Lindley: You're late. I want you here before dark.
Kyle: Sorry Mr. Lindley. Did you want me to come back tomorrow?
Lindley: Come in. And be quick about it.

Kyle: Ah...can't you like put the gun down when I'm here, Mr. Lindley?
Lindley: Son, I never put my weapon down, not even when I'm sleepin'. If I sleep.
Kyle: I'll just leave these here.
Lindley: (Gives the boy some money) Take your girlfriend out tonight.
Kyle: Thanks. I'll see you in a few days.
Lindley: Hey, did you talk to Casey Brooks?
Kyle: Oh, ah yeah. I called him, but he said he never even heard of you.
Lindley: I already called him. I told you that! Now go see him!
Kyle: Okay, I will. I've been busy with work and school and stuff. But, I will, I promise. I got to go.
Lindley: You tell him he's gonna to deal with me. If he don't come, I'm going to him.
Kyle: Okay Mr. Lindley. Okay.
Lindley: I can't take this much longer. I'm gonna do something. Damnit. You tell him. Tell him! Tell him I'm still here!

Natalie: Well, he'll tell us more downtown.
Schanke: Man oh man this is amateur night.
Natalie: I beg your pardon?
Schanke: Not you, Natalie. The perp. He left everything but his business card. You might notice that this fits neatly into the empty sheath on the victim's hip.
Natalie: So he was killed by his own knife.
Schanke: Question is, why? Someone who's after money and guns takes money and guns, right?
Natalie: Right.
Schanke: Well, this guy was armed to the teach and didn't even get a shot off. I mean, whoever whacked him, they hit him quick and they hit him hard.
Natalie: Well, I'll go check it for prints. And by the way, what does your partner think of all this?
Schanke: I don't know. He's still 'meditating'.
Natalie: Ah.

Schanke: Listen Nick, I'm sure that graffiti is very important, but what about the possible murder weapon we just found? Hello? Nick? Anyone home? Nick?

Nick: Bin Loc.
Schanke: Bin what? Well, whatever it is, it can wait. It's show and tell time.

Nick: Did these all belong to the victim?
Schanke: All the guns that have serial numbers but aren't registered here. That, plus a fist-full of phone calls to the old US of A tells me that this dude was Americano. Groceries were delivered today. That means he had company. I've got an APB out on the delivery boy. Landlord says Lindley had rented here about three months. Says he never went out. So far, I haven't met anyone who knew him or even saw him. But I've got the distinct feeling he made the neighbors very nervous.
Nick: Ah...he'd make me nervous. Was he on parole?
Schanke: No. We checked.
Nick: Maybe he knew a probation officer.
Schanke: Maybe.

Kyle: Casey Brooks. He's all Mr. Lindley ever talked about. I was supposed to call and set up a meeting, but Brooks had never even heard of Mr. Lindley.
Nick: Any idea why he wanted to talk to Brooks.
Kyle: Well, I asked once. But I got a look that said I'd better not ask twice.
Schanke: Did Lindley ever threaten or attack you?
Kyle: No. I mean, a couple of times when I first started to deliver to him, I thought he was gonna. Lindley was a strange guy. You think I killed him?
Nick: None of his guns were fired, so it must have been someone he trusted.
Kyle: Well I.... Lindley didn't even trust his own shadow. I mean, he was paranoid or something.
Schanke: Come on, Kyle. You were Lindley's contact with reality. Now, why the fortress and the guns? Who was he so afraid of?
Kyle: I don't know.
Schanke: What?
Kyle: I don't know! It could be anybody, or everybody. I mean, he never said. Brooks was the only thing he ever talked about. I swear. That's all I know.

Nick: The kid's not big enough to have taken Lindley hand to hand.
Schanke: Yeah, but he could have helped the killer get through Lindley's defenses. I mean, why is an American who's not on parole so desperate to contact a Canadian parole officer who's never heard of him?
Nick: Let's go.
Schanke: Hey, Captain, we're off to see Casey Brooks.
Cohen: I assume you know he runs night seminars for young offenders out on probation. Along with other valuable services to the Community.
Schanke: Is that all, Captain?
Cohen: Be advised. People downtown think very highly of Brooks. And his work.
Schanke: I'll keep that in mind, Captain.

Schanke: This Casey Brooks is not only connected, he sounds like a Saint! Now, personally, I don't trust anyone that sounds that good.

South Vietnam: Vietnam War

Nick: Did it rain last night?
Girl: Yes. It always rains. What?
Nick: This? Ah, this is to put the medicine in your arm.
Girl: Hurt?
Nick: No. Well...maybe just a little bit. But it's good for you. Thank you.
Woman (Girl's mother): You're very welcome.
Nick: Your English is very good.
Woman: Thank you. I'm teaching my daughter. How was your trip here today?
Nick: Fine, thank you. Ah, maybe you can help me. Answer a question? On the road back there, there was a tree cut down with markings on it. What's it mean?
Woman: Oh, it is a symbol. An old form of writing no longer used here. The symbol means clean. Nobody knows who put it there.
Nick: That didn't hurt, did it? Not too much. (Gives the girl something) Here.

Schanke: Kids.
Nick: What?
Schanke: I said, he works with kids. You know Nick, sometimes I get the feeling you're not listening. At all. To me.

Damon: What time's that clock say?
Girl teen (Beverly?): You blind or something? It's five after.
Damon: Man, Casey's late. He's the one always tellin'(?) us about being on time. I'm out of here.
Girl teen: I wouldn't do that.
Damon: I've got better things to do than wait for him to drop in. ???, look out! (As Casey comes down on a cord) What's with the dramatic entrance, Case?
Casey Brooks: First thing--I wasn't late. You just didn't see me. Second thing is--you didn't see me for a reason. You see, cuz out there on the street, trouble will drop on you a lot faster than I did. Of course, you two knuckle-heads already know that. And the rest of you too, that's why you're here. You have to anticipate. Okay? You see trouble coming, you got to step out of the way.
Damon: So, I get it. It's like a moral to the story thing, right?
Brooks: Yeah, yeah, it's like a moral to the story thing. Only sometimes morals are kind of hard to remember, right. Sometimes they go in one ear, and out the other. So what we need is a visual reminder.
Damon: You got to see trouble coming, and get out of the way.
Brooks: That's exactly right. See, I wasn't hanging around up there for five minutes for my health. I just wanted to see who would be tempted to split, Damon. I wanted to see who might take the bait. Huh? Now you can't fight the temptation to drugs and all the rest of the stuff out there on the streets just kicking back and laying home thinking up excuses for your repertoire, you know? It just doesn't fly, does it?
Damon: You're right, man. You're right, Case.
Brooks: I'm always right.
Nick: Casey Brooks?
Brooks: Can I help you?
Nick: Detective Knight, Metro Homicide. Can we have a minute?
Brooks: This doesn't have anything to do with either of you, does it? Any of you? Don't even think about leaving. (He walks over to Nick and Schanke)
Nick: Nice gear. Where did you learn to repel?
Brooks: I picked it up along the way. What's this about?
Schanke: Do you know an Abraham Lindley?
Brooks: No.
Nick: We hear he's been trying to contact you lately.
Brooks: Oh, he has. Kind of a crazy guy?
Nick: Depends on your definition.
Brooks: Um, there's a kid, a delivery kid. He told me that Lindley was trying to get a hold of me. I don't know. Said that he was kind of psycho, weird or something? I don't know. But I've got plenty of that around here, you know, so I just figured life's too short.
Nick: Funny you should mention that. Sorry, it's the only photograph we have. Lindley's dead.
Brooks: I'm sorry too.
Schanke: You sure you don't know him?
Brooks: No, it's just that...the photo...I'm not use to seeing that kind of blood.
Nick: Believe me, we understand.
Brooks: Look, excuse me. If you gentlemen are through with me, I have to get back to work here. (Goes back to the kids he was working with)
Schanke: He knows we don't believe a word he's saying.
Nick: He could have given Lindley a fight.
Schanke: Think he's our guy?
Nick: Well, we've got a nice set of prints all over the photograph. If they match, breakfast is on me.

Natalie: Cause of death is a full thickness laceration from the left inferior sternocletomastoid muscle, to the right midsternum, severing both carotid and jugular. Of note, numerous old injuries suggestive of buckshot or shrapnel in the left thigh, buttocks, and lower back. Come here. See the jagged edge of the wound?
Schanke: Yeah.
Natalie: It's not a clean incision, it was torn.
Schanke: What's the point?
Natalie: Well, it means when the wound was inflicted, the skin was stretched taut. Or, in other wards....
Nick: When he was killed, he was looking up.
Schanke: Well, you can repel out of a tree.
Natalie: There were traces of blood on his face and his belt. Somebody cleaned them up. Oh, and another thing. That carving on the wall at Lindley's place? It must have meant something personal. (On Lindley's arm is that symbol)

Man: Don't move. Don't do anything unless I say. Get your hands on top of your head and step away from the jeep. Now! Lieutenant? Lt. Drake?
Drake (Brooks): Who are you and what the hell are you doing on my road?
Nick: Name's Nick Parker. I'm with the international Red Cross. IDs in the top pocket. I was just up inoculating kids in the village up the road.
Brooks: That'd be Bin Loc. We hear it's a contingent of VC duggin'(?) up there.
Nick: Yeah, well, the only contingent I saw were very sick kids. The rest of the village looked like friendlies.
Brooks: What the hell do you know? Check the jeep. Where you going in such a hurry, Parker?
Nick: Can I take my hands down?
Brooks: Take them down.
Nick: I was going to the fire-base at hill 1-3-0. Before sun-up. What unit you from?
Brooks: They call us the clean-up crew.
(Flashback within a flashback: Woman: The symbol means clean. Nobody knows who put it there.)
Brooks: If there's any VC up in there, we'll go up in there and clean them up.
Man: The vehicle's clear.
Nick: Can I go now? Can I have my ID back?
Brooks: Yeah, you can go now. Hey, Parker? You're not going to make it.

Natalie: Nick? What do you think?
Nick: I think we need to hear about those fingerprints.

Man: This one speaks English, Lieutenant.
Lt. Drake/Brooks: ??? Where's the VC? Where's ..???... Viet Cong. Where are the Viet Cong? Where's the VC?
Woman from earlier: No VC.
He hits her with his gun.)
Lt. Drake/Brooks: You're a liar!
Tran: (Moving between Drake and the woman and her daughter) No VC! No VC. (He continues, hands raised as Drake points his weapon at him)

Nick: (on the phone) We need the lines back up right now. Oh, come on, there's got to be something. Yeah. Yeah, I understand.
Natalie: Here's my report. Schanke says you're going to close this thing up before breakfast. I think he's right, but for all the wrong reasons.
Nick: Oh?
Natalie: You know something, don't you?
Nick: I've met Brooks before. I know what he's capable of.
Schanke: Well, we won't get the fingerprint results until the computers come back up, which will be sometime in the 29th century. So, you won't buy me breakfast, you will buy me lunch. Which will be a much anticipated historic event.
Nick: We can't wait that long. Let's go.
Schanke: Go? Go where?
Nick: Another hour and Brooks will be across the border.
Schanke: Yeah, but we can't even put him at the scene of the crime.
Nick: We have to arrest him.
Schanke: We can't prove anything, Nick.
Nick: Schank. Trust me.
Cohen: Knight, Schanke!
Nick: Sorry, Captain, we're on a siren. (Nick leaves)
Cohen: Schanke, where's he going.
Schanke: Ah, we're going to pick up Casey Brooks.
Cohen: The prints come back?
Schanke: Ah, no, there was a delay. Nick doesn't feel we can wait.
Cohen: Can you make a case?
Schanke: I have no idea. Nick, wait!

Schanke: If you don't mind me asking, Nick, why do you think that Casey Brooks is the killer? We don't have the evidence. I mean, what the hell is this belief based on?
Nick: Experience.

Nick: Wake up! All of you! All right. Who is it? Who did it? Who's feeding on the children!
LaCroix: Complain, complain. That's all you ever do. Do you think you're the only one with principles?
Nick: I should have known.

Lt Drake/Brooks: ???? Where's the VC?
Tran: No VC, No VC. No VC!
Lt Drake/Brooks: Where's the Viet Cong? ???? the Viet Cong? (Someone yells 'You're lying(?)') Where's the VC?
(Someone comes out of a home)
Man: VC!
(Drake's men open fire)
Lt Drake/Brooks: No. No, no no no! Hold your fire!

Schanke: A couple more minutes, Nick. Still time to change your mind.
Nick: Why would I do that?
Schanke: Because we're going to bust in on a guy sitting in his pyjamas and watching the late show and arrest him for something we cannot prove.

LaCroix: (As Nick grabs LaCroix' shirt and pushes him against the wall) Nicholas, I am entirely without fault in this matter.
Nick: How can you victimize the living. The young living! Is it your greed, LaCroix? Your perversity. (Nick roughly releases him and walks away)
LaCroix: It's just a fever. They will recover.
Nick: If they're not made so weak that other diseases kill them.
LaCroix: Which is exactly why I prefer to take a few drops from many, rather than a large swallow from one.
Nick: How thoughtful of you.
(Shots can be heard up above them, outside)
LaCroix: Thoughtful indeed, considering that our little debate will soon be irrelevant.
(Up above, Drake/Brooks is yelling 'hold your fire' more. Eventually, Tran runs, Drake yells something, and shoots, killing Tran, at which he goes silent.)

Nick: There's his house. (Turns of the siren)

Nick: (going up to the door, it opens) Casey Brooks? (The door is shut and locked) I'll go around back.

Nick: Schanke! (Brooks knocks Schanke down, and Nick goes to him) You okay?
Schanke: Yeah, I'm okay. Get him. Get him.
Nick: (easily catching Brooks) Mr. Brooks, we need to talk. Hmm? (Nick rips Brooks sleeve off, revealing a tattoo) We need to talk about Bin Loc and the clean-up crew.

Nick: Phony passport, phony birth certificate, phony driver's license, pilot's license, gun permit, credit history--all fake. Except for this. (Putting the photo of Drakes unit on the table) It's the real thing. Our photo people blew up the insignias and the shoulder patches, and then we got in touch with the Pentagon.
Schanke: Your real name is Travis Drake, right? Lieutenant Travis Drake. Commanded a platoon in Quang Tri(?)* province in 1971. On the 24th of November, your unit massacred eighteen unnamed civilians. You were court marshaled, and all of your men testified against you.
Nick: The twelve men you had in Bin Loc--five died in country. And the seven who made it back, have all died violently since then. Except for you.
Schanke: Now, Travis, do you have something to say?
Brooks: I didn't kill Lindley, and I don't know who did. But somebody tracked down and killed everybody that I was in the bush with. Everybody but me.
Nick: Well, who else had a motive? Except for you?
Brooks: Hey, my guys told the truth at the court marshal. I wouldn't expect them to do anything else. But the fact is, three of my guys between 1973 and 1980, were murdered. In 1981, us four survivors hooked up in Los Angeles.
Schanke: Including Lindley?
Brooks: Yeah, he was there. We wanted to pool our resources. Remember Munich, '72, the Olympics? Remember how the Israelis tracked down every single PLO terrorist? Well, we thought somebody was doing the same thing to us. Some covert operation, but this time, from Vietnam.
Nick: Any leads?
Brooks: Not a one. But my guys kept dying. So I disappeared. My family and friends haven't heard from me since 1983.
Nick: Well, then how did Lindley find you?
Brooks: I don't know. I'd like to...I would've liked to ask the guy. Look, I like my life here. You know, I thought I was doing something, trying to help out, trying to...trying to make up for what happened. I thought that if I...just played it off like you had the wrong guy, that maybe he'd...just disappear and take the killer with him.
Cohen: (Entering) Gentlemen? (Nods out the door)

( * First part of the province is right, the last part sounds like 'free', and of the current province list, Quang Tri is the closest guess. )

Cohen: You're wasting your time, Detective. Tell them, Doctor.
Natalie: Well, there are prints all over the murder weapon, but they're not Brooks', or Drake's, or whatever his name is.
Schanke: You can't identify them?
Natalie: No.
Cohen: Does Brooks tie into this case in any way?
Nick: I think he's either the killer or the killer's next victim.
Cohen: I have no idea what's going on here, and I don't like that. Get this case organized and report back to me before your shift is over. (She leaves)
Schanke: I guess I'll take a rain check for lunch. What about holding Brooks for a while?
Nick: I think we've got enough.
Schanke: Right. I'll talk to the Crown.
Nick: Let me know what they say.
Schanke: Where are you going?
Nick: I've got a source I think can help us.
Schanke: What source? Who?
Nick: You don't want to know.
(Schanke looks to Natalie, who shrugs...but knows, I'd say)

LaCroix: (Approaching Nick while tsk-ing) Water, water everywhere...and not a drop to drink. Or something like that. I'm afraid they're all dead. Such a pity they didn't save the raid until later in the day.
Nick: Why did they attack at all? There was no military here. I told them.
LaCroix: C'est la guerre, mon ami.
Nick: This isn't war. This is a crime!
LaCroix: Yes. Yes, it is. And what are you going to do about it? What will you do to bring these criminals to justice?

Janette: Nicolas...what a welcome relief.
Nick: From what?
Janette: Taxes. My accountant says they're inevitable, like death. He's an accountant. What does he know?
Nick: That's a good point.
Janette: you have that 'I'm here on business' look about you...
Nick: Is there anyone new in town? From over-seas, maybe?
Janette: There are always rumours. Who is to say?
Nick: Did LaCroix ever-- Well, did he ever mention Vietnam?
Janette: Vietnam. Only that it was a much nicer place under the French. Of course, he had plantations there. Where didn't he have plantations? And he never did forgive them. That's right, for defoliating the place. And--
Nick: (Nick puts a finger to her lips, stopping her) Vampires. Did he ever mention any vampires that he might have made?
Janette: No. (Nick kisses her hand and gets up, frustrated) Oh, poor many burdens. I'll tell you what, one night I will close the bar early, and you will be my only guest, and I will help you t...relax. Hmm?
Nick: Janette....
Janette: Yes?
Nick: Don't cheat.

Nightcrawler: I'm listening also. I hear your thoughts. You feel you are alone, but you're not. I know your pain, your frustration, your hunger for justice. I am the Nightcrawler, I feel everything. Come to me. Now.

(Note, the building number for CERK is 78)

Nightcrawler: I can be your strength, where you have none. I can be your wisdom, your truth, and all you need to share with me, is your very soul.

LaCroix: What are you going to do about it?

LaCroix: (After turning off the mic and Nick comes in) Nicholas, how very unexpected.
Nick: You did it. Back in Vietnam you brought one over.
LaCroix: Ah.... So many things slip my mind these days. Believe it or not, Nicholas, it was your righteousness that inspired me. It shamed me. Of course, I got over it quickly enough, but not before I had deduced an ingenious solution to your dilemma. After you left, I returned, compelled by my change(?). I searched the village for survivors. I'd all but given up when I heart beat--faint in strength, strong in emotion. And then, then I felt him...his young blood boiling with rage, his heart crying out for vengeance. The crimes of the cleaning crew were before me, and here I was with the power to make justice possible for the victims. Isn't that what you wanted?
Nick: Yes. But not this way.
LaCroix: Left-tenant Drake and his murdering minions should not have been punished for what they did? Why Nicholas, no justice for the wronged? No vengeance? What about the victims of his ill-conceived crusade? What about my plantations?
Nick: Drake was court-marshaled. He's changed his whole life. He works with kids.
LaCroix: Oh, well that makes everything all better then. Play basketball twice a week with disenfranchised youth and all is forgiven. Or...or can it be that if Drake can be forgiven for his sins, then it follows that you can be forgiven for yours. How perfectly convenient your logic is. How perfectly self-serving.
Nick: It isn't about me.
LaCroix: It's always about you! About you and your eternal struggle to manage your guilt! You used to be so much more fun, Nicholas.
Nick: Where is he?
LaCroix: Stop tormenting yourself. You cried out for justice in the midst of the madness and the horror, and I delivered it. Let it run its course. Leave this one be.
Nick: (Nick's phone rings) I have to go.
LaCroix: Don't say I never gave you anything. (He laughs)
(Nick exits the sound booth and answers his phone)
Nick: Yeah, Schanke?
Schanke: Nick, Casey's out, the Crown cut him loose.
Nick: They cut him loose? But we had him, Schank. We had him for resisting arrest, forged documents, weapons.
Schanke: I know, I know. He said he was afraid for his life, and they believed him.
Nick: No, no, someone put the word out downtown.
Schanke: What can I say, Cohen was right. Casey's got friends in high places. He's a parole officer with a good reputation.
Nick: Okay, okay, hang tight. I think I know where to find him.
Schanke: But where, Nick? (Nick hangs up) Nick?! (Hangs up) Great.

Nick: It's nice to have friends, isn't it, Lieutenant? Someone with, say, their own private plane to lend out? I don't suppose you ever mentioned Bin Loc to your friends at City Hall?
Brooks: How the hell did you find me?
Nick: Someone with a pilot's license wants to get out of town fast. This is where I'd go. You're not going to survive on your own.
Brooks: Yeah, thanks. I'll take my chances. What the hell choice do I have?
Nick: I'm your only choice. Let me put you in protective custody until we can get this killer.
Brooks: No thanks, I don't have that much trust to give.
Nick: Lieutenant!
Brooks: Hey, don't call me that, all right?! I'm not Lieutenant Drake anymore. Now what happened at Bin just got out of control! I tried to stop it, but I couldn't. I tried. You don't have any idea what it's like trying to live with this kind of guilt. And living with that guilt is payment enough.
Nick: Some debts can never be repaid. And someone out there is not going to forgive you what you did.
Nick: Unless you come with me now, you're going to be dead very soon.
Brooks: I'll take my chances.
Nick: All right. Take this. Take it!
Brooks: (Takes it--a cross) What the hell is this?
Nick: Come on.
Brooks: What the hell is going on? (Tran lands in front of them) Where'd you come from?
Tran: They warned me about you. Some said you might stay out of it.
Nick: Well, that's not going to happen.
Brooks: Who the hell is this guy?
(Tran takes off his sunglasses and Brooks flashes back, remembering)
Tran: Good. You haven't forgotten, Lieutenant.
Brooks: You're dead.
Tran: Matter of opinion.
Nick: He's the one who killed all the other soldiers who were at Bin Loc.
Tran: And this is my final task.
Brooks: Bin Loc.... You were that doctor, the Red Cross doctor! (Then, he turns to Tran) You haven't aged. You haven't aged a day.
Tran: Lieutenant Drake, it's useless to run. I will not let the pain of the cross stop what I must do. If you interfere, I'll destroy you. I have no wish to.
(Nick grabs the cross from Brooks, holds it out toward Tran, who flies toward him, and they both are holding it)
Nick: And I'm not going to let the pain of the cross stop me, either!
(Nick and Tran fight, changing. After a bit, Brooks fires his gun up into the air, and the two stop and stand up.)
Brooks: I want to know. For twenty-three years, I want to know. Are you VC? (Aims the gun at Tran)
Tran: Why don't you ask that of my neighbors? Why don't you ask that of my grandfather, my mother, my sister. They only wanted the war to end. They liked you! Americans.
Brooks: I'm asking you.
Tran: Yes. I am. (He laughs) And you think you, will shoot me, again? (Holds his jacket open, encouraging Brooks to shoot him)
Brooks: For what it's worth, I'm sorry. (Turns the gun on himself)
Nick: Drake!
(Brooks kills himself)
Tran: It's done. I've never forgotten your service to my village, my family. I know I can speak for them. Thank you, for all that you tried to do to help them. Now, there's just one more task. (Goes over and puts his hand on the button to open the hangar door) No, please, don't interfere. Go. Now.
(Nick goes for a hatch in the floor and Tran hits the button and goes in front of the doors. Nick leaves, the doors open, and Tran bursts into flames.)

Schanke: You owe me breakfast.
Nick: Dinner. You typed up the report already?
Schanke: Yeah, Captain told me to write it up. You wouldn't believe how fast people are jumping off Drake's bandwagon. I mean, his 'friends' downtown want this put to bed very quietly.
Nick: That's no surprise.
Schanke: All evidence at the scene points to suicide. Witnesses saw flames in the hangar. Figured he'd burned something and then pulled the trigger.
Cohen: Any idea what he burnt?
Schanke: Evidence, maybe. Forensics can't make heads or tails of the few ashes that were left, but Natalie looked at it, said it could be papers, letters, that sort of thing.
Nick: Well, she would know. So, case closed.
Cohen: Drake had everybody fooled, including me. I guess most everyone has something in their past that catches up with them sooner or later. I wish I could say it's a shame but, when a killer dies, how much sympathy can you have? (She leaves)
Schanke: You gonna sign off on that thing, or you gonna have it framed?
Nick: Just one thing. Don't call him Travis Drake. I think by the end, he was Casey Brooks.

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