Note: I have a near transcript of this ep here if one is interested, which has a little more than what's below (including which episodes the flashbacks are from).

Nick: Schank.
Schanke: What?
Nick: Listen to me. Look at me.
Schanke: What?
Nick: *Forget what you saw. You didn't see anyone, or anything fly, do you understand?*
Schanke: I understand.
Nick: *Now let's get out of here. You're going to drop me off, and take my car for the day. See if you can get it washed too.*
Schanke: Listen, you were right in my line of fire. I can't believe you did that!
Nick: Lucky you were a crack shot.

Nick: You okay with this, now?
Schanke: The shoot? It was him or me, I had to take him down.
Nick: No, I mean emotionally, Schank.
Schanke: Yeah, it was a piece of cake with a rose on it.
Nick: The sun's coming up, I gotta get home....
Schanke: I'll drop you off.
Nick: How are you going to do that? Huh? I mean, your car's in the shop. How are you going to get home?
Schanke: I'll take the Caddy and I'll drop you off at home and I'll pick you up for work tonight. Ah, hell, I'll even wash it for you.
Nick: Well, that sounds like a good deal. You drive. I'll the trunk.
Schanke: In the trunk? Come on, Nick, you're not that allergic to sunshine. A tan'll do you good. What's a little sunburn?
Nick: Listen, I don't tan, I don't burn, I implode.

Schanke: You know, why don't you drive a nice clean city car, huh? A regular beater. I mean, we all know you're 'Joe Cool' but I think that-
Nick: Trunk space.
Schanke: Truck space?
Nick: Mmmm. The 1962 Cadillac has more trunk space than any car made in the last thirty years.
Schanke: Trunk space. I knew that.

Schanke: Whatever gets you through the day.

Schanke: I took him home in the trunk of his car like he was so many groceries. I'm telling you, Natalie, he is just too weird!
Natalie: Nick has to protect himself, Schank. Sign there. Sometimes that means doing desperate things. And here, and here, and way down there.
Schanke: If I sold my soul to the devil he wouldn't make me sign so many forms.
Natalie: Officer involved shooting always means a lot more book-work, Schanke. How are you doing, by the way?
Schanke: Oh, you sound just like Nick. He's worried about my emotional state. You know, between you and me and the lamppost, I'm a little ticked off at the guy! Listen, in all the time you've known him, you ever had a feeling about him?
Natalie: A feeling?
Schanke: Yeah. Like he' he's different. A candidate for the laughing academy, perhaps, a psycho? Aside from the fact that I drove him home this morning in the trunk of his car.... I have the distinct thought that Nick Knight is a little too gallant under fire.

Natalie: Schank.
Schanke: I'm telling you Natalie, he's getting real scary. He acts like he's got nothing to lose. Maybe he thinks he never can be killed or he's never gonna die.
Natalie: Oh, come on, he's not that irresponsible!
Schanke: He all but flew in front of my gun to make that collar, and I still don't know how he did it. As a matter of fact, I ride with him every night, I put my life in his hands, and I really don't know that much about him, do I?
Natalie: Look, it's been a long night, Schank. Maybe you should go home and crash.
Schanke: I do not want a partner who's an occupational safety hazard. If he's a certifiable nutcase, I think I deserve to know now! Yeah, as a matter of fact, I'm going to start asking some hard questions, find out exactly who this Detective Nick Knight really is!
Natalie: Schank, wait!

Schanke: Come on, Nick. Come on. Answer your damn phone, Nick!
Cohen: Checking up on your partner?
Schanke: Yeah, he's not answering. (Hangs up the phone.) He knows I got it in for him.
Cohen: Oh, really?
Schanke: Ya know, he's really starting to bug me. He's always got to be the first one in--first cop on the scene. He hits every beach like it's Normandy.

Gunman: Shut up!
Nick: Metro police. Release the girl and respond! Now!
Gunman: I'm gonna kill her!
(Nick kicks in the door, the gunman fires, and the hostage continues to scream.)
Gunman: Shut up. Shut up! Shut up!

Schanke: It's got to be a Mag 10 or an Uzi.
Nick: Back wall near the window. He's got the girl in front of him. Don't shoot.
Schanke: You, you can see in there?
Nick: Try to get him to talk. I'll go around.
Schanke: Around? What the hell's around?

Schanke: You've gotta tell me what you want! How do I know what to give you, all right?
Gunman: (After firing again) You know! Dammit, you know. I'm gonna kill her. I have to do this. You son of a bitch. (Behind the gunman, Nick appears in the window, eyes glowing.) You have it. You'll lie to me. I know you have it. I know you have it!
Schanke: I have it, I have it, just cool out, all right?
Gunman: I know you do! No!
(Nick breaks the window and pulls the gunman through it.)

Schanke: You know, I must have worked fifty-two arrests with the guy and he is the first cop in on the scene. I'm Lieutenant Tortoise, he's Detective Hare!
Cohen: Schanke, are you all right about last night?
Schanke: I'm fine. The guy killed a security guard in cold blood. I'm more than fine.
Cohen: Detective, I've been where you are. Nobody's as tough as you're pretending to be right now.
Schanke: Don't get all soft and runny on me Captain. I can cope. Nothing sticks to Teflon Don.
Cohen: See me later if it hits you. Oh, and don't forget your completed officer involved shooting report. We got a positive ID on your perp, by the way. I sent some uniforms over to do the follow-up.
Schanke: The follow-up?
Cohen: You know--get some background, notify the family.

Schanke: You know, I can really see you two together. You must have been really something once.
Janette: It was a very long time ago.
Schanke: I know, when, in college, right?
Janette: No...actually, it was closer to the Renaissance.

Schanke: Hello? Hello...? Janette? Anybody home? Yod-alay-hee-hoo. Aloha? (A little time passes) And I thought this place was spooky at night.

Alma: Wanna dance, or ah, maybe something else?
Schanke: Well, yeah, I uh, sure I....

Schanke: So what's a girl like you doing in a place like this?
Alma: It's a life.
Schanke: I can't believe I'm actually dancing to this stuff.
Alma: And what else goes with dancing?
Schanke: I don't know uh, dinning?
Alma: *I was thinking of something else.*

Alma: Honey, baby, sugar.... I think your plumbing needs a little flushing, don't you? That's how I'm going to treat my patients. Take slow easy breaths, kiddo. We don't want your blood to boil. It spoils the taste. It's okay...breathe.... I'm going to cure you, you macho dog.
Janette: Alma!
Schanke: Where am I?
Janette: Just get out of here.... Alma's not the kind of woman that you want to play around with. The consequences could have proved fatal.
Schanke: What, you mean she might have- You mean I could have caught something like-
Janette: Let's just say that you would have become a permanent member of the night shift. (Janette tightly grabs his arm as he heads for the door) Never ever come back to this club, Mr. Schanke. Believe me, I'm doing you a favor.

Schanke: I know, when, in college, right?
Janette: No...actually, it was closer to the Renaissance.

Schanke: It can't be....
Janette: It isn't.
(Schanke jumps at that)
Janette: What are you doing here?!
Schanke: It's about Nick. I can explain. I'm really really sorry, but I can explain.
Janette: This better be very good.

Schanke: Your grandparents?
Janette: Yes, the resemblance is amazing, isn't it?
Schanke: Yeah.
Janette: So, in fact, Nicolas is the subject of your latest investigation?
Schanke: Yes. I came to talk to you, Janette, cuz you're his friend. I mean, you have some serious history, your families go back a hundred years. I'm really concerned about Nick. Something's not quite right about him. Something weird.
Janette: Nicolas? Weird you say?
Schanke: Yeah. I mean in all the time that you've known him, have you witnessed any sort of...bizarre things that he's done? Any sort of suicidal behavior? Like hijacking a city bus, for example?

Schanke: Knight? What the hell? Knight! Hey Nick?! (Someone honks their horn) All right, keep your pants on!

Bus Driver: (After Nick's run-in with the bus) What the hell do you think you're doing!
Nick: Police officer! (Nick gets on bus, goes though, and gets off)
Bus Driver: I don't care if you're Mother Teresa on a pizza run! I've got a bus load of people here, and you almost turned them into road kill!
Schanke: Get back in the bus, this is police business. Back in the bus! This is police business, isn't it?
Bus Driver: What about my schedule?
Schanke: I will schedule you down...

Schanke: I remember how strange he was after. He wouldn't talk about it at all. I mean, he does these totally outlandish things and then when I ask him questions about it, he ignores me totally, like last night.
Janette: Hmm. Last night?
Schanke: Yeah, we got caught in a shoot out downtown. Guy wouldn't be taken alive, so I had to eighty-six him.
Janette: How many?
Schanke: I had to kill him to stop him, and I almost killed Nick in the process.
Janette: Oh dear.
Schanke: Yeah, I had the perp cornered, right? And Nick just flew right in there, like.... Do you know anything about this Nightcrawler guy? Cuz, I've noticed that Nick's a big fan of his, and I was wondering if-
Janette: *Detective Schanke, listen to me. Don't probe into Nicolas's affairs.*
Schanke: Don't probe....
Janette: *Go back to work. Forget you were here. Take the night off. You need a rest.*
Schanke: Need a rest. Need a rest. You're under arrest. Anything you say will be used against you in a court.... Janette? Wha...have I been here a while?

Schanke: Excuse me.
Cop: You park this here?
Schanke: What?
Cop: Did you park this here?
Schanke: Yeah. Yeah, I...yeah, I think I parked.... Yeah, I did.
Cop: Could I see your license?
Schanke: Yeah. (Pulls out and holds up his badge)
Cop: You're a cop?
Schanke: Yeah. Yeah, right, I'm a...I'm a cop.
Cop: So this is your car?
Schanke: No.... No, it's not.
Cop: Well, then, I'd like to see the registration.
Schanke: Yeah...yeah.

Schanke: It's got to be here somewhere. Really, it does. (Finds an envelope that looks promising) Ah...jackpot. (He takes out a thin brown wallet) Look at that. An old New York driver's license--Nicholas Forrester. (Snaps out of his thoughts) Registration. Right. I'll get it. Let me work on it, okay?

Schanke: (On the phone) So it's Nick's car and I uh, got a parking ticket. Oh, you find that funny, Vera? Why don't you just fax his registration over to traffic, okay? And while I got you, can you run an archive check for me? Yeah, it's a New York license--F33275I291253051 expires 1963. Get all of the particulars--passport uh, birth certificate, all that stuff. I owe you some donut holes, Vera...and don't tell Nick about the parking ticket, okay? Love ya. (He hangs up the phone, puts his hands up to his face and rubs his eyes)
Cohen: Detective Schanke, are you still here?
Schanke: Same as you, Captain. I'm always here.
Cohen: What about your report?
Schanke: Almost finished. (He yawns)
Cohen: Leave it. Go home. You look like you've been away for a week.

Flashback sequence:
Janette: *Listen to me. Don't probe into Nicolas's affairs.*
Nick: *Forget what you saw. You didn't see anyone, or anyone, fly. Do you understand?*
Janette: *You need a rest.*
Nick: *Forget what you saw.*
Janette: *Forget you were here.*
Nick: *See if you can get it washed too.*
Janette: *You need a need a rest...* (etc. fades out)

Vera: Schanke? Hey, your wife called for you.
Schanke: (He wakes up with a start) I have to wash the car.
Vera: What?
Schanke: I have to forget about flying.
Vera: Schanke, are you all right? (He looks over at her) Hi....
Schanke: Oh, Vera. Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine, really.
Vera: Here's the follow-up on that archive I pulled for you. You really look sleepy. You should go home.
Schanke: Please.

Schanke: (On the phone) Hi Myra, listen, baby. Yeah, I'm fine. I'm really fine. I know I'm late. I might be later. Something important just came in.

Schanke: I'm telling you, Natalie. She hypnotized me. Nick too.
Natalie: She hypnotized Nick?
Schanke: No, no, no, no, no. Nick did it to me.
Natalie: Okay. Okay, I'll bite. Why?
Schanke: I don't know. It worked! They made me forget, and that's all I remember.
Natalie: Schank, go home, have a hot bath, and take two of these....
Schanke: (starting before Nat finished) No, you don't understand. I do not want to sleep. I have been sleeping for a long time. I used to overlook stuff, make excuses for him. But now...I am not so sure.

Tawny: How long have you known Detective Knight?
Schanke: I don't know...a year, maybe.
Tawny: Does he seem sort of eccentric to you?
Schanke: Nick, Eccentric? You mean the skin condition thing?
Tawny: That, Yes.
Schanke: You mean the only ever working night shift thing? You mean the fact that he has no family and shies away from social functions, like bowling and other stuff with the cops? Still hasn't bought me one meal? Never seems to eat himself, not even doughnuts? Eccentric? Nah....

Cop 1: You're not going to believe this. He's got a sunbed up there.
Schanke: He's got a sunbed?
IA Cop (Rogers): I thought he was allergic to the sun or something?
Schanke: Well, he is. I'm..I'm sure there's a logical explanation for this and... Look, Knight does have his, uh, eccentric side, but that still doesn't make him-
Cop 2: Hey, does anyone know why this guy would have blood in his refrigerator?
Schanke: Blood?
IA Cop (Rogers): Yeah. Blood.
Schanke: Blood.

Vera: Get you anything, Detective? Some coffee? Dog from the deli? Donut holes? You really look beat.
Schanke: (yawning) No thanks, Vera.
Vera: Geez. Must be working on something real important to be here during the day. Must be some case.
Schanke: What?
Vera: Those the clues? John Doe 199, huh? (Reading from his sheet) Allergic to sun. Hypnotize. Needs blood. (Then, jokingly) You're looking for a vampire, right?

Schanke: A vampire can move among mortals, but only by night. He can never see daylight, for the sun will incinerate him.

Nick: Can we get out of here, please?
Schanke: Nice outfit. Don't you think you're overreacting a little to this ozone thing?
Nick: Not really. Drive.

Schanke: In the trunk? Come on, Nick, you're not that allergic to sunshine. A tan'll do you good. What's a little sunburn?
Nick: Listen, I don't tan, I don't burn, I implode.

Schanke: He is gifted with extraordinary powers, incredible strength and physical prowess.

Schanke: Police! Nick, bring him back in.
Guy: Please.
Nick: He doesn't deserve to live, Schanke.
Schanke: Nick, you solved this thing. Besides, think of the paperwork if you drop him.
(Nick pulls him in)
Guy: Keep him away from me! He's, he's a monster!
Nick: Get him out of here.

Schanke: Has the ability to fly and move more quickly than the eye can perceive.

Schanke: The ability to persuade through mesmerism.

Nick: Look at me.

Janette: Detective Schanke, listen to me.

Schanke: They made me forget and that's all I remember.

Schanke: And he must nourish these skills with ever increasing supplies of fresh blood.

Janette: (to Nick) Just taste it. You can't deny what you are. You need it.
Schanke: (Out of earshot) Hey Knight! Knight?!

Schanke: This is truly pathetic. Should we be talking about an alcohol problem here?
Nick: Uh, they were presents.
Schanke: Presents.
Natalie: Left over from Christmas.
Nick: Ah...and my last birthday party.
Natalie: Gifts.
Nick: Yeah.
Schanke: Well, for your information, red wine is not supposed to be refrigerated.
Nick and Natalie: Oh....

Schanke: Knight does have his, uh, eccentric side, but that still doesn't make him-
Cop 2: Hey, does anyone know why this guy would have blood in his refrigerator?
Schanke: Blood?
IA Cop (Rogers): Yeah. Blood.

Schanke: For all intents and purposes he is immortal. Coursing through the ages, assuming and disposing of identities as easily as mere mortals change clothing.

Nick: Let's get you back. I'm glad you're here, Schanke.
Schanke: Nick, I don't know what to say, I've been a real....
Nick: Call it temporary insanity, huh?
Schanke: You know how sometimes you get so full of one life you want another?
Nick: Yeah. Yeah, I've been there, I've done that.

Schanke: Different identities, different careers, always searching and always moving. Vampires fear symbols of redemption, such as crosses.

Bridget: Nick, I was just thanking him for the beautiful gift he gave him. See? (She holds up a cross and Nick swerves the Caddy.)

Schanke: Vampires often form loose societies with others of their kind, other vampires who travel the lonely road through time with them.

Schanke: Your grandparents?

Schanke: Vampires recruit new members of their society from among their mortal acquaintances. These new vampires often maintain an unfailing allegiance, over time, to their master vampire, the vampire who brought them across into the perpetually dark, godless world of the undead.

Nightcrawler: How ever worthless you feel, my friend, however bleak it all seems, in the end, you can come to me. You will always have something that I value, part of you that I will always welcome. Trust me, because I am the Nightcrawler.
Schanke: Why do you listen to that creep?
Nick: It's an acquired taste.

Schanke: Have you been to a barbeque or something?

Schanke: Vampires often maintain an unfailing allegiance, over time, to their master vampire.

Nick: Janette. Something wrong?
Janette: You'd better hope not.

Schanke: Hello? Yod-alay-hee-hoo. Aloha? Hello? Anybody home? (Turns and nearly runs into LaCroix) Oh! What are you trying to give me, a heart attack?
LaCroix: Maybe.
Schanke: You people make a habit of sneaking up all the time?
LaCroix: We...people?

Janette: Then, he asked about the Nightcrawler. He made the connection somehow. What do we do if he confronts LaCroix with his suspicions?
Nick: You said you fixed it.
Janette: I said I hope I fixed it.
(There's a knock on the door.)
Nick: It's open. Schank, is that you?
Natalie: Nick, we have a problem.
Nick: Yeah, I know. Uh, Janette told me. We'll find him and we'll deal with it.

LaCroix: So welcome once again, children of the night. I'm here to share myself with you, while you share yourselves with me.
Schanke: Okay. I'm here because I want to talk about Nicholas.
LaCroix: What do you want to know?
Schanke: Okay. Is he a... (He coughs) Is he a vampire? Are you?
LaCroix: You tell me.
Schanke: Okay. I know...I know this is gonna sound crazy. But lately there's been a lot of weird stuff that just haven't been adding up. Nick rides in the trunk. He can't go out in the sun. One minute he's here, the next minute he's gone. Like a bat! Did you know, get this, that we found blood in his icebox?!
LaCroix: Human blood?
Schanke: No. He had blood from a steer.
LaCroix: Oh....
Schanke: I know. My sentiments exactly. That's what I said. He says he uses it for painting.
LaCroix: Raphael showed him that.
Schanke: Huh?
LaCroix: Tell me, Detective. What has changed in you to make these things so suddenly apparent? (Schanke gestures to the chair, at which LaCroix also gestured toward it.) Please....
Schanke: (sitting down) Thanks. I don't know. I do know, I...I had a real bad night last night.
LaCroix: I know the feeling well.
Schanke: Do you? We got into a fire-fight. Nick was there, he could tell you all about it. I had to waste a guy.
LaCroix: An awful thing. To waste people.
Schanke: It is. I killed him. I had no choice.
(Nick and Janette arrive at CERK.)
LaCroix: And how did you feel, Detective Schanke?
Schanke: How'd it make me feel? Not real good, I can tell you. (Nick and Janette are in the background, but Schanke can't see them) I found out after that the guy had a family, you know? Maybe he was rotten to them, but I know that somewhere some kid is thinking about his dad, wondering what happened, wondering what life's going to be like without him.
LaCroix: No, no, no, no, no. When you killed this man, did you feel a surge of strength within you, a burst of adrenaline?
Schanke: No. No, it wasn't anything like that. No matter what anybody says, it wasn't anything like that. Well, I've got to admit, my heart was beating like a rabbit, the guy did have the draw on me. You know, it would have been curtains if...if Nick wasn't there to save my ass.... Have I been an idiot. I've been running around all day butting my nose into Nick's affairs when the guy saved my life. I'm a first class fool.
LaCroix: (Not quite hypnotizing, but, seems to be influencing, a bit) You're tired, Detective. Under tremendous stress. Stress and trauma. Any shock to the system will play on the imagination, fill us with bizarre obsessions, fantasies if you like.
Schanke: Yeah.... Yeah.
LaCroix: Go home Detective. Go home to your family and let Nicholas be with Janette and myself. We're the only family Nick has ever had.
Schanke: What are you saying? That he's adopted?
LaCroix: In a manner of speaking, yes.
Schanke: And..uh..well...he's not a....
LaCroix: What do you think? Really?
Schanke: I think I need a drink. (He stands up.) Listen, uh, I just want uh, to thank you for um, talking to me, Mr. uh...Mr. uh..Nightcrawler. (Holds out his hand, which LaCroix takes)
LaCroix: Only a real pleasure, Don.
Schanke: (Jerking his hand back) And uh, please, don't uh, tell Nick about this, ever.
LaCroix: Detective, you asked me if Nicholas is different. Au contraire. The Nicholas that I know is very much like you. He doesn't like to kill people, either. (He stands)
Schanke: Thanks....

Cohen: Can I help you Doctor Lambert?
Natalie: Captain. Have you heard from Nick or Schanke?
Cohen: Schanke booked off sick. I think it's the best thing after all he's been though. No word from Knight, yet.
Natalie: You don't happen to know if Schanke went straight home, do you?
Cohen: He said he had something really important to do. I told him just go home, but he insisted it was really important. Is anything wrong, Doctor?
Natalie: No. No, I.... Well, actually, I talked to Schanke earlier about the shooting, and...and everything and he seemed a bit weird about it.
Cohen: I noticed it too. I'm sure he'll be fine.
Natalie: I hope so. Wherever he is.

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