Reporter: Do you have any idea why police stations were targeted?
Nick: Not at this time.
Reporter: And you can confirm that this is the same bomber that took out the plane?
Nick: No, I can't confirm anything.
Reporter: But you are part of this investigation now?
Nick: Look, we just lost twenty three of our people. And two more earlier this week that were very close to me. I don't think anybody, not the RCMP, the FBI, no one's going to tell us to sit on our hands right now, okay? Thank you.
Reporter: I guess that's it.

Nick: Make it through the circus?
Nick: Barely.
Reese: You heard from Tracy?
Nick: Is there a reason?
Reese: She went off looking for some guy before it all hit the fan.
Nick: What's his name?
Reese: J.D. Valdez. She was going to a church or something. Ring a bell?
Nick: No.

Reese: Miller, look--see if you can run down Detective Vetter for me. Um, try her here, then try her at home. Oh, Miller? Don't call her parents.
Miller: Right, sir.

Reese: The bombs were Semtex. Forty kilos of the stuff was stolen from an Alberta mining company last July. Same batch, which means he probably has a lot more. Detonation device was a music box mechanism, which appears to be radio activated by a mobile phone.
Miller: Complicated.
Reese: That's his signature.
Miller: They know who it is?
Nick: Four years ago, Seattle. Three bombs all aimed at firefighters.
Reese: In Montreal it was postal workers. City officials in Edmonton, and now I guess it's cops.
Miller: Vudu....
Reese: They never released why they call him that.
Nick: The tune on the music box.

Reese: Mass murder is voodoo to me. I have never been able to understand it. You take a single homicide--usually it's a personal motive. Jealousy. Anger. Retribution. I may not agree with it. I may abhor it, but at least I can understand it.
Nick: The music boxes were a dead end?
Reese: Four thousand manufactured to date in Taiwan. The shipment to Vancouver was reported missing in '84. Serial numbers match, but the trail ends there. Anyone who participates in the mass destruction of innocent people, man, there's something human missing from their brain.
Reese: Take Hitler, that monster of all time. There, now, you can tell me that's hate. You can say it's power. You can say it's racism. Whatever. I still can't put it together. That man was from a different planet.
Nick: Look, there's no description of him here.
Reese: Um, don't even have a bad drawing. Vudu might as well have been a ghost. Mass murder transcends motive. The second you contemplate it, you're in another zone. You--
Nick: What about the Hezzbollah? IRA?
Reese: Politics aren't an excuse.
Nick: Oklahoma City?
Reese: Ah, case in point.
Nick: Hiroshima. Nagasaki.
Reese: Yeah, but that was to end war.
Nick: Yeah, but that makes sense to you. You might have made the same decision.
Reese: So, you're saying we're all animals?
Nick: No, I'm just saying that there's a dark corner in all of us. I mean, there's got to be a reason for his killing. It's not just voodoo.

Reese: Miller, did you find her?
Miller: I tried everywhere but her parents.
Reese: Then I'll guess you'll have to-
Miller: Then I took the liberty of trying there, too.

Screed: Hey, it's not a screaming problem, mate, you just do what needs to be done. You look her in the baby shoes and you give her the bloody jammy. You boozle the girl.
Vachon: She won't whammy, I tried. She's a resister.
Screed: Then you suck the puppy proper. You do her. You don't bring her over here and lean on your mate. This is a major...what is the, give me the word?
Vachon: Imposition.
Screed: There, imposition. Do the deed, dude. You wax her.
Vachon: I couldn't.

Screed: Bet you had a little taste of her didn't ya? Must be a little malinky neck to go to all this trouble. Well... Well maybe if you have a little spot to your friends. Ice it, dude. I'm behind ya. Oohhh. Whiplash. Just give me a reason. What's wrong with keeping her at the church?
Vachon: The Inca.

Screed: No, no, no, no, no. No thank you, gracias very much. What? You expect me to save your Spanish ass? I don't think so. I'm out of here, Mate. Mate? Did I just call you mate? I don't even know you, I never veo-ed you. I never eschuch-ed ya. So When I get back here later, you malchicks 'ad better be dust. The Inca, he says. Like it was his Aunt Judy, or something.

Vachon: If I take it off will you scream?

Tracy: Get me out of this rat-infested hell-hole. You were going to bite me-
Vachon: Or shout. You cannot shout. I wanted to bite you, but I didn't. Okay? Besides, you fainted. Now, silently.... There.
Tracy: You will take me out of this sewer immediately. Do you have any idea how many diseases are represented down here? Some of us can actually die from them, you know. And who the hell is this Inca?

Inca: I am a soldier of the great Atualpa. Leader of the people of the sun. I met my death in 1531 at the hands of a Spaniard named Javier Vachon.

Vachon: Pizarro had laid an ambush at Lake Titicaca. I was running a message to an artillery placement in the hills. I remember thinking how impossible it would be to defeat them.

Inca: He wore too much armor. I thought he could crush him with ease.

Vachon: We fought for what seemed to be hours.

Inca: Two great warriors, fighting for our lives. But by the time the sun-god had left the sky....

Vachon: We gave our final blows.

Inca: It was in the darkness that she came to us.

Vachon: Our master. She'd been watching. Said she could still hear courage in our dying hearts.

Tracy: What was it like?
Vachon: It was the most erotic thing I've ever experience, and yet it was somehow...pure. It was if she were flowing into me. It was everything.

Nick: She brought you both across?
Inca: Then taught us the way of the night and told us what she wanted us to do.

Tracy: What was that?
Vachon: To stop senseless killing in the world. She said that those that treasure life should live, and those that don't, should die.

Nick: And because you'd suffered the pain of battle, of death?
Inca: Yes! We were her warriors, we were her chosen ones. The next morning, she gave us our quipas, our eternal orders.

Vachon: Then she started walking towards the rising sun.

Inca: Toward our God as he climbed into the morning sky. He embraced her like a good father. Her spirit, riding the smoke, higher and higher into his waiting arms.

Vachon: Then we had to get out of the light.

Nightcrawler: What a piece of work is a man. How noble in reason. How infinite in faculty. In form, in moving, how express and admirable. In action how like an angel. In apprehension how like a god. The beauty of the world the paragon of animals. And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights me...not.

LaCroix: Elected to stay? Poor thing.... You are becoming entirely too predictable.
Nick: Javier Vachon?
LaCroix: He was the last man to play backup for Shadow. Famous Javier's for four hundred, please. (Laughs) You're losing your sense of humor as well. I believe I know the man. Young Spaniard. Irresponsible. (Gestures to a woman) She knows him quite well.
Nick: Who is she?
LaCroix: An innocent goddess named Urs. For the last couple centuries she's been running with his crew.

Urs: He's not here anymore. He left.
Nick: He was running from the Inca.
Urs: You know about that?
Nick: Enough.
Urs: Then you know Javier is always running.

Tracy: Why?
Vachon: Because I was young. Immortal. I had eternity. The last thing I wanted to do was spend it chained to a mortal enemy of mine. That night I was the first to rise. He was still buried in the soil.
Tracy: But you didn't kill him?
Vachon: No. I should have made sure.
Tracy: And he's been chasing you ever since.
Vachon: Usually I can keep a step ahead.
Tracy: All he wants to do is what you were ordered to do by your master, keep your end of the deal.
Vachon: There was a world out there. I was young. Why are you looking at me that way?
Tracy: Because. I don't think I like you anymore.

Urs: Javier is always running...from the Inca, from responsibility. That's part of his charm, you see. He's so hard to catch.
Nick: He took a plane?
Urs: Yes. He likes to fly that way. Loves it. It's the roar of the engine. The machine.
Nick: Well, this time the machine exploded. It was the plane that crashed. He was the only survivor, Urs, that's the good news. The bad news is he might have a friend of mine with him. And if anything happens to her, he's going to have to answer to me. I need to find him, Urs. It's better for all of us. Please. Help me find him before he runs away again.

Screed: Is that you, mate? You do the malchik in? Got a permie place to rest her toms, if you need it. Made a haul tonight. I am knacked. T's putting in these cellular transponders. Bring me a bill easy down at the swap meet. V-Man? Vachinetti? (Sees Nick pinning Vachon to the wall) Oh. Fine. Let's have a party down here while we're about it, shall we? I-I-I finally get the place set up for a bit of peace and quiet-
Nick: Shut up!
Screed: Make yourself at home mate. Me casa, es su casa.
Vachon: I told her everything I know about the crash and then I let her go.
Screed: You wuss!
Nick: She knows what you are?
Screed: I told him to wring her.
Nick: I thought I told you to shut up.
Screed: Are you an enforcer? I'm sorry. Now go on. Don't talk to me..
Vachon: She's a resister. She only knows about Screed here...and me.
Nick: And the Inca. She's your responsibility now. The rest of our kind will kill her if they find out. Are you going to run away from her like you're doing with the Inca? Your business with him is none of my concern. That's up to you. Your conscience. He's alive and waiting for you at the church. But what you do with Tracy is my business. The only reason you're alive right now is because you let her go. You want to take off, go ahead. But there will come a day, Vachon. There will come a day when you'll have to stop and live up to your worth. Believe me, eternity's a long time to keep running.

Reese: Detective Vetter, would you care to explain where you've been? I came this close to putting out an APB on you.
Tracy: I can't tell you.
Reese: You can't tell me?
Tracy: I was...with a source.
Reese: Detective Vetter, this is not a newspaper.
Tracy: An informant, then.

Reese: Isn't that what you were wearing last night?
Tracy: As a matter of fact it is, Captain. Worse for wear, but it is the very same jeans and t-shirt.
Reese: You better call your father. I think he's worried.
Tracy: Yeah. I'm sure he is worried. Do you want to know what I found out? Okay, a woman in the cockpit crew, not a flight attendant, carried a wrapped present through security. No one checked it.
Reese: Your informant saw this?
Tracy: Yeah. He was at the airport. He saw her board the plane.
Reese: We have a list of the crew.
Tracy: Karen Tomlinson. She was the co-pilot. I checked.
Reese: That's it?
Tracy: Yeah. Yeah, that's it. Do you mind if I just sit here for a minute?
Reese: No, no, of course not. Look.... Call home, will you?

Natalie: Trace? You all right?
Tracy: It's just.... Have you ever had anything happen that's just the most incredible, the most wonderful thing...and it just turned out to be so disappointing?
Natalie: It's okay.

Natalie: So that's what it's all about. Oh my!
Nick: You think she's attracted to him?
Natalie: You don't shed those kind of tears over ripped jeans. Yeah, I'd say that he definitely has her in his spell.
Nick: Trouble.
Natalie: Ah, yeah.
Nick: But she's disappointed in him?
Natalie: About the same as I was feeling when you were going to walk away because of this Buddha.

Natalie: So, is this Vudu's theme song?
Nick: It's like the chicken and the egg. You wonder if he picked it, or if it just happened to be the tune on those music boxes that he stole.
Natalie: What difference would it make?
Nick: I want a motive. I want to know why Schank and Cohen died. All these victims.... I want a real reason, not some excuse like the Buddha. But this guy...what if it's all black magic to him? What if he believes his voodoo is real?

Jude: My sister said he was charming, great-looking, and terrific in bed. But then, Karen didn't go out with slackers.
Reese: That all you can tell me about him?
Jude: The one thing Karen liked best about her job.... How can I put this delicately? Basically, she had a guy in every port, okay? She called this guy 'Toronto Jerry.'
Reese: Did she ever mention whether they'd been seen together in a bar? Restaurant? Hotel?
Jude: No. The airport crew always stayed at one of the airport hotels.

Nick: Charming. Great looking. Terrific in bed. Not exactly something you can put on a poster. Did your informant see her with anyone at the airport?
Tracy: I think I got just about all I can get from him.
Nick: Some relationships just aren't meant to be.
Tracy: Why did you say that?
Nick: What?
Tracy: 'Some relationships aren't meant to be?'
Nick: With informants. You know what I mean, sometimes they just don't work out.
Tracy: Yeah. Right. Yeah, I think this guy's a dead end. (She laughs)
Nick: What?
Tracy: Dead end.... You wouldn't understand.

Urs: Will you be back?
Vachon: After all this hassle to get out, I don't think so. I'll let Screed know when I've found a place to check in.
Urs: I like it here.
Vachon: No one's asking you to move. If you want stay, Urs, that's your decision. We're not running as a crew anymore.
Urs: Will you be taking a plane?
Vachon: You gotta get back on the horse.
Urs: Javier.... he's just going to find you again.

Reese: All we can do is publish her picture, and see if anyone saw her last week with a guy.
Miller: He might not even be in the city.
Tracy: He's here, and he's setting up his third bombing. And if the pattern holds true, it'll have something to do with the police.
Reese: Uh, Trace, we threw out the three-bomb pattern.
Nick: Yeah, maybe too soon. Three in Seattle. Three in Montreal.
Miller: Four in Edmonton.
Tracy: Yeah, but you're assuming that he bombed the courthouse with Dollard.
Nick: Well, he blew up Dollard on the plane.
Tracy: Why? Because he wanted to keep Dollard's mouth shut? Because they worked together? Think about it. Dollard was making a one-time political statement. Vudu is a serial bomber with a ritual. What if he went after Dollard because the courthouse explosion ruined his three pattern?
Nick: You're saying that Vudu went after Schanke and Cohen's plane because he had a beef with Dollard? Because he was just angry with him?
Tracy: Stranger things have happened.
Nick: Yeah, well, I don't buy it.
Tracy: Why not? This is a weird world we live in. There are things...people out there-
Reese: Mass murder voodoo. Dollard screwed up his magic three number, and he killed him. I'm listening, Tracy.
Tracy: Three bombings, each bigger than the other, all within the week. That's the pattern. One bomb on the airplane. Ten bombs sent out to police stations.
Miller: How much bigger can he go?
Nick: It's been five days since their plane went down. We've got 48 hours to find out.
Reese: Let's move.

Tracy: (A guy bumps into her) Oh, sorry.
Vudu: No, no, my fault. I wasn't looking.
Tracy: No, I was somewhere else. Night shift--it takes it out of me. I always need a good hit of coffee for the drive home.
Vudu: Yeah, I do the same thing, working nights.
Tracy: Oh, yeah? Graveyard? Me, too.
Vudu: Gary Reynolds.
Tracy: Tracy Vetter. Hi.
Vudu: Hi.... Well, I, uh... better catch some Zs.
Tracy: Right.
Vudu: Bye.
Tracy: See ya.

Vachon: I didn't ask for an opinion.
Screed: Well, you got one. And if you think you are going to be residing in this domicile while that Inca's in town, you've got linguine between the plug holes. You want to leave--nah, you know you're gonna leave. Leave.

Screed: Well, go on, then. Wha'ever.

Nightcrawler: Why try to probe a murderer's mind, what do you hope to see? His motive? His means? His secret dreams? You won't find a clue in mine.

Nick: You almost done?
Natalie: Finished. Cause of death--bomb. Not much more to say. You're here early.
Nick: Yeah. I'm trying to make sense of his psych reports. Find a hook.
Natalie: You're sure there's one to find?
Nick: I don't know. I keep thinking, if Schank was here-
Natalie: He'd start with the obvious.
Nick: The obvious. Vudu attacks institutions of authority, often using women on the inside as carriers.

Vudu: Hey, Trace.
Tracy: Hi.
Vudu: You start at nine, too?
Tracy: Yeah, I always grab something to eat here first.
Vudu: Well, you got a couple of minutes? How about another cup of coffee?
Tracy: I'd like that.
(Vudu leaves, leaving a bag behind.)

Natalie: Oh, my God, whatever it is you're taking, I want some. Tell me, Detective Vetter, have you always been prone to extreme mood swings?
Tracy: Well, the most incredible thing happened to me. Well, not incredible--but that's good. The most normal thing happened. I met this guy. This nice, everyday, average guy. Who just happens to be very...nice, and extremely good looking.
Natalie: And he has a job?
Tracy: Underground engineer with the city, thank you very much. Nights, like me. And, I'm to call him when I get off, so we can go out for breakfast.
Tracy: Normal, normal, normal.
Natalie: Normal is good. Oh, I sound just like your mother.
Tracy: Mum's okay--it's Dad that's the killer.

Natalie: (about the Inca) Is he a..uh....
Nick: Yeah.
Natalie: Uh, well. This is getting very, very complicated.

Reese: Some swap meet dealer brought it in twenty minutes ago. Bought it from a scavenger--homeless guy who found it on a sewer pipe. Idiot thought it was a cellular phone transponder.
Nick: We're sure it's Vudu?
Reese: Detonators are a positive match. It contains enough Semtex to level a city block. I think we've got him.
Nick: How much Semtex is that? About half a key?
Reese: Yeah, about that.
Nick: Then he's got enough to make sixty of these.
Someone in the background: Sixty?
Reese: Dear God.
Tracy: He could level the city.

Reese: All right, let's get people off the streets. Out of the subways. Downtown apartment buildings. Hotels. We've got to get everyone out. Set up search teams. They could be anywhere, so let's start underground.
Tracy: I have a friend who's an underground engineer. Let me give him a call.
Nick: I'm on the homeless guy who found it.

Vudu: Hello.
Tracy: Gary, hi, it's Tracy. Have you got a minute? I've got an emergency here.
Vudu: Sure, just finished some structural inspections over on Bloor. Just taking a break now.
Tracy: I've got a really bad bomb situation. The entire downtown area. We think they may be underground. Maybe sixty of them. Blue metal boxes, about the size of an oatmeal carton.
Vudu: Do they say 'City of Toronto' on them?
Tracy: You know?
Vudu: Yeah, I've seen a bunch of them. I thought they were the new gas monitors.
Tracy: Can you show me where?
Vudu: Sure. Meet me at, uh, St. Patrick's Station, say in ten minutes. They're underneath in the heating tunnels. Hey, listen, I think I left my shopping bag at the coffee shop. Did you happen to find it?
Tracy: Yeah, I did.
Vudu: Great. Could you bring it with you?
Tracy: Sure.
Vudu: Thank you.

Screed: Oh, this is wonderful. Give the Inca my fax number, my address over the internet. Your insane showing him this squat. 'ands off!
Nick: Do you know where more of these are?
Screed: I'm not telling you scut.
Nick: You sold one.
Screed: This is the twentieth century. I'm not allowed my cut?
Nick: They're bombs.
Screed: Yeah and I'm you're Aunt Charlie.
Nick: With enough syntax in them to blow up a city block.
Screed: And that would be the goo smoo inside?
Nick: Yeah, that would be the goo.
Screed: And these boos do a city block?
Nick: They do, and we need to find as many of them as we can.
Screed: Two bills apiece?
Nick: Twist my arm.

Vachon: Hey, Gary--weren't you supposed to be meeting Tracy somewhere around now?

Vudu: You're late.
Vachon: For what? (He shoots Vachon)
Vudu: Vudu.

Reese: She's at St. Patrick's and won't leave. The bomb squad's on the way, but I dunno, Knight. They were having so much trouble with the other bombs.
Nick: Do you have her on the line?
Reese: Yeah.
Nick: Well, tell her I'm just around the corner, and I'll be with her in less than a minute, all right?
Reese: All right.

Nick: Keep going.
Screed: The det's set and you expect me to find more bombs?
Nick: Five hundred a piece.
Screed: I'm immort-al. I'll take me chances.

Tracy: Maybe I could drive it somewhere out of range.
Reese: Not enough time. Drive yourself out of there, leave the detonator for the bomb squad.
Tracy: They're not here, Captain.
Reese: I'm ordering you out of there now.
Tracy: It's kind of funny when you think about it. It was right there in front of us. Woman cop. Commissioner's daughter. I was his perfect choice.
Reese: Tracy, please listen....
Tracy: I should have seen it. It's my fault.
Reese: You can't blame yourself. You're a good cop.
Tracy: You think so?
Reese: You carried yourself like a pro in one hell of a week.
Tracy: Yeah. You don't know the half of it, Cap.
Reese: Now, please...get out, will you?

Tracy: That's it, Captain. I'm driving it into the lake.
Reese: Tracy!
Tracy: No one is here for me, Captain. I'm alone.
Vudu: I'm here, Trace. Just like I said I'd be.
Tracy: He's here, Captain.
Reese: Knight?
Tracy: Vudu.

Vudu: Now, keep calm. Open it. I bought it for you. There's no way to disarm it. There's a range of ten miles. A five minute mainspring. I mean, it's some of my best work. So, let's just sit down, listen to the music, and wait for it to wind down. Sit down. Open it.
Tracy: So how many bombs are there?
Vudu: Forty. Should level everything quite nicely.

Vachon: It's starting to wind down now.
Nick: Go! Go get some cover right now. Go on!
Inca: You have done your part. I must do mine.
Nick: Get out of here, now!
Tracy: Nick, you don't understand.
Inca: She went to father sun. I will go to mother moon.

Vudu: That voodoo black magic is in your eyes. You weave that mystery so well....
Nick: Why? Why'd you do it? I want to know why. Explain it to me!
Vudu: That voodoo you do has me hypnotized. I'm already under your spell. (He dies)

Vachon: Detective, I'm sure this must all be very confusing.
Nick: Yes...
Vachon: I want you to look in my eyes. Let me tell you what you will remember...and what you will forget.

Tracy: Hey. Screed's place was empty, so I kind of figured that you'd....
Vachon: Yeah...runs off to Vegas whenever he has some cash. He'll be back. Did Knight...?
Tracy: No. Didn't remember a thing. I told them the Inca saved me from Vudu. I ran into the subway station, and when I came out, Vudu was dead, and the Inca and the box were just....gone. They're chalking it up to weird luck.
Vachon: I'm sure stranger things have happened.
Tracy: I'm not. Uh, look, I just want to-
Vachon: (At the same time) Maybe I could, um-
Tracy: I'm glad you're staying, Vachon.
Vachon: So am I.

Natalie: This is the most difficult part, isn't it? Mortality. Having to leave the people you love behind.
Nick: Well, you never get used to it. And when it doesn't make sense, when there's no reason....
Natalie: Does it really help to have one? Would it have made a difference if Vudu had been an out-of-work cop, or an anti-government maniac? Would that have cleared it up for you? Made you feel better?
Nick: I guess not.
Natalie: It should never have happened.
Nick: No.
Natalie: Don Schanke and Amanda Cohen aren't with us and they deserve to be.
Nick: Absolutely.
Natalie: Gone without an explanation.
Nick: So what do we do?
Natalie: The only thing we can do. Chalk it up to Vudu.

Nightcrawler: Black magic, voodoo, bombers in the sky. People kill people...and I don't know why.

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