Schanke: (While trying to get his car started) Come on, Baby, not today of all days! Oh man, Cohen's gonna kill me! I'll give you a nice new paint job. A nice new lube job. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Come on, come on, Baby, you can do it. You can do it. No dice, huh? I don't blame you. It's freezing. Man oh man, I hate the cold.

Schanke: (as someone speeds around him) Hey, I'm a police officer. Show some respect here! I got your license number, pal!

Schanke: Hey, could you uh, please st-- They don't see me. You don't see me! You don't see what's....

Schanke: No! No, you mother...superior? Man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man.... I hate winter!

(Schanke comes in, Cohen points to her wrist)
Schanke: (barely whispering) Yeah, I know. I know.
Nick: We've got a Jane Doe. Looks like an OD.
Schanke: Old man winter strikes again. Mind if we take your car? My beast of burden is out of commission. Maybe permanently. Please, don't ask.

Schanke: And the bifocals on her, I've seen pop-bottles that are thinner than that. Call me crazy, but I don't think somebody should be driving if they can't see a vehicle smaller than a super-tanker.
Nick: Was she okay?
Schanke: Oh yeah, she made off like a bandit. How do you survive in the cold without a working car heater?
Nick: It works, it works, just give it a little time.
Schanke: Eight centuries and this thing wouldn't heat up. Oh, I tell you, I'm burning out on this great Canadian winter-hinter-wonder-land-jazz. Short cold days, long cold, cold nights.... Do you realise it was pitch dark at 4:52 this afternoon. 4:52!
Nick: Yeah, ah speaking of clock-watching, Cohen's been a little unhappy with you lately.
Schanke: Oh, yeah, and Lucky Lindy just landed in Paris. Tell me something that's news, Nick.
Nick: Schank, there's a problem?
Schanke: Oh, I'm just.... I'm cold, and I'm tired.
Nick: Of what?
Schanke: Of this. Man, oh man, oh man.... I hate winter.

Nick: Nat? You look stunning.
Natalie: Yeah, well....
Nick: Were you at a party or something?
Natalie: Three hundred incredibly dull coroners at a convention is not a party by any stretch of the imagination.
Schanke: She used to be Gwen Madison. Twenty-seven. Landlord says she was a famous runway model. You do something to your hair?
Natalie: The suit, Schanke, the suit.
Schanke: Oh.... Wow, I remember her. She was the Wednesday Jeans girl. She was everywhere. She was hot.
Natalie: Well, she's pretty cold now. Found cocaine on her face and in her hair. Not just traces, either. Looks like she was literally rolling in the stuff.

Schanke: Wow. What is this, the corner drug store? What some people won't do to numb reality.
Nick: Or the pain.
Schanke: Oh, aren't you cold?
Nick: I don't think so.
(Nick picks up a card off a shelf, looks at it, and hands it to Schanke)
Schanke: NA. Narcotics Anonymous. Irene, your friend, anytime. Well, we might as well head back. This ain't a homicide.
Nick: I think we'll send a unit for Irene.
Schanke: Well, help me hunt down a hot coffee, huh?

Patrick Delahanty: What six-foot hunk of burnin' Irish love can kick your kiester any day?
Schanke: D? Delahanty?
Delahanty: The one and only.
Schanke: Oh, man, you bastard! You look like a million bucks?
Delahanty: Yeah. US, Donny, and after taxes.
Schanke: What the hell are you doing here?
Delahanty: Well, you know, I was in the neighbourhood, so I thought I'd stop and pick up a little bit of....
Schanke: Souvlaki, from Arty's! Nick. Nick, I want you to meet my best bud, D.
Delahanty: Patrick Delahanty.
Nick: Nick Knight. It's a pleasure.
Schanke: D and I rode together for seven years. Come on, let's eat.
Delahanty: Yeah.
Schanke: Oh, smell that garlic--Arty's special.
Cohen: Schanke, what happened to your car?
Schanke: Captain, um...this is uh....
Cohen: Patrick. We met earlier.
Delahanty: Care for some lunch, Amanda?
Cohen: No thank you. So, you two were partners?
Schanke: Yeah. Yeah, until D abandoned me and moved to Montreal.
Delahanty: Truth is, I taught Donny everything he knows.
Cohen: A dubious distinction. Now, about your car...?
Schanke: We'll talk, Captain.
Cohen: I'm sure we will. Patrick.
Delahanty: Amanda.
Schanke: Amanda? What, you've been here what, five minutes, and I've been here a long time and I can't get so much as a smile out of her. You still got the old charm, huh, D?
Delahanty: Well, you know.
Schanke: Sit down. Sit down, sit down.
Schanke: Your gonna hang, right?
Delahanty: Absolutely!
Schanke: Right.
Delahanty: Yeah. You care for some lunch, Detective? I've got some extra.
Nick: Ah, no. No, I don't think so. I'm on this liquid diet.
Schanke: It's more for us.
Nick: So, what...what are things like out in Montreal?
Delahanty: Great, I guess. Can't say for sure. I'm not there anymore.
Schanke: You're not?
Delahanty: No. I quit the force.
Schanke: You quit-- You're joking, right?
Delahanty: (overlapping with the last of what Schanke said) No. I got fried, you know. I needed a change, so I chucked it all and moved to Arizona.
Nick: Phoenix?
Delahanty: No, no, no. Scottsdale. Much better. You ever been out that way my friend, you'd know exactly what I mean.

Arizona or the vicinity: Mid-late 19th century

Nick: Hello? Anybody here? Hello?
Man w/gun: Show me what you got, boy? Come on, boy, the gold. Give me all you've got!
(Someone shoots the guy)
Wade (the bounty hunter): Man didn't have your well-being in mind.
Nick: I'm in your debt. You saved my life.
Wade: Get's(?) a day you'll do likewise, my friend. Killed two prospectors the last little while. The name's Wade.
Nick: The name's Nicholas. Pleased to meet you.
Wade: A pleasure.

Delahanty: Friendliest folks on Earth live in Scottsdale. And the sunshine....
Schanke: I bet the weather's nice, right?
Delahanty: What, are you kidding me? It's like heaven.
Schanke: So um, what are you doing in heaven?
Delahanty: I'm a PI.
Schanke: Get out, a gumshoe?
Delahanty: Yeah, I got a good job. A top-notch outfit, great guys. A little divorce, a little wayward spouses, missing persons, you know. And a lot of golf.

Natalie: I hope you don't find this all too....
Schanke: Too gross? Come on, Natalie, D's a cop like Elvis is dead.
Delahanty: I'm fine, Natalie. Just go on about your business.
Nick: What about our model?
Natalie: Acute heroin and cocaine intoxication. But take a look at this. It's her blood panel.
Nick: This indicates traces of Mercury.
Natalie: Very good. Mercuric salts, Mercumulin, to be precise. Caught my eye, too. Definitely odd.
Nick: Enough to be lethal?
Natalie: No. No, there's no question. She OD-ed.

LaCroix: Tonight your Nightcrawler is ruminating on friendship. I say a friend for life is a leech. Someone who bleeds you. There is no real or lasting friendship, and no one is to be trusted. Who will challenge me on this? Who does not believe that all friendships must sour, slowly, imperceptibly, comment les mains de la cloche. And that in the end, it's not the big lie that turns us into mortal enemies, but the little white lies that drive the wedges between us, poison our loyalty, and blind to our trust. Do you not agree? Let's discuss it then. Friends.

Nick: I'm guessing seizure or aneurysm. Something sudden. There's no indication of any external trauma. There's some deformity and swelling in the joints. Chronic arthritis, that's it for now.
Nick: They're just hanging. You know...old friends. I think it's doing Schanke good.
Natalie: And you?
Nick: Me?

Wade: Haven't had much occasion to bury a man. The few times I had to, I...I never knew what to say. (Pushes a cross made of sticks into the ground) Rest in peace.

Schanke: Well, well, well, where have I seen this before?
Nick: There's some in the bathroom. I guess he was taking it for arthritis.
Delahanty: Well, the guy was really hooked.
Schanke: You know, we found the same stuff on an OD earlier this evening. Why don't we snag a lift off a uniform, drop this off at the lab, and we'll do some more catching up, okay?
Delahanty: Got it! (They leave)
Nick: It's okay, I'll finish up.

Cohen: FYI, your model, the OD, had a long sheet in Vancouver. Half a dozen arrests for cocaine possession.
Nick: Did Natalie get anything back on the old man.
Cohen: No. His death's not connected in any way, is it?
(Schanke and Delahanty come up to them)
Schanke: It might be.
Cohen: Patrick.
Delahanty: Amanda.
Cohen: So what have you got?
Schanke: Found this at both scenes. The model's and the old man's.
Nick: Yeah, but, Provotrex is a fairly common drug, isn't it?
Schanke: I'm just saying, Nick, that there might be something there.
Nick: I don't think so.
Cohen: Gentlemen, if this is going to turn into another of your 'I think so', 'I don't think so' Harvard/Princeton debates, take it outside. Or wait for the lab reports. Patrick.
Delahanty: Amanda.
(Cohen leaves)
Delahanty: Smart lookin' woman if I do say so myself. Got it in for you, does she?
Schanke: Ohhh, yeah.
Delahanty: Goes with the job. No big deal, right?
Schanke: Right.
Delahanty: Well, if everybody doesn't mind, I think I'll head back to the hotel.
Schanke: No, no. Patty, come on. Stay. Hang. I could use you.
Delahanty: Donny, look, this is your red-eye shift, not mine. I promised myself never again. I'm stickin' to my guns. But, wait, tell you what I'm going to do. You show up at my hotel after your shift, breakfast is on me, okay?
Schanke: Great. I'm going to run this down to evidence lock-up. It's great to see you, buddy.
Delahanty: Yeah, you too.
Schanke: See you in the morning.
Delahanty: 'kay.
(Schanke leaves, and Nick goes to leave too, but Delahanty stops him)
Delahanty: Oh, Nick, just a second. Um, is Donny, is Donny okay?
Nick: How do you mean?
Delahanty: Well, it's the real reason I'm here. About a month ago, I tried getting in touch with him, but he wasn't in. I spoke to Myra, his wife, you know, and uh...she seemed pretty worried about him.
Nick: Really.
Delahanty: Yeah. Yeah, she said he's been really down in the dumps. You know, depressed. She's afraid he's burning out on the job. Now, have you noticed anything like that?
Nick: He has his days, just like everyone else.
Delahanty: Yeah, but I've known the man a long time, and.... See, we grew up together, you know? I mean, we're--we're dogs. (Laughs) We were kids, we used to ride our bikes up past Richmond hill to my uncle's place, camp out overnight. This one night we were attacked, you know, by a pack of dogs. We fought them off, tooth and nail. And after that, we called ourselves dogs. He's mine, and I'm his. We even have our own code. Dogs go to the end for each other. See, that's what brought me back, Nick. My friend needs me. I just don't know why, yet.

Nick: (Catching a bottle tossed to him by Wade) No. No, thanks.
Wade: No, no, go ahead. I insist. I saved your life. You owe me any favour. That's the code of the west. Or, at least, one of them. Hard to keep track.
Nick: (After taking a drink) It's not bad.
Wade: I do most my traveling by night. Yeah. I prefer the night. Cool. In all that day, sometimes you can see how big the land is and how alone you are. You have family, Nick?
Nick: No.
Wade: Yeah. I never acquired one, myself. Well, we are some pair, ain't we? Got nothing in this world but just our thoughts to keep company with. And a little whiskey. You ever kill a man?
Nick: Yeah. I have.
Wade: You ever wonder what'll happen to you because of that? I do. Every time I see their faces I wonder.
Nick: You mean if we're gonna be punished for our sins? Damned?
Wade: It's not the kind of question that's answered so easily, is it? Maybe the answer is we're both already damned.

Irene: I don't give a damn what anyone tells you. Gwen quit drugs. She just celebrated her second year on the program. She was clean.
Schanke: Oh, and what program would that be? Speed-Baller's Anonymous?
Irene: What's he talking about?
Schanke: Maybe you and Gweny kind of fell off the old wagon train, huh? Some sponsor.
Nick: Schank, easy. Irene. How was Gwen the last time you saw her?
Irene: She hadn't felt good since the operation. A lot of headaches and pain.
Nick: What sort of operation?
Irene: I guess it doesn't matter now. She had surgery last March to repair a deviated septum.
Schanke: An occupational hazard for heavy nose-blowers.
Irene: A painful birth defect, Detective. Your friend's got lousy manners. You should brush him up on his interrogation technique.

Nick: Why didn't you just use a blunt instrument?
Schanke: You don't like the way I do my job, just say so.
Nick: Listen, you squeezed her a little hard. She just lost a friend.
Schanke: Yeah, to drugs she might have supplied. Innocent Irene has a sheet. Possession for the purpose--
Nick: It's an old rap, Schanke. She did her time. Gwen Madison was her friend. What's got into you anyway?
Schanke: Maybe some sense.

Delahanty: Come on in.
Schanke: Whoa....
Delahanty: Eh?
Schanke: Very nice.... Very nice.... Very swank.
Delahanty: Well, it's a step or two above working in China Town, I guess.
Schanke: Damn straight. A step or two above Mr. Lee's egg rolls, too, huh?
Delahanty: Come on over, here. Take off your coat.
Schanke: Yeah. It's warm.
Delahanty: Yeah, you know, I don't like to be cold. A toast, all right. To friends. To glory--past and yet to come.
Schanke: Back at you. Oh, this ain't ginger ale.
Delahanty: Donny, you look like hell.
Schanke: I feel like hell.
Delahanty: You know if I don't know better, I'd say you were burning out.
Schanke: Burning out with a bullet.
Delahanty: I took the liberty of ordering. I hope you don't mind.
Schanke: Wow. Oh, Patty, this is going to bankrupt you.
Delahanty: Ah, what the hell. For one morning, you're going to forget all your problems.
Schanke: Steak and eggs.
Delahanty: Medium rare, sunny-side up?
Schanke: You know what I like.
Delahanty: Dig in. Dig in, before it gets cold. Come on.
Schanke: Yeah. This is fantastic. So. What kind of people do you work for, D?
Delahanty: You'd love them. Last year's bonus--two weeks at St. Martin.
Schanke: The Caribbean?
Delahanty: Where it's always warm. The perks, Donny. It's all about perks.
Schanke: Yeah....
Delahanty: So um, how was the rest of the shift with your partner?
Schanke: The usual drill.
(Schanke's phone rings)
Delahanty: You got your phone?
Schanke: Yeah. (Answers it) Hello?
Natalie: Schank, the blood panel on the old man turned up Mercury.
Schanke: Same as the model?
Natalie: Right, but this time the amount was toxic. Look, I'm going to try Nick one more time, okay?
Schanke: Yeah, okay.
Delahanty: Problem?
Schanke: The old man died of acute mercury poisoning. Geez, what was he doing, wolfin' down thermometers?
Delahanty: Come on, this is your morning to get away from all that. Drink up, the champagne's getting warm.
Schanke: No. No, no. You know, how would you and me have handled this, huh? What was it you always use to say? Go back to the source, Donny, go back to the source. The old man, he dies of mercury poisoning. The model ODs, but she's got traces of mercury in her blood too. Maybe someone was trying to poison her and the cocaine got to her first. What, what's missing?
Delahanty: Track down both roads and see where they lead.
Schanke: Oh, no. The old man wasn't wolfing down thermometers, but he was on an all Provotrex diet. Yeah, there was a lot at the model's place too. Holy Chicago.
Delahanty: The Provotrex? Mercury poisoned?
Schanke: I'm going to call Natalie. Tell her to pump up that Provotrex to the front of the testing line. You know, this stuff isn't prescription. Millions of people are taking it. It's on the shelves.

Schanke: (To reporters) We have one, possibly two fatalities as a result. Talus(?) Pharmaceutical is recalling all Provotrex in Canada. We ask you to turn in your Provotrex, no matter what lot number, to any fire department, police station, or any government facility. I repeat, all Provotrex across Canada has been recalled by Talus Pharmaceutical. We will be providing a 1-800 number later on. And uh, thank you. Bye.

Natalie: The old man died of mercury poisoning. The Provotrex he was taking was tainted. Schank put me onto it.
Nick: Something's not right, Nat.
Schanke: (coming up with Delahanty) So, what do you say, Nick? The great Provotrex scare of 1995 cracked by none other than Donald Schanke--please spell it correctly--with the help of his childhood friend and former colleague, Patrick Delahanty. It would make a great movie of the week, huh?
Nick: Well, I wouldn't go shopping for a network, yet. (Walks off)
Schanke: Spoilsport. Good work, or congratulations, I think might have been appropriate. The guy has got zero respect for me and I've had it!

Nick: An inside job?
Natalie: Well, somebody would have to have access to a pretty sophisticated lab and packaging equipment to circumvent the safeguards. You know, Schanke probably saved a lot of lives tonight.
Nick: Schank?
Natalie: You jealous? I withdraw the question. He's right about this case. Sometimes you don't give him enough credit. You hurt his feelings, Nick. I think you should go and apologize.

Delahanty: Feeling better?
Schanke: Yeah. A little.
Delahanty: Come on, Donny. Cheer up. Mr. Schanke, if you was in Joe Stalin's Russia there would be a knock on your door at the middle of the night and you would be gone. History. Ring any bells?
Schanke: Yeah, Mr. Larenbie. How could I forget the guy who flunked me in Phys Ed?
Delahanty: He flunked me, too. You know, he died last year.
Schanke: No.
Delahanty: Yeah. Massive coronary.
Schanke: But he was so fit!
Delahanty: Yeah. Remember Chris Faulkner?
Schanke: Yeah, the jock?
Delahanty: Dead. Bungee cord snapped over the Colorado River.
Schanke: No. Oh, my god!
Delahanty: You remember Paula Timchuck?
Schanke: Beautiful Paula Timchuck? With the uh...and the gorgeous red hair, and the.... Aww...don't tell me she's dead too?
Delahanty: Worse. She's got eight kids, she's the size of a mini-van, and she's married to some new-age piano player.
Schanke: Oh...that is bad. You really know how to make me laugh, D.
Delahanty: Remember that last year after you graduated? You and your old man were always at each other's throats.
Schanke: Oh boy, do I ever.
Delahanty: Remember what we did?
Schanke: Yeah. We got that rat-hole of an apartment and moved in together.
Delahanty: Moved *on* together.
Schanke: What are you getting at, D?
Delahanty: You know, in life sometimes you get signals. Signals to move on. Maybe it's time, Donny. You just had a phenomenal success. Go out a winner. Come down to work with me in the sunshine. We could be a team again. You're unhappy here. I can't sit in the bleacher's and watch you being mauled by these people. Dogs go to the end for each other.
Schanke: Yeah.... Yeah.

Nick: Got a minute?
Schanke: Fire away. Let me have it. Burst my balloon. Quick, before my burgeoning self-esteem gets too big to control.
Nick: Schanke, look, I..I was wrong earlier. Okay? I know that. I..I just--
Schanke: I'll make this easier on both of us. I accept your apology. It's okay.
Nick: Well, maybe not. I mean, I'd be a liar if I said I felt good about this case, Schank. I don't.
Schanke: It's not a case, it's a fait accompli!
Nick: Maybe the way you and Delahanty see it.
Schanke: Talus Pharmaceutical, the makers of Provotrex, just issued a statement saying that, quote, the contamination may very well have happened in our own plant, unquote. The work of a disgruntled employee, perhaps? One who mailed in death threats this very day, perhaps? Who, thanks to Patrick Delahanty and Donald Schanke, is on the top of the pops on America's most wanted list. I did this! And you can't handle that.
Nick: I'm just not sure, Schank.
Schanke: Even the coffee's cold. You know Nick, something clicked today. A miracle. A reawakening. A liberation.

Cohen: Come in. Just who I wanted to see. Schanke, you impressed me today. Cracked a big case and saved some lives, and that's what it's all about. (He laughs) Something funny?
Schanke: Well, I'm not laughing at you Captain, it's just that...well, it's very kind, and 24 hours ago I would have eaten ground glass to hear you say that, but.... Well, now it's.... Please accept my resignation, effective immediately. (Puts his badge and gun on her desk)

Natalie: Her name is Megan Farr. Paramedics brought her into Glenn Cross ER about five hours ago. She went into a comma and never came out. They found this in her handbag.
Nick: She never even touched it.
Natalie: No, and according to her blood panel, she never took the Provotrex. At least, not in the last seventy-two hours.
Nick: So, she died of...?
Natalie: Acute mercuric toxemia. Just like Gwen Madison. The Provotrex didn't kill her.

Natalie: It's a recent operation. By the position and type of scarring, I would say hip-replacement surgery.
Nick: Maybe she got Provotrex for the pain.
Natalie: Like Gwen Madison.
Nick: Who had what? A deviated septum?
Natalie: Well, a lot more than that. She had substantial cosmetic surgery. Almost a complete cartilage reconstruction.
Nick: They both had reconstructive surgery? Well, maybe that's what we should be looking for. What about the old man?
Natalie: No to surgery, yes to Provotrex.
Nick: Okay, three deaths. Provotrex was involved in all three, but in one case it was never ingested, and only two deaths involved reconstructive surgery. All right, what's wrong with this picture?
Natalie: Let's cross-reference the files and see.
(Schanke comes in)
Schanke: Hey guys!
Nick: Schank, something's not adding up in this Provotrex case.
Schanke: Well I'm sure that's very interesting, but's no longer any of my concern. I've resigned. Time to move on.
Nick: Delahanty. Schanke, you can't leave.
Schanke: Oh yeah? Just watch me.
Nick: We are pretty sure this isn't the Provotrex.
Natalie: Hey, look at this. Something's coming online here. Toronto Central Hospital and Marrow-Comp.
Nick: They were operated on in Toronto Central. What's Marrow-Comp?
Natalie: Marrow-Comp. Here we go. A synthetic bone and cartilage material used extensively since 1983. Manufactured by HMS Medical.
Nick: Yeah well, maybe this Marrow-Comp high levels of mercury?
Schanke: Oh, right. And the Provotrex was just an aberration, huh? You know, you-- You guys are chasing rainbows and I'm splitting from Oz. You're on your own. So long Natalie, so long Nick. It's's been strange.
Nick: Schank?
(Schanke turns back, raises his arms, then leaves without another word)

Nick: That'll do me. Thanks.
Wade: So where you from, Nick?
Nick: Everywhere. No where in particular.
Wade: Yeah. I know how you feel. Been everywhere myself. (Nick's getting weak, catches himself on the ground) Don't feel like I can call any place home. It's a strange feeling not having a home. But I guess you know all about that, don't you, Nick? Being on the run and all. Looks like you're all in friend. Sure you don't want one more? Huh? Nightcap? A little antidote chaser? (Nick reaches for the small bottle held out, falls on the ground) Cheers, Friend.

Schanke: I did it, D. I'm Metro Homicide history. I cut the cord. Baby, I'm yours.
Delahanty: I'm proud of you, partner. You'll never regret it.
Schanke: Oh, gee, D, I didn't know you had company. I'm sorry.
Delahanty: Oh, no, no, no. He's an associate. Come on, Donny, I want you to meet Tom Duke. Tom's an ex-cop just like me. What am I saying, just like all of us! We'll be working together.
Tom: Welcome aboard, Don. Good to have you.
Schanke: Good to be had. I guess.
Delahanty: Yeah.

Nick: You found Marrow-Comp in both the women, but not the man?
Natalie: That's right.
Nick: Did it cause the mercury poisoning?
Natalie: It shouldn't have, but it did. My guess is that this was a contaminated batch. And since we've had no reports of problems happening elsewhere, my guess is that only Toronto got it.
Nick: And only in Toronto did the Provotrex seem contaminated.
Natalie: Okay. We've got three people dead of mercury poisoning. One didn't take the Provotrex, and one didn't have the Marrow-Comp.
Nick: And the woman who didn't ingest the Provotrex, had bought some. Had she taken it, we would have assumed that the Provotrex killed her. When, in fact, it was the Marrow-Comp. Someone's pointing us in the wrong direction, Nat.

Delahanty: Make yourself at home, I'm just going to freshen up.
Schanke: I can't wait to move to Arizona. My wife, Myra, will adore in. Find my daughter, Jenny, a great school. We'll be a happy family. Whoa, what a tasty briefcase. Hmmm. And worth its weight in gold. Ah, rich Corinthian leather. Remember that one, Tom? Apparently not. Yo, Chuckles, fifty buck says I know the let's see. Delahanty's birthday is the tenth of October, tenth day of the tenth month. Grade ten. His locker was just down the hall next to Mr. Bells' biology class, sandwiched between oh so neat Barbie Sheshinski(?) and Howe Payton's House of Horrors. Come on, intuition. His combination was....33, 38, 38. (It clicks open and he laughs) Voila! Amazing, and tell the lucky fellow what he's won, Bob. (Opens's fully of Provotrex. He picks one up.)

Natalie: Marrow-Comp's pretty popular. It's been used in hundreds of reconstructive surgeries. And successfully, too. It's good stuff.
Nick: HMS Medical. Where are they?
Natalie: Arizona.
Nick: Scottsdale?
Natalie: No. Phoenix. Same thing, isn't it?
Nick: Oh no. Scottsdale's much better. We have to find Schanke. And his friend.

Wade: I got to thank you for being so co-operative, friend. Just looking out for myself, you know. Yep. You're my lucky strike. My payday. (Looks at a 'wanted' award with sketches of Nick, Janette, and LaCroix)
LaCroix: Terrible likeness, really. What a fine friend you've turned out to be.
Wade: (Throws a knife at LC, who easily catches it) What the hell?
LaCroix: Hell. What a fortunate word to chose. Who's the bounty now, and who's the hunter?

Schanke: Please. Tell me you got nothing to do with this.
Delahanty: Donny, this is not as simple as it seems.
Schanke: Please, tell me you got nothing to do with this!
Delahanty: I trust you, you know that.
Schanke: You contaminated the Provotrex. You killed those people.
Delahanty: They would have died anyway. The poison was in them already. They had transplants that were bad. Donny!
Delahanty: My people, my clients, are looking at hundreds of millions down the tube in malpractice, and their stuff is good. A few people in Toronto got a bad batch, and that's going to bring the thing the whole down? Come on!
Schanke: And you, your client, I mean, just had to make it look like the contamination came from somewhere else, so Talus Pharmaceuticals takes the hit, right?
Delahanty: It's miracle stuff, Donny. It's saved the lives of millions of people.
Schanke: Minus two.
Delahanty: And it could improve maybe millions more.
Schanke: Well, this certainly improved your life, didn't it, D? Didn't it? Perks.
Delahanty: Donny, we came from nothing, you and me. We worked hard for everything we got. Nothing came easily to us. Now that's all finished for me. And for you too, if you want it. This is the payday we worked so long and so hard to get to. What do you say?
Schanke: Yeah, but you had to murder for that payday.
Tom: (Aims his gun at Schanke) And we'll do it again if we have to.
Schanke: You'd kill me, D?
Delahanty: Donny doesn't need that kind of coercion, Tom. Donny and me are dogs. We trust each other. He knows I wouldn't steer him wrong. Come on, what do you say, Donny? We can be a team again. Friends. Like it used to be. Like is should be.
Schanke: You and D friends, Tom? (Both Tom and Delahanty nod) Nothing like amigos, huh?
Delahanty: Yeah. Yeah. (Schanke laughs) You dog! Let's get a drink.
Schanke: Yeah. (Hits Tom with a chair causing Tom to fire...the bullet hits Delahanty) D...?
(Delahanty pulls out his gun, Nick comes in, pulls the gun from Delahanty's hand that's aimed at Schanke.)
Schanke: D! You dumb son of a bitch! Is this what it comes down to? Huh? (Sees the wound) God.... Thirty years, D. Thirty years. Hang in there, pal. You screwed up, but we can work it out. We can work it out.
Delahanty: I'm sorry, Donny, I'm sorry. I'm sorry you believed in me.
Schanke: It's going to be all right, D. Just hang in there.
Delahanty: No, no.... I'm going straight to hell, but I'll save you a place at the bar. Donny, we're friends, right?
Schanke: Absolutely.
Delahanty: Dogs, go to the end.
Schanke: (With Delahanty) ....go to the end.
(Delahanty dies)
Schanke: Friends. Who needs 'em. Right, Nick? (Stands up and walks away)

Nick: LaCroix?
LaCroix: Yes, Nicholas? Your friend, the bounty hunter, poisoned you. Curare. Lethal to mortals, merely intoxicating to us.
Nick: How did you know?
LaCroix: Where to find you? Oh, poor Nicholas. I will always know where to find you. That is our Code.

Schanke: Back in business, I guess.
Nick: It's good you're back. I'm glad you are, Schank.
Schanke: Nick, I don't know what to say. I've been a real ass.
Nick: Call it temporary insanity, huh?
Schanke: You know how sometimes you get so full of one life, you want another?
Nick: Yeah. Yeah, I've been there, I've done that.
Schanke: D caught me at a weak moment. I can't believe he did that. My so-called friend.
Nick: Well, I guess we're done here. I'm gonna head home, Schank.
Schanke: Yeah, I'm outta here too. Oh, geez, I forgot I don't have a car. Can I have a lift?
Nick: Sure.
Schanke: Oh...I forgot. Myra wants me to check out some cross-country skis. Can I borrow the car later?
Nick: Cross-country skis?
Schanke: Yeah, well, I figure if I can't beat this winter-wonder-land crap, I might as well learn how to love it.
Nick: Yeah, well you can have the car for the whole day.
Schanke: Thanks. I'll tell you what, I'll get your heater fixed, it's on me.
Nick: Oh, Schank, don't bother.
Schanke: No, no, no. I insist.
Nick: What? What, a heater? Do you know how much that's gonna set you back?
Schanke: I don't know. I'll just get you a brand new heater.
Nick: Save it on Myra's skis....

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