Schanke: This could be our girl.

Schanke: Uh-oh, I think she made us.

Schanke: She's headed for the south exit. Nick! Where the hell are you?

Laura Garfield: (After accidentally hitting Nick with a car) Oh my God! Are you all right?
Nick: (As she helps him up) Yeah, I'll be okay.
(As others arrive, she tried to run and Nick stops her)
Laura: I didn't do it. Please. You've got to believe me. They're going to kill me for something I didn't do. Please, help me. Please....

Schanke: We are on the map, Nick. The whole continent is looking for Laura Garfield, and we popped her.
Nick: We had help.
Schanke: Voice in the night from a phone. Thanks to concerned citizen, whoever he was. Got her for credit card fraud, too, stolen a couple of days ago in Philly. Lady moves fast. There she is. The darling of death row. The Tex-axe terror. With lipstick in one hand, and axe in the other, she hacks her hubby into tiny, teeny little pieces. Move over Lorena Bobbit. Compared to this, what Lorena did was a manicure.
Nick: Probably won't be long until they turn it into a movie.
Schanke: Yeah, coming yesterday to a theater near you. She's a Celeb, all right. Didn't Barbara Walters interview her in prison? Anyway, they covered the whole trial on the Gavel channel. Myra's got it on tape. I wonder why she's got it on tape? (Silence for a moment) What?
Nick: Nah, I wouldn't worry about it Schank, but I would sleep with one eye open if I were you. Let's go introduce ourselves.

Nick: Well, there are plenty of places to run to, Laura. What we want to know is why here?
Schanke: Maybe it's the climate.
Laura: I didn't know where else to go. No reason. Look, just ship me back, and get it over with.
Nick: Well, we should have a break. Want a coffee or something?
Laura: No thanks. She took my matches.
Female Cop: There's no smoking in here. It's not healthy.
Laura: Neither is lethal injection.
Nick: Give us a minute?
Schanke: Could you snag me a coffee? I guess that's a 'no'.
Laura: So, I guess you heard of me, huh?
Nick: Sometimes American news does...trickle across the Canadian border.
Schanke: Ah, come on, Laura, you escaped during a transfer to death row. You've been embarrassing the FBI for weeks.
Laura: Yeah, well, you've got to keep busy somehow, right?
Nick: Laura, what's going on?
Laura: You heard about Danny Carruthers? He's the one that ought to get the death penalty. He killed David, for drug money, and framed me for it.
Nick: Ah...did this Danny Carruthers, or anyone else for that matter, know that you were heading this way?
Laura: I didn't exactly put ads in the paper, if you know what I mean? Besides, Carruthers is still in Houston, I think.
Schanke: Someone turned you in, Laura. That's right. Anonymous tip, local call.
Nick: Maybe Carruthers made that call. Figured you were out looking for him. Which would mean that he was in town. Is he, Laura?
Laura: I don't know. It's possible. He's got a friend up here somewhere.
Schanke: His name?
Laura: Billy Briese.
Schanke: Spell it.
Laura: B-R-I-E-S-E.
Schanke: Thank you.
Laura: I've only met him once. legal account on him. He testified in court But that's not why I'm up here. I'm running, and I'm innocent. Why can't you believe that.
Nick: like to talk to him. can't promise you anything, but we'll look into it.
Laura: That's Danny Carruthers, that's Billy Briese, and that's David. I need to know that somebody trusts me.

France: First part of the 19th century?

Sister Marise: I feel like I can trust you.

Laura: You don't know how lonely it gets. Always running. I've got no one to turn to.

Man: Where did he go?

Man: He's not here. Quickly! Let's go.

Sister Marise: Dormez vous, dormez.... (Sees Nick, almost leaves, but doesn't) (It's kind of interesting what she's saying/singing ('dormez vous' = 'where are you') considering Nick came in there to hide...)

Nightcrawler: Do you trust me? I want you to. I'm reaching out to you...tonight. Do you trust anyone? Come and confide in me. Confess all. Unburden your conscience. Be rid of your sins. Call me now, and entrust me with your secret selves. I have returned for your sake. Tell me what you won't tell your best friend, your lover, your children or your father. Let me be your friend. Share all of yourselves, because I'm the Nightcrawler, and

Nick: It's not working.
Natalie: Okay, Plan B.
Nick: What's clogged in it anyway?
Natalie: A scrunchy.
Nick: A scrunchy?
Natalie: A scrunchy. One of those fancy hair elastics. It fell down the drain. Don't ask.
Nick: I won't.
Natalie: So, what were you saying about the death penalty? I'm not sure I heard you right.
Nick: I said I was against it.
Natalie: A vampire against the death penalty. Yeah, that's rich.
Nick: I'm coming around, aren't I? And besides, from a mortal's point of view, what makes you so sure that death is a penalty?
Natalie: Oh, no, no, no. That is the kind of question that gets us into all night debates.
Nick: I just think Laura is telling the truth, that's all.
Natalie: Wait a minute, how did we get onto Laura Garfield?
Nick: I don't know. There's something about her. Somehow I feel she's a person I can trust.
Natalie: You trusting someone. Why? Why her?
Nick: I can't put a finger on it. It's just a feeling.
Natalie: A very human feeling.
Nick: Trust? What do I do?
Natalie: Well, like all human feelings, it can get you into big trouble.
Nick: In other words?
Natalie: Run with it.

Nick: She says she was framed. Says that this guy, Danny Carruthers, set her up for her husband's murder, and that this guy, Billy Briese, was Carruthers' alibi. She thinks Briese might be in town. And if Briese is in town, maybe Carruthers is too.
Cohen: (As Schanke's making a lot of noise with his drink) Excuse me, Knight. Detective Schanke? Please.
Schanke: Oh, Sorry.
Cohen: What's Briese all about?
Nick: He's Danny Carruthers' Toronto connection. Does business back and forth between here and the States.
Schanke: We ran a check. He's been busted a couple of times--drugs, concealed weapons.
Nick: Yeah, so far he's beaten everything. Or, flee bargained it down to a wrist slap or two.
Cohen: And Laura Garfield is saying that she was just passing through, even though the two men who helped land her on death row might be right here in Toronto.
Nick: I know it's a bit of a stretch.
Schanke: Yeah, a stretch with a sun roof and a jacuzzi.
Nick: Captain, we just wrapped the Water's case gives us a bit of time, and I just thought....
Cohen: You'd look into it.
Nick: Let's call it an irresistible professional challenge.
Cohen: Gentleman, let me lay it out for you. No points for extra curricular activities. If you want to fill free time, try golf. The young lady had her day in court, Nick. She's going back, ASAP.
Nick: So they can execute her for something she might not have done? Look, I arrested her, I just feel as if I'm a part of this.
Cohen: I don't know.
Nick: Captain.
Cohen: All right, it's your downtime, not mine.
Nick: Thanks.
Schanke: Captain, speaking of downtime, Myra and I would like to steal away up to the lake. The big mouth are biting. Fresh air, R&R. The elemental forces of nature....
Cohen: Spare me the scenic details, Detective. Fish with your partner.
Schanke: Oh, come on Captain, I- I'm on it.
Cohen: By the way, Knight, US Marshals are coming for Laura Garfield tomorrow night. Paperwork's gone through.
Nick: That doesn't give us a lot of time.
Cohen: Twenty-four hours.
Schanke: Twenty-four hours....

Laura: Hey? Officer? You ever been to Texas? I guess not. Do you think I can get a light? You don't like me a whole lot, do you?
Female Cop (same as before): I try not to get too attached to killers.
Laura: You think I did it, don't you? Why is that? Is it because of the way I look? Or is it the way I dress? Because...I smoke? Yep, that's it.

Schanke: You know Nick, you're killing all the romance in my life. Myra was really hot for that weekend.
Nick: Fishing turns her on?
Schanke: Fishermen, Nick, and outboard motors. (Makes a sound like a motor) Myra responds heatedly to the call of the wild, if you get my drift. Fishing triggers the spawning instinct in her.
Nick: Transport has a William Briese in Riverdale. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Schanke: Only if you're thinking about Myra in hip waders.
Nick: No. No, Briese or Carruthers tipped us off because they're hiding something.
Schanke: Hiding something? Nick, partner...we don't have a case here, technically speaking. I mean, it's been decided. She bought the ticket, she takes the ride.
Nick: I'm glad you're keeping an open mind, Schank.
Schanke: Nick...Nick, she is a convicted murderess. From Texas. People get the chair in Texas if they don't scoop up after their Chihuahua! The last time they overturned a capital sentence like this, Dinosaurs ruled the earth and nobody scooped up after them!
Nick: Look, pull Carruthers' sheet from Houston PD, and we'll pay a call to Mr. William Briese.
Schanke: Guess I'd better back the break the bad news to Myra. There goes are weekend.
Nick: The fish'll keep a few days.
Schanke: Who said anything about fishing?

Nick: We got permission to cheek out your story. Sergeant. We've got Briese's address.
Laura: Briese lied in court, Detective. You got to make him tell the truth.
Nick: Laura, this might not get us anywhere. It's an unofficial investigation right now. But let's see where it takes us. We'll talk to Briese. About taking you back tomorrow night...there's nothing we can do.
Laura: I figured as much.
Nick: But if we find any evidence, we'll turn it over. We can press them to reopen the case.
Laura: Detective, what you're doing for me's been a long time since anyone even listened to me. It means a lot, whatever happens.
Nick: You asked me to trust in you. Frankly, I'm not sure why I should, but there it is.
Laura: I don't exactly have a lily-white past.
Nick: Who does?
Laura: The DA made sure the jury heard all the sordid details about it. I can't deny I was troubled. The crowd I ran with was into everything you can think of. After a while, I just didn't care anymore. I was right at the bottom when David found me. He pulled me up and--
Nick: Oh come on, Laura, he was a drug dealer.
Laura: I know, I have to believe me. He was good to me. He made sure I didn't go near any of that stuff when we were together. I owe my life to him, Detective. He saved me. Why would I kill him? He was my whole life.
Nick: I have to go. Sergeant.
Laura: Thanks Detective, for everything.
Nick: Try to get some rest.

Nick: I saw it in her eyes.
Schanke: Oh give me a break! She's yanking your chain. She's taken you for a wuss! I'm sorry, I'm sorry...sensitive guy, the dedicated truth seeker. She's taking advantage of your...your warm fuzzy nature.
Nick: It's not a lot of time out of our lives. It's life and death to her.
Schanke: Oh, be still my bleeding ventricles!
Nick: I'm serious. I think she's telling the truth.

Sister Marise: You've been burned. Let me help you. Come into the light so I can see better.
Nick: No. No... It's alright.
(There's a knock on the door, and Sister Marise goes to it, opening it while Nick hides)
Mother Superior: Sister Marise. A hunting party from the village is at the door. They are looking for a dangerous fugitive. Have you seen any strangers in the last hour?
Sister Marise: No. No one, Mother Superior.
Mother Superior: Very good my child. Return to your chores.
(Closes the door and turns back to Nick.)
Sister Marise: She's gone. You are safe for the moment. Let me see to you wounds. I thought you were injured.
Nick: A trick of the light. It's nothing.
Sister Marise: Those men looking for you....
Nick: (???) They are rabble from the village looking for blood.
Sister Marise: They hunt you like a...creature. Why? You may stay here. Rest for now. Only I come to this room. The other sisters don't like to come down to the root cellar. I'm an inviscient(?), the youngest, so I have to. I will After dark, I will help you on your way.
Nick: Good Sister.... Thank you for the shelter.

Nick: William Briese, police officers. Mr. Briese!
Schanke: It's okay, Nick, I heard you the first time.
Nick: (As Schanke gets some candy out of a dish) Don't touch anything. We need a warrant.
Schanke: Relax, probable cause.
Nick: How's that?
Schanke: There's probably something wrong, because the front door is open! Why do you always sweat the details?

Nick: (As they find Briese dead) Technically speaking, I'd say we've got a case.

Cohen: So, this is William Briese.
Natalie: Whoever it was caught him while he was asleep. Either that, or the first blow knocked him cold. There are no signs of a struggle and there are no defensive cuts on his forearm.
Cohen: An axe. How long has he been dead?
Natalie: Well, you know, that is going to be a really tough call. His electric blanket was turned on. Kept the body temp up, delayed rigor and lividity.
Cohen: So you don't know?
Natalie: Well, best guess anywhere from two hours, to twenty-four.
Nick: I think the axe is his. Someone trashed the tool chest in the closet.
Cohen: Well, I have to say this has Laura Garfield's delicate touch all over it.
Schanke: Kitchen window was smashed--point of entry. Other than that and the tool chest, Laura didn't touch anything. This is not a reasonable assumption?
Nick: What about a copy-cat? Carruthers, maybe?
Natalie: If Carruthers is in the city.
Nick: Until time of death is established, we don't know if Laura was in custody when Briese was killed or not.
Natalie: There's my cue!
(Nat starts off, and so does Schanke)
Natalie: Make sure he comes down to me as soon as finished with him here.
Nick: Captain, I want to try to find Carruthers. We've got to cover all the bases.
Briese's girlfriend, Amber: (pushing her way in) You don't understand. Look, I belong here. I know him. Get off me! Where is he? Where is Billy? No!!
Nick: (pulling her away) I'm sorry you saw that. How do you know Briese?
Amber: We were getting married next week.

Cohen: Get a list. Briese's family. People he does business with. And find Carruthers.

Caller: I hate myself for what I've done. But I've never told anyone about this. I-I feel sorry and worthless for it.
Nightcrawler: However worthless you feel my friend, however bleak it all seems, in the end you can come to me. You'll always have something that I value, part of you that I will always welcome. Trust me. Because I *am* the Nightcrawler. And I want all of you to
Schanke: Why do you listen to that creep?
Nick: It's an acquired taste.
Schanke: Why does Carruthers whack his best buddy Briese? If, in fact, and that's a big if, that really happened.
Nick: Money, drugs, I don't know. Timing couldn't have been better.
Schanke: You mean, he waits for Ms Lizzy Bourdine(?) to arrive? It's got to be her, right? Up to her old tricks?
Nick: No, she said he set her up once before.
Schanke: What about Briese's fiancée?
Nick: No way.
Schanke: Rule number one. Always take a look at who the victim was messing up the sheets with.
Nick: Well, we'll do that, but I'm telling you, it's Carruthers.
Schanke: I don't buy it. You're really pushing this Carruthers guy real hard, aren't you? Why, Nick? Please tell me it's more than just a vibe.

LaCroix: Dreaming of the virgin Marise, Nicolas?
Nick: You followed me.
LaCroix: Like you, I also need shelter from the sun.
Nick: I meant what I said, LaCroix. My association with you is finished. Over. I want nothing more to do with you.
LaCroix: This is a novel arrangement, Nicholas. A convent. All of the brides of God. So much to enjoy. So little time.
Nick: No. Not here. I won't let you. She helped me. She trusted me.
LaCroix: (laughs) Indeed. As is happens, I'm still quite sated from last night's adventure.
Nick: So it was you. That's why they followed me.
LaCroix: Besides, I have no taste for holiness in any of its forms. It...plays havoc with my digestion.... Excuse me. Believe me, Nicholas, the good sisters of St. Jesuit are quite safe. So, we will pass the day together, and when night falls, will part company for good, as you wish. I grow weary of you, anyway.
Nick: You will leave them in peace?
LaCroix: Oh, Nicholas, don't you trust me?

Nick: Thanks for coming down, Amber. We'll try not to keep you too long. Were most of these numbers Billy's friends?
Amber: Mostly. I uh...I marked the ones that were mine, see? You see, Billy stayed over at my place a lot. Always on the phone. He never really could remember to bring his book with him, so I...I bought him one keep at my place. Between the two of them, you should have everyone he did business with.
Nick: Did Billy have any enemies that he spoke about?
Amber: Not that I knew of. But of course, he didn't really tell me everything about his...his business, you know?
Schanke: (entering) Nick? Excuse me. Score one for you. Her alibi checks out. She took the last train in from Montreal tonight. She was there for a week. Her family confirmed it.
Nick: Ah, don't take it so hard. Do you have any idea at all why someone would want to do something like this to Billy?
Amber: No, as far as I could tell, everyone...everyone liked Billy.
Nick: Did he ever speak of a man named Danny Carruthers.
Amber: No. No, never, why?
Schanke: How about Laura Garfield?
Nick: How about Houston? How about the people he used to work with in Houston?
Amber: Only that he uh...he used to live there a while ago. Made a couple of trips there. He said...he said it was business. I'm sorry, I....
Nick: All right. All right. We'll have someone take you home.
Schanke: If she can remember where that is.

Nick: Not all the numbers in here have names beside them.
Schanke: Some of the ones that do could be aliases. We should run everything down.
Nick: Right. Check the numbers in here against Briese's phone records. One of them should turn up a lot in the last few weeks and that'll be Carruthers.
Schanke: Carruthers again?
Nick: I'll be back in a minute.
Schanke: Hey Nick, where are you going? (phone rings and he picks it up) Yeah?! Hi, honey. Yeah, yeah, the fishing trip is definitely off. I'm sorry. No, she's not in right now. I'll try to talk to her.... Hello?

Nick: At your trial, your lawyers couldn't produce a witness to corroborate your alibi. Yet you said that on the night your husband was killed you were with a girlfriend, a Cheryl Ann Wesley, right? Well, why didn't she just testify on your behalf?
Laura: Danny threatened to kill her.
Nick: All right. How about what the DA said about your fresh fingerprints on the axe?
Laura: I'd been chopping wood that day.
Nick: There's no evidence of any chopped wood or woodchips on the property.
Laura: I burned the wood and cleaned the chips same way I did every time.
Nick: Oh, Laura, I'd like to believe you, but I'm sorry, from reading this, I'd say they had-
Laura: I was set up! By Danny Carruthers, the cops, everyone. I'm tired of talking about it! Look, Bill Briese was my only hope, the only way I was going to find Danny Carruthers. And now they think I killed Billy Briese? They took samples of my blood, my fingerprints, my hair. I'm telling you, it's Danny. He killed Billy Briese, the same way he did my husband. It's his way. He's smart, Danny, real smart.
Nick: We'll keep looking.
Laura: Find him, Detective. Find him. They're going to kill me for something he did, and I don't want to die. I don't want to die.

Natalie: Hey Schank, I just finished the post-mortem on Briese. His blood-alcohol was through the roof. The guy was virtually inestitized.
Schanke: That explains why he didn't defend himself. What about the fingerprints at the scene?
Natalie: I should have something soon.
Cohen: Where's your partner?
Schanke: Still on Carruthers' trail.
Nick: I think it's a waste of time. The first blow took Briese out, the other wounds were progressively shallower.
Schanke: Like whoever was doing the chopping was running out of gas?
Cohen: Or not that strong to begin with. A woman, maybe.
Nick: Captain, Laura was in custody all night long. She couldn't have done Briese. Natalie said he'd only been dead a few hours.
Natalie: Uhuh, I said maybe.
Nick: But she led us to Briese, didn't she?
Cohen: Until we know for sure we'll stick to the plan. Nick, you'll make the drop tomorrow night at the island airport.
Nick: The island airport?
Cohen: The Feds are sneaking her out, trying to fool the paparazzi. You've seen the papers, the news. Media's out to make this girl a martyr.
Schanke: Right. Light the husband on the floor in a million pieces had it coming to him? Maybe he didn't understand her needs.
Cohen: Take some backup.
Nick: What about Carruthers?
Cohen: I hate to say this, Nick, but you're spinning your wheels. Unless you come in with something completely convincing....
Schanke: Like a confession, Nick.
Cohen: I'd say it's all over for Laura Garfield.

Sister Marise: You must be hungry?
Nick: Someone else was here. Did you see him?
Sister Marise: No. I've seen no one. Perhaps you were dreaming. We live simply here. But the food is good. Oh, I almost forgot!
(She goes across the room to get something, and he breaks off some of the bread in haste before she comes back)
Sister Marise: It's beautiful, isn't it? My mother gave it to me. I'm not supposed to have it. It's against our vows to have possessions. But I could not part with it.
Nick: Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven.
Sister Marise: Yes. It's lovely. I have a little money. You can take it. Please? Please don't tell anyone.
Nick: I can't take your money. I have no need for it. When I leave, the only thing I'll take with me, is the memory of your kind heart.
Sister Marise: Can you keep my secret, too?
Nick: Of course. As you have kept mine. Why is it that you're helping me?
Sister Marise: Because. Because...because you need someone, someone to believe in you.
Nick: How do you know this?
Sister Marise: I...I feel I can trust you. Sometimes I see this in people. There is a goodness in you. It seems like it is hidden. Hidden for a long time. But it is there.
Nick: Thank you.
Sister Marise: It will be dark soon. I will return for you then and show you a way out so no one will see you. Until then, eat. Rest some more. Get your strength back.

Schanke: You keeping banker's hours now? Where have you been?
Nick: I've been running this list of phone numbers down. From Briese's address book and his fiancée's. A couple of numbers stick out over the last week or so.
Schanke: You think one of them is Carruthers?
Nick: Schank, do me a favour, will you?
(Nick gets up and meets an officer and Laura as they approach.)
Schanke: I know, I know, you want me to check these out.
Nick: (To Laura) Hang in there, we're trying.
(As Nick and them leave, Schanke picks up the phone)
Hotel manager: Selby.
Schanke: Yeah, you've got a Danny Carruthers staying there?
Manager: Yeah, I'll put you through.
Schanke: No, that's okay. I'll surprise him. Thanks.

Schanke: Yo Danny, it's Billy. Open up.
Carruthers: What the hell do...
Schanke: Hello.... Danny Carruthers, Metro Homicide. Let's have a little chat, shall we Danny boy. Yeah....

Nick: It's Knight.
Schanke: Hey, Nick, guess who just turned up at the luxurious Selby hotel? Danny Carruthers.
Nick: You sure it's Carruthers?
Schanke: Well, he's not entirely forthcoming on the subject, but it sure as hell looks like him.
Nick: They found Carruthers over at the Selby hotel.
Laura: Take me there. I can identify him. Please!
Cop: Sit back.
Nick: I'm on my way.
Schanke: Good.
Cop: Detective, you're violating procedure.

Carruthers: I think you're making a big mistake.
Schanke: Who would you like to talk about first, Billy Briese, or Laura Garfield?

Nick: Wait here.
Laura: Take me with you.
Nick: I'll bring him down as soon as I get some answers.
Dispatch: 81 Kilo, 81 Kilo. Stand by for Captain Cohen.
(Nick turns off the radio)
Cop: Detective, what are you doing?

LaCroix: (Carrying Marise in) Bless me Father, for I have sinned, and I am well pleased! 'But she helped me, LaCroix! She believed me, she trusted me. How could you, LaCroix?' And if she knew the truth, Nicholas, what then? This is quite lovely, isn't it? Why, I'd almost believe there really is beauty in the world, and peace and harmony, and trust. Lies, Nicholas. Deceptions! Her belief in you was based on a deception, was it not?
Nick: What if it was?
LaCroix: Lie by all means, Nicholas, but as you have no doubt observed, trust is a very human invention--flawed and doomed. Best reserve your trust for your own kind.

Cop: Detective Knight. Detective Knight!
Nick: I'll just be a minute. Sit tight. (He goes up to the building) Don't touch the radio.
Cop: But Detective.... (Laura tries reaching forward) Stay down or I'll put you down. Got it?

Nick: Captain, where's Nick?
Cohen: He's taking Laura Garfield out to the airport to turn her over to the US Marshals.
Nick: might want to have him bring her back. Forensics finally got their act together.
Cohen: And?
Nick: They IDed prints at the Briese murder scene--Laura Garfield. Captain, she was there.

Schanke: You know, that's not what she says. She's telling everyone who will listen that you sliced and diced hubby, and then framed her.
Carruthers: What? That woman is a nutcase. Are you buying that act?
Nick: What about Billy Briese? He gave you your alibi way back when.
Schanke: Yeah, maybe he got busted by the cops. Needed to throw them a bone. Maybe it was you?
Nick: Is that why you killed him?
Carruthers: Billy's dead?
Nick: We know you've made contact with him in the last few days.
Schanke: Yeah, we got the phone records, Danny.
Nick: Why don't you just tell us why you killed him.
Carruthers: Me? Are you serious? I talked to Danny, sure. That's why I came up here for, to find him, warn him, tell him to get the hell out of here. I knew Laura would be gunning for us. I mean, we helped put her away the first time, you know?
Nick: Oh, we know.
Carruthers: And she got caught...I figured that would be that. I mean, hell, I was checking out tonight.
Schanke: At least he's got it well rehearsed. You tipped us off about Laura, didn't you?
Carruthers: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that was me. I'm only trying to help you guys.
Nick: Why?
Carruthers: Because, David Garfield was our friend.

Dispatch: Ma'am, 81 Kilo is still not responding.
Cohen: Dispatch, put an APB out on 81-Kilo, now!

Dispatch: All units, officers need assistance. 81 Kilo is not responding to dispatch. Last known location--

Carruthers: I didn't kill him. It was Laura, it's got to be.
Nick: Funny, that's what you said at the trial. Only then, people believe you.
Schanke: (As Laura comes in with a gun) Nick!
Nick: Drop it Laura, there's no reason for this. Laura, drop it, or I'll have to fire.
David Carruthers: Stop her. She's crazy!
Laura: I told you I'd find you and make you pay.
Carruthers: Shoot her, man!
Nick: Don't make me, Laura.
Laura: Shoot me, I don't care. You didn't think I'd go to hell without you and Billy, did ya?
Carruthers: Okay, okay. I...I helped you kill David. I admit it. All right? All right, just don't shoot!
Laura: Not enough.
Nick: Laura, I am not telling you again.
Laura: You don't get it, Detective. I'm already dead.
Schanke: Just put it down.

Schanke: Easy now, easy. Keep pressure on it. I'll call the paramedics, all right?

Laura: Thanks. For everything. I couldn't have done it without you.

Nick: Eight-hundred years. Sometimes I wonder what the hell I've learned.
Natalie: Nick, a leap of faith is just that. You put your trust in someone, it doesn't work out...
Nick: And that's just the way it is?
Natalie: Yes.
Nick: Not for me. LaCroix was right, I'm better off trusting no one.
Natalie: Nick, ease off it. So, you made the wrong decision this time.
Nick: I almost got Schanke killed, Nat.
Natalie: I know. That's because you were pushing too hard. You're instincts on this one were almost too human. You cannot make the transition back to being human by forcing it. You'll get there, just let it happen.
Nick: How long do I go on letting it happen, Nat? And what guarantee do I have that it will happen?
Natalie: Ah...
Nick: I thought so. (Pulls the cork out of a bottle)
Natalie: Nick, please don't.
Nick: If you can't watch, turn away.
Natalie: I'm doing all that I can do to help you. Doing what you're doing....
Nick: Is a betrayal. I know. I know.... (puts the cork back in and hands her the bottle)
Natalie: Thank you. It can happen, Nick. Trust me.

LaCroix: You'll always have something that I value. Part of you that I will always welcome. Trust me.

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