Note: The section between the '~~~~~~~~~~' are where reality changes....Schanke's still Nick's partner, Janette is his wife, Natalie is the Captain, and Cohen is the Raven's owner. Through that section I take LaCroix' lines as only being heard by Nick.

Janette: Hello there stranger...I'd begun to think that you'd forgotten all about me.
Nick: Don't you know you shouldn't play with matches?
Janette: Just living on the edge, I guess. What about you, shouldn't you be out there serving and protecting?
Nick: It's been a tough week. Three homicides. Two unsolved cases that have us all backed up...and I'm spending too much time alone with Schanke. I thought I needed a little shelter from the storm.
Janette: Indeed. Well, we are honoured. And don't you worry you pretty little head about a thing. And if it's rest and relaxation that you require, well, I have a few...suggestions....
(Nick and Janette kiss, and two gunmen come in with masks. They fire a shot.)
Larry (Gunman): How's everybody doing? Just play it cool, and nobody gets hurt. Move it, over there, everybody. Move it. Move it. Come on.
Nick: It's too many mortals.
(Janette gives a slight nod to some other vampires.)
Larry: All we want, is what you've got.
Nick: We'll wait till they both leave.
Larry: Shut up! (The second gunman pulls a woman from those present) Give him the ring.
Monica: Don't take my ring.
Larry: Give him the God damn ring.
Nick: No! (Another shot) *Put down the gun. Put the gun down, and tell your friend to do the same.*
Larry: I told you to shut up!
(Larry fires again, and the gunmen are taken down by Nick and another vampire there.)
Monica: Help me.... Please help me. I'm so cold. Please help me. I don't want to die. Help me....

Janette: This is not your fault, Nicolas.

Cohen: The shooters were on probation. History of weapons offences and drug abuse. But, hey, it's not like they killed anyone, right?

Natalie: This is not your fault.
Nick: I put her in the line of fire.
Natalie: And if you hadn't gone after him, there could have been a lot more dead bodies on the floor.
Nick: Any of a half dozen vampires could have stopped them. I prevented it.
Natalie: Which was the right thing to do. Revealing yourselves to so many mortals would have had much worse consequences. You couldn't have hypnotized them all, Nick. A lot of people aren't susceptible. Just like the shooter.

Janette: Let him brood. It's always been his way.

Cohen: He's okay, Schanke. Knight's fine.
Schanke: Thank God. Dodgson didn't have the details, just that there was a shooting.
Cohen: A couple of thugs killed a woman and Knight's blaming himself. Hell, the way I see it, he saved lives. I just hope Internal Affairs is more forgiving than he is.
Schanke: Oh right, yeah, and pigs can fly. Just give me a minute with him, all right?

Schanke: Hey, Nick. Captain tells me you did a real job here. Took those punks down in a big way. You know, you should--
Nick: I appreciate the pep talk, Schank, but that doesn't change the fact that a woman died here tonight. I've gotta go. (He starts to leave, and Natalie catches him)
Natalie: Nick.... (He leaves)


Schanke: What's with turning off your phones, Knight? We've gotta roll here. We've got ourselves a homicide. (Nick goes and grabs his jacket) Wagons ho, partner. Let's move 'em out.

Schanke: It's your favourite all-night boogie-man, the Nightcrawler. Stabbed in the heart. No witnesses, no sign of a weapon. I guess you could say he crawled under one too many skins. Oh, I forgot. You were one of his biggest fans, weren't you? Maybe you can say a few creepy words at the funeral.
Nick: Where's Natalie?
Schanke: Natalie? On a first-name basis now?
Nick: What? Where is she?
Schanke: Been and gone. I'm gonna check out the premises. Personally, I think the man got what he deserved. Next to him, Howard Stern sounds like Regis Philbin.

Nick: (At the Raven, finding it empty) Janette? Janette!

Nick: (Now at the morgue) Natalie? Nat?

Paris, France: 1228

LaCroix: Nicolas? What's wrong my child?
Nick: Je ne sais pas. [I don't know.]
LaCroix: N'avez vous pas apprecie le repas? [Did you not enjoy your meal?]
Nick: Mais si. [But yes.]
LaCroix: Mmm. When they are as beautiful as she, the flesh is like the sweetest fruit, the blood like the rarest wine. The palette is tingled, the brain intoxicated. It is ambrosia. There is nothing which compares.
LaCroix: Your first week of feeding has gone very well.
Nick: Something isn't right.
LaCroix: Give yourself time. You'll feel a little out of sorts for a while.
Nick: No. It's not that. I feel fine. The blood is not the problem. It's.... I don't know what it is. But, part of me wants to run from this.
LaCroix: Of course, the last embers of your mortal conscience take a little time before they flare out completely. It's the guilt, Nicholas. You haven't quite shed your mortality yet.
Nick: Then this is normal?
LaCroix: Oh, a point. But there are dangers. You must kill this righteousness. Do this now, and you will never question your nature again. But allow your guilt to fester, to grow and strengthen, and there will be consequences.
Nick: Consequences?
LaCroix: Of a type you need never experience. So long as you listen to me, do as I say.

Nick: Wake up LaCroix! Wake up! Come back! Come back....

Schanke: Nice to see you back on the job, Detective. I hope we're not interfering in your personal affairs too much.
Nick: (seeing Natalie) Where have you been?
Natalie: I was about to ask you the same question. Lewis from IA wants to talk to you about the shooting. She'll be here before you go off shift. Any leads in the Nightcrawler case?
Schanke: Morgue found metallic traces in the wound. Murder weapon was definitely a knife. Other than that, just theory. I'm thinking lunatic fringe, that's what his audience was for the most part.
Natalie: You got a hold of the radio station log tapes yet?
Schanke: Yeah, Carpenter at the sound lab will let us know if she finds anything.
Natalie: Good work Schanke, as usual.
Schanke: Thank you Captain. Come on Knight. (Walks off)
Nick: Nat, I have to talk to you.
Natalie: Not here, Nicholas. Call me at home.
(Natalie leaves and Nick goes after Schanke)
Schanke: Knight! IA's going to make you squirm real good about the last time this happened.
Nick: The last time?
Schanke: Well, yeah. What'd you expect? Let's see what we can find about this Nightcrawler clown, shall we?
Nick: All right, I think we should start at the Raven.
Schanke: Oh, you do, do you?
Nick: Well yeah. I know for a fact that he used to hand out there, and maybe Janette can cast some light on a few things.
Schanke: Janette?
Nick: Yeah. Unless you've have a better idea?
Schanke: Not as screwy as yours. But hell, the Raven it is...if you think you can handle being back there so soon.

LaCroix: Tonight, we mourn the loss of a dear friend. One moment so full of life, and the next, what was lies shattered and broken. Irretrievable. Beyond reach. Beyond hope. And we ask ourselves, 'if there is a God, how can this happen?' Better to ask, 'if there is a God, must it be sane?'

Schanke (as they arrive at the Raven): Didn't take them long to get over it, did it? What is this, some sort of kinky wake?
Nick: Let's work the room.
Schanke: Ten minutes, Knight, and then we're out of here. Got it?
Nick: Got it.

Nick: I've been looking for you.
Cohen: Nicolas, how nice of you to drop by, I've missed you. Oh my, did I get smoke in your eyes? What on earth is the matter, Nicolas, haven't you ever seen a vintage Burgundy before?
Nick: (He smells's what she said) What are you doing here?
Cohen: Miklos is sick tonight. I own the joint. Here I am.
Nick: Yeah, well, I'm just looking for someone, actually. LaCroix?
Cohen: It doesn't ring a bell.
Nick: *Where can I find LaCroix? How long have you known me?*
Cohen: Years. From the day I opened the club.
Nick: *Why are there no vampires here?*
Cohen: Because there's no such thing as vampires.... Oh, my goodness. Perhaps I should have eaten something. Now tell me, Nicolas, we wouldn't be having some kind of relapse would we?
Schanke: We're not going to get word one from this crowd. No offence, Ms. Cohen, but your clientele could use a little bit of upgrading.
Cohen: Maybe you'd prefer it if they all wore baseball caps and ate chicken wings by the barrel? Maybe a wet t-shirt contest would--
Schanke: Knight! What the hell are you doing?
Cohen: Let him go, Detective. Unless you want to push him over the edge.

Janette: Nick? Are you all right? (Then comes the cries of a baby.) Oh, dammit. I just got him settled down!

Janette: So, where have you been all night?
Nick: Out.
Janette: Fine. Don't talk about always. If you are hungry there is leftover corn beef hash in the fridge. Take it or leave it.
Nick: No thanks.
Janette: I'm sorry, but its the best I can do on the salary that you bring home. Not to mention the two months rent we owe, the bills that are past due and the fact that the baby doesn't even have his own room in this godforsaken place. Nick.... We need you. I need you. Just talk to me....
Nick: A women was shot tonight. Killed. And I put her in the line of fire. There's going to be an investigation. I don't know. It might go my way, it might not.
Janette: Well get through it. We did last time.
Nick: LaCroix is dead. Our master is dead.
Janette: Oh no.... No, no, not this vampire nonsense again. Don't do this to me.
Nick: Don't do what? And why is everyone talking about the last time?
Janette: Oh no...your delusions are happening again. Nick, try to remember. The shootings at the stakeout two years ago? The woman who was killed in the line of fire? Try to remember.
Nick: I don't know what's happening to me.
(Nick flashes on several things/memories, and the baby starts crying again.
Janette: Nick! Nick, don't go! Please!

Nightcrawler--Tape: My word, Gentle Listener, what have I said to upset you so? That there is madness in the world. Fueled by hatred, by guilt, that we all share in the collective sins of our past, and that none will be forgiven. Is this not so?
Nick: Is that from tonight?
Schanke: The topic on the night in question was guilt, the collective sins, or some crap like that. That leads to madness, for there is madness in the world, born of guilt. Nutcase.
Alicia Carpenter: We couldn't trace the numbers but we may be able to get a fix on some of the locations by breaking down background sounds. (Turns on the tape) Something the tail end of this one.
Nightcrawler--Tape: Guilt is for the weak. To harbour it is to deny yourself freedom. To be a captive, a slave. The strong know this. They do what must be done, and think nothing of the consequences. And so they survive. Free. Agree or disagree. Discuss. And who have we here?
Nick--Tape: Your assassin.
Nightcrawler--Tape: (Laughs) Really. My, my, we are in a mood tonight.
Carpenter: (stops tape) Now, I can isolate that noise in the background. (She fiddles with it and replays the last bit, and the distant noises are clearer)
Nick: It's a buoy. He lives near the lake. There's something else. It's very faint.
Carpenter: I'll check it out. (Phone rings and she answers) Sound lab. Carpenter. (Waits a moment, and then hangs up) I hate to tell you this Nick, but IA is waiting for you at the precinct. Captain Lambert wants you there ASAP.
Schanke: Time to face the music, huh, Knight?

Lewis: Your service profile makes for some very interesting reading. Some might say disturbing. May I? 'Knight does not work well with others', 'is not a team player', 'frequently operates counter to department regulations', 'disregards orders'. Is it just me or does this sound like a police officer who should maybe be in another line of work?
Nick: I wouldn't know.
Lewis: 'Knight has a cavalier attitude towards his own safety and the safety of others'.
Nick: That's not true!
Lewis: What did you become a cop for, Knight? Couldn't have been for the discipline.
Nick: Doesn't matter how I answer, you'll twist it somehow. So....
Lewis: Guess we can add, mistrusts his fellow officers to the list. You are a loose cannon, aren't you? You know what I think? I think with you it's a power thing. Guys like you, you could be cops, you could be hired killers, it doesn't matter, the mentality's the same. Every time you flash your badge, every time you pull your gun, it's a kick, isn't it? Gives you that big tough guy rush.
Nick: You don't know what you're talking about.
Lewis: Is that a fact? Well, let's just pull back another layer and have a look-see shall we? You see, what I think is going on here is just smoke and mirrors. Inside you're terrified of being found out. Am I right? All this hero crap is just a cover. Oh, I've seen your psych report, and uh...people do talk. Your life's been threatening to fall apart on your for years. We both know you've been there before, and it's the same thing all over again. You're out of control Knight. But as long as you can be a cop, as long as you can fool yourself and others into believing that what you're doing is good, serving and protecting, then hey, you don't have to deal with the truth. And the truth is scary, isn't it? All your deepest fears, all the guilt, all the pain you've caused others, it's boiling just beneath the surface. A cop gets to that point and he makes mistakes. People die.

LaCroix: The sun was shining on the sea. Shining with all his might. He did his very best to keep the billows smooth and bright. And this was odd, because it was the middle of the night. Is the sun shining in the middle of your night? Is your wonderland getting curiouser and curiouser? As young Alice would say, is everything that you know, wrong? Good. That's exactly how it should be, Nicholas. Yes I'm talking to you, Nicholas. From nowhere, from everywhere.

Natalie: Where the hell have you been?
Nick: Why is everybody asking me that?
Natalie: Oh for God's sake come on in here, this dress is not for public consumption! Something I said?
Nick: Well, no, it's just I wasn't expecting this, I came to talk.
Natalie: Talk? I've been looking forward to this all week! Haven't you?
Nick: Well, yeah, uh, of course I have. Of course.
Natalie: Oh well, I suppose an IA grilling would ruin the mood for me too. But let's try to forget about all that tonight. What did you say to your wife?
Nick: What about?
Natalie: About us. I don't think she's going to buy that overtime line much longer. I know I wouldn't. Especially when it seems to happen every week at the same time.
Nick: Well, I didn't uh....
Natalie: You know, Nicholas, you really are one umbrella short of a cocktail sometimes. If she finds out about us, we're toast. And personally I don't want to have to put in for another transfer. And you, my dear, are on thin enough ice as it is. Here you are, something to loosen the screws.
Nick: Nat, you know I can't.
Natalie: Your off duty, Nicholas, and besides your captain commands you. Single malt. There really is nothing quite like it. Cheers, darling, and don't worry that pretty little head of yours about a thing. Oh, poor boy, did it go down the wrong way? Are you all right?
Nick: Yeah I'm fine. Well actually, I'm not fine. Everything is wrong, Nat. Nothing makes any sense!
Natalie: Nicholas, this IA thing will pass. Trust me.
Nick: It's not that. I'm married to Janette. I appear to being having an affair with you, and you're the Captain. Schanke...well, he's different. Everything is different except the damn shooting at the Raven. And Cohen...Amanda. It does not make sense. I mean, everything is real, but how can it be real?'s....
Natalie: Oh God, it's happening again, isn't it? You're not kidding.
Nick: Nat, what is happening again? I don't know. I can't remember. What is happening again?
Natalie: You lost it, Nicholas. You cracked up. And if its happening again, I suggest you go and seek help, now. Okay, look. Why don't you go home, dear. Get some sleep, and we can talk about this in the morning. Okay?

LaCroix: The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things. Of shoes, and ships, and sealing wax, and cabbages and kings, and why the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings. It's all nonsense, isn't it, poor Nicholas. Yes, all this guilt. That nice Ms. Lewis from Internal Affairs nearly had it right. I warned you, didn't I?

LaCroix: Do you know the rest of the tale of the walrus and the carpenter, by any chance? How they feasted on their unwitting little oyster pals? Hmmm. So delicious, and guilt-free. They hardly gave their treachery a second thought, really. They were hungry, they ate. End of story. But our story still has to be played out. I don't like being dead. It's...quite annoying, actually. But I will have my revenge. My killer will pay. And you will lead me to him. Won't you?
Nick: Why are you doing this? What's happening to me? (He turns, but LaCroix isn't there, no one is) Where are you? LaCroix, I need your help. (The baby starts crying) Come back!
Janette: What are you yelling for! Again you woke the baby. Where have you been? I called the precinct. They said you'd left hours ago.
Nick: I was out.
Janette: Out, oh out! It's wearing thin, isn't it, Nick!
Nick: I can't deal with this right now.
Janette: Don't you dare walk out on me twice in one night!
Nick: I have to. I have to work this through before I really do lose my mind.

Carpenter: Here, Listen.
Nightcrawler--Tape: And who have we here?
Nick--Tape: Your assassin.
Nightcrawler--Tape: Really?
Carpenter: I ran it through an audio co-comparator. The data base says stadium crowd noise.
Schanke: Okay. So he lives near the Skydome of the warehouse district. (To Nick) That's your neck of the woods.
Nick: Play it again. I'm still hearing something else in there.
(Nick can hear the sound of a baby crying when it's replayed)
Schanke: I don't hear anything. We're just spinning our wheels, here.

Nick: Cap? Uh, Amanda, spare a minute?
Cohen: Of course, Nicolas. What's your poison?
Nick: Not for me.
Cohen: In that case, what's on your mind?
Nick: That's a good question. Could you tell me about...the last time?
Cohen: You mean, your breakdown?
Nick: Yeah. What was I like back then? I mean, how did I behave? Be honest.
Cohen: You don't remember? You were quite a piece of work. I've seen my share of people on the edge in here, but you...(whistles)...mad as a hatter.
Nick: Delusional?
Cohen: Not unless you really were a vampire.
Nick: I claimed I was a vampire?
Cohen: It wasn't a claim really. You believed it. Told me in some detail, I'd rather forget. What is was like. Drinking human blood. This LaCroix, whoever he was, and you're history together. It was fascinating stuff, Nicolas, but after a while it wasn't funny anymore. You were getting a little creepy, if you know what I mean.
Nick: How do I seem to you now?
Cohen: A little stressed. Nicolas, it's not happening again, is it?
Nick: Frankly, I don't know.
Cohen: Look, if there is anything I can do, just call. I'll help you in any way I can. I know therapy's expensive.

Natalie: Lewis has filed her decision. Put your gun and your badge on my desk. You're suspended without pay. I'm sorry Nicholas, but I think this may be the best thing for you. IA and I both agree that you really do need some help.

Janette: Just went to sleep.
Nick: I'm sorry about before. I've been suspended.
Janette: Hmmm. Your performance not satisfying the Captain? What happened to you Nick? What happened to your vitality and your humanity? Your life...somewhere you lost faith in us. You stopped dealing with what your life had become. With what you had become. Lonely and unhappy and incapable of love. So you turned away from us. From yourself. It's not the shootings that are driving you crazy, Nick. It's the guilt of losing your humanity. For God's sake start dealing with it, before it completely destroys you.

LaCroix: The jaws that bite, the claws that catch. His vorpal blade went snicker-snack. Time to kill papa. As I said Nicholas, now that you have led me to the killer, I will have my revenge.

A series of memories/flashbacks to previous bits of the ep:
LaCroix: My, my, we are in a mood tonight.
Cohen: I'll help you in any way I can. I know therapy's expensive.
Janette: Out, oh out! It's wearing thin, isn't it, Nick!
Janette: Don't you dare walk out on me twice in one night!
Nick: I have to.
Natalie: Cheers, darling, and don't worry that pretty little head of yours.
Lewis: You're out of control Knight. And the truth is scary, isn't it?
Nick: Your assassin.
Schanke: Time to face the music, huh, Knight?

And a 'flashback':
LaCroix: Beware the Jabberwock, my son, the jaws that bite, the claws that catch. Nicholas, come to slay the Jabberwock? One two, one two, and through and through, his vorpal blade went snicker-snack. Time to kill papa. (Nick stabs him with the blade. He falls, then momentarily 'sits up') And hast thou slain the Jabberwock? Happy Nicholas? Absolved? Free? (He dies)

LaCroix: Come to my arms, my beamish boy, oh frabjous day, callooh, callay, he chortled in his joy.
Nick: You know what's going on. You've been expecting this.
LaCroix: Yes.
Nick: Where are we? Really?
LaCroix: Here. This is all quite real.
Nick: But I didn't kill you. I couldn't have. Not with a knife.
LaCroix: Of course not. (He pulls the knife out and tosses it to Nick) I warned you about this, many years ago, of what would happen if you insisted on allowing your guilt to fester. We do not have the capacity to contain it. When we become vampires, we lose that particular mortal gift. To us then, guilt is a disease that we cannot control. It takes on a life of its own, so to speak. This life...this strange little world you've been living's all your guilt incarnate.
Nick: But...?
LaCroix: Confused? I shouldn't wonder. Examine the facts. You're married to Janette, having a torrid affair with your medical examiner friend. Being bossed around by Schanke, and confessing all to your Captain.
Nick: Everything I've denied them.
LaCroix: Everything you feel guilty about, and more. Eight centuries rising to haunt you. So unnecessary. If only you had listened to me.
Nick: But I'm not like you, LaCroix. I can't dismiss the pain I've caused others.
LaCroix: You must. Going through this stage has only pushed the guilt back. It will surface again, with more ferocity if you do not release it.
Nick: I can't.
LaCroix: Then I'll do it for you. (Kicking Nick in the jaw.) This is hurting me far more than it's hurting you. (Throws Nick around a bit.) What is the greatest guilt that you carry Nicholas? Your hatred of what you are and the fact that you're still alive. (He stakes Nick)


Schanke: What's with turning off your phone Nick. We've been trying to reach you all night. IA's report is coming down. Captain wants to see you at the precinct as soon as pos.... You okay?
Nick: It all depends.
Schanke: On what?
Nick: On what the Captain's name is.
Schanke: The Captain's name? Have you fallen on your head or something?
Nick: Just humor me, Schanke.
Schanke: Cohen. Got any more brilliant questions?
Nick: No. No, let's go. It's time to face the music.
Schanke: Yeah.

Nick: I take it the recommendation from Internal Affairs came in.
Cohen: I'll get straight to the point. 'It is our determination that Detective Knight acted in a manner consistent with department guidelines with respect to the public safety. And therefore should be exonerated of any wrongdoing in this matter.'
Schanke: Yes!
Cohen: I want you to forget this ever happened. There's no need whatsoever to feel guilty about this shooting. You did everything you could, Nick.
Nick: I'll try Captain. But how do you get rid of guilt? I guess you just have to find ways to deal with it.
Cohen: Easier said than done, Nick.
Schanke: C'mon partner, let's celebrate.
Nick: I can't, I'm on duty.
Schanke: So, at least walk me to the coffee machine?

Cohen: What's this Lewis?
Lewis: It just came in. It's a homicide, at a radio station.

Just something a little extra... :) Jabberwocky

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