Terry(?): Credit card, phone.... A valentine. (Goes over, sits in a chair, and opens the valentine) For my valentine. I have gazed upon the rose's petal, the lily stem so fine.... But none compared to your flower face.... (first looks over the card for the rest, then looks up, stands, and reads what's written on the wall) And now you will be Mine. (She is attacked and choked to death)

Nightcrawler: Love. A blip on the monitor of involuntary human response. A hiccup of emotion when compared with envy, hatred, lust. And just who was this St. Valentine? A bishop. Roman, third century, got his head sliced off. Ouch. For marrying lovers against his emperor's decree. You see, Claudius II believed that men made better warriors unmarried. Power comes with the absence of love. Love drains us of our strength. We never learn, do we?

Brabant: 1228-1230 or so

Fleur de Brabant: Lucien, please. Take me. I cannot live without you.

Nightcrawler: And you say that love conquers all. Well not for you, St. Valentine. Not for me. Not for any of the...heartbroken.

Natalie: Is that LaCroix talking about love? I can't imagine why some woman hasn't snapped him up.
Nick: I take it he's not your type.
Natalie: What insanity compels you to tune him in?
Nick: You know, I'm not sure. Maybe he's so down, he brings me up?
Natalie: I knew it couldn't be your sweet tooth. Just a few underexposed cells, that's all I need.
Nick: You know, you're right. He does sound gloomier than usual.
Natalie: Well, you know, it is almost Valentine's Day. All this talk of love makes people do very strange things. I actually saw your captain whispering sweet nothings into the phone today.
Nick: Cohen?
Natalie: Hmmm.
Nick: Well of course, why shouldn't she?
Natalie: Why, indeed? Now then, the Vitamin A supplements don't seem to be having that much of an affect, so, since you're tolerating them, why don't we double the dosage?
Nick: The dosage might not have anything to do with it, Nat. I keep forgetting to take them.
Natalie: Aha. I thought as much, which is why I got you this.
Nick: Well what is it?
Natalie: It's a sterling pillbox.
Nick: (Takes it out of the tissue) It's beautiful. It's just what I need.
Natalie: Well, technically speaking it's sort of a Valentine--kind of--thing. Completely platonic, of course. Any little thing that I can do to make you feel a bit more human.
Nick: Well, sometimes I do now. Sometimes. Certain times, with certain people.
(Both the Nick's phone and Natalie's beeper go off)
Natalie: There's only one thing that can makes us both this popular.

Nick: Got a pay stub from an ad agency here. Looks like she did research.
Schanke: Judging by her salary, she was very good at her job. What do you make of this?
Nick: It's handwritten.
Schanke: Yeah, the killer's calling card. Similar to the writing on the wall. A love letter from hell.
Natalie: I don't know. Do you remember those little candy hearts with the messages on them we used to exchange at school? Don't be shy. Your the tops.
Nick: No. Not exactly.
Natalie: Oh, well, take my word for it. This is sort of like 'Will You Be Mine' with an awful twist.
Nick: You think it would take more than that to sweep a woman like her off her feet.
Natalie: Can't say I don't identify. She looks like she had a demanding career. Probably consumed with her work. Not much time for affairs of the heart. Sometimes it's the little things that sweep us off our feet.
Nick: I suppose it was vulnerability that the killer was banking on. He knew she'd be thrilled with a love note for one, critical, moment.

Janette: Quickly, Nicolas, get out of the sun!
LaCroix: Madness! Utter madness! We should never have come here. This...this is what I get for humouring you, Nicholas. It will not happen again.
Nick: My mother and sister have not seen me since I left for the crusades. I'm not disappearing again without seeing them one last time.
Janette: That is all very well and good, Nicolas, but you presume a great deal that we are prepared to die for one thing which we are not.
Nick: They are my flesh and blood.
LaCroix: Not anymore! Just get on with it.
Fleur: (Coming down the stairs) Nicolas? You're back! Nicolas! Oh, my dearest brother, thank God that you are home! Can it be you after all these years?
Nick: And you a woman now. I can't believe my eyes. My little flower has blossomed. My little Fleur.
Fleur: You must tell me everything, the crusade, the adventures!
Nick: I do not mean to be rude, but we are sick from travel without rest. And we have been injured in a skirmish down the road.
Fleur: What terrible misfortune has befallen upon you all? This gentlemen's suffering is very great. (She reaches up to LaCroix' wound, but he stops her)
Nick's mother: Nicolas! A miracle. After all this time, I was certain you'd been killed in battle. But what's happened? You're so pale.
Nick: We have not slept in three days. These are my travel companions. Janette du Charm and Lucien LaCroix.
Nick's mother: You must eat.
Nick: We...we could not go on another moment without rest.
Nick's mother: But Nicolas....
Nick: No, please.... Please, Mother. Excuse me, I will tell all tonight.
Nick's mother: Very well, then. Tonight. I must be content with knowing that you are safely home at last.
Nick's mother: My dearest mother.
(They all start walking toward the stairs)
Fleur: (Seeing LaCroix stumble slightly) Monsieur! (She steadies him)
LaCroix: Forgive me, I.... I need to rest.
Fleur: Yes. Come.

Cohen: Go to move fast on this one. We may have a connection to a pair of homicides in Montreal last year. Valentine killer. Same MO. So our perp could be into multiples. Find anything?
Nick: Well, we'll get the Valentine's card down to forensics. Her personals and paperwork will take a day to go through.
Schanke: Yeah, right. If she has as many unpaid bills as she does overdue library books, it'll take a lot longer.
Cohen: The 14th is in two days, gentlemen. Let's make sure cupid has his wings clipped before he strikes again.
Schanke: Which reminds me, I got to get in touch with my travel agent about those two-for-one deals to Vegas. You know, the loser who came up with February 14th for Valentine's Fifty-one days between playing big-spender Santa and shower-her-with-gifts cupid. It's ridiculous!
Nick: Vegas? I thought Myra was counting on a trip to Hawaii?
Schanke: I'm sure one of those big casinos has a beach in it. That's all she wants, anyway.
Nick: Are you sure? I seem to recall a fallout when you took her camping to Buffalo as opposed to the Caribbean cruise.
Schanke: Everything was okay, you know...once we got the mosquito netting put up. The problem is women do not know what they want, Nick.
Nick: Really?
Schanke: Yeah.
Nick: Yeah, well, I think the killer knew what he wanted. Poetry. A little romance, and he's in the door. You know what I think women want, Schank? A man who's not afraid to express his love. (He walks over to Natalie) Nat? Take you to your car?

Nightcrawler: Does love really exist in this hedonistic world of ours? Or is it only our selfish needs, our own desires that fuel the potion? Does she love *me*, love *me* not? What does it really matter? What hellish alchemy ever does?

LaCroix: A good book is hard to put down.
Fleur: The heavens. They're my new passion.
LaCroix: And a very old one of mine.
Fleur: They say a benevolent power flows through one who heals quickly.
LaCroix: A generous compliment that I don't deserve. More accurately, my pain evaporated with the warmth of your touch.
Fleur: You flatter me, and yet, something troubles you.
LaCroix: (pulls out a rose bud) For you.
(Fleur cuts her finger on the thorns, and LaCroix takes her hand and brings it to his mouth, getting a taste of her blood)
Janette: (entering with Nick) Let them be, Nicolas. The attraction seems mutual.
Nick: It cannot me. Fleur is one who has always brought. The world needs her mortal love. (Then, speaking louder) Excuse us. We've been asked to invite you to dinner.

Nightcrawler: Just say no to love. A carnival kewpie and a...electric blanket will give you more satisfaction. Don't give them your heart.

Nick: Ooh, now that's something that Myra would flip over, huh?
Schanke: Yeah, so would my accountant.
Cohen: The psych evaluations came back. Looks like it's our guy from Montreal. The victims were both single career women, and the killer used Valentines to lure them in. Corny approach, but it seems to work.
Schanke: Kind of a traditional fellow, huh?
Cohen: The profile says he's smart, creative, but has a marked ambivalence towards women that he can only reconcile through violence.
Schanke: Ah, the old love-hate thing.
Cohen: Something like that. I've got the files from Montreal police. Natalie and forensics are working on a match.
Schanke: What? You get tanked and I missed it?
Nick: Vitamin A for my skin condition. (Looks at the inscription--'Don't forget your vitamins, Love, Nat')

Cohen: The fact that he waits for Valentine's Day for his killing spree is pretty typical. Shrinks always report an increase of depression around holidays. They're hard.
Schanke: Yeah, especially on your pocket book.
Nick: Especially if you're single.

Natalie: Forensics is still doing the handwriting analysis, but it's the same guy. The mode of killing is identical to the Montreal murders. The choke hold was so strong it dislodged vertebrae.
Nick: Physically powerful, but unsuccessful in relationships. Inept at getting what he wants in life.
Schanke: Except for victims. You know, it's hard to believe that any woman would fall for this.
Nick: Any woman who's romantically neglected is a target, Schank.
Schanke: Listen, I better give Myra a jingle. She should be through washing the cars by now. See ya. (He leaves)
Nick: Poor Myra.
Natalie: Schank's no prince, but at least he cares.
Nick: Nat?
Natalie: Yeah?
Nick: This case is really getting to you, huh?
Natalie: Does it show?
Nick: To me it does.
Natalie: (her beeper goes off) I got to go to the lab. Um, why don't you give me a call tomorrow. I should have something definite by then.
Nick: (catching her hand before she runs off) Hey, Nat. Um, if we find anything, we'll call you. You'll be at home?
Natalie: Yeah, call.
(Nick kisses the back of her hand and she leaves.)

Nick: I know what's on your mind.
LaCroix: Of course you do.
Nick: You must stop this. If you're punishing me for bringing you here, you have made your point. You cannot be in love. You've not one shred of humanity left in you.
LaCroix: I would have agreed before we arrived. How do you think this makes *me* feel? I can't control it, I can't accept it, and yet, it is.
Nick: Let go your mortal bonds. Have you forgotten your own lessons?!
LaCroix: No, of course I haven't forgotten! But, Fleur is everything that I am not. She is pure, life-giving.... My immortality has nothing to do with my feeling. Love. (He walks off)

Nick: Perfect timing. Schanke's spelling me on the microfiche(?). Handwriting's a dead-on match.
Natalie: That's a poor choice of words.
Nick: Give you a hand?
Natalie: Be my guest.

Natalie: So I thought you were just going to phone?
Nick: Yeah, well, I was just driving and thinking and, the next thing I knew, I ended up in your neck of the woods, so I thought I'd come and visit.
Natalie: Why not?
Nick: You're not...doing anything...I didn't....
Natalie: I just through some dinner in the microwave. Visit all you like.
(Nick takes his jacket off)
Natalie: So...driving and thinking.
Nick: Yeah, well, sometimes the car is the best place in the world to think.
Natalie: For me, it's the bath. Driving and thinking about what?
Nick: About what? About nothing. About everything. About me, about you. About us.
Natalie: What about us?
Nick: Come here. (She get off the couch and goes over to him) What are we going to do about this, huh? About how we feel. (The microwave beeps as Nick's planning to kiss Nat)

Fleur: When I gaze upon the stars, I yearn to know what they are, and why they exist.
LaCroix: Each is unique. Each possesses the potential to reveal the mysteries of the universe.
Fleur: I desire that knowledge.
LaCroix: We both seek the same revelation. If I could spend the rest of my days on this quest, with you, there's nothing more I would ask of life.
Fleur: I have never felt such closeness, this bond I seem to have with you.
LaCroix: It's as if we've been together forever.
Fleur: Yes. (They kiss)

LaCroix: Constant stars. The only comforting light. Kill the pain, this incessant longing. (Looks up to Nat's apartment window)

Natalie: (As Nick's about to kiss her the microwave beeps) That's my two-minute gourmet. I guess I should.... (Nick goes ahead and kisses her)

Nightcrawler: Like some sweet on the track roll steel wheels right over her precious body. She's just a girl, the apple of your pie in the sky. Valentine her good. Goodbye, my friend. Pass your days in one night stands. Tear apart the threads, the web of love's truth, where strings of beauties wrap your heartstrings around your neck.

Schanke: You two partners now? Did you synchronize your watches?
Nick and Natalie: Beepers.
Schanke: She was holding this.
Nick: Boyfriend?
Schanke: No, fiancÚ. He found the body. But don't go looking for clever conversation. It's like talking to Niagara Falls. They had a big wedding planned for next week.
Nick: Love is hard enough to find. But to lose it....
Schanke: Yeah. Especially this way.

Fleur: Lucien, please. Take me. Take me with you. I cannot live without you. I thought I was used to the pain of separation. There have been so many from my family. My father, Nicholas to the crusades once, and now again. Oh, I have never felt such overwhelming sorrow.
LaCroix: My only comfort is a vision I have that you and I will never die. We will be together through all eternity.
Fleur: To live forever. Oh, what an impossible dream.
LaCroix: There is a way, my precious flower.
(LaCroix' going to bring her over, Nick flies over and pulls LaCroix away, pinning LaCroix against a wall.)
Nick: This is what he is Fleur! Look at him! This is what I've become.
Fleur: I understand now. The strange behaviour, the pallor of your faces. I have heard of this. A vampire.
Nick: He will make you one of us whether you want it or not.
Fleur: My only wish is to be with the one I love. I am interested in so many things that are of another world. Why should this be so different?
Nick: Please, Fleur, listen to me. I do not regret what I am, but when I chose this, the future of our family fell to you.
Fleur: There is no future without Lucien!
Nick: This is not right for you, Fleur.
Fleur: Nicholas! (She breaks free and goes to LaCroix)
LaCroix: Who's heart do you choose to break, Nicholas? Your mother's, your sister's, mine?
Nick: For you, this is just another conquest. Another death to satisfy your craving.
LaCroix: Aren't you a little confused, Nicholas? She is mortal. Therefore she will die, and all her beauty will die with her. I can preserve that. Forever.

Nick: How are you doing?
Natalie: Almost done. Identical MO and cause of death, but I mean, that's just stating the obvious.
Nick: I mean about before. About us.
Natalie: It's ah...sort of unbelievable, isn't it? And yet it feels...right somehow. Of all the crazy places to-- (Schanke interrupts) --definitely strangulation. TOD likely in the last, oh, six hours or so.
Schanke: I told the grieving fiancÚ to grab some fresh air. He is in bad shape. (Natalie leaves) Is she Okay? She seems kind of preoccupied?
(Nick walks over to a calendar with a flower taped on it and takes it off the wall)
Schanke: Speaking of which, what are you looking at?
Nick: Do we know if our last victim was engaged?
Schanke: According to her mother she was, and moms should know.
Nick: What about the victims in Montreal?
Schanke: I got some info, hold on. Hey, this is weird. One was just engaged and the other just married.
Nick: Their jobs?
Schanke: Uh...pharmaceutical researcher and science writer. And our first victim was--
Nick: She was a researcher for an ad agency. And this one?
Schanke: Well, her fiancÚ said she was a paralegal. She spent most of her time at the University library.
Nick: Which is where the first victim checked out her overdue books.
Schanke: I feel a sudden urge to renew my library card.

Nick: I think legal research is down there. Nose around, I'll see about these. (Walking up to a desk) Hi, these were checked out here a few weeks ago. I think it was media research. Could you steer me to that department?
Woman: Let me see. (She looks at the books, opening them to look at the inside front cover) Actually, they come from several different areas. Looks like they were gathered by central research.
Nick: And that would be?
Woman: Upstairs on your left.
Nick: Actually, I was told to ask for, um.... I'm sorry, I forget what he name was. He's from Montreal, he hasn't worked here that long....
Woman: That would be Stan. He's been with us for a couple of months. Quite a character. But he's one of our most popular researchers.

Schanke: Excuse me, I nee--
Stan: Shhh....
Schanke: Sorry. I need some information. I'm looking for a researcher who just moved from Montreal.
Stan: Yes.
(Schanke shows his badge, and Stan bolts, pushing a cart into Schanke and grabbing a letter opener and a woman)

Nick: (catching Stan) Hi Stan. Happy Valentine's day.

Stan: They were the nicest girlfriends I ever had. They were going to leave me.
Schanke: When they got married, right?
Cohen: Was it painful to find out that you might not see them again?
Stan: I was the right one. She...she used to laugh. She ah, she just forgot....quitting her job. She wasn't going to see me anymore, and....
Cohen: Do you feel better now that...that she's dead.
Stan: I want her to laugh for me. I want to hear her laugh.

Nick: If you bring her over, she becomes a killer. Cold-blooded. Her purity annihilated.
LaCroix: Would you rather see this beauty wither to old age, and die?
Nick: It is the beauty of her innocence that you love. And that you will kill with the first taste of her blood. If you truly love Fleur, LaCroix, you won't destroy that. You will not.
LaCroix: It is a great irony, is it not? That such a cold still heart can feel such pain.

Natalie: I can't help but feel that all those women died because of an illusion of love. I mean, that's all he had--an illusion. But, how can anyone know if it's real and not something we invented because we can't live without it? How can we know?
Nick: Are you afraid?
Natalie: No. Go on, you better go home before the sun comes up. (He just sits there) This is not a drill.
Nick: Yeah. Yeah, I know. Keep tomorrow night open?
Natalie: I don't know. I'll have to check my dance card.

Schanke: Well, the writing's on the wall with this guy. I'll handle the paperwork, okay?

Schanke: (Arriving at the morgue with a box of flowers) Hello...? They delivered these to the incorrect theatre. Smashing performance this evening, Ms. Lambert. Hang on to this guy, Natalie, whoever he is. He put you on cloud nine, now he wants to keep you there.
Natalie: Thanks for bringing them over, Schank. invitation to dine.
Schanke: Oh...the single life. I remember it well. Which reminds me, did Myra call? I can't find her. I want to let her know what restaurant we have a table at tonight.
Natalie: Ah, no, sorry.
Schanke: (Reading the card) Dear Natalie, I would be thrilled if you would meet me for dinner at Azure this evening. 8 o'clock. A gentleman from the thirteenth century? Okay, so he's a bit weird.

LaCroix: (Standing) I am honoured that you could accept my invitation, Ms. Lambert. Natalie, if I may?
Nick: I'm sorry, but I...I have no idea who you are.
LaCroix: Oh but you do, you must. I am certain that Nicholas has spoken of me at some point or other. Lucien LaCroix.
Nick: Oh yes, of course.
LaCroix: The pleasure is all mine, I assure you. Please do sit down. (They sit) I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. I know how much Nicholas cares for you. I simply felt that it was time that we met. Don't you agree?
Natalie: Oh yes. Forgive me, but I thought you would be much older...look, much older.
LaCroix: And I had heard that you pretty, but not that you were exquisite.
Natalie: Will we be dinning alone?
LaCroix: Yes, I hope you don't mind. I bought out the entire restaurant this evening in your honour. I felt it would be an appropriate way for us to get to know one another.
Natalie: You flatter me.
LaCroix: Perhaps we should talk a little. About love.

Nat's answering machine: Hi, this is Dr. Lambert. I'm not in right now, please leave a message.
(Nick hangs up the phone and it rings again.)
Nick: Hello?
Schanke: Great, Nick, you're home. Listen, Myra disappeared.
Nick: What?
Schanke: Yeah, I've been trying to track her down all afternoon, I get home, and I find this note. 'I'll be contacting you tonight.' You didn't get any messages left on the machine at the station, did you?
Nick: No, sorry. You don't think she's upset or anything, do you?
Schanke: Well, she was a little thrown when I said we were going to be seeing lounge lizards instead of luaus, but I don't think that's a problem.
Nick: should be fine.
Schanke: It's just that we got a 6 o'clock flight tomorrow morning to Vegas.
Nick: Well, don't worry, you'll be on it. Have a good time, okay?
Schanke: Okay.

Nick: Nat? (See's the flowers and walks over to them, zoning out)

Nick: Fleur. You need to rest.
Fleur: Nicolas, I don't want to go.
Nick: Don't be afraid. *I promise you, that after we've gone, your life will be good again. Sleep.* (She resists) *Sleep and forget.*
(She leaves)
Nick: We will leave as soon as possible.
LaCroix: Yes. You've probably done me a favour. But you must realise, Nicholas, that I will demand retribution. One day, when you have fallen in love, I will take from you what you have taken from me now. We're agreed?
Nick: If I ever truly love a mortal....
LaCroix: Are we agreed?!
Nick: We are agreed.

Nick: (Back in the morgue, sees the note with the flowers) LaCroix.

LaCroix: I've always enjoyed the ceremony of opening afraid. The pressure release, fine spray, the vapour.
Natalie: Well, that is why people drink afraid, after all, isn't it? To celebrate.
LaCroix: Weddings, and such. Or sometimes simply to indulge. On the subject of weddings, I understand that you may be planning one of your own in the near future.
Natalie: That's not something I've ever really thought about.
LaCroix: Oh? You do love Nicholas, do you not?
Natalie: Yes.
LaCroix: True love is like morphine. One taste and you are enslaved. Unless of course there are extraordinary circumstances that stand in your way.
Natalie: Obviously, I know what Nick is. That's how we met. But I really don't see that as a problem.
LaCroix: That's a very good attitude, but an insurmountable problem. There's nothing more captivating than meeting one's opposite. You fuse together like two sides of the same coin. That is a luxury that neither Nicholas nor I may afford. We may mix minds with mortals, but anything more than that could be quite hazardous to your health.
Natalie: Well, I guess I knew the risks when I signed on.
LaCroix: A toast, then, to new friends, old champagne, and...passions of the heart.

LaCroix: They say the food here is sublime.
Natalie: It must be frustrating, for you, your intolerance for food.
LaCroix: That particular frustration is nothing but an irritant compared to some that I have known. But that was a long time ago. If Nicholas has not already told you, permit me to say that radiance such as yours is more satisfying than any food could possibly be, and I'm quite content with that.
Natalie: Eating is one of the pleasures of life. It makes me sad that Nick can't enjoy it.
LaCroix: (Standing and walking behind her as he speaks) There are many mortal pleasures that we cannot experience.
Natalie: Nick and I are trying to reverse the condition.
LaCroix: (He pulls her jacket off her shoulders) Ah, but do be careful. Have you never considered the possibility that Nicholas' so-called condition is the very quality in him that you adore?
Natalie: You are fascinating creatures.
LaCroix: It is not uncommon, the attraction that you feel, a force of nature as immutable as the stars. Others have felt it before. Did it surprise you when Nicholas expressed his love for you?
Natalie: Surprise, yes. Scared.
LaCroix: And did he tell you that he wanted to spend the rest of his days with you? That you moved him as no mortal ever before?
Natalie: Beautiful things were said. Beautiful things.
LaCroix: How wonderful. I'
(As LaCroix is about to bite her, Nick comes in, breaking the skylight, landing, then and attacking/throwing LaCroix across the restaurant.)
Nick: What feeble excuse do you have for backing down on our agreement?!
LaCroix: (Flies back, landing near Nick) I have not backed down on our agreement! I'm here to claim what is rightfully mine!
Nick: You gave your word, LaCroix, never to invade my life with your mindless killing.
LaCroix: Your memory is as weak as the object of your love. (He hits Nick, then grabs a wooden staff from a statue, breaking it and starting at Nick with it) I will have the retribution that you promised me. I will deprive you of the mortal that you love, or I will deprive her of you. Either way, your promise will be fulfilled. I shall enjoy watching it take you over, the torture that I have felt every moment since I left your sister behind.
Nick: What makes you think that I'm in love with her?
LaCroix: I have seen it with my own eyes.
Nick: Do you think this is about love? This is about survival, LaCroix. She knows what I am! She's working to lift this curse from me. If she happens to have an infatuation for me, is it not in my best interests to humour her?
LaCroix: Hypocrisy from you is even more sickening than I expected.
Nick: Perhaps it's my logic that disturbs you. I do not love this woman.
LaCroix: Then prove it to me. Bring her over.
Nick: And if I refuse?
LaCroix: Then I will do with her as I please.
Nick: At least she is someone who will improve our kind's reputation. (Nick pulls Natalie out of the chair, holding her against him. He changes, then starts hungrily kissing her.

Nick: It is the beauty of her innocence that you love. And that you will kill with the first taste of her blood. If you truly love Fleur, LaCroix, you won't destroy that.

LaCroix: (As Nick's about to bite Nat) No!
Nick: Why not?
LaCroix: I know you too well. You revere all that is mortal. All that is human. If you really loved her, you would never take that from her. You would rather see her die. I will not trade Fleur for that. Your heart is still untouched. It has never quickened with such passion, never ached with such sorrow. But someday it will, Nicholas. Someday it will.

Nick: (Picking up his phone) Yeah, Knight here.
Schanke: Yo, Nicky Boy. Guess where I am? Myra contacted me, just like you said she would, by sending me a cab and a ticket to guess where? Honolulu. She met me at the airport wearing a lei and a grass skirt. It was fantastic.
Nick: Yeah, well, I know you wanted Vegas, Schank, but...this sounds like the salt air is doing you some good.
Schanke: Well, I guess listening to the ukuleles is much better than listening to the slot machines, and probably much better for ye olde relationship, too.
Nick: It's not something we should take for granted.
Schanke: Listen, I convinced some of the guys from the Vegas trip to ah, come out here instead. So if any of them call the station, tell them I'm at room 232 at the Dolph(?) Inn. The poker game starts tomorrow night, all right? See you in a week, buddy. (Hangs up) Hit me again, Stew.
(And...back in TO)
Nick: (Hangs up the phone) Myra's a saint.
Natalie: Hi.
Natalie: Hi.
Natalie: Uhh, about last night.... I...I didn't do anything or...or say anything...ah....
Nick: You mean you don't remember?
Natalie: All right. All right, I don't remember a thing from the time that I walked in the restaurant until you took me home in the cab last night. I usually hold my wine just a little better than that.
Nick: We had a good time. That's all. It's about time, don't you think?
Natalie: Yeah. W-we did?
Nick: Um-hmm.
Natalie: Well yeah, yeah, I guess it''s good to let your hair down every once and a while. God, oh my god, I'm so burned out from working, I...I don't remember much of anything. I mean, the whole day is just a.... We had a really...really good time?
Nick: Really good.
Natalie: Well, that's great. That's great. I uh, I got to go. Ah...we should really do that again sometime.

LaCroix: Love exists, rages within. A silent scream of endless pain. A hellish alchemy indeed. Without equal. Not death, not hell itself, but a precious, precious flower. Long withered, and gone.

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