Schanke: Welcome to the wonderful world of hardhats. You know the true meaning of hat hair whenever you take one of these off.
Nick: Dispatch said it was a jumper.
Schanke: Stan Eriksson, steel-worker. Quitting must have blew it and he thought he'd take the shortcut.
Nick: Well then, why are we here?
Schanke: Well, the guys that got to him first think they heard him say he was pushed.
Nick: They think, or they know?
Schanke: Well, they couldn't make it out because of the gurgling sound. It was his dying breath.
Nick: Are they working around the clock here?
Schanke: Well, the plant's offline while they get it up to standard or something. Man oh man, this is the last way I'd want to go. Three seconds seems like three hours. Your whole life story plays out in full colour. Every mistake, every regret. Not a damn thing you can do about it. (As Nick picks up a cross by its chain) I guess he discovered religion before he jumped.
Nick: The chain's broken. Any witnesses?
Schanke: Well, they heard him yell, that's all. The word is Eriksson had a personality conflict with a co-worker, a guy named Calvin Trilling. Over there. Now, Trilling said he was with his girlfriend. She's around here somewhere. She's a real looker, Nick. I mean, this...this woman has a ??? accent that just doesn't quit. Nick? Why does he keep on doing on doing this to me?

Nick: Serena? I thought it was you. Why did you run?
Serena: Because I knew it was you.

Nick: (Putting a bag with the cross in it on the table) Yours?
Trilling: Yeah, it's mine.
Nick: What was it doing in his hand?
Trilling: Best I figure, it was falling with him. Look, I lost it last week on the job. The Clyde(?) probably found it and didn't tell me. He was a jerk.
Nick: You didn't get along?
Trilling: Anyone will tell you that. The guy had an attitude.
Nick: So you killed him.
Trilling: I was with my girlfriend. Serena. We'd just come on shift.

Schanke: So, what sort of relationship do you have with Trilling?
Serena: I work the nightshift, he works the nightshift. We meet.
Schanke: To do?
Serena: Certain intimate, consensual things.... Would you like me to elaborate?
Schanke: No, no, no...that's...okay. And were you doing those consensual things when the victim fell?
Serena: I assume we were.
Schanke: You assume?
Serena: Well, I was preoccupied, wasn't I?

Cohen: She's smart. Trilling give you anything?
Nick: Not really. He's in holding now.
Cohen: What'd you find?
Natalie: Multiple contusions, fractions, abrasions, and a broken neck. It was a bad fall, but that's it. I can't give you anything to support homicide. Not yet.
Cohen: You sample Trilling?
Natalie: Scary guy. We're running a DNA PCR on what I got under the victim's fingernails. Maybe we'll get a match. (Cohen leaves and she walks up to Nick, who's staring through the glass, preoccupied) Hi.

Schanke: So uh, what is it you do?
Serena: I'm a welder, Detective.
Schanke: A welder?
Serena: That surprise you?
Schanke: No, it's just that you're so....
Serena: Intelligent?
Schanke: I didn't say that.
Serena: Feminine?
Schanke: Well, the work, it's kind of....
Serena: It pays twenty-five an hour.
Schanke: Wow. Twenty-five.... Really? It pays that much?
Serena: I'm very good at my job.

Natalie: I'll bet she is. You know her?
Nick: I did.
Natalie: How long ago? Come on Nick, who is she?
Nick: A mistake. She's a mistake.

Paris, France: Around 1920/Early 1920's

Woman (Louise?): It wants to dance too.
Armand (woman's husband): It's kicking. Cheers!
Louise: Touch it. Don't be afraid. Isn't it fabulous, Serena.
Serena: It's a miracle.
Armand: It's nature, Serena.
Louise: All you have to is find a husband.
Armand: Not dressed like that, she won't. (Laughs)
Serena: Did it ever occur to you, Armand, that that might be the idea? I need another drink.
(Serena goes over to the bar)
Serena: I'll have the same, Emile. (Nick walks in, and she sees him.) Emile, the man who just came in...whatever he wants is on me.
(Nick goes up to the bar)
Emile: The usual, sir?
Nick: Oui. Merci, Emile. [Yes. Thanks, Emile]
Emile: Already taken care of.
Nick: Oh...why would that gentleman....
Emile: Look again, my friend. (Serena raises her glass, and Nick does as well)

Nick: She's a strong willed woman.
Natalie: What's wrong with that?
Nick: Who will do almost anything to achieve her goal.
Natalie: Which is...?
Nick: I have no idea.

Cohen: Trilling's your basic creep. Assault. Assault and battery. Armed robbery. He did time for that. But with her as alibi....
Nick: What about the cross?
Cohen: Trilling's story about losing it could be true.
Schanke: There is a ton of bad blood between him and Eriksson.
Cohen: Hear-say. It looks like a fall?
Natalie: It looks like a fall.
Cohen: Then we send him home with a thank you and wait for the PCR's to come back. Keep digging.

Nick: What could she possibly see in a man like that?

Nick: Serena? (Goes after her)

Schanke: I though he had a thing for her. Old friends, yeah right.

Nick: Serena, wait.
Serena: I told your partner everything I know.
Nick Except the truth.
Serena: He seemed satisfied.
Nick: (Glances at Trilling) Can we go somewhere and talk?
Serena: No, Nicolas. My life works better without you.

Natalie: For an old friend, she doesn't seem all that happy to see him.
Schanke: Yeah, sometimes women are like that.

Nick: You have a right to be angry.
Serena: We don't want to get into that again, do we?
(She starts to move away, and Nick grabs her arm)
Serena: Let me go!
Trilling: Back off!
Serena: Don't you ever touch me again.

LaCroix: I'm thinking about pain tonight. About what hurts us the most. Perhaps a gunshot wound, a severed limb, or maybe...emotional pain holds the deepest suffering of all. Pride shattered, broken dreams, lost love. Oh yes, the most painful things in the world are those mistakes of the heart, those mistakes we all make in the name of love.

Nick: You have a beautiful voice--for a man.
Serena: Does it bother you? The way I dress?
Nick: It just begs the question...why?
Serena: Because if I dress like a woman, they'll treat me like one. Like cloistered little flowers that are supposed to laugh at their jokes and cook them dinner. Besides, I like things in life that are not what they appear to be. For instance, you. You look like a conventional gentleman.
Nick: Yes.
Serena: But, then you are not.
Nick: You know that?
Serena: I have investigated you.
Nick: Have you?
Serena: You are a man of the night, a free spirit, a traveller. More? They say marriage is not a possibility for you.
Nick: True.
Serena: Or the burden of a family?
Nick: Which is not to say I wouldn't like one.
Serena: But you can't, you won't.
Nick: I have other concerns.
Serena: Je sais [I know]. You are my perfect man, Nicolas. I have been looking all over Paris just for you.

Janette: She knew what she was getting into.
Nick: Never.
Janette: I don't believe that.
Nick: What happened was my fault.
Janette: Nicolas, you can take the blame for everything, if you like. But I'll tell you, she's no innocent. She never was, not even before you.
Nick: She was a victim.
Janette: So was I. So were you. So is every vampire in the beginning. Seduced by one thing or another. Ignorant of the consequences. But, this is more than guilt, isn't it?
Nick: She's with mortals.
Janette: Nicolas, we are surrounded by them. You of all people should know that--at your work and your friends.
Nick: I do it for a reason.
Janette: Maybe she does too. Maybe she is also looking for answers. You said that she shared your soul. Why not your quest?

Serena: I want eternity, Nicolas. You can give it to me.

Nick: That has nothing to do with it.
Janette: Are you certain? You're very quick to answer. These mortals would it be perhaps, uh...a mortal? You're jealous.
Nick: There's a reason she's with him, Janette.
Janette: Yes. And assuming that he's still alive, it isn't sex.
Nick: Are you certain?
Janette: About as certain as one can be. What is it that you haven't told me about her?
Nick: I have to see someone who knows, Janette. I have to see LaCroix.

Natalie: So, did he tell you where he was going?
Schanke: Come on.... Since when does Nick ever tell me where he's going? And I was not about to ask. You know this is a classic Julie Dershowitz if I ever saw one.
Natalie: A who?
Schanke: Julie Dershowitz. I had a gigantic crush on her in sixth grade. Used to write her notes, ya know, and slip 'em to her through the ventilator slots. Wrote really embarrassing stuff.
Natalie: Like?
Schanke: Poems, you know.
Natalie: You wrote poems to a girl?
Schanke: Natalie, I was in the sixth grade for crying out loud!
Natalie: Well, what did they say?
Schanke: I can't remember.
Natalie: Oh, you remember, and you will tell me. Let me see...Roses are red....
Schanke: Better. Better.
Natalie: Prove it.
Schanke: No facet holds the light. No fire burns quite so bright as the love I have for my jewel.
Natalie: That's sweet.
Schanke: That's embarrassing. She found out it was me. She told the principal. He read every poem over the PA system during lunch time. In the cafeteria. Talk about sheer humiliation. I was in bed for a week. I couldn't face anybody at school. Believe me, I know exactly what Nick is going through. Exactamundo!
Natalie: Do you think he loved her?
Schanke: And they say women are sensitive. Come on, it was like a neon sign emblazoned across his forehead. Of course he loved her. Probably still does.
Natalie: Hey, hey, hey.... Looks like we caught a break here. Captain? Trilling was part of a medical study in prison. They were looking for chromosomal aberrations in repeat offenders.
Schanke: Oh, that's nice.
Natalie: He's XYY, he carries an extra Y chromosome.
Schanke: Wait a minute, isn't that the sex chromosome?
Natalie: Yeah, an extra Y is rare. One in a million. There are conflicting theories about what that results in, but there are some studies that indicate increased violent behaviour is linked to the extra Y.
Cohen: We can't arrest him for that.
Natalie: No, but a chromosome workup is a hell of a lot faster than a DNA PCR.
Cohen: You're saying?
Natalie: I'm saying that I can have him checked against the sample in twenty-four hours.
Cohen: Okay, do it.

Trilling: Serena, I'm getting tired of waiting. I'm frustrated.
Serena: So you killed a man?
Trilling: He doesn't matter. Oh, yes he does. He couldn't keep us apart. You've got to control yourself.
Serena: I want you.

Nick: You must go.
Serena: I want to stay with you. I want immortality. Eternity. You can give it to me.
Nick: I can't be responsible.

Serena: I know. Just a little less than twenty-four hours.
Trilling: No, now....

Serena: (??something??) No guilt. It is my choice.

Serena: I know exactly what I want. What I've always wanted.

Serena: No. I have to go.

Nick: Serena....
Serena: Take me.

LaCroix: My, but she does have you preoccupied. (with a glass of Nick's specialty) This is perfectly dreadful.
Nick: Thank you for coming.
LaCroix: What did you ever see in her? The cut of her suit? Her mustache wax? The way she combs her hair?
Nick: Her fire. Her independence.
LaCroix: But isn't that exactly how she's behaving now?
Nick: She's with a mortal man.
LaCroix: So Janette tells me. Are you jealous?
Nick: He's a criminal. She's using him for something.
LaCroix: And you think I may know what that is.
Nick: I think you have a good idea.
LaCroix: Could it be that you're finally beginning to appreciate my wisdom?
Nick: Your knowledge. Your age. LaCroix, I am asking for your help.
LaCroix: And I'm enjoying it. I really am.
Nick: Is it possibly for her to mate with a mortal?
LaCroix: That all depends on what she's after.

Nick: Serena....
Serena: Nicholas....
Nick: I've given you what you wanted.
Serena: Yes.
Nick: Immortality.
Serena: A child.
Nick: Eternity.
Serena: A baby. I dreamt the most horrible dream...your teeth, your eyes.
(She touches her neck and feels the wounds) Nick: Serena, you knew.
Serena: It can't be.
Nick: You said you wanted eternity.
Serena: No....

LaCroix: As I recall, what Serena wanted then was a baby.
Nick: She said she wanted to be immortal.
LaCroix: Tricked by a metaphor once again. Poetry can be so deceiving.
Nick: The answer, LaCroix.
LaCroix: I'll answer you with another question. Is that what she wants now?
Nick: A baby? Is it possible?
LaCroix: Apparently, baby lust doesn't die with the mortal spirit. In fact, there are legends....
Nick: Tell me.
LaCroix: ....of special mortal men whose seed can make a female vampire conceive. It has to be done at the peak of the moon on the thirty-first of the month...or some such nonsense.
Nick: This is the thirty-first.
LaCroix: And a full moon.
Nick: Then you believe?
LaCroix: Of course not.
Nick: The baby?
LaCroix: Mortal.
Nick: And the man?
LaCroix: Well, he dies, of course. It goes without saying.

Natalie: Well my automatic response is that obviously mortals don't hold the monopoly on old wives tales. On the other hand, from a genetic point of view, the XYY gene would make Trilling special.
Nick: What are the traits?
Natalie: Well, the studies are inconclusive. Some say that XYY's are violent, other's say the opposite. Whatever the case, they're a special breed and there are a large number of them are in prison. However, they don't grow fur and howl at the moon.
Nick: I want to know if it is possible.
Natalie: What? That he could make her pregnant? I don't know. I mean, what do you want to hear? That the XYY gene can make anything possible? You loved her.
Nick: Ah, it doesn't matter. In her eyes, I betrayed her.
Natalie: (The phone rings) Lambert.
Schanke: (walking in) Ah, there you are. You know I understand you being a little bit embarrassed to show your face in the squad room, but I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know where your gonna be every once in a while.
Natalie: (Quiets them) Ah, ah. (Into the phone) Okay, can you get the paper-work over here by tomorrow? Thanks. (Hangs up) That was the blood lab. We have an XYY match. Trilling's your guy.

Schanke: Mr. Calvin Trilling? We have a warrant for your arrest.
(Hit's Schanke and then runs)
Nick: Schanke....
Schanke: I'm okay. Go. Go!

Nick: Do you know who I am? Do you know what I am?! Answer me.
Trilling: No.
Nick: I am your Saviour. I'm the one whose going to save your miserable soul!

Nick: Serena.
Serena: I was about to take the elevator, but I thought this was so much more....
Nick: Dramatic?
Serena: Appropriate. Like a good way to remind you that I have powers of my own.
Nick: Oh, I don't need reminding.
Serena: Then perhaps I should come in.

Serena: Sorry to take you away from your precious cops and robbers, but we must talk. Did you really drag this around with you? (About the fireplace)
Nick: There are memories...some I'd rather forget.
Serena: Yes. Why dredge up the past?
Nick: I can't undo it, Serena. I cannot give you back what I took from you.
Serena: Then please don't try and take any more.
Nick: I'm not.
Serena: You had no business arresting Trilling.
Nick: We do that fairly often--arrest suspects for murder.
Serena: No, you arrested him because you're jealous.
Nick: His chromosomes match those we found on the victim. XYY. They're very rare. Does that mean anything to you?
Serena: You stay the hell out of my business!
Nick: You'll kill him.
Serena: That's sweet. You murder me, then you lecture me on ethics.
Nick: You can't sacrifice his life because you want a child.
Serena: Do you think this is all about having a baby? What for, Nick? For the stretch marks or the early mornings? Or to make up for the ones I didn't have with you? The baby is the bonus, Nicolas. If I can get pregnant, I will also become mortal. You didn't know? It is part of the legend. When you think about it, there's no other way for the seed to grow.
Nick: But that could be all it is, a legend.
Serena: To have a child and live a life in the sun. To grow old and die like I'm supposed to. Isn't that worth the chance that maybe it is true?
Nick: Is it work a life?
Serena: It is a murder of violent scum, the world won't lose anything.
Nick: That's not for you to decide.
Serena: Are you telling me you wouldn't sacrifice another human to regain your own mortality? I know you better than that.
Nick: We have laws, Serena.
Serena: Thanks to you, they aren't mine. You stay out of this, Nicolas. For you, of all people, have no right to stop me. No right at all.

Trilling: You guys got nothing on me! Nothing, you hear me! (kicks the bars and yells some more...not sure *exactly* what he says)
Sgt. Mandrake: Look, you do that one more time, I'm going to take away your shoes.
Trilling: Oh, yeah, you're really scaring me fat man.
Mandrake: Uh...excuse me, Ma'am, but uh...these holding cells are off-limits for anybody except....
Serena: I need to see your prisoner.
Mandrake: Oh, I'm sorry, I'm afraid you can't do that, so why don't you just turn around and.... Who the hell are you?
Serena: *I am the chief of police.*
Mandrake: You're the chief of police?
Serena: *Yes I am.*
Mandrake: What brings you down here, Sir?
Serena: *I came to take your prisoner.*
Mandrake: Oh, of course.
(She opens Trilling's cell)
Trilling: What the hell did you do to him.
Serena: Come on, sweetheart. It's a full moon tonight.

Nightcrawler: The air is fragrant, the night is soft, the moon is full...on such a night as this. Tonight is a night for romance, mes amis. Ce soir ???? amore.(...or something [This night ??? love]).

Nick: Look, just check, will you?
Schanke: I don't need to check. I checked when I got in. He's in lockup. No one's gone in, no one's come up. The guy is not going to disappear.
Nick: It'll make me feel better.
Schanke: It'll make me feel like an idiot.
Nick: But you're going to do it?
Schanke: But I'm gonna do to it for you. How soon can you get in?
Nick: Soon.

Schanke: Hey Mandrake, I know this is going to sound like overkill, but Nick wants me to.... What the hell are you doing in there? Hey, where's Trilling?

Mandrake: Well, he was kicking at the cell bars, you know, and I told him make him take off his shoes, and then he gave me lip, and then I...can't remember a damn thing.
Schanke: Maybe you were hit over the head?
Mandrake: I don't know. I don't think so.
Cohen: Were there any visitors?
Mandrake: Yeah. Uh...Schanke came in to check at the start of his watch, and then...then there was just the chief.
Cohen: The chief? Which chief?
Mandrake: Well, the police chief.
Cohen: The chief of police?
Mandrake: Yes, Ma'am.
Cohen: Is this your idea of a joke, Mandrake?
Mandrake: Well no, Ma'am, no.
Cohen: You're telling me the chief of police showed up in holding?
Mandrake: Yeah.
Cohen: What did he do there?
Mandrake: I don't know. I don't have any idea. The next thing I remember, I'm...I'm in the cell and Trilling is gone.
Cohen: That'll be all, sergeant.
Mandrake: Yes, Ma'am.
Cohen: Any theories, gentlemen?
Schanke: I don't know. Maybe Trilling hypnotized him, or something.
Lipenski: Trilling's not in the building, Captain.
Cohen: Thanks, Lipenski. How the hell did he get out?
Schanke: Hey, Nick, you had a feeling he might be gone.
Cohen: If you know something, share it.
Nick: Just that he's got to be with Serena.

Trilling: The police are going to be all over us, Babe. Where are we going?
Serena: Higher than high, at the peak of the fire, under the light of a perfectly full moon.

(Just a comment, but the time is supposedly 2:15AM by the clock on the wall....)

Nick: Do you have her address?
Schanke: Yeah. Basement apartment near Peter and King.
Nick: Yeah...she won't be there.
Schanke: Then why am I going?
Nick: To see if there's anything that will tell us where she is.
Schanke: Well, where are you going to be?
Nick: Yeah. (The person he's talking to says something) Well, what side(?) in Eastern Daylight Time?
Man on phone: Full moon at 11:35. PM.
Nick: Thank you. (Hangs up)
Schanke: Who's that?
Nick: The Royal Observatory. We've got forty-five minutes to find them. (Which would mean it's presently 10:50 or so....)
Schanke: Forty-five minutes till what? Knight!

Nightcrawler: In thirty-one minutes the moon will be perfectly full. The night will be at its absolute brightest, as close to day as it ever becomes. How do you feel about the moon, about how it translates the light of the sun? Do you believe in magic? (Turns off the mic after Nick enters)
Nick: You knew, didn't you?
LaCroix: I was simply protecting you, Nicholas. I mean, it drips with irony, doesn't it? That your mistake, your victim, can achieve the mortality that you have sought for so long, and in a way that you have no hope of repeating. Nature's so unkind. So sexist.
Nick: Where are they?
LaCroix: I don't know. And it shouldn't concern you.
Nick: She's going to kill him.
LaCroix: Of course she is. And possibly regain the mortality that you took from her. Your mistake will be rectified. Your silly guilt will be be relieved. She's doing you a favour, and in thirty minutes it will all be over. Give her what she wants.

Nick: A child. Serena, I thought you wanted....
Serena: What you have? And endless life of darkness. Why would I want that? I wanted my freedom. My independence. Why would I want to adopt your life any more than any other man's? Why would I want to adopt this death!
Nick: I thought you knew.
Serena: No. I knew were a man who loved the night, I loved the day. And were a man who preferred to be alone, who would have let me raise our child in peace, but this.... Oh God. Please...take it back. Undo what you did. Please....

Nick: I need to know the legend, LaCroix.
LaCroix: I do believe you enjoy torturing yourself.
Nick: I'm asking for your help.
LaCroix: And it's becoming a bad habit.
Nick: Please....
LaCroix: It's one of those Celtic monstrosities. Ah...bad poem. I don't remember all of it. It starts something about a man with power beyond control...blah blah, blah...union of the mortal soul.
Nick: Where?
LaCroix: Legends don't give zip codes. It has to happen higher than high, at the peak of the fire, by light of a perfectly full moon. Which is in twenty-eight minutes. That's all I can recall, Nicholas. End of story.
Nick: Higher than high, at the peak of the fire, under the light of a perfectly full moon. (He leaves)
LaCroix: Not even a thank you.

Serena: I've waited so long.
Trilling: So, we're going to do it here?
Serena: Close. Don't be nervous. I want this to be very very good. Very very hot.
Trilling: So, what do you got up your sleeve now?
(Serena looks up at the CN Tower)
Trilling: Oh hell, you are a kinky one.

Schanke: Absolutely zip. Although I will tell you this woman does not subscribe to House and Garden. This place feels like a crypt.
Nick: Just that the foreman's angry. She didn't show up for her shift. We've got about ten minutes.
Schanke: Ah...she chills her red wine...good French stuff, too.
Nick: I thought this was it. Higher than high.
Schanke: What was that?
Nick: Higher than high. Does that mean anything to you?
Schanke: Sounds like an old Hendrix lyric.
Nick: Is there anything there that that might describe?
Schanke: Maybe a couple of junkies I saw outside. Nick, how would the world's tallest free-standing tower do?

Nightcrawler: Just five minutes left. Moments(?).

Trilling: Serena, look, we can't go up there. It's closed.
Serena: Just hold me. Hold me tight. Kiss me, and don't let go.

Nightcrawler: Five minutes until the peak. Are you getting warm?

Trilling: How did we get here?
Serena: It doesn't matter. It's been so long.
Trilling: Yes.
Serena: Hurry.
Trilling: Your eyes....
Serena: Are for you, lover. Just for you.
Nick: Serena! Let him go.
Serena: What is it that makes his life more important than mine. He is a murderer.
Nick: And aren't you?
Serena: I'm only here because of you. Locked in this darkness because of you. Driven to this pathetic desperation, this thing I abhor because of you. How can you deny me, Nicolas? How can you deny me my mortality again? Have you completely lost your humanity? It's almost time. Please...find it in your heart to give me my life back. This is my only chance. It must be now.

Serena: Undo what you did. Please....

Serena: Please....
(Nick turns away)

Schanke: Come on, come on, come on, come on. We got to get inside, huh? You can't even get the lock open? What's wrong with you? And you wondered why you're not a detective? All right, get a security guard. We got to get an elevator working. Keep a look out for Knight.

Nick: Serena? Serena, are you all right? Look at me.
Serena: What have I done?

Nightcrawler: They say a full moon distorts our perceptions. Clouds our judgment. Makes fools of us all. Is that the way it was with you too, my lovers. Did the moon beams blind you to the truth?

Nick: It's not your fault.
Serena: It was only legend.
Nick: Sometimes in our desperation we'll believe anything. We'll do anything.
Serena: I'm sorry.
Nick: No. It's not your fault Serena. It's mine. You must go now. I'll take care of it.
Serena: No. I don't want your help. I don't want anything from you ever again.

Schanke: Any security guard? No, huh? Great, now we'll never get up there. (Sees Nick approaching with a security guard) Nick? Nick? Were you...were you up there?
(The gate is opened, the other officers push their way past Schanke)
Schanke: Anybody else? Did you find anything?
Nick: Only what an easily led fool I could be. If they were ever up there, Schank, they've gone now.

Schanke: Well, well, they were there. We know they were there because we found her car parked near the tower. Their prints were all over it.
Cohen: Okay, so we assume by some sort of magic she was able to get him out of here, drive him to the CN tower, and then they just disappeared.
Schanke: Well we're thinking train. The station's right there.
Cohen: That doesn't explain what happened, Schanke. I am in search of an overall explanation.
Schanke: I know Captain. I could...make something up?
Cohen: What does your partner think?
Schanke: Well, my partner and I really haven't discussed it.
Cohen: Is this gonna go on all night? I ask. You don't quite answer?
(Schanke nervously laughs)
Cohen: You're doing it again.
Schanke: Doing what, Captain?
Cohen: Get some sleep, Detective. I think you need it.

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