records, driving records. I've got a record number of records here. I even know how many boxes of cookies she sold as a girl guide!
Nick: Is that a fact?
Schanke: Yes!
Nick: It's remarkable.
Schanke: This is where the real detective work starts. Huh? The bull work, it's called research Nick!
Nick: Nevertheless, Schank, keep an eye on Stanton.

Katherine: I guess now I'm the Barrington of Barrington-Stanton Industries. Nick, I don't know It's all overwhelming.
Nick: Let Stanton run the day to day operations.
Katherine: It's always such a struggle with him. He wears me out so.
Nick: Sell you're interests(?) then. Reinvest. Start anew, Katherine. You're still young. There are so many possibilities.
Katherine: Somehow I don't think Gordon would want me to. He worked so hard to build the business, and besides, there's a part of me that enjoys Stanton's frustration. I like keeping him in check. It's beautiful, isn't it? An Auburn. It was a birthday gift from Gordon. It means so much to me. I remember when Gordon was flying missions over Germany. Everyday I watch him go, and I prepared myself for the reality that he might not come back. I steeled myself for it. And when the war was over, I stopped doing that. I stopped preparing myself for the possibility that I might have to face life without him. Maybe I took it for granted a little. Oh, I wish I were back in London, or Paris, any place but here dealing with Stanton and the business.
Nick: You must make your happiness paramount, Katherine. That's what Gordon would have wanted for you. Don't let Stanton get to you. After all, it's only business.
Katherine: It's more than business, Nicholas. Jeremy Stanton murdered my husband. And I'll be next.

Cohen: Damn clock hasn't worked right since I started here. What'd you get on the Jane Doe?
Nick: Her name's Natasha Perry(?). She's a psychic reader. Tarot cards, tea leaves, that sort of thing. Apparently she's only lived in Toronto the past few years.
Cohen: Why would someone want to torture a quiet old woman to death?
Nick: We don't know yet. Lab boys are still going over the stuff in her apartment.
Cohen: It's a sick, sick world we live in, Knight. Oh, and tell someone in maintenance about that clock. It's driving me nuts.

Nick: Detective Norton?
Detective. Norton: You selling something?
Nick: I'm not a salesman. My name is Nicholas Hamilton.
Det. Norton: I'm Norton, then.
Nick: I want to talk to you about Gordon Barrington's death. I'm here on behalf of Katherine Barrington. She has reason to assume that her husband's death was not an accident.
Det. Norton: Yeah, well, grief does funny things to a woman's imagination. Barrington died in a car accident.
Nick: I assume you know that he rarely drove his own car himself. He had a regular driver.
Det. Norton: Too bad. He could have used the practice. Barrington was exceeding the speed limit. He went that way, (One have swerves off one way) the road went that way. (His other hand swerves off the other way.) We found him at the bottom of Scarborough bluffs. End of sad story. We may not be Scotland Yard, Mr. Hamilton, but we do know what we're doing.
Nick: What about his business partner? Why didn't you question Jeremy Stanton about his falling out with Gordon Barrington?
Det. Norton: You're from out of town, so you wouldn't wouldn't know this. Jeremy Stanton is a pillar of this community. You know why call him that? Because he holds it up. He supports us. You know what I mean? If people in this town had their way, he'd be the Pope. And, since you're wondering, he shares your concern about Barrington's unfortunate demise. Mr. Hamilton, we've got real work to do. (Goes back to reading the paper)

Janette: I was just about to indulge in one of my finest vintages. Care to join me?
Nick: Finest vintages? Meaning human?
Janette: What do you think, darling?
Nick: I'll pass.
Janette: Always so politically correct. What did you come for?
Nick: I need to get in touch with Aristotle.
Janette: Oh. You've finally decided to move on.
Nick: Not yet. (He kisses her) You'd miss me too much. Aristotle?
Janette: I will see what I can find out.
Nick: Hmm. Thanks. (He kisses her again)

Madelyn: (Trying to open the garage door) Katherine? Katherine, are you in there? Katherine?
(She calls the other's name several times, and Nick comes out of the house.)
Madelyn: Katherine, answer me!
Nick: Katherine, can you hear me? Katherine? (Nick pulls open the garage door, changing)

Nick: Are you all right?
Katherine: (coughing) I am now. I drove in, and...there was a man. Oh Nick, thank God you were there.
Madelyn: He changed!
Katherine: Nicholas, what is she talking about?

Natalie: You told them?
Nick: I made Madelyn forget, but I told Katherine the truth. I'm not sure why. Some friendships are deeper than others, huh? You trust your soul to them. In eight-hundred years how often have I had that happen to me?
Natalie: So, how did Katherine take it?
Nick: She was fascinated. I think she understood a little, what I'd been through.
Natalie: So, it was Stanton who tried to kill Katherine.
Nick: Tried to make it look like a suicide. I guess he figured no one would question it. A grieving widow kills herself after her husband's funeral. I knew it was only a matter of time before he'd go after her again.

Katherine: Maybe we should go to the police.
Nick: I've already tried that, Katherine. I think Stanton has them all in his pocket.
Katherine: I can't just wait for him to make his next move.
Nick: Katherine, because of what I am, I've had to leave one life behind and start another many times. It's difficult to do, but it can be done.
Katherine: There's nothing here to keep me.
Nick: I know someone who can make Katherine Barrington disappear. You'll have a new identity, a new beginning.
Katherine: And Madelyn? What'll happen to her?
Nick: If she chooses to go, it can be arranged.
Katherine: But if I disappear, Stanton will have won.
Nick: Not necessarily. Gordon left you with 51% ownership of the company. Yours is the deciding vote. Each year, mail in a proxy. Arrange to have it sent from a different part of the country or the world, so it can't be traced. As long as your signature can be verified, Stanton can't assume control.
Katherine: I used to dream of having a family. With Gordon gone....
Nick: Dreams are portable, Katherine. I carry mine with me.

Natalie: So, where is she?
Nick: I don't know.
Natalie: But I thought you helped her disappear?
Nick: I took them to someone who could. After that, it was out of my hands.
Natalie: Well, whoever it was did a bang up job.
Nick: He's probably the very best in the world. It was just dumb luck that led Stanton to have that chance encounter with Madelyn.
(The phone rings and Nick picks it up)
Nick: Knight.
Schank: Nick, you better get over here. Ava Franklin is dead.

Schanke: I guess she knew something after all. I'm a believer now, Ava.
Natalie: Take her out. Single shot, back of the head, execution style. Probably a 9mm. And uh, Nick, she was bound and gagged.
Schanke: Same MO as Madame. Looks like someone was pressing her for information she wouldn't give.
Nick: Or didn't know.
Natalie: Well, you guys know where I'll be. (She leaves)
Schanke: I hope you're not still thinking Stanton. Cuz I checked him out. The guy is squeaky clean.
Nick: So he paid someone else to do it.
Schanke: Nick, you are spinning your wheels. Unless you know something you're not telling me. And you would never hold on your partner, would you? Especially if you had the inside track on a murder suspect?
Nick: I'll fill you in when I'm sure.
Schanke: Nick! (Nick leaves) Nick, C'mon, we're partners, remember? Apparently not. What are you looking at?

Nick: Thank you for seeing me on such short notice, Mr. Stanton.
Stanton: Here, it's my pleasure. My good friend, the Mayor, speaks highly of your department's efforts. Have we met somewhere before?
Nick: I'd remember if we did.
Stanton: Ah, strange, you do look vaguely familiar. But please, sit.
Nick: A woman by the name of Natasha Perry was found murdered a few nights ago. She was a psychic, had a place on Yonge street?
Stanton: Yes.
Nick: Her assistant said that she'd seen you there.
Stanton: Ah, yes...she bore an uncanny resemblance to someone that I had thought had passed on years ago. You can imagine my surprise when I saw her walking down the street. Of course, she wasn't who I thought she was, so I thanked her for her time, and left.
Nick: That was the only time that you spoke to her?
Stanton: Are you suggesting that I might have had something to do with her death, Detective?
Nick: You argue with a woman, and then the next day she's found dead. Am I wrong to assume that there might be some connection?
Stanton: I beg your pardon, sir.
Nick: Oh, I'm sorry, this is a stressful time for you, isn't it, Mr. Stanton. I read how your Tokyo merger deal fell through. Imagine it, only one vote between you and a half a billion dollar commission. Katherine Barrington's vote, am I right? Good night, sir. Thank you for your time.

Nick: (On the phone) Knight.
Janette: Aristotle says that he will see you.
Nick: Thanks. I owe you.
Janette: And I assure you, I will collect.

Aristotle: Nicholas, I can't believe it, is it time already? The Pacific Rim is booming. How about Hong Kong? Oh no, wait a minute, the Chinese are taking that back, aren't they? I've got it--Alaska. Northern lights, Eskimos, lots of opportunities opening up. Six months of night...of course it's followed by half-year of daylight--could be problematic. How about....
Nick: Aristotle, I'm not going anywhere. You helped a friend of mine disappear years ago. I want to know where she is.
Aristotle: Nick, you know the rules....

Aristotle: Nicholas, is it time already? I'd stay away from the states, they might take you for a commie.
Nick: It's not for me, Aristotle. I need a favour. Two friends, they need to disappear. They're mortals.
Aristotle: Nicholas, I'd be incinerated for even thinking what your suggesting. The Enforcers ever catch wind of this, we're dead. I mean, really dead. I don't do mortals, period.
Nick: Their lives are at stake.
Aristotle: And I'd get the stake. You, too. They'd double us up on one big long skewer, like shiskabob!
Nick: You still owe me for that time at the battle of Hastings.
Aristotle: Oh, please!
Nick: And what about that inquisition matter?
Aristotle: Well, yeah, that was a bit of a tight squeeze for a minute there.
Nick: I wouldn't ask unless it were a matter of life and death.
Aristotle: I choose their new names, location, any necessary documentation they will require in their new lifes. No argument, no discussion. Tell them they must leave everything, and I do mean everything, of their present existence behind. Once they leave here, no one will no where they've gone. Those are the rules. No one.

Aristotle: No.
Nick: Point me in the right direction.
Aristotle: If someone came in here asking for you, I wouldn't tell them. On pain of whatever. You're the detective, Nick. You find them.

Katherine: I gave the staff the night off. We tried to pack light. The rest of the stuff's in the car.
Nick: You can't take the car, Katherine.
Katherine: But Nicholas, it was a gift from Gordon!
Nick: Those are the rules. Everything stays behind.
Katherine: But.... Nick, no I can't leave it, I won't.
Nick: Everything. No loose ends.

Katherine: (Handing him half of a picture) To remember....
Nick: Always. Have a good life, Katherine.
Katherine: Bye, Nicholas.

Man: I found her.
Stanton: It's about time!
Man: I was right about the dead drop, used a safe deposit box. Ava Franklin was the go-between. I found some letters....
Stanton: Where is Katherine?
Man: Let me handle it from here. The cops are getting too close.
Stanton: You keep the police at bay! I will have the pleasure of dealing with Katherine Barrington myself. Now where the hell is she?!

Natalie: Don't be so hard on yourself, Nick. People who want to be lost are hard to find.
Nick: You don't need to tell me about disappearing acts. I know all about it.
Natalie: Well, let's...let's try it from another angle, then. I mean, maybe somewhere, sometime, Katherine made a mistake.
Nick: Like what?
Natalie: I don't know. I mean, she's been underground all of these years. Maybe she felt safe now, let her guard down.
Nick: Wait a sec.
Natalie: What?
Nick: Look at this. In the background...a shadow on the wall. The shape's familiar. I know where I've seen it before. It's from a car, Katherine's car. It's the shadow of the hood ornament.
Natalie: But I thought you made her leave everything behind?
Nick: Maybe she bought another one.
Natalie: And if she did?
Nick: Katherine, where are you?

Katherine: Ah, George...thank you for bringing me back here. You know, this was my favourite place when I was a girl.
George: Don't tell me you're finally revealing a secret from your mysterious past. You honour me.
Katherine: I love you.
George: I didn't quite catch that.
Katherine: I said, I love you.
George: I can tell.

Schanke: I tell you are in for nothing but grief with this Stanton thing. Keep pushing his buttons and he's gonna blow, Nick.
Nick: How long is this going to take?
Schanke: A couple of more seconds. Would you just relax, all right?
Cohen: (Coming up to them) Detective Knight, I just got the nastiest call from Jeremy Stanton's lawyers. They said you are to desist immediately from harassing him, unless you want to spend the rest of your career chasing stray dogs. What's this all about?
Nick: He's guilty. He killed Natasha Perry, and probably killed Ava Franklin, too.
Schanke: C'mon, Nick is obsessed. I on the other hand am doing this thing by the book, Captain. I'm being meticulous, I'm being thorough, I'm being-
Cohen: Can it, Schanke. You make sure what you get on Stanton is solid, or his friends in the Mayor's office will hang you out to dry. (She leaves)
Schanke: Here it is. I don't know why you're looking for them, but there are exactly two 1936 Auburns still registered in Ontario. One in a museum, the other owned by a woman named.... (Nick takes the sheet and leaves) You're welcome, partner. Unbelievable!

Nick: Unless I miss my guess, you work for Stanton. Yes!
Man: Yes.
Nick: Does Stanton know for certain where Katherine Barrington is? Does he?!
Man: Yes.

Schanke: (on phone) Hello.
Nick: Yeah, Schank.
Schanke: Yeah, Nick, what's up?
Nick: The car's in an alley and Winford and Garamond. There's a guy in the trunk.
Schanke: A guy in the trunk?
Nick: He's a suspect in the murder of Ava Franklin, maybe Natasha Perry, too. Bring him in and book him, will you? Katherine's in Hamilton and I'm going to get her.

Ava: (Nick remembering from earlier) People. They're spinning...a ball....

George: I think they're trying to tell us something. I'll get the coats, you stay here.

Katherine: George, is that you dear? Jeremy. Jeremy Stanton.
Stanton: Katherine Barrington.
Katherine: How did you find me here?
Stanton: Let's just say, Madelyn clued me in.
Katherine: Madelyn would never tell.
Stanton: Not even when I had her tortured.
Katherine: Oh my God. Madelyn!
Stanton: Is now quite dead. You will join her soon enough.

Stanton: Why, Katherine? You made my misery your life's work. Every chance you got, you tormented me with your obstinacy.
Katherine: I disagreed with you. Always within my right.
Stanton: You did well by me. You profited from my work. I built your fortune, and in return, you ruined the deal that would have capped my career! You were right you know, I did kill your husband. Now, it's your turn!
(Nick flies down and disables Stanton)
Katherine: Nicholas? Oh my God. Nicholas, it is you!
Nick: Hello again, old friend.

Katherine: There's Gordon. Oh, you remember... Oh dear. Poor Madelyn, and all because of me.
Nick: You can't blame yourself for Stanton's ruthlessness, Katherine.
Katherine: She was loyal to the end. As you have been, Nicholas.
Nick: Why did you return, Katherine, after all these years?
Katherine: Yes, and in spite of Aristotle's rules. I know, I know, Nicholas, but...George, my husband and I, we have memories here. It's late in life for us, and I just thought after all these years it would be safe. You remember what you said once about leaving one life for another? Surprisingly, I didn't find it at all hard. I didn't miss Katherine Barrington.
Nick: I did. All right, everyone says that Barrington-Stanton is yours for the asking.
Katherine: Oh, let them sell it to whomever. I don't want it. Stanton's in jail now, he can't profit. I don't want it, I never really did. I have everything I want right here. Say...I don't suppose.... (She pulls out a partial picture, and he pulls out it's matching half)

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