Dr. Paul Dana: (Coming down to where his two colleges are sitting/working at the computer) So?
Dr. Carter: (She stops typing and gets a result from the computer) No! Let's run it again.
Dr. Marybeth Ellis: Dr. Carter....
Dr. Carter: No! (typing on the keyboard again)
Dr. Ellis: We've been running it for twenty-four hours, Pat.
Dr. Carter: I don't care, Marybeth. (On the verge of crying as the two leave and go outside)

Dr. Dana: I need a cigarette.
Dr. Ellis: You don't smoke.
Dr. Dana: What the hell, I might as well start.
Dr. Ellis: I have to call my husband.
Dr. Dana: And tell him what? Hi honey, you'll never what happened at the office. Our summer vacation's been cancelled...and Thanksgiving and Christmas and.... (Gunshot from inside and they rush inside)

Schanke: I'm telling ya Nick, my cousin Arthur is also my stock broker. He'll help you get your feet wet.
Nick: It takes money to make money, Schanke.
Schanke: You got the cash, invest it. You're not going to be young forever, Knight.... Holy moley check out this eye-piece. Bet you can't get these lenses replaced overnight.
Natalie: Well, we know what, and we know when, there just doesn't seem to be a why.
Nick: Suicide notes are usually left somewhere fairly obvious. Who found her?
Natalie: They're over there.

Nick: I'm Detective Knight and this is Detective Schanke. And you are?
Dr. Dana: Drs. Paul Dana and Marybeth Ellis. We're staff astronomers at the Observatory.
Nick: I take it you knew the victim well?
Dr. Dana: Well, we've worked with Dr. Carter for the past three years.
Schanke: Was Dr. Carter depressed recently?
Dr. Ellis: No. I never thought she'd do this. Never. I guess the shock of it--
Nick: Dr. Dana, if it's suicide, we'll know pretty soon. If it's not, and you're keeping something from us, we'd like to know now.
Dr. Dana: What I'm about to tell you is the most confidential information in the world. You have to promise that it will go no further.
Schanke: Yeah, yeah, cross my heart.
Dr. Dana: I'm serious. Do I have your word?
Schanke: Listen, we don't make any promises until we know what's going on. Now, if you have something to say, say it.
Dr. Dana: For the past three days we've been tracking an asteroid. Number 6748. Yesterday, the read-outs indicated that the asteroid's orbit through the solar system had changed. It was confirmed last night that 6748 is headed towards earth at twenty miles per second. It's going to hit within three months.
Natalie: But these things usually burn up in the atmosphere, don't they?
Dr. Dana: When they're small. When this one hits, it's going to be more than five-miles wide. That's larger than the one that caused the dinosaur extinction. What I'm trying to tell you, is it's going to destroy life on this planet as we know it.

Cohen: Do you believe them, Dr. Forbes?
Dr. Forbes: I wish I didn't. But I know Dr. Carter's team. They don't make mistakes. However, we'll check their data and methodology.
Nick: Who's going to do that?
Dr. Forbes: York University. And the jet propulsion lab in California. Until then, any leak of this news to the public could be disastrous.

Schanke: Doesn't make any sense. This is part of God's grand plan? Smash humanity into millions of itsy-bitsy tiny-weeny little pieces? After all of the progress we've made.
Nick: What progress?
Schanke: The Cold War's over? Fibre-optic technology? Airbags?
Nick: Nice try Schank. I know, it doesn't seem real, does it?
Schanke: How can it be? No one's going to tell me that humanity has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years, survived wars, pestilence, disease, game shows...is going to be smashed into meaningless obscurity because some space trash took a wrong turn at Pluto. It's got to be a mistake. This is a joke, right? This *is* a joke?

Schanke: (on phone) Hey Myra. Hi Honey. Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine. Everything's fine. Why wouldn't it be? No, I just wanted to call to say, you know that, that I love you, know know? And that....

Nick: Captain?
Cohen: Tell me, Detective. How can I make a contingency plan, when I can't tell anyone about the problem?
Nick: I don't know.
Cohen: When I think about what's going to happen, it's no wonder Dr. Carter decided to get out now.
Nick: That's what I wanted to talk to you about, Captain. I don't think we've got the full story.
Cohen: Why?
Nick: Well, consider the circumstances. I mean, Dr. Carter discovers that the world's about to come to an end. I mean, that's pretty gut-wrenching information. Well, there's no suicide note. I mean.... She didn't even say goodbye to her family, or tell them that she loved them, and that's something.... Something about that, I can't accept.
Cohen: You're saying it's murder?
Nick: No, I'm saying that it feels wrong. And we've got nothing to lose to keep the case open a little longer.
Cohen: Two days. But don't waste time on this. I'm going to need you.

Nick: You find anything?
Natalie: Hair follicles. Dr. Carter's. Everything seems to fit. No signs of a struggle. And there are traces of gunpowder on her hands. She fired the weapon.
Nick: Well, maybe she was firing at someone else?
Natalie: Nope. The gun was only fired once, and the print on trigger is her thumb print, which is consistent with a self-inflicted wound. Which reminds me.... (Gives Nick a bag with the gun in it) Here, this is all yours.
Nick: Something's missing.
Schanke: Yeah. Evidence of a murder, perhaps.
Natalie: Carter's associates were all outside when it happened?
Nick: Well, that's what they all said.
Natalie: Is there any reason to doubt them?
Nick: Nothing tangible. I was hoping you'd come up with something.
Natalie: I'm not giving up yet.
Schanke: Maybe you should. All hell's gonna break loose when news of this leaks.
Nick: Who said it was going to leak?
Schanke: Well, it's not going to come from us, but we aren't the only ones who know. And you can't order people to stop talking about the apocalypse. What are you going to do, kill them?
Natalie: All right. Up. Up, up, up, up, up. I've got work to do. Sorry, I'm just not ready to believe it all yet, all right? They still might find something, and we might too.
Nick: Look, Schanke, take this in, will you? Make sure it was hers.
Schanke: Yeah. I did not mean to upset you, Natalie. I'm sorry. Hang in there. (Leaves)
Natalie: I'm sorry I snapped at him.
Nick: It's okay. He knows that.
Natalie: Do you think I'm wrong?
Nick: Keep plugging. You'll find something.
Natalie: I love your optimism.
Nick: Well, let's hope that spreads.

Officer: (on phone) Hey, it's me. No, I'm not okay. And neither are you. Neither is anybody. You're not going to believe what I heard tonight.

Television channel:
Reporter: So you're not able to predict the course of this asteroid?
Daniel Plummer: Yes, that is the case. We cannot confirm the course of Asteroid 6748 at this time. We hope to have that information in forty-eight hours.
Reporter: So, what exactly are you doing about it?
Plummer: We're asking observatories all over the world track the asteroid. We're also checking the data of Dr. Carter and her staff. I'd just like to stress that that this has not been confirmed by any independent source at this time.
Reporter: Thank you.

Different channel:
Newscaster: But the time frame is simply not enough to mount an effective defense, and so the military has ruled out the use of nuclear warheads. Sources also say, that even if there was sufficient time, there's no guarantee that Asteroid 6748's trajectory could be sufficiently altered so as to bypass the Earth. Now, we're seeing some of the latest footage. More panic and confusion. I'm not even sure exactly where this it. But we're seeing the same thing just about everywhere, now. Crowds understandably frightened. It's just about all the police, and in some areas, the army can do to maintain order.

Nick: (picking up phone) Yeah, hello?
Natalie: It's Nat. Have you seen what's going on?
Nick: I was just watching it.
Natalie: There's more bad news. Come as soon as you can.

Natalie: They started coming in this afternoon. Mostly people who were living or working underground. Now that it's dark, I've had another half-dozen. So far.
Nick: All with their blood drained.
Natalie: And the marks. We've had a lot of suicides, and with that and all the craziness, I think I can keep it hidden.
Nick: You're exhausted. You should get some rest.
Natalie: No, there's...there's too much to do.
Nick: Look, someone else can handle it.
Natalie: There is no one else. Most of the department didn't come in today. I'm all alone here and I've got more bodies than I usually get in a month.
Nick: You're not alone, Nat.
Natalie: I finished Dr. Carter. There's nothing. She killed herself. And the world is going to end. I'm afraid this time, Nick. I'm really afraid.
Nick: We're all afraid.

Cohen: Is this all? Well, thank you for coming through. We're less than one-third strength, the uniforms are fifty percent. I need everybody on the street. I knew there'd be a reaction, but nothing like this. We're getting homicide calls about one every ten minutes. Suicides, assaults.... Your badges don't count for much now, so watch your backs. Any questions? All right. Good luck.
Nick: Captain, this might not be the right time, but I'm still having problems with the Carter case. I'd like to stay on it.
Cohen: You think it's more important than what's going on out there?
Nick: Well, it might be about what's going on. I know it's a lot to ask.
Cohen: Look, I don't have time to argue. One more day, that's it. Of course, there's no point threatening you under the circumstances. What's with you, Schanke?
Schanke: I'm stunned. I just talked to my cousin Arthur.
Cohen: Who?
Nick: It's his broker. And?
Schanke: Well, he told me if I thought the market was going down, I should sell short. I said I didn't know what that meant, so he did it for me and uh...I made five thousand dollars.
Nick: Great. Great. Tomorrow the market will drop another thousand points. So what?
Schanke: They're closing it. It would have fallen two thousand but...half the brokers stayed at home.
Cohen: Including your cousin Arthur, apparently. Or else you'd know that the currency markets have also collapsed. In a few days, five grand will be just enough to buy donuts for the squad. Congratulations, Schanke. (She leaves)
Schanke: She doesn't understand. She just doesn't get it. It's not about the damn money.
Nick: I know.
Schanke: We have got three months to live, Nick. Myra's got three months, Jenny's got--
Nick: We can't think about that.
Schanke: I can't save them. I can't protect them. I know it doesn't make any sense, I just want to leave them something, you know?
Nick: We don't know for sure how this is going to work out. All right, so we've got to stay focused on something. Let's make it the case.
Schanke: You're right.
Nick: What'd you find out about the gun?
Schanke: Well, it didn't come from this side of the border. I'm running a check on the serial number in the States.
Nick: All right. Well, you hang here until you get the information back.
Schanke: Yeah, you never know.
Nick: Okay, stay on it.
Schanke: So where are you going? Just....watch your back, Nick.

Nightcrawler: At exactly 7.14 am on June the thirtieth 1908 an asteroid 100 metres in diameter entered the Earth's atmosphere and exploded with the force of a twelve megaton bomb. A column of fire rose twenty kilometres in the sky, as hot and as bright as the sun. The entire forest below was incinerated and blown flat. The shockwave circumnavigated the Earth. Twice. Now we have our friend 6748. When it hits, the one-thousand megaton blast will raise an impenetrable cloud of dust that will obliterate the sun for twenty years, or more. The temperature on Earth will fall below freezing, and stay there. The air will be filled with dirt, and toxins. Within a short time, all plant, animal, and human life, will be gone.

Pompeii: 79AD (Probably August 23rd (with the others on the 24th))

Proconsul (Flavius): General, the gods have toiled diligently with the hands of your craftsman to mold an eternal tribute to your greatness. The likeness is truly inspired.
LaCroix (Lucius): There is some accuracy in the depiction, Proconsul.
Flavius: I must admit to a certain envy...? Perhaps you might lend me, for a brief time, the talent of your craftsman?
Lucius: Nothing would give me more pleasure, Proconsul. Unfortunately, I put the man's eyes out. And he wept as he thanked me. (They laugh)
Flavius: In so keeping with your character, General, indeed I hear that after you crushed the Gauls, your men had quite a way with their women...at your request.
Lucius: Oh, in the name of the Emperor, Proconsul. And in yours, of course.
(A woman dressed in red, Seline, appears)
Seline: Lucius, you've returned safely. (she approaches)
Flavius: General, I shall leave you two alone. (He leaves)
Lucius: Hardly a day passed that I didn't think of you and...your daughter. I had word that she was sick, and then healed as if my magic.
Seline: Indeed, there came a healer. An ancient one sent by the gods. He asked to be alone with her...Divia rose from her bed that very night.
Lucius: She's well, then?
Seline: Very.
Lucius: The gods be praised. I must see her.
Seline: No, Lucius. I would rather you did not. (A man calls to her) Well, I must see to my other guests.
Lucius: Seline.... We must spend time.
Seline: We shall, Lucius. We shall.
(Seline leaves, and Flavius comes back)
Flavius: If that girl be alive and well, then I'm a gladiator. She's pale and silent. She never plays in the sunlight. There's a menace to her. I tell you, that--
Lucius: (Seeing Divia across the room) Divia? (Holds out his arms) Divia? (She walks away)
Flavius: Strange girl. Let us have another drink, General. May the gods confer strength to your armies, power to our invincible empire, and prosperity to our eternal city. Welcome back, General, to Pompeii.

Man/Vampire (Spark): Look at me. Look at me!
Nick: Let her go!
Spark: (Spark pushes the woman away and to the ground) Who are you?
Nick: I think the lady said no. (Spark flies off) Take my hand. Come here. Are you all right?

Janette: Nicolas...live a little. It's the end of the savings account and safe sex.
Nick: Our kind are losing control, Janette. We could be exposed.
Janette: How can we stop them? Why should stop them?
Nick: Well, we condone what they're doing. They're killing at random.
Janette: Those already destined to die. And why do you always worry about them? What about us?
Nick: What do you mean?
Janette: Haven't you considered what happens to us when the mortals are gone? How will we feed? You're used to depriving yourself, but do you really look forward to slow death by starvation?
Nick: Well, I haven't accepted that fate, yet.
Janette: Then you're either courageous, or naive.
Nick: We have to do something, Janette.
Janette: I can't hold back the tide, neither can you.

Natalie: Hey!
Schanke: What? You run out of stiffs?
Natalie: No. No, they're stacked like firewood. I just needed a break. What are you doing?
Schanke: I'm sitting here drinking far too much coffee, thinking I should be out on the street with the guys, or at home with Myra and Jenny.
Natalie: Aren't you working on the Carter case?
Schanke: Oh yeah, the FBI just called.
Natalie: Yeah?
Schanke: Yeah. It seems like Dr. Carter bought the gun in beautiful downtown Albany about a month ago. Now, my feeling is, if she was about to commit suicide and this asteroid thing pushed her over the edge.
Natalie: Did you tell Nick?
Schanke: Yeah, he's on his way to see one of Dr. Carter's colleagues right now. The guy won't quit!
Natalie: The eternal optimist. Hey Schank, what are you uh...what are you going to do until....
Schanke: What? Until the end? I don't know. Buy a donut franchise, learn Esperanto, wallpaper my rec room with thousand dollar bills. What about you?
Natalie: Don't know. With all of the suicides coming in, I can't help but feel that maybe Dr. Carter had the right idea.
Schanke: Wait, wait wait, you're not thinking about....
Natalie: Sure I was. But you know, it hit me. I don't have to die. (She gives him a big kiss) See you later Schank.

Nick: You have a beautiful home, Dr. Ellis.
Dr. Ellis: Thank you.
Nick: Do you live by your self?
Dr. Ellis: Technically, no. Please, have a seat.
Nick: Thank you. Technically?
Dr. Ellis: Well, my husband's work keeps him on the road a lot. He's here one or two days a week.
Nick: What sort of work is that?
Dr. Ellis: Investments. Real estate? Now, how can I help you?
Nick: By making sense out of what happened to Dr. Carter.
Dr. Ellis: It doesn't make sense to you?
Nick: No.
Dr. Ellis: Frankly, I'm not sure why I didn't do the same thing. I don't know how to answer you, Detective. I really didn't know her. She was exhausted. We'd been awake for thirty-six hours. What is it you're looking for?

Nick: Anything, Schanke?
Schanke: Yeah. The gun check's out. I'm ready to close this one, and so is Natalie.
Cohen: You're alone on this one, Knight. I need you both out there. Does our opinion count with you?
Nick: Yes it does, Captain.
Cohen: All right. I'll see you later. (She goes into her office)
Schanke: I got to get home. At least, for a couple of hours.
Nick: Schank. Do me a favor, huh?
Schanke: Yeah.
Nick: Give my love to Myra and Jenny.
Schanke: I will, thanks. And uh, Natalie came in. I think, maybe, you should give her a call.

Nick: You're serious.
Natalie: Nick, I was afraid to die. Petrified would be a better word. And then it hit me. I don't have to. I can live forever with you. There's no reason not to bring me across. Everything that I've held back, I want to give you now. And you want it too, don't you?
Nick: This is wrong. An eternity of darkness is not living. You know that.
Natalie: How can I, unless I experience it myself? Am I just supposed to take your word for it?
Nick: You mean you don't?
Natalie: Oh, Come on. What choice do I have? Huh? I could be incinerated. Or, let's see...I could freeze to death during the nuclear winter. Immortality is looking pretty good to me right now.
Nick: It's not that simple. We're not even sure if we can survive.
Natalie: But at least there's a chance. And when you think about it, there's, there's a sort of perverse logic to it all. The human race is destroyed, and in its place, a new species. Stronger, more intelligent, perfectly suited to living in a world full of darkness. Who knows, maybe this was meant to happen!
Nick: Nat, you aren't making any sense.
Natalie: How can you turn me down?!
Nick: I won't do it.
Natalie: Fine. Fine. It's fine. I'm a big girl. And hell, a little rejection isn't the end of the world. Well. Maybe in this case, it is. (She leaves)
Nick: Nat? Natalie! (Not following after her for some reason or another....)

LaCroix: I must say, adapting my palate to accept this vinegar, won't be easy. Although, I suppose we'll run out of cows, and everything else, before long. And what then? Artificial blood products?
Nick: Well, if you don't like what's on the menu, you can always leave.
LaCroix: Forgive me. It's not my place to criticize your hospitality.
Nick: Especially when you're not invited.
LaCroix: I'm going to miss them. Mortals, I mean. Where's the sport without them? Where's the fun? Where's the the sense of gamesmanship?
Nick: What is it you want?
LaCroix: What I have always wanted. Companionship.
Nick: Why me?
LaCroix: You can best appreciate the irony of my situation. You young ones are fortunate. Most of you will eventually starve and die. I will grieve on that day, for my Nicholas, my Janette.
Nick: And what will happen to you?
LaCroix: Ah, we ancient immortals will linger for some while after you are gone. I have been delivered from death...to a more permanent hell.

Divia: Do I frighten you?
Lucius: Of course not.
Divia: They say that as the army of Gaul lay dying, you ordered your men to rape their women.
Lucius: That was to crush the enemy, and reward my men.
Divia: Naturally. I must get my vicious streak from you.
Lucius: Where is your mother?
Divia: She is doomed, but I am going to live forever. (He laughs) Do you want to live forever?
(He continues to laugh, and then everything seems to shake)
Flavius: General! General, come quickly! The mountain, Vesuvius is on fire!
Divia: Do you want to die, or live? You only have moments to decide.
Lucius: The gods cannot destroy me! They don't have the power! I'm the greatest general in the empire! Nobody has power over me!
Flavius: Lucius! A moment longer and we will be buried alive! (He leaves)
Lucius: Come on, come on! I've defeated enemies more powerful than you!
(More shaking, and his bust falls over, breaking. Lucius kneels by the pieces, and Divia comes up to him.)
Divia: Let go your mortal bonds, General. We must survive at any cost. Life can cheat death. It will always find a way. Live or die. What is your desire?
Lucius: To live, Divia, to live.
(Divia brings him across)

LaCroix: Which do you suppose is worse, Nicholas? To die? Or to be left in a living hell? A form of life whose only purpose is survival and nothing more. To exist for the sake of existing. Such bitter irony. The mortals sustain us. Their art, their laughter, their society, their blood. Our eternal lives aren't much without them, are they?
Nick: So who is the more powerful in the end? The hunter or the hunted?
LaCroix: I don't know. Perhaps there is a power that's greater than both.
Nick: And the possibility frightens you, doesn't it?
LaCroix: But what kind of god is it that can create such perversity, that can make such torture?

Newscaster on TV: Martial law is being imposed in nations throughout the world as panicking mobs overwhelm the ability of local police to maintain order. Here at home, authorities are pleading for calm, while scientists explore the prospects for survival. For the first of three reports, we go to the Capital.

Nightcrawler: Fear. Fear kills us as surely as a natural catastrophe. It warps our senses, numbs our reasoning, makes cowards of us all. Fear of death, fear that life as we know it is neither unique nor special.

Janette: (walking over to Natalie, who's dancing with someone.) May I?
Natalie: Don't go away, I'm going to be right back.
Janette: Dr. Lambert, please come with me.

Natalie: I met a very...interesting boy, and he said he was going to go and get me a drink.
Janette: (Holding up a mug of possibly coffee) Hmm. Here's a drink.
(Nat doesn't take it, instead clinking her glass with the mug and taking a drink of her glass)

Nick: Captain, what's going on?
Cohen: The army is in charge, Nick. They're afraid I might get in the way.
Nick: With your experience? They're crazy.
Cohen: No, they're right. All the training, all the preparation. And look at me--all dressed up with no where to go.
Nick: How about home? Stay by the phone. They'll realise they need you soon enough.
Cohen: Maybe. (She stands) Good night. (She leaves)
Nick: Good night. Get your feet off my desk.
Schanke: Can you believe this?
Nick: Have you seen Natalie?
Schanke: I have no idea where she is.
Nick: Four stars?
Schanke: Nah, three.
Together: None. Nick: I hope there's some good news in there. I could use some.
Schanke: No, they're reopening the stock market.
Nick: What, so that it can go down to zero?
Schanke: I got big news for you. They are people making money on this thing. Commodities are going through the roof since this rumour started that you can ride out the end of the world underground.
Nick: Oh, great, twenty or thirty years underground.
Schanke: Yeah, if you were alive when you came up, at least real estate would be cheap.
(Nick tries calling Natalie, but no answer)
Schanke: Nick, I am telling you, there are people making money on this.
Nick: Brokers. What's your cousin Arthur's number?

Natalie: (As Janette comes between her and Spark and Brianna grabs her) Hey!
(Brianna leads Natalie away)
Janette: You're a young one. Young and hot. You don't want to mess with me, do you?

Nick: We'll see what this is. If there was any doubt, there isn't now.

Spark: You look lost.
Natalie: I guess I kind of am.
Spark: Where are you going?
Natalie: Home.
Spark: I'll take you.
Natalie: I know what you are, and I know what you can do. You can have me...*if* you bring me across.

Dr. Ellis: I already told you everything, Detective.
Nick: I don't think so.
(Schanke holds out a folded piece of paper)
Dr. Ellis: What's that?
Schanke: It's what's commonly referred to as a search warrant.
Nick: Excuse me. (Walks inside) Thank you.

Brianna: Where's your mortal friend?
Janette: She's lying down in the back. She's not my friend.

Natalie: Wait a minute. Wait a minute! What's your hurry? I mean, whatever happened to a little romance, a little style?
Spark: I can't wait.
Natalie: May-maybe this isn't such a good idea. Maybe just not tonight.
(She pulls away, and he grabs her)
Spark: *Why don't you take me home?*
Natalie: Home.

Nick: Is your husband home?
Dr. Ellis: No.
Schanke: It looks like he'll be arriving any minute now. Am I right? You know, it's funny. Thousands are dead, the world's in turmoil, yet you people have something to celebrate. What's the occasion?
Dr. Ellis: Nothing. We may as well drink it while we can.
Schanke: Has your husband been on the road during all this time?
Dr. Ellis: Yes, why is that important?
Nick: Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that he's been in New York? He spends five days a week there.
Dr. Ellis: I don't know what that proves.
Nick: It proves that there's a lot to learn from your choice of words. He spends most of his time in New York, not on the road. And you just said you didn't think my point proved anything, which means that you thought there was something to prove. The night Dr. Carter killed herself, you told me she would never do something like that, never. Yet, the next time we spoke, you said you really didn't know her. What made you think Dr. Carter wouldn't commit suicide?
Schanke: That's a question, Mrs. Ellis.
Dr. Ellis: I don't know.
Nick: We finished going through your computer at work, and among the astronomy material, we found a program that tracks the stock and currency markets. Your modem had an automatic dial to your husband's offices in New York.
Dr. Ellis: Is there something wrong with that?
Schanke: Your husband didn't come home when news of the asteroid leaked. He stayed in New York, where his investment company bought securities and currency at a fraction of their value. Now, if the markets recover, he stands to make millions. Is the market going to recover, Mrs. Ellis?
Nick: That is a question, Mrs. Ellis. The asteroid, it's not going to hit us, is it?
(She shakes her head)

Schanke: (on phone) Get a good night's rest, Doc. You deserve it. Congratulations. Yeah, well, I've got to admit I had a funny feeling about this case from the beginning. Yeah. Bye. It seems like our rocket scientist had it already figured out. Our suspect misled them by one arc second.
Nick: What's an arc second?
Schanke: Well, in this case, enough to make the world go crazy. What did the Captain say?
Nick: She wants to wait for the husband. Take them in together.
Schanke: Ah, sweet togetherness. I'll handle things from here, Nick.
(Schanke goes back inside, Nick's phone rings, and he answers it)
Nick: Yeah, Knight.
Janette: I can't find Natalie. She was here earlier tonight acting crazy. One of the new ones was with her.
Nick: Which one?
Janette: I think they call him Spark.
Nick: All right, I'll go to her place and work my way back. Have Brianna search the area around the club. Oh, and Janette? It's not going to hit us.

Spark: If you know what I am, and what I can do, then you know there's no escape. So just relax and enjoy it. I'll try to do it with style.
Nick's voice: Spark! Get away from her!
(Nick bursts in though the window, attacks, and they do some damage. Nick pushes Spark through the closet doors, and turns to Nat.)
Natalie: (Seeing Spark recovered with a raised 'stake') Nick!
(Nick attacks and stakes Spark)
Nick: Are you all right? It was a hoax, Nat.
Natalie: What?
Nick: It was a hoax. The world isn't going to end.

Schanke: From all of us to you, Captain.
Cohen: Thanks everybody. And Knight, thanks for staying with it.
Nick: You're welcome, Captain. (sees Natalie entering the precinct) Will you excuse me? (Goes over to Natalie) Did you sleep well?
Natalie: For a while. When did you leave?
Nick: I stayed for as long as I could.
Natalie: I thought maybe you'd ah, close the curtains and spend the day.
Nick: I didn't think you wanted me to, not after what happened.
Natalie: I don't know what I want. (She turns to leave)
Nick: (he stops her) Oh, Nat.
Natalie: You were right not to bring me across. I got to go. I got a lot of work to go. (She leaves)

Nightcrawler: Life will always find a way to cheat death. Life is the enemy we cannot defeat, only cling to like parasites on the living flesh of the universe, hoping that we're not noticed and brushed away with a flick of the hand.

Lucius: And we're truly eternal?
Divia: Yes. (And then taking his hand) Father.

Nightcrawler: You were right, Divia. Damn you for it.

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