Cass: Wonderful. Another night in hell. Do we have to stay?
J.T.: We're doing business, Cass.
Cass: J.T., I don't want to do business, I want to do something else.
J.T.: Cass.
Stu: Ai carumba. Looks like the girlie wants it.
Greg: Yeah, well, Stu--the girlie's gonna have to come and get it.
J.T.: We've got business to do, Greg.
Greg: Uh? Before pleasure? Huh?
J.T.: You want to watch that thing. It might end up in your own yarbles.
Greg: Yeah?
Bruce: Don't.
J.T.: You want to stay out of it?
Bruce: You. Stay out of it, J.T.

Tracy: Wow, I've heard about this place.
Nick: And you say I never take you anywhere?

Nick: There's not a lot of blood.
Natalie: No, most of it was in her blouse. It was wadded up in the wound.
Tracy: Ugh. Was she--?
Natalie: Raped? Yup. Got a positive on the phosphate test, and there are abrasions.
Nick: Bruising around the mouth. His hand?
Natalie: Well, we couldn't have her crying out and attracting a lot of attention, now could we?
Nick: Any idea on the body?
Natalie: No. Apparently she was here with friends, and her name is Cass.
Nick: The weapon looks to be a sharp knife. Single cut. No hesitation.
Tracy: Um, is that rigor mortis?
Natalie: No, not really. When people die violently, or during a struggle, sometimes the lactic acid can build up in their muscles, causing them to seize up.
Tracy: So, can you give us a blood type on the killer?
Natalie: No, unfortunately the phosphate test does not give a blood type, it merely indicates the presence of sperm. I'll have to go back to the lab and cross match for that. See ya.
Nick: You okay?
Tracy: Yeah. So, I guess we should start questioning the witnesses. Uniformed cops will have statements.

Bruce: Don't touch me, ya friggin'-
Nick: You got a problem? C'mon! Let's go.
Onlooker: What's going on here?
Bruce: Okay, ease up, buddy. You're stronger than you look, pal. (To Tracy) Button.
Tracy: Hey.
Bruce: Nice to see you.
Tracy: You, too.
Bruce: Bruce Spencer. Special affairs. Thanks for not blowing my cover out there. And you're Detective...?
Nick: Knight.
Bruce: With a K?
Nick: Yeah.
Tracy: What're you working on?
Bruce: Drug dealers. Tweakers. Cocaine. Heroin. Ah, those are the principals out there. They bring it in, mix it down, deal it to the kids.
Nick: What can you tell us about the murdered girl?
Bruce: Well, she's one of them. Look, I've been tracking them for seven months. Their supply route, their dealers--you guys know the routine.
Nick: What about the murder?
Bruce: Um.... I know who did it. Ah, J.T. J.T. Gary. Look, Cass was no angel but she wouldn't give him the time of day, you know, and he kept after her. He wouldn't leave her alone.
Nick: How do you know he killed her?
Bruce: Look, it's obvious. She kept shutting him down, and, uh, he went after what she wasn't giving him.
Tracy: Now, Bruce, are you sure it was him?
Bruce: Yeah!
Tracy: Okay. I'm just asking.
Nick: How about some evidence? Do you have any evidence to back this up at all?
Bruce: Evidence? You take him down to the station, lean on him, he'll fold like a towel.
Nick: Why don't you just humor me and give me something that will hold up in court?
Bruce: Look, what part of this don't you understand?
Nick: None of it.
Bruce: None of it? Understand this--you take him down, you slap him around a bit. What? It'd take me thirty seconds. It'll take you, what? An hour?
Tracy: Bruce, take it easy.
Bruce: Smart guy like you. I've been on this for seven months, and I get a text book from who?
Nick: Text book. Now, look, I'm talking about law here. Law book.
Tracy: Hey, hey--give it a rest. Bruce, this is our investigation now. You have a different job to do.
Bruce: Fantastic....
Nick: Thank you. (Bruce storms off) We've got work to do, Button.

Tracy: What was that with Bruce?
Nick: What?
Tracy: He's a good cop. I've known him for more than eighteen years. He does things that no other cop could do and he does them undercover. Every day he has to live his life knowing that if anyone finds out who he is, they'll kill him.
Nick: Yep. Well, you know him better than I do.

Reese: Orthopedic shoes. Can't keep them tied up. Close that door, will you? Damn hammering is making me crazy. Don't know what's wrong with the old walls.
Nick: Victim's name is Cass Purcell. Twenty three. She was raped, probably while he was killing her.
She ran with a heavy-duty crowd. Drug dealers. Big time. They had an undercover cop with them.
Reese: Great!
Nick: Bruce Spenser.
Reese: Great....
Nick: My opinion, too.
Reese: Bruce Spencer has a great arrest record.
Nick: Oh, yeah? Well, things aren't always as they appear.
Reese: You didn't hear this from me.
Nick: He's been charged with all this?
Reese: His official record.
Nick: Someone has been cleaning up after him.
Reese: Commissioner Vetter has been helping Spencer since he was a rookie. Spencer give you anything on the murder?
Nick: Oh, yeah. He told us who it is.
Reese: And?
Nick: No evidence. He just knows.

France: WW II

Claude: Welcome back, Nicolas. Successful?
Nick: You tell me.
Claude: High quality German blasting caps. You never cease to amaze me. After the war you will have a great future in crime.
Claude: He's been shot. Where are the others?
Leo: The Gestapo were waiting for us. It was a trap.
Claude: Don't talk.
Leo: We had no chance at all. They cut us down like dogs. All dead. All...dead. (He dies)
Claude: A trap.
Nick: There's a traitor among us.

Natalie: Cass Purcell was pregnant. Ten weeks.
Tracy: Oh, no.
Natalie: Oh, yeah. And she had a prescription from a gynecologist, so I called her. Apparently Cass told her who the father was.
Tracy: Patient privilege?
Natalie: Not when your patient is murdered, and you give a damn. Any of you guys run across someone named J.T. Gary?

Bruce: You've got a nice view up here, huh, J.T.?
J.T.: Okay, you've got twenty seconds. What the hell do you want?
Bruce: Fantastic. Come here.
J.T.: What?
Bruce: I want you to see something.
J.T.: What?
Bruce: Come here.
J.T.: I don't see nothing. What?
Bruce: It's called the ground! You and I are going to have a little talk, aren't we? Aren't we? Why'd you kill Cass?
J.T.: I didn't. I swear!
Bruce: Wrong! I don't like people getting killed on my time.
J.T.: What? You're a cop?
Bruce: Ah, man...wrong again.

Tracy: So, Bruce made a mistake. So what?
Nick: A mistake? Look, he said Cass wouldn't even let J.T. touch her. Now it takes a hell of a lot of touching to make someone pregnant.

Bruce: Why'd you kill Cass?
J.T.: I don't have to tell you squat! I'm gonna sue your ass for police brutality.

Tracy: Nick? What?
Nick: He's on the roof.
Tracy: W-Who? Who is on the roof?
Nick: J.T. Take the elevator. I'll take the fire escape.

J.T.: Come on, Spencer. Hand me some more.

J.T.: Come on, you sorry bastard. Scare me all you want. You'll do more time than I will. (Bruce pushes him over the edge.)

Tracy: Bruce? What? Bruce, what's happening?
Bruce: Look! I cuff him and he runs. I cuff him, and he....
Tracy: Oh, my God. Come here.
Bruce: No, it's okay.
Tracy: It's me. It's me.

Bruce: I went to J.T.'s place to talk to him. I figured I could get some information and pass it to Tracy...Detective, uh, Vetter. When I got there, he was ready to split. I guess he figured he was going to get nailed for the rape and murder. So I had to break cover. I arrested him. Cuffed him. And, uh, as I was reading him his rights, he bolted. Up the stairs. I gave chase. Up onto the roof.... Uh... I tried to save him.... I called out to him. One second he was there...then he was gone. There was nothing I could do.

Tracy: Why are you being so negative about Bruce?
Nick: How did he let a handcuffed suspect get away from him? And why would J.T. go up to the roof?
Tracy: I don't know. I wasn't there. And neither were you. You didn't see the look on his face when I got up there. He was torn apart. He's not lying, Nick.
Nick: And besides he's your big brother.

Natalie: Mr. John Thomas Gary. Purported father of the baby that Cass Purcell was carrying.
Tracy: And was he?
Natalie: Blood type is right.
Tracy: Is that it? Your big news?
Natalie: We got the blood typing results back on the sperm sample. Mr. John Thomas Gary may have been the father. He may even have been the killer--that's your department, Detective. However, he definitely was not the rapist.
Nick: The blood types didn't match?
Natalie: The rapist is AB-neg. John Thomas was B-positive. Not even close.
Tracy: Well, maybe you made a mistake?
Natalie: I don't think so. That is about as close to certain as medicine ever gets.
Tracy: Bruce was wrong.
Nick: It happens. Anything else?
Natalie: Cass had a single cut to the throat, severing the trachea, and the right carotid and jugular. Cause of death was exsanguination--blood loss. And like you said, the murder weapon is very sharp. Maybe something like a filleting knife.
Nick: Or a scalpel or a straight razor.
Natalie: Could be. Killer is likely left-handed. And the bruising around her mouth indicates that he was holding her like this.
Natalie: Right hand over the mouth. Thumb under the chin. And as we all know, people almost never hold a knife in their weak-sided hand, which means he's....
Nick: Left-handed.
Natalie: And the deepest part of the cut was on the right-hand side of the throat. (Makes a cutting motion/sound) Nice guy. Probably got off as much on the murder as he did on the sex. And I wouldn't be surprised if he'd done something like this before.
Nick: And is likely to do it again.
Natalie: I hope you guys have a plan to bring him down. Fast.

Claude: No one knew about the raid except De La Salle, Marie-Claire and Giroux--that's it.
Nick: And you.
Claude: And me, of course.
Claude: You're right, of course.
Nick: De la Salle?
Claude: No, he hates the Germans more than anyone. I've known him all my life. He would never betray us.
Nick: Marie-Claire?
Claude: Leo was her brother.
Nick: Giroux?
Claude: Giroux... Giroux... I don't know...before the war he was always in trouble. A liar. A thief.
Nick: Then there's you.
Claude: How does a man judge himself?
Nick: A guilty man would have kept the gun.
Claude: I was just thinking the same thing about you.
Nick: Giroux?
Claude: Giroux is a man of no honor. It can only be him.
Nick: Something like this--we must be certain. How would we know?
Claude: We need a plan. Okay, when they get here, I will tell them about the trap.
Nick: Tell them one lived. That he knows who betrayed us.
Claude: Yes! And when Giroux tries to run....
Nick: He'll convict himself.
Claude: And he will die.

Nick: Don't move.
Marie-Claire: What are you doing?
Claude: The raid failed. They were betrayed. Nazis were waiting for them. They were all killed. All except one. Leo managed to escape. He said he overheard the Nazis talking. Talking about the traitor. He said he heard the name.

Claude: Traitor!
Giroux: No. It's not me.
Claude: Then why did you pull the gun?
Giroux: You were all looking at me...I knew what you were thinking.
Claude: Liar! Tie him! He's going to tell us a few things before we avenge Leo's death. I'm sorry, Marie-Claire.

Tracy: Here's a possible--leather fetish and razor blades.

Reese: What's up?
Nick: It's this J.T. Gary thing. I don't like it.
Reese: What don't you like about it?
Nick: Spencer busts a guy for rape and murder. Suspect escapes, runs up to a roof, and Spencer can't stop the guy from falling? I mean, why does J.T. go up to the roof? He knew he wasn't the rapist.
Reese: So what are you saying?
Nick: I'm saying I don't think we should take everything that Spencer says as chapter and verse.
Reese: Thank you. I don't know. Tracy's statement backs him up.
Nick: I know.
Reese: And she was first on the scene.
Nick: I know that too.
Reese: You see something from down there on the street that would make you believe Spencer is lying?
Nick: No.
Reese: Then what do we think we should do about it?
Nick: I don't know. We can't arrest him. All we have is a suspicion.
Reese: I talked to Commissioner Vetter. Spencer's hip-deep in a huge drug case. We'd lose that.
Nick: If he did kill J.T., we have to prove it. And we have to find who killed Cass.
Reese: Is he a suspect in that, too?
Nick: The statements from the club didn't clear anybody. He lied about her, he lied about J.T.... Maybe there's something there. Reese: Well, what does Tracy think?
Nick: He walks with the angels.

Bruce: Captain Reese?
Reese: Oh, yes, Detective.
Bruce: I'm done with my statement. Checked with my Captain. Do you need anything else before I go back out?
Reese: Nope.
Bruce: Uh, well, I better get going. Living the fast life is a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. Ciao.

Bruce: You startled me. I was just reassuring my people. They tend to get a bit nervous.
Nick: Yeah, there's a lot of that going around. People with a guilty conscience, they tend to get nervous.
Bruce: Yeah. Look, I'm just, uh, tying up this, uh, drug case. This bust, um I was thinking, I might need some back up. Maybe Tracy and you want to get in on it? (Nick walks away) Hell, it's gonna be a good arrest. Plenty of credit to go around. Commendations.

Tracy: Tell me you got something.
Nick: No.
Tracy: So we're going to have to talk to hookers tomorrow night?
Nick: You got a problem with that?
Tracy: Some of them thought I was...interested in them.... Er, you know.
Nick: And?
Tracy: And they were saying things. It was embarrassing.
Nick: Welcome to the street, Detective.
Tracy: Thanks a lot, partner.
Nick: Look... About your friend, Bruce.
Tracy: I'm sorry. I grew up with him. Bruce's first case, right out of the Academy. He was undercover in vice. Busting hookers. Got a tip from a girl, followed it, and in one night his team took down a white slavery ring. Just like Police Gazette. Bruce made it all happen. My dad prosecuted the case--just blew them away.
Nick: And he's been covering for him ever since.
Tracy: What covering? You never let up, do you? Just because he was wrong about the J.T. thing. About him being the rapist doesn't mean you question everything that he does. Everybody makes mistakes, even you.
Nick: When you were assigned as my partner, I didn't like it. I didn't want another partner after Schanke. No. Listen to me. Just listen. You're a good cop. You've got good instincts. All I'm asking you to do is to step back. Your friend Bruce? Look at him, not like a friend, but like a good cop.
Tracy: I have. I am! About...what you said about my dad covering for him. Covering what?
Nick: There have been reports of excessive force.
Tracy: He's not like that. I've heard him and my dad talking late at night about their... I thought they were comparing notes... Criminals... Cases.... I hate this. You don't know what it's like to doubt someone you've trusted all your life.

Claude: Nicolas. Take over. If he moves, kill him.
Giroux: Nicolas....
Nick: Why did you do it?
Giroux: It wasn't me. Nicolas.... We're fighting side by side, you should know me by now.
Nick: I know what you were. Claude told me.
Giroux: And what were you before the war, huh? A hero? A champion? I make mistakes, but I am not a traitor. For the first time, here in the Resistance, I was not Giroux, the thief, the liar. I was Giroux, the fighter.
Nick: I lost friends in that ambush. You are the only one who could have betrayed them.
Giroux: But I didn't. I swear.
Marie-Claire: Nicolas, I thought you might like this.
Giroux: Marie-Claire. I never did anything....
Marie-Claire: It's hot in this hole and it stinks of vermin. You must be thirsty.
Nick: You can just leave it.
Marie-Claire: Sorry, Nicolas. (She hits him over the head with the bottle)

Giroux: Stay away. I swear I'll kill her.
Nick: Like you killed the others?
Giroux: I betrayed no one. But you and that other fool will butcher me for nothing.
Nick: Traitors die, Giroux!
Giroux: I am not a traitor! (Nick vamps out) What are you doing?
Nick: Traitors die!

Bruce: Hey, hey, hey--it's just me.
Tracy: What the hell are you doing?
Bruce: I didn't want anybody to see us together. Look, Button, I need your help.
Tracy: Don't call me that. What kind of help?
Bruce: I want you to get Knight off me. He's trying to set me up for something.
Tracy: No, he's not.
Bruce: Look, he might be some kind of hero to you, but to me he's putting my life in jeopardy.
Tracy: He's investigating a murder case. That's all.
Bruce: That has nothing to do with me. I'm this close to bringing down a whole drug cartel. Look, you get him off me, and...and I'll write you into the report. Your dad would like that.
Tracy: If I impress my father, it'll be because of something I've done, thank you.
Bruce: But you will talk to Knight?
Tracy: Yeah.
Bruce: Thanks, Button. Nice to have friends.

Bruce: Shh. Shut up. Shut up. Or I'll splatter your ass all over that fancy couch. (He waves his gun at her) Your name is Vicki, right? Well, Vicki, you and I are going to have a little talk. Confirm a few things. There's a container ship coming up from Quebec City. Laptop computers. The guts are ripped out, and inside are little white packages. Does that sound about right?
Vicki: I don't know anything about any shipment.
Bruce: Wrong answer, Vicki. (He goes to hit her, and Tracy points her gun at him)
Tracy: Don't even think about it!

Tracy: You can press charges against him.
Bruce: I didn't hurt her!
Tracy: Shut up. Are you sure?
Vicki: Just get him out of here.
Tracy: All right. Give me a call if you change your mind.

Bruce: Look, she's connected to the importer I was after. I was just going to scare her.
Tracy: Everything they said about you is true.
Bruce: Wow, your partner's been working over time turning you against me.
Tracy: Nick has nothing to do with this.
Bruce: Oh, yeah? Then why were you following me?
Tracy: Because I wanted to prove to myself that you weren't what they said you were. That everything people were saying about you was a lie.
Bruce: What? That I've got the best arrest in the department? That I've taken down more bad guys than anyone else?
Tracy: No. The part about the violence.
Bruce: Look, you work on the street. You know what it is.
Tracy: Yeah, I do. And it's not what you say it is.
Bruce: Is this the part where I'm supposed to confess that I've slapped around some street trash? That I've been a bad boy? Look, you've got to be tough. That's what the trash knows. That's what they respect.
Tracy: No, it's not. It's what they get.
Bruce: Look, I...

Natalie: We ran a full tox screen on that semen sample from Cass Purcell's body. Your rapist is a sick man.
Nick: For that I need a lab report?
Natalie: I don't mean just mentally. He's physically ill. The screen turned up strychnine in substantial amounts.
Nick: Strychnine?

Nick: You okay?
Tracy: Yeah, I guess. We going somewhere?
Nick: Well, Natalie found Strychnine in the samples from Cass Purcell.
Tracy: Strychnine's a poison.
Nick: Some heavy users cut their drugs with it. Makes their heart rate race. Gives them a bigger, faster rush. Sounds like our rapist did tweakers cut with strychnine while he was having sex.
Tracy: Okay, so he's got a history of drug abuse, as well as violence during sex.
Nick: Which means he sees a special kind of girl.

Hooker: Hey, are you looking for something cop? Or are you just looking?

Nick: You come across anyone who's into sharps?
Hooker: Well if they like leather, they tend to like sharps.
Nick: Well, that's why we're talking.
Hooker: I thought you loved me for myself.
Nick: Let's take this one step further.
Hooker: Ooh, an adventurer!

Nick: He's also into strychnine.
Debbie: Oh, he likes to up the kinks, huh?
Nick: Sound familiar?
Debbie: Hey, do I look nuts, honey?
Nick: No, but maybe some of your associates aren't so cautious.
Debbie: Yeah, yeah, there are a couple girls into the heavy stuff.

Bruce: I've been thinking about what you were saying. Maybe you were right. Maybe I've been using a little too much muscle to open doors. And to talk to people I wouldn't otherwise be able to, but-
Tracy: You don't have to do it.
Bruce: I just didn't like the way you were looking at me this morning. So I'm going to try it your way, all right?
Tracy: It's the right way.
Bruce: I don't know. Maybe. Look, I'm just going to be glad when this is over. The bust's coming down soon. J.T. Cass.
Tracy: Hey, look--the M.E. found out that the killer's a heavy user. And he's cutting his drugs with strychnine.
Bruce: Look, I gotta go. Um... Good luck with your case, though.

Claude: I think we have nothing to worry about now.
Nick: Claude, about Giroux....
Claude: No, I understand. I would have killed him myself. And now for a while, we are safe again, my friend. As safe as we can ever be.

Nick: This is not your fight, LaCroix. I do not need your help.
LaCroix: That much is obvious. You certainly didn't need my help with that other poor man.... Giroux. I've been watching you. You really should be more cautious, Nicholas. You nearly tore that fool in half. What if they'd discovered who and what you really are?
Nick: Give her to me. She is the traitor.
LaCroix: Oh. Oh...but that means you choked the life from an innocent man? Don't you find it troublesome, Nicholas? This double standard you've adopted about killing and not killing and playing at omniscience. Well what are you waiting for? Traitors die, don't they? At least you'll be killing the right one this time....
Nick: Our cause is a just one. (He kills Marie Clare) No more innocent people will die on account of her.
LaCroix: That is true...and yet, one can't help wondering what and effective strategy it is to work to destroy your enemy by providing him with his every wish. Say, the granting of sexual favors to elicit trust in your enemy...to learn his secret. It's just a thought. But we'll never know the truth, will we?

Bruce: Office hours are eight to four.
Anne: Get the hell out of here, Spencer. You just crashed my best customer.
Bruce: What? Twenty bucks a minute? What do you care?
Anne: Hey-
Bruce: Where is he?
Anne: I don't know.
Bruce: You don't know?
Anne: Uh uh.
Bruce: You don't know?
Anne: Uh uh.
Bruce: Don't play games.
Anne: Honey, you couldn't afford my games. You got a warrant?
Bruce: (Shows his gun) Yeah. Now, where is he?
Anne: I told you I don't know. What are you going to do, beat it out of me?

Bruce: Son of a bitch.
Stu: You know this guy?
Anne: Yeah, he's a cop.
Stu: Man!
Bruce: You killed Cass, and now you're gonna die.
Stu: Hey wait, wait. Hold on. It was an accident, man. Okay? She started to fight with me. I just...I didn't know what the hell else I was gonna do. I couldn't help it. (Knocks Bruce over the head)

Stu: You're getting soft, Bruce. Bad news for an undercover cop. (Draws a razor) At least he used to be.
Anne: What the hell are you gonna do to him?
Stu: Just what he deserves.
Anne: Stu! Stu, wait. Don't do this!
Stu: Shhh....
Anne: Stu, for God's sake, please don't kill me. Stu! Stu, please! Don't! Stu! Stu: (who now has a hold of Tracy) Drop the gun. Drop it. All right, you want me to cut blondie here, a little happy face, you keep coming cowboy. C'mon!
Nick: No. No one's going to die here.
Stu: Yeah?
Nick: Just put the knife away.

Stu: (While Bruce's gun is pointed at him) Don't shoot. You just gonna let him shoot me? You gonna do something?
Tracy: Bruce!
Stu: Do something!
Tracy: Bruce, don't do it. We'll take it from here.
Bruce: (After a moment) Get up. You're under arrest for the murder of Cass Purcell.

Nick: I'm sorry about this.
Tracy: So am I.
Nick: But, it's the only way it can work.

Bruce: Hi.
Tracy: Your importer's girlfriend, Vicki, gave us the final piece of the puzzle. The raid was perfect. Took everybody down. All the way to the top.
Bruce: Good.
Tracy: They're gonna charge you for the murder of J.T. Gary.
Bruce: Figured that.
Tracy: I'm sorry.
Bruce: Me, too. You were wrong.
Tracy: What?
Bruce: You were wrong. I should have killed Stu when I had the chance. Sometimes you have to dance heavy, use a little force. Instead I played it your way. You almost got killed.
Tracy: Nick was there.
Bruce: Yeah, Nick's always there. Look, the bad guys won tonight. I'm in here, they're still out there. You and Nick play by the rules, you get eaten up. Maybe what I do is outside the law, but...justice.
Tracy: No, it's murder.

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