Jody Fraser: (with her dog, Perry) Okay, okay. Take it easy, boy. My legs are killing me. What is it? Perry? What's wrong? What do you see? It's those damn squirrels, huh? Want to get off this lease for a while? Yeah, I know you do. I know how you feel, too, cooped up all night with me at work. Well, just find me that bench, okay? Is that it? Good boy. I know you're anxious. (Unhooks his leash) There you go, puppy. Don't go too far, okay? Stay close. Watch out for those killer squirrels.

Jody: (On the phone) He's been list-less all his food, you know, just not himself. I let him off the harness last night in the park. I know...I know I'm not supposed to do it, but.... He doesn't stray. He always comes back. I'm worried that maybe he got in a fight with an animal, got bit or something. The vet should probably look at him, huh? Can you squeeze me in tonight before my shift?

Jody: (Pulling Perry toward the door...and sunlight) Perry? Come on, let's go. We've got to go, now. What is the matter with you? Come on. Okay. I get it--no vet. Buy you are not getting out of walking me to work tonight.

Nick: Planning on getting a dog?
Tracy: No. My nephew wants a puppy for his birthday. One of these wrinkly Chinese deals.
Nick: Shar-pei.
Tracy: I never pictured you as a dog person. You ever had one?
Nick: Long time ago.
Tracy: Hmm. Well you don't buy a Shar-pei, you ransom them. I could buy him a Mazda for the same money.
Nick: No...Mazda's don't fetch. Here, a couple of things in from Windsor on that two-sixty-one suspect.
Tracy: Our rapist?
Nick: Yeah. Three incidents in the last year. Similar composites and MO's.
Reese: Third victim died after the attack. I got copies of that print-out too. He's a certifiable serial creep. Get that sleaze ball off my street, I'll buy you both a puppy dog.
Tracy: Hey, you are a dog lover.
Nick: Well, they're your friend, your companion. They accept you unconditionally.
Tracy: See something you like?

England: 1882-1884

Nick: Go on, I said, stop fallowing me! Go on. There's no one here for you. Go on! All right, then. Come on inside. Out of the weather, come on. That's a good boy. Go on, eat your fill. Fruit of the hunt. Venison for you...the rest is for me. Normally I mind company, but seeing as you're lost and the weather's foul, you're welcome to stay. All right, you'll need a name, what shall we call you? Hmm? How about Raleigh, hmm? As in Sir Walter? Yeah, there's a good boy. Good boy, Raleigh.

Tracy: I had a dog growing up--Sparky.
Nick: Sparky?
Tracy: Yeah, what's wrong with Sparky?
Nick: Oh nothing. It's what I'd expect you to call a dog.
Tracy: What is that supposed to mean?
Nick: Nothing. Sparky's a fine name. You didn't have a cat named Fluffy did you?
Reese: Hey, you two? Dispatch just got a 911 from Allen Gardens. Somebody driving by saw a man dragging a woman out of her car. Sounds like your guy.

Tracy: Blow this guy off--go round him. Take Adelaide to Jarvis, it's faster.
Nick: Maybe you'd like you're own little steering wheel, huh? (Hearing a helicopter flying above) Is that one of ours? Get us on tact two. I want to know what they're seeing.
Tracy: Dispatch, this is 81-Kilo. We're going to tact two monitoring fly-ops.
Jody: Air three, we have a possible two-sixty-one in progress--Allen Gardens vicinity. We've got four radio units heading for perimeter.
Tracy: Fly-ops, this is 81-Kilo. What is your perimeter?
Jody: 81-Kilo, it's Jarvis, Carlton, Parliament and Dundas.
Tracy: We're on Queen and John heading east. How can we help?
Jody: We need you on the southern perimeter. Suggest you cut down to Adelaide take it over to Jarvis. You're the only one covering that approach. It's faster.
Tracy: 81-Kilo. Thanks for the tip, Metro Air Control. We're on it. Jody?

Jody: Tracy Vetter?

Rapist: I can cure you, baby. Let me cure your sickness.

Rapist: Beautiful dog. Oh...he doesn't like me, though. Maybe I should introduce myself to him. (Perry's eyes glow gold) Whoa.
Jody: Perry.
Rapist: I think he's jealous of me, you know? Just like all the guys. You probably can't tell what I look like and that's a real shame. A pretty lady like you and a handsome guy like me.... I think I know how to help to cure you, because I'm the Doctor of Love.
Jody: Driver!
Driver: Hey you! All right, lady?
Jody: Yeah, I'm okay.

Jody: Doctor of Love. Now I've heard everything.

Rapist: It'll make you feel a whole lot better, lady, because I'm the Doctor of Love. And the Doctor is in!

Reese: Yeah, looks like our guy, all right. At least, what's left of his face matches the composite we've been circulating.
Nick: He's the one I saw earlier, too.
Reese: What the hell could do that to a person?
Tracy: Well, she thinks it was a dog. She said she was lying there...all she saw was a big furry blur, and the next thing you know, the guy's being torn apart.
Nick: Whatever it is, it's a hero tonight.

Nick: What is it?
Natalie: I need to get the remains back to the lab. For now, let's just say that something is not right here.

Jody: (On the phone) He got out last night. I don't know...maybe an hour or two...I must have drifted off. He never acts this way. I'll try to get him in again tomorrow, Doc. Thanks.

Michelle: Hey...Perry! How's it going, big fella?
Jody: Hey, Michelle.
Michelle: Hey. So, did you hear what happened to that rapist from the call you caught last night?
Jody: I thought he got away?
Michelle: Uh uh. Mary-Sue at the 96th said he was attacked by a wild dog or something about a couple of hours later.
Jody: A wild dog?
Michelle: Yeah, the victim said all she saw was a big furry blur...tore the guy to shreds.
Jody: Are you sure it was the same guy?
Michelle: Apparently, he called himself the Doctor of Love or something like that. He said that to all of his victims. Got his, didn't he? Chalk one up for the forces of good. Hey, Perry?

Jody: Oh Perry, you haven't touched your food. What's the matter, boy?

Natalie: You could chew on rusty nails for a whole year and not get that much iron. Go ahead, drink it.
Nick: Oh...
Natalie: Nostrovya!
Nick: Nostrovya. Ah, I think rusty nails would taste better. So, suspicions confirmed about the rapist?
Natalie: Oh, John Doe-burger. Well, he was many quarts low as we say in medical parlance. Drained. Not very much blood on the scene. Someone we know?
Nick: But a wild animal?
Natalie: Well, I was hoping you'd help me out on that.
Nick: If a carouche attacked him....
Natalie: A what?
Nick: A carouche. A lower form of vampire. Feeds off of vermin, mostly.

Driver: Excuse me?
Tracy: Yeah, sorry, can I help you?
Driver: Yeah, I just came in because I heard about that rapist and that hero dog, you know? Um, I don't know if this has anything to do with anything, but the other night a guy that looked like him made a stink on my bus. I drive a Bay bus--the number ten. Anyway, he was bothering a blind lady, you know? She's a regular on my route, she works at Police Headquarters. Her seeing eye dog just drove him off the bus. I figured maybe the same dog caught with him, you know? Later. I just came in case there's a reward. For the dog, I mean.

Screed: Company, is it? (Nick lands behind him) Whoa!
Nick: Expecting someone?
Screed: Holy bollucks, mate! Almost gave me tomtoms north to Alaska! Not gentry sneaking up, like that. You know, birds of a feather and all that jammy-jam.
Nick: I'm not one of your kind. Let's talk about dogs.
Screed: Dogs, eh? Not my favorite. Too much drool, dogs. Bleeding, barkey.
Nick: Have you brought one across?
Screed: You mean in my day? Might 'ave. Can't clearly recall. You know how it is, maybe a little fast food. Double-double drive through, pop-banger kind of thing. You're interrupted here and there, sometimes if you don't quite lick your dish clean....
Nick: I mean recently.
Screed: What, like, since the Cuban Missile crisis? (Nick holds up 100 dollars and he takes it) Nope. Not me, but uh, word up, detectitive. There's another like me here and abouts. Carouche type. Vicious, mean droogey, malinkey cattle mutilator, yeah. You're average wanker thinks its UFOs making 'em crop circles dicing 'an slicin' moo cows but uh-uh.... Take my word Defective Knight, kitty-witties, doggy-woggies, horsey-smorshies, none of 'em safe. Oh he's a heartless scum, all right, that one.
Nick: Where might I find him?
Screed: Try under a rock. Look me, I got me onions peeled for that buttery dog and all that. Zack 'im and snap 'im. Hickory stick 'im in the heart. Napalm his fuzzy butt. Hack off his cabeza! Did my bit. Good citizen Screed, you can count on me. Don't be so much the mysterious stranger, eh, Dicky Nick. Drop down any time. (Nick vanishes) C'hid git you a little bubble and squeak together for the fun of it, eh?

Tracy: Hey, I think we've found our dog.
Nick: For your nephew?
Tracy: No, from the park.
Nick: Oh. That dog. Where?
Tracy: Right under our noses. I talked to a bus driver who thinks it's a seeing-eye dog whose owner works at dispatch. It sounds like it could be Jody Fraser's dog. Uh, Jody and I go way back.

Tracy: Jody?
Jody: Tracy Vetter. The sound...the voice of 81-kilo.
Tracy: And you were working fly-ops the other night, weren't you?
Jody: Yes, I thought that was you. So you finally got the shield.
Tracy: Yep.
Jody: It's been a while, Tracy.
Tracy: Yeah, it has, Jode. Um, this is my partner, Nick. Nick Knight, Jody Fraser.
Nick: It's nice to meet you.
Jody: So you're the lucky guy that gets to partner up with my sorority sister?
Tracy: How's the job going? I keep meaning to drop by, but, uh-
Jody: It's okay, I understand...and the job's great. It's not what I'm used to.
Tracy: Jody's a helicopter pilot.
Jody: Flying a desk, now. I worked Metro Air PD. They grounded me. Oops, I couldn't see anymore, usually a pretty good reason to ground a pilot. But, thanks to Tracy's dad they let me stay on here in ops. It's actually not all that bad. I've got someone here you should meet. Perry? Come here boy. Perry's my boyfriend, aren't you, boy?

Nick: How's he been, lately?
Jody: Fine. I little off his food, but then, he's always been a bit fussy.
Tracy: Jody, we're pretty sure that Perry is the dog that saved the woman in the park the other night. We got a description from a bus driver.
Jody: It couldn't have been him. I know Perry, and he's not a killer.
Tracy: Well, forensics found some fur at the scene. If we could just get a clip of Perry's coat....
Jody: So you can take him away from me? I'm telling you, he's not dangerous!

Nick: What brings you out here tonight, so far away from the comforts of the city?
LaCroix: I thought I'd see how I like roughing it.
Nick: (Raleigh is barking at the newcomer) Raleigh, sit.
LaCroix: Austerity doesn't suit you, Nicholas. I worry about you out here in this awful place. Living off the land....
Nick: I like the challenge. And the solitude.
LaCroix: A hound is a picturesque touch. Gone to the dogs. You might say I'd imagined it. Do not think it responds to you out of affection...out of love.
Nick: And he's a good hunter, too.
LaCroix: It is a pack animal, Nicholas. The attention it gives you has nothing to do with affection. It is mere instinct. It will follow any master.
Nick: He is my friend.
LaCroix: Dogs are for breakfast. And then only in the hardest of times.

Nick: I think we're done here, Trace.
Tracy: Yeah, but I just want to-
Nick: How about if I give you and Perry a lift home, tonight?
Jody: We'd like that, Nick. Thank you.

Jody: He's pretty much everything to me right now...since the MS.
Nick: Multiple Scoliosis caused your blindness? I didn't know it could do that.
Jody: Multiple Scoliosis does pretty much whatever it wants. Some people have a little trouble walking, maybe lose the feeling in their hands from time to time, and that can be the extent of it.
Nick: But yours is different?
Jody: Let's just say mine's...mine's progressing. It's still hard to believe, sometimes. I was in perfect health, flying my chopper to work every day. Just...a year ago. And it's funny how friends don't come around so much anymore.
Nick: Like Tracy?
Jody: I understand. I really do. Some people can't handle what's happening to me. I guess, being around me, reminds them of how fragile health is. Makes them feel their...their mortality a little more. But I don't get lonely, not...not with Perry around. He keeps me...he keeps me going, he keeps me from feeling sorry for myself. You''re not going to take him away from me are you? If you find out he attacked that man? He's such a good friend. I can't tell you how-
Nick: I think I know.
Jody: Maybe you could come in for a few minutes? Have some coffee?
Nick: You know, I'd really like that...but we're all on this night-shift together and should get some rest. But if it's okay, I'd like pick you guys up and drive you to work tomorrow night. Bring him something to eat? Something special?
Jody: That'd be nice. Thank you. Come on, Perry. Say good night. Let's go.

Nick: Tell me about it.
Natalie: According to Jody's doctor the initial exacerbation of the MS was devastating. Her remission periods have been very brief and they're getting shorter. She's deteriorating rapidly.
Nick: MS is fatal?
Natalie: Well, all I can really say depends. The disease usually attacks the central nervous system causing scaring which interferes with signals sent from the brain. Now, the effects can be severe, but not normally fatal. However, in very rare cases like Jody's, I'm afraid, the brain stem is attacked...and that's a whole different thing. That can lead to any number of catastrophic failures. Her MS is insidiously degenerative, Nick. And it goes without saying, that its incurable.
Nick: It must be so painful for her, losing her freedom and her mobility.
Natalie: Sort of like having to avoid the sunlight for eternity. Kind of limits your options. What about the dog, Nick?
Nick: Yeah, that's a problem. Like it or not, I guess it's mine. I'll talk to you later.

Nick: Raleigh? Raleigh, here boy. Raleigh?

LaCroix: Heel. That's a good boy. Carouche...come out. I've brought a special treat for you. Yours to feed on for the night. Only don't drain him dry...leave some life in him if you would. I shall have sport with him of my own, later.

Nick: Here you go, boy. This should hold you.
Jody: Good luck. He's very picky.
Nick: Here, let me help you.
Jody: I really appreciate this lift, Nick. Thanks. The bus is, how should I say...a little pedestrian after taking a million dollar Bell-Jet Ranger to work for a couple of years. Hey, you've got the magic touch.

Nick: Hi.
Tracy: Hey. It took some coaxing, but I talked him into a mutt from the pound. No tail--big discount.
Nick: Congratulations. Now do you feel better?
Tracy: How's Jody?
Nick: Fine, all things considered.
Tracy: She was always so strong. I can't imagine how I'd feel if I was in her shoes. I think I would spend every waking minute terrified. I don't know how she does it.
Nick: You were close?
Tracy: Yeah. Inseparable in college. But, you know, people drift apart, go there own way.
Nick: Well, it doesn't have to be that. I've had friends I haven't seen in a years, and uh, sometimes you can pick up where you left off.
Tracy: Thanks, Nick. I think I know what you're saying but, I just...feel scared. I feel useless around her, like I don't know how to behave. I mean, I want to be a part of her life.
Nick: Then be a part of her life. She's the same person inside.
Tracy: I know. That's why I feel so guilty. Every day I don't do something about it I feel more guilty. I know this sounds selfish, but, I just don't know how to deal with it.
Nick: Just try, that's all. I mean, anything you do is better than nothing. Okay?
Tracy: Okay.

Paramedic: He'll be all right, Detective.

Arthur: No, no, no, no, no. Don't, don't shoot. Please.
Nick: What are you doing here?
Arthur: I've come about the beast. The whole village is buzzing about it. Two killings over in Maidstone last night. And another left for dead. Said it was a mad dog that did it. More than that. Some sort of Hell-hound. Unearthly creature. Good God. That'd be number four, then. I suppose you've come about the reward? Constable's put up a fancy sum for whomever brings the beast in.
Nick: You're not a local, are you?
Arthur: No, and not necessarily in for the gold, either. I've come down, from Southen don sea (?Southsea?). I can't resist the pull of a ripping good mystery. The names Doyle. Arthur Conan Doyle. And you?
Nick: You'd best be on your way back Mr. Doyle. You're in grave danger if you remain here.

Nick: Tracy? You'll take her home?
Jody: What do we do now?
Nick: I'm sorry, Jody. There's nothing else we can do. Perry has to go. He's sick, Jody. He's...he's not the same Perry you knew any more. I'll take him myself. It'll all be over tomorrow morning.

LaCroix: I suppose you'll just have to do the right thing. Finish what the carouche started.
Nick: This is your doing.
LaCroix: Yours to undue. A simple thing really, Nicholas. You just have to slay him. You can do it. I know you can kill. (Nick throws a stake at him...and misses) You'll have to be a much better shot than that, Nicholas.
Distantly: Help!
LaCroix: That'd be him, I'd say.

Arthur: Get away from me! Ahh!
Nick: Run, Doyle. Raleigh, stay. Never come back to the Baskervilles again. Damn you, go! (Pushes Doyle away) Raleigh. That's a good fella. That's a good boy. Come on. Come on, boy.

Nick: Come on, Perry. Perry, come on.
Tracy: Jode, he won't go without you. We need your help, please?
Jody: You're a bad dog, you hear? Just go. Go on, get out of here. I don't want you anymore, just go!
Nick: Come on, let's go.

Tracy: I put a little shot of scotch in there. I hope that's okay.
Jody: Just don't tell my doctor.
Tracy: Um...So. I guess we both know why I didn't uh, call, or visit. It's really hard for me to see you suffer. And...I, I guess I was afraid. I don't even know why.
Jody: It's a natural human response. I feel that when healthy people are around me. They see me, and what they see is not just illness or weakness...they think they see something dying. I can't blame them for not wanting to be around that. (She takes a drink from her cup) Whoa!
Tracy: What? Too much scotch?
Jody: No. No, it's fine. You know you never did know how to mix a drink. Rule number one: Scotch only mixes with water, and only in an emergency.
Tracy: Jody? I was wondering if it's possible to try to pick up where we left off?
Jody: I'd like that. Now, I'm kicking you out. It's time for bed.
Tracy: Hey, I'll come by tomorrow, okay? Maybe we can do breakfast?
Jody: I'd like that.

Nick: I'm sorry, my friend. (He kills Raleigh)

Jody: Who's there? Perry? Is that you, boy? Oh, it is, isn't it? I can hear you. Oh, you came back to me. Oh, good boy, come here boy, come here boy. But...I can't, I can't, I can't take you came back, Perry. I have to call someone. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Jody: Good boy....

Tracy: She just took off. Just like that.
Reese: Handed her resignation over to Metro Air. Said she was off to stay with relatives in the states, start all over. I don't know, maybe losing Perry drove her over the top. You took him down to animal control, right, Nick?
Nick: Yeah. I took care of it!
Tracy: I just wish she'd told me where she was going. I hope she's all right.
Nick: She's strong. She'll survive.
Tracy: Yeah.

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