Schanke: It's been two weeks and I haven't heard from him either!
Cohen: And there's no way to contact him at all?
Schanke: Deep cover was Nick's idea. He's got to get into that core group of insiders. These luminologists are tighter than Roseanne's underwear. They trust no one outside their core. I was down there after the Cardelli kid was fried. Getting info was like pulling molars!
Cohen: Speaking of whom, I don't have to remind you who the boy's father is. Councilman Cardelli, the guy who signs the paycheck. And he wants movement on this ASAP. Got it? Find out what Knight's up to.
Schanke: But Captain, if I go busting in there looking for Nick that might...jeopardise the whole operation.

Matthew: People say we worship the sun. We don't worship the sun. I think they have us confused up with Californians. I mean, look at me, do I have a tan? No, the sun is a symbol. It's our focus point. We use it to facilitate our meditation. We are scientists, you and I. That's right. Scientists. Someone comes up to you and asks you who you are, you tell them. Stand right up to them and you tell them; I am a scientist and this is my laboratory, this is where we conduct our experiments, and this is where we make our discoveries. But you know what the problem is, don't you? There's all this here. Old stuff. Bad stuff. Awful stuff. Terrible stuff. I am so guilty. I am such a bad person. I have done things that no one can ever forgive me for, and I sure can't forgive myself....

Khartoum, in Sudan: 1920's, probably

Thomas Monroe: You stand in the company of kings, Nicholas. At the birthplace of antiquity. There is more than treasure here, there is knowledge. This is surprisingly good. Cow's blood you say?
Nick: Yes, it travels rather well, doesn't it? The Kush ruins are remarkable. You run a very orderly dig, Thomas, but I have the impression, I'm not sure why, that you're looking for something specific.
Thomas: And you would be right. Nicholas, Carnarvon's discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb pales besides what I have discovered here in Khartoum.
Nick: What have you found?
Thomas: The Kush, as you know, date back almost three-thousand years. At their peak, their culture is said to have amassed an impressive store of medical knowledge.
Nick: What does that have to do with us?
Thomas: You came here at my bidding because you know that I, like yourself, believe that we vampires are not totally beyond redemption. It has taken me sixteen-hundred years to come to this belief. Would it shock you to learn that the Kush arrived at the same conclusion a thousand years before my time?
Nick: But that would mean....
Thomas: That they knew of vampires.
Nick: And they found a remedy.
Thomas: Perhaps, Nicholas. Perhaps. There are clues. I propose that we search for the cure together.

Natalie: Looks like the reduction of paperwork acts kind of passed you by. Wasn't this Nick's case?
Schanke: Don't ask.
Natalie: So, where is he?
Schanke: We can only guess at this point.
Natalie: You mean he hasn't contacted you?
Schanke: Nope.
Natalie: What do you mean, 'nope'?
Schanke: I mean he hasn't called, no hablamos telefono. As in the party you are trying to reach has travelled outside the service area.
Natalie: Yeah, but you guys had a conference call scheduled with Cohen for this afternoon.
Schanke: You're not listening, Natalie.... He is completely incommunicado.
Natalie: Don't you think that's a little weird?
Schanke: Weird is BAU--business as usual--for Nick. Look, he probably just can't get away without blowing his cover. It happens.
Natalie: Well, you think he'd at least be able to get a message out. I mean, he is one of the more resourceful people that I know. You don't think he's in any danger, do you?
Schanke: Oh c'mon Natalie! I mean, it's the love shack over there. It's a kindergarten for recently paroled inner children. I mean, they might stroke him to death, but they certainly won't force feed him cyanide if that's what you're thinking.

Matthew: It's about energy, energy we can see, energy we can feel, energy we can measure. The most important thing...the most important thing is that we learn to receive. We learn the science of receiving. We open ourselves up to it, we let it in, and it cleans us out.

Holly: Oh, Matthew, it's David again. He's got a gun. He says he's going to kill himself!
Matthew: Where is he, Holly? Take me to him.

Matthew: David?
David Barton: I can't.... Please, don't...don't stop me. I don't want to live.
Matthew: Your parents came to visit you again, didn't they, David?
David: They wanted me back, they want me to give up all this.
Matthew: No one can harm you as long as you're here with me, David. You have made your choices, and I will see that your parent's respect those choices.
David: It's still the same. It's still the same as before. Still screwed up.
Matthew: Nothing is the same as before. What was in the past, is no more in the present. We've rendered the past inoperative, David. We've swept it behind us.
David: Nothing means anything. Nothing I do, means anything.
Matthew: Isn't that the voice of your father telling you that, David? You're a member of a new family here, David. A family like you never had before. We believe in you, we share your dreams like they're our very own. We want you to stay with us, David. Don't leave us. Not this way. Let us make you whole again. You can be. You can be whole again. (Matthew puts down the gun)
Holly: Oh Matthew! Another miracle.

Matthew: Visualize it. All of the energy of the sun. All of the power of the greater light entering your body and filling it completely and totally. Can you see it, David?
David: It's far away.
Matthew: Reach for it, David. Try to go to it.
David: I see it. It's bright.
Matthew: Let that brightness invade you, David. Take that radiance into yourself so that you, in turn, may radiate to others. Don't resist. Open up. The light is our cure. The light is knowledge.

Thomas: This one. It was the first clue that I had discovered something of huge importance to our kind. One of the creatures of the dark world, neither dead or alive. And here, one of the creatures of the underworld are drawing sustenance from the life force of the living.
Nick: Where is the indication of a cure?
Thomas: Here. One of the creatures of the underworld standing in the sun and surviving.
Nick: This is very interesting. And you believe that between here and here....
Thomas: Lies our salvation. A cure. Our quest, Nicholas, is to unlock the words, but how? You spent some years at Oxford, did you not?
Nick: Yes.
Thomas: Are you familiar with the work of Helen Ruskin-Slater?
Nick: Why, yes. She is the finest translator of hieroglyphics in the world.
Thomas: And are you not an acquaintance?
Nick: We have had some dealings in the past, yes.
Thomas: What you may not be aware of is that Miss Ruskin-Slater is at Teragma, less than a day's journey away by boat.
Nick: Yes?
Thomas: I need you to convince her to come here. You can be my letter of introduction, as it were. To a mortal like her, the finds here are seemingly unimportant, but to us, Nicholas, they are the grail we have searched centuries for.
Nick: All right. Yes, I'll see if I can arrange that.
Thomas: Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful!

Matthew: Now, who's next? Nicholas.

Councillor Cardelli: I don't care what's classified. I want to know what's going on, now!
Cohen: Talk to Detective Schanke, Councillor.
Cardelli: And you, you say you have no idea where he is?
Schanke: Of course, I know where he is, but....
Cardelli: But?
Schanke: But I have no idea how much progress he's made. He's investigating undercover as we speak.
Cardelli: He's inside the cult?
Cohen: Yes, Councillor. That was supposed to be our secret.
Cardelli: Look. I know my son was murdered, and I know that bastard guru, whatever the hell he is, Matthew, had something to do with it!
Cohen: I have every confidence in Detective Knight, Councillor.
Cardelli: Well, let's hope, he at least, is doing his job.

Matthew: This is just a device to help us focus on our objective. Are you comfortable, Nicholas?
Nick: Yes.
Matthew: This reminds us the sun's healing power must be channeled into all our senses. Especially, this least used of our receptors. Our link with the mystic and invisible. The opening through which psychic energy enters to cleanse and enrich our spirit. Now focus, Nicholas, and visualize the sun's healing rays flowing through your body and soul. Seeking out and illuminating the darkest recesses. Filling you up with a perfect white light. Cleansing and purifying. Stay focused, Nicholas. Think of yourself as being involved in a process of incorporation.

Janette: Take her.
LaCroix: Yield to your thirst.
Janette: Drink her, my love.

Matthew: Your spirit melding with the greater light. It's flowing into you, finding evil and eradicating it, seeking out your sins and vaporising them. Let us find the truth in you. What pains you, Nicholas? What do you need to be rid of?
Nick: I am.... I am....

Janette: Bois, mon ami. Bois.
LaCroix: Drink up.

Matthew: Don't be sorry Nicholas. Guilt is a useless emotion. Its invalid in the present. It hinders you, prevents you from healing.

Schanke: Nick....Nick? Nick. Nick. Nick! What's with you, I-- You don't call, you don't write, I don't hear. Cohen's been sharpening the guillotine for both our necks. Where the hell have you been? Geeze Nick, are you okay?

Matthew: Tell all our people no new members. Not until Vincent Cardelli's death is solved to everyone's satisfaction.
David: Consider it done.
Matthew: Oh, and Barton. Nicholas Corrigan--everything you can find. He's told me some very disturbing things. Very disturbing.

Nick: You shouldn't have come.
Schanke: Yeah, well tell that to the Councillor. He's understandably in a snit because junior beamed up. He thinks we're sitting on our hands here. Nick, what's with you? You look real wiped.
Nick: I'm fine.
Schanke: And...? What do I tell the boss?
Nick: Tell them I'm staying here.
Schanke: You're staying?
Nick: And don't come back.

Schanke: I don't know, he was stirring the soup. He was indescribable. It was just so weird. I mean you should have seen the way he looked at me.
Natalie: How?
Schanke: The-the thousand yard stare...Nick Knight of the living dead. I got the distinct feeling that he was not happy to see me.
Natalie: He was probably afraid that you would blow his cover.
Schanke: Oh, come on, Natalie, I am smarter than that. He wasn't making any sense. He was talking like he had a head full of marbles.
Natalie: Maybe you were being watched.
Schanke: I'm pretty sure that we were alone. Natalie, I'm scared they've got him. He a zombie or something.
Natalie: Close....

Janette: My, my, my, look who's here. Somebody must have died.
Natalie: I came to speak to you about Nick.
Janette: Aw...and here I thought you'd come for a little girl talk. Go. You can finish tomorrow.
Tattoo Artist: But it will be gone, I'll have to do it all over.
Janette: Of course you will. That's half the fun. (He leaves) So.... About Nick....
Natalie: You've ah...known him for some time?
Janette: Yes, that would be fair to say.
Natalie: How vulnerable is he?
Janette: To love, do you mean?
Natalie: Sort of. To being loved. Nick is undercover in a cult. Luminology, you ever heard of it? They worship the sun, or the cosmic lighthouse, or whatever.
Janette: Nicolas in a cult, somehow the word ironic comes to mind.
Natalie: We're worried about him. He's behaving strangely. He's cut himself off.
Janette: Really, do you think he's joined?
Natalie: Brainwashed, maybe.
Janette: Usually it's Nicolas who does the brainwashing. In answer to your question. There are times when I to feel that I hardly know him, and yes he can be highly impressionable depending on, you know, who's doing the persuading.
Natalie: And I'm here to tell you that I am worried about him.
Janette: My dear doctor, Nicolas is a vampire, and so if he is running with that pack, he is the wolf, and they...are poodles.
Natalie: Thank you. So I guess there's really nothing to worry about, is there?

Matthew: Good evening, Nicholas. How are you feeling tonight?
Nick: I'm fine, thank you.
Matthew: Good. I was quite pleased with the way you responded to your first cleansing. Some people don't respond until after two or three sessions. A few don't respond at all, of course.
Nick: Well, I don't remember much.
Matthew: A common side effect in the beginning. A first cleansing is a powerful, cathartic experience. Dark thoughts and feelings come to the surface. Fantasies. Secrets from this and past lives.
Nick: Was anyone else there? I mean, did anyone watch?
Matthew: No. As a courtesy no one is permitted to witness the first cleansings. I do video tape the sessions, though, but don't worry, Nick, the tape's yours. I'm happy you found us. I think you're gonna do well here.
Nick: Matthew, I'd like to help. The others say that you've got plans to expand the facilities here, but I know you're probably strapped for money, and I'm...I'm in a good position to help.
Matthew: Well I'll admit we that we do operate at a loss, but I don't want your life savings, or your house or your car.
Nick: If I didn't trust you, I wouldn't have offered.
Matthew: We'll talk about it later.

Nick: Well, here we are.
Thomas: Ms. Ruskin-Slater, we are humbled in your presence. When Nicholas wired me that you'd agreed to visit our site, I could not have been more honoured.
Helen: I must admit, I wouldn't have come, if Nicholas had not used his very persuasive charms to convince me.
Thomas: Well do sit down, please.
Helen: I'm not here on vacation, Mr. Monroe. It was mentioned of your discovery of some Kush artifacts?
Thomas: Yes. Are you familiar with their hieroglyphics?
Helen: Enough to know they're very complex. The Kush assimilated many languages and cultures. It will be a very difficult task. A challenge only the best may rise to.
Helen: You're not alone in your persuasiveness, Nicholas.
Nick: Our faith in you is not unfounded, is it, Helen?
Helen: I am quite able to resist blatant appeals to my vanity, Nicholas, but I cannot resist a challenge. Show me the glyphs!
Thomas: Nicholas, the servants have gone to bed, would you be so kind as to get a cup of tea for our distinguished guest?
Nick: Of course.

Nick: Sorry I scared you.
Holly: Oh, no, its all right. So, how was it?
Nick: Interesting.
Holly: Don't you feel great?
Nick: Well, I have to say for the first time in quite a while, I feel better.
Holly: Isn't Matthew wonderful? He has made such a difference in my life, I can't tell you. If you would have seen me two months ago, I was nuts. This close to losing it. You know.... The pressure, you know the stress my marriage was falling apart, my mother, my father, the kids....
Nick: You have children?
Holly: Uh-huh, two baby girls.
Nick: Oh, that's great! Where are they?
Holly: I don't know.

Natalie: Hey, Schank!
Schanke: This is getting sweeter by the minute. Vincent Cardelli, the body electric?
Natalie: Yeah?
Schanke: Had a trust fund worth thousands. Inheritance from his mother's side. Guess who the beneficiary is?
Natalie: Matthew Davidson.
Schanke: You forgot to phrase your answer in the form of a question.
Natalie: Uh, who is Matthew Davidson?
Schanke: You're a winner! On to the next round.
Natalie: And I've got something for you. Vincent Cardelli's toxicology report, hot off the laboratory presses. Everything's on the up and up, right? One little thing jumps out, though. Now you see that? Trace elements of something called tritetranovazine, a rather powerful psychotropic drug. Now, its not commonly proscribed because it's very habit forming. And I've never seen it in an alkaloid-base compound like this one before.
Schanke: Well, it's possible the kid was on medication. I mean, he did have a history of emotional problems, as did Anthony Demaine, Edward Gelss, and Holly Barber. These are some of the the people I interviewed the night of Vincent's death. The place is a regular bug house. I mean all of them have major psychiatric files, which of course I'm not allowed to see, so I can't tell if any of them are homicidal.
Natalie: Well, that doesn't surprise me. I mean, Davidson made his name by treating supposedly untreatable people.
Schanke: Well, maybe this will surprise you. I checked all of these people out, and all of them are, relatively speaking, filthy rich. They're all insiders, members of core group. Nick's probably the only pour slob in the whole bunch.
Natalie: So if Nick really did over to the other side, then we'd know.
Schanke: If there was any unusual activity in his bank account, which I'm checking out as we spreckinse here. I got a call in to Cohen.
Natalie: Oh, come on...I mean, you don't think that Nick would give that guy any money do you?
Schanke: Nah.

Matthew: (As Nick hands him a check) Very generous. Thank you.

Cohen: You think he what?!
Schanke: Well he's uh..he's uh, well, we're a little, a little concerned is a good word.
Cohen: And I'm a little, let see, ticked off, is a good word. We sent him in there to find a murder, not religion.
Schanke: Well, it's not exactly a religion, Captain. It's more like a psycho-analytic, psychiatric.... It's a meditative, sort of an's a crock is what it is, and I cannot believe that Nick has actually fallen for it!
Cohen: Well, how well do you know your partner?
Schanke: How well do I..? How well does anybody know...? Nick and I go back a long ways, Captain...I mean we are, we are like (crosses his fingers), we're like (stretched his first two fingers apart), we're like this (holds his hands about 25-30cm/10-12in apart). And that's why I have to take a look at those bank accounts, to see if he's opened up the purse strings to this Matthew Davidson guy.
Cohen: All right. He's going by Nicholas Corrigan, right?
Schanke: Right. (Leaves and comes back) Captain, uh, why don't you have them run a check on Nicholas Knight too, just to be sure.

David: Hi.
Natalie: Hi. I'm uh, I'm looking for...actually I'm interested in finding out more about your...uh, your organization.
David: Oh, well, gee, you should try one of Matthew's books. It's a great way to start....
Natalie: Look! You don't understand! I can't handle my life anymore. I feel like I'm losing my mind and I need help, now!
David: I feel for you, honestly, but I'm afraid....
Holly: Oh, my gosh, are you okay?
Natalie: No.
Holly: Oh, come in then. Please, let us try to help you.
David: Holly, Holly, I don't know about this.
Holly: What's wrong with you? Can't you see she needs us? That she selected us?
David: Yeah, But Holly, no.... We were told.... Matthew said no new.... Dammit.

Cohen: Here are the bank records you wanted. All up to date.
Schanke: Thanks, Captain.
Schanke: Listen, if Nick has a problem, I'm not going to let this play out much longer. If you think its warranted, we go in after him tomorrow. Your call.

Schanke: (Seeing Nick's bank records) You son of a....

Holly: You'll be okay. Whatever it is, don't worry. It'll be fine. What did you say your name was?
Natalie: Uh, Natalie.

Nick: What have you done?
LaCroix: He appears to have won our little wager. Well done, Thomas. You see, Nicholas, my very old friend, Thomas, wagered me that he would be able to persuade you to deliver this most intelligent and beautiful woman to him, simply by telling you what you so desperately wanted to hear. 'There may be a cure....' Well, there isn't one, of course. When will you learn, Nicholas, that this quest of yours is a hopeless one? That it will only cause you, and others, misery. Normally, I hate to lose, but the look of utter foolishness on your face now, makes it almost worthwhile. (Laughs, and so does Thomas)

Natalie: Sometimes, I get urges. Terrible, violent, urges. I want to hurt people, my kids. And I'm really afraid that one day I might actually do something. I couldn't, I couldn't bear that. But you see if, if I killed myself, then I couldn't hurt anyone, could I? Can you help me? I am losing my mind.
Holly: Believe me, I know how hard it gets. But you've come to the right place, we'll help you. We're...we're scientists of the heart, here. Well, Matthew likes to call them our laboratories. Wait til you meet him. He's wonderful.

Holly: (on the monitor) you to calm your thoughts, to see yourself clearly, without judgement or guilt. Only love.
(Matthew picks up a phone and dials)
David: Yeah?
Matthew: Turn on your monitor. What did I tell you?
David: That Holly chick just won't listen to reason.
Matthew: Well, then, use something else besides reason. I'm holding you personally responsible. Take care of it, Barton.
Holly: (on the monitor) ....whatever pain brings you here, Matthew will show you the technique to free yourself from it completely. It's scientific. It's energy. And we can all use it.

Holly: You'll be fine. You'll see. I guarantee you'll feel better by the morning. I promise. I'll see if I can find Matthew. He'll help you. Oh, and you can bunk in with me, if you have no place else to go.

Natalie: Oh, my God.... (Pulling out her phone and calling Schanke)
Schanke: Nick...Natalie. Either one will do.
Natalie: Schank, listen, its me. I'm inside the Luminolgoy building. I saw Nick, but he didn't even acknowledge me. I think there's something really wrong.
Schanke: Man, I knew I should have gone with you!
Natalie: No, no, listen I'll be okay. Besides, two basket cases showing up at their door would be a tad strange, don't you think?

Schanke: Listen, I'm on my way, lay low, don't do anything till I get there.
Natalie: No, no, no, I have to find Nick first, Schanke, and then I'll... Schank? Rats.

David: I think you should go now, Miss. Matthew's not going to like it when he finds out why you're here. It would really be best if you left.
Natalie: Oh, no, please, I need your help. I really need to be here.
David: You can't stay here....

Matthew: Are you looking for something Mr. Corrigan? Or should I say, 'Detective'.

David: You're not here for help. You're a spy....
(Holly knocks him out with a pipe)
Holly: Poison. He's poisoning everything, just like Vincent Cardelli, trying to tear Matthew down!
Natalie: Holly, wait, wait...wait a minute.
Holly: He's poison.

Matthew: You won't find anything illegal, especially if you're investigating the death of Vincent Cardelli. We had nothing to do with it.
Nick: I'd say that administering drugs without consent is illegal enough.
Matthew: Whatever are you talking about?
Nick: The patch, whatever's on it. Something to goose the religious experience I suppose.
Matthew: Well, you'd have to prove that in a court of law, and you won't be able to.

Natalie: Schank, I called the paramedics.
Schanke: Where's Nick? What the hell happened here?
Natalie: Not exactly sure myself, but there is a girl named Holly running around with a loaded 38 and she is not very happy right now.

Matthew: Holly, what's troubling you? We can talk this out.
Holly: I didn't believe Vincent when he told me. I wanted to believe you, Matthew.
Matthew: There's no need to stop believing. Don't listen to anyone or anything but your own heart.
Holly: I thought...I thought he was just trying to tear you down. I thought he was trying to ruin you, to ruin us.
Matthew: Holly, what are you talking about?
Holly: Everybody believed in you, Matthew. We...we trusted you. We gave you all our money. I loved you, Matthew.
Nick: Holly, listen to me, it's all right, Holly. Tell me...what happened?
Holly: I killed him. I killed Vincent Cardelli. I had to. I had to protect Matthew. I owe Matthew everything.
Nick: No you don't. No, Holly, he stole from you. Your money, your love, your ability to control your life. It's not your fault, Holly. I know it isn't. He saw you'd do anything to find hope and direction. That's when it happens. That's when we're weak enough to be deceived.
(She lets him take the gun)
Matthew: That was nice work.
Schanke: Sure was.

Schanke: (asking about Nick) So what's the prognosis, Doctor?
Natalie: Well, he'll live.
Schanke: No residual effects from those disk things?
Nick: I don't think so.
Schanke: Well, I guess...I'm history.
Nick: Schank, what is it?
Schanke: Well, what about that bank account, Nick? I mean, the 1.2 million? That was dummied up, right?
Nick: Yeah, that was courtesy of a friendly bank manager. Couldn't have Matthew Davidson thinking I was a bad investment, could I? So...I just had the bank transfer some of the money from my savings account into my checking account. Pretty simple, huh?
Schanke: Yeah, right. Well just don't go getting weird on me again because it is bad on my nerves. See you. Nick: Good night, Schanke.
(Schanke leaves)
Natalie: It's a good thing he didn't get a look at that blood pressure gauge. I would have loved to see you wriggle your way out of that one.
Nick: You took a big chance coming looking for me.
Natalie: Yeah, well, what could I say, you buried yourself in your part. Who knew? When were you onto the drug?
Nick: Oh, right from the first session. I could smell it on the disk.
Natalie: But, it was an odorless compound.
Nick: Well, to you, maybe. The effect was fairly subtle on me. Matthew used it to guarantee everyone some sort of transcendental experience. Even if it only made them feel queasy.
Natalie: It is beyond me how people get sucked in by cults, no one ever seems to learn, not until it's too late.
Nick: No. You can learn from them, even if it's only a very simple truth.
Natalie: Oh yeah, like anyone who promises you that you can have everything that you want, probably wants everything that you have.
Nick: And that once you have given them everything, you are nothing.
Natalie: You did good work, Detective. No one can take that away from you.

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