Paramedic 1: Bullet wound to the head. Severe cerebral lacerations in the temporal area.
Dr. Turner: Do we have a pulse?
Paramedic 2: No pulse.
Dr. Turner: Rhytym?
Paramedic 2: None.

Dr. Turner: How long has he been down?
Paramedic 1: Sixteen minutes.
Dr. Turner: Do we know who he is?
Paramedic 1: A cop--that's all I got.

Dr. Turner: Do you know what any of his medical history is?
Paramedic: Nope.
Dr. Turner: Any allergies?
Paramedic: I don't know.

Dr. Turner: How long has he been down?
RN: Uh, Nineteen minutes.
Dr. Turner: No pulse. No rhythm. No cardiac output. Let's call it. Note the time.
RN: It's 12:36.
Dr. Turner: Death occurred at 12:36 am. Call the M.E. The deceased is identified as Metro Police Detective...Nicholas Knight.

Dr. Turner: We tried our best, but he didn't make it. I'm sorry.
Reese: Thanks, Doctor.

Tracy: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Captain.
Reese: Hey, come on now. You did the best you could. You'll get through this.
Tracy: It's all my fault.
Reese: Listen to me, Tracy. It's nobody's fault but the person who pulled that trigger. Now come on, you got to talk to me, tell me what happened. Tracy: I don't know. It all happened so fast. I tried to help him. There was nothing I could do.
Reese: Tell me about the shooter.
Tracy: I didn't get a good look at him.

Natalie: Where is he?
Reese: Natalie. He didn't make it.
Natalie: Please. Just tell me. Where is Nick?

(Nick takes a big breath....)
RN: Doctor Turner. Doctor Turner? (Runs into Natalie) He's alive!
Natalie: Well then, you'd better go get some help. (Gives Nick some blood) Oh boy Nick, how are we going to talk our way out of this one, huh?

Dr. Turner: Probably he's not breathing...reacting to all of the drugs in his system.
Natalie: Oh, don't do that, I've already done it. And I also took his blood pressure--it's one-ten over sixty and stabilizing.
Dr. Turner: Let's get a team in here stat. You're a little bit off your beat, aren't you, Dr. Lambert?
Natalie: Oh, well...I'm a close personal friend of the revived.
Dr. Turner: Well, your friend's a miracle man.
Natalie: Maybe it wasn't as serious as you first thought?
Dr. Turner: You tell me, take a look at this head wou- (Stops...the wound doesn't look all that bad.)

Reese: Tracy, I've seen it happen before to lots of cops. Now just give yourself some time. It'll come back to you.
Tracy: But I'm trained for exactly this situation.
Reese: Give yourself a break--and that's an order.
Natalie: (She approaches) He's alive.
Reese: But the Doctor pronounced him dead.
Natalie: Nick went into a temporary cardiac arrest. With that kind of shock to the system, it's not all that unusual.
Tracy: Is he going to live?
Natalie: Well, he's still in a coma, but I have a feeling that he's going to pull through.

Dr. Turner: This is wrong. We should be talking about this guy in the past tense.
LaCroix: Perhaps you need a second opinion, doctor.
Dr. Turner: Look at him. Half his brain's been scrambled.
LaCroix: The sad thing about x-rays...they tend to be flawed, sometimes. *I think this is one of those times, don't you?*
Dr. Turner: One of those times....
LaCroix: *Detective Knight is one of the luckiest men alive, isn't he?*
Dr. Turner: Luckiest man alive....
LaCroix: (While replacing the x-rays with new, normal ones) *I want you to listen very carefully to what I have to say to you. The injuries were no where near as life-threatening as they at first seemed. The bullet glanced off the good detective's very thick skull and caused minimal damage. You expect him to regain consciousness very soon, and when he does, you will release him and say that his is a most remarkable case.*
Dr. Turner: A remarkable case....
LaCroix: So glad we concur, Doctor.

Dr. Turner: (A bit dazed) The bullet glanced off the good detective's very thick skull. He is the luckiest man alive. His injuries were no where near as life-threatening as they might have seemed.
Reese: Well, um...when can we talk to him?
Dr. Turner: He'll regain consciousness soon, then I'll release him. (Starts to leave, then turns back to them) A remarkable recovery.
Reese: I think I'm going back to the shop....tell everyone the good news. Anybody need a ride?
Natalie: No. No, I think I'll stay a while.
Tracy: Yeah, me too. Just a little longer. I'd like to see him, if I could.
Natalie: I think I can arrange that. Come on.

LaCroix: Poor Nicholas. See where your mortal fascination has led you? (Pulls out the IV) I suppose this was something important, wasn't it? Quid pro quo, Nicholas. I always pay my debts.

Crimean War: Probably 1853 or 1854

Dying Russian soldier: Please. I'm dying. Give me water.
LaCroix: No.
Soldier: Are you death? Come to take me?
LaCroix: If you say so.
Soldier: Vampire!
(LaCroix bites, the soldier stakes him)

LaCroix: Quid pro quo. I do hope this wave of altruism passes's quite distressing. Welcome back to the world of the living, such as it is.

Natalie: Hey, you're up. How you doing?
Nick: My head is killing me.
Natalie: Well, that's not surprising considering someone tried to blow it off. I mean, you were shot in the head. I did some pretty fast work-
Nick: Shot.... Who...? Who?
Natalie: Well, that's what everyone's hoping you'll be able to tell them.
Nick: No. I mean...who are you?
Natalie: C'mon, Nick. You're scaring me. Who am I, Nick? Say my name.
Nick: I'm sorry. I don't know who you are.

Reese: Amnesia? Well, I guess it beats being dead. How long do you think it'll last?
Dr. Turner: It's hard to say. With retrograde amnesia victims it's tough to predict when they'll come out of it. I've heard of cases where the condition never clears up.
Reese: But other than that, he's going to make it?
Dr. Turner: Well, he's going to live. So far there's no apparent dysfunction...other than the fact that he has no idea who he is.
Natalie: Or where he came from. He knows nothing about his past.
Reese: Well, Nick is the only one who can tell us what happened last night. We got to jog his memory if we can.
Natalie: Let me take Nick home to his place. Get him back into some familiar territory...see what happens.
Reese: Will it help?
Dr. Turner: It might.
Natalie: Nick has no family, I'm a doctor...what could be better?
Reese: Let's do it.

Natalie: Nick, you're eating! He's actually eating.
Dr. Turner: It's a good sign, Nick, you're coming along great. Do you recognize these people?
Nick: Well, um, I remember Doctor Lambert, but I'm sorry, I don't know who you are.
Reese: Uh.... Joe Reese. Metro Police.
Nick: Am I in trouble?
Natalie: No, Captain Reese is your boss, Nick. You're a police officer.
Reese: A detective, homicide division 96th precinct. Nick, um, last night you were involved in a shooting. Someone tried very hard to kill you and your partner.
Nick: Is he dead?
Natalie: No...she's fine, Nick.
Reese: But Detective Vetter can't give us the whole story of how it happened. We need you to fill in the blanks. went to the parade warehouse near the 401 and Keele. Do you remember what happened after that?
Nick: It's weird, but I do remember something.
Dr. Turner: In cases like yours, some short term memories can be recalled.
Nick: There was a loud noise and a bright um, a bolt of lightening in my head and then this burning sensation. Then it went all black.
Dr. Turner: I'm going to release you into Doctor Lambert's care. She's going to take you home and stay with you.
Natalie: Nick?
Nick: Sure...whatever you say. If it's all right with Doctor Lambert.
Natalie: me Natalie.
Nick: Natalie. Captain...I'll-I'll keep trying.
Reese: That's okay. Now, look, you give me a call the minute anything more starts coming back to you. Nick, uh, I just want to tell you that a whole lot of people were praying for you last night. We're very happy you're back. You get well now, but you go easy, okay?
Nick: Sure.

Tracy: I'm trying, it's just really hazy.
IA 1: I realize how difficult it must be, Detective Vetter, but we have to get to the bottom of this.
IA 2: Now according to the dispatch log, you and Knight went a warehouse at 139 Dunsenae(?).
Tracy: Right. It's a warehouse where the city keeps all of the parade floats--Christmas stuff. Nick got a call. An informant had something for him.
IA 1: About what?
Tracy: About an unsolved from a few years back. The Yorkville ripper.
IA 2: Everybody and his dog has a theory on that one.
Tracy: It seemed like a normal, everyday meet. We got there. Went inside.... The minute we got in, we sensed something was wrong. We split up. It was dark. No one was there. I remember thinking to myself...maybe I'm just spooking myself. Maybe it's just a prank. I didn't see his face. I-I can't remember seeing his face. Maybe...maybe a flash of it. A glint of something. Something else about the guy...what he was wearing, what he had wasn't normal...I just, I can't get it clear in my mind.
Reese: Guys....
IA 1: Just a few more questions, Captain. Look, forensics recovered this from the scene. Do you know what it is?
Tracy: No.
IA 2: It's a cop-killer. Teflon coated. Goes through kevlar like it was tissue.
IA 1: Nick was shot with one of these.
IA 2: Well, it seems your guy was gunning for cops.
IA 1: So now do you understand why it's so important for us to get to the bottom of this?

Nick: It's a little dark, isn't it?
Natalie: That's the way you like it.

Nick: (Picking up a picture) Ah, here we are.
Natalie: Do you remember when that was taken?
Nick: No, I'm sorry, I don't.
Natalie: was last year on your birthday. You and I went out to dinner to celebrate. Do you remember which birthday that was?
Nick: All right, let me guess...somewhere between thirty and forty?
Natalie: Oh, you are so far off, I cannot begin to tell you.

Nick: (After playing a little bit of Fur Elise) How about that?
Natalie: It's a beautiful piece. Do you remember what it's called?
Nick: No I don't. But it's by Beethoven, isn't it?
Natalie: Very good.
Nick: You know, it's strange, when I was playing it...I-I remember being with a friend, and he was jotting down notes and staff while I was playing it--with a quill. (Nat rolls her eyes) He was hard of hearing, it's weird.
Natalie: Okay, I've got to go out for a bit. In my line of work, you can't let things pile up. It can get very unpleasant.
Nick: That's right, you're a doctor, aren't you?
Natalie: Actually, I'm a pathologist.
Nick: Ehhh.
Natalie: Do me one little favor, will you, while I'm out? Stay put. Get some rest, and if you feel hungry, oh, by all mean--eat something.
Nick: Thanks, I am a bit hungry. That hospital food was dreadful.
Natalie: Just remember an apple a day, keeps the coroner away.
Nick: I wouldn't want to do that now, would I?
Natalie: I got to go.

LaCroix: (As Nick's pointing his gun at him) Is that anyway to treat your savior, Nicholas?
Nick: How did you get in here?
LaCroix: I have an open invitation.
Nick: You're the doctor from the hospital.
LaCroix: Oh, I'm much more than that. Doesn't the sensation that you're feeling right now tell you that I'm much more than that? We have a very special relationship, Nicholas. Cast your memory back as best you can. I'm your oldest friend. We've been through so much together.

LaCroix: Nicholas, be so good as to relieve me of this, will you?
Nick: Only if you tell me first, how it got there.
LaCroix: An instant of improvidence. A soldier's last lucky blow in battle. I was about to dispense a merciful end to his suffering when he managed to inflict this inconvenience on me.
Nick: Such ingratitude.
LaCroix: Yes. It is increasingly unpleasant and more than a little annoying. The soldier has been dispatched to hell, as I will shortly be, if you do not help me, that is.
Nick: It's an interesting dilemma, isn't it?
LaCroix: Yes. I wish you would remember that our relationship hasn't always been this difficult.
Nick: I will help you, and then I will go on my own way without you. It's time I moved least for a while.
LaCroix: Of course. I only hope that you will consider that you chose to remain with me for so long of your own volition. You really do like me, you just don't know that you do.... Now. S'il vous plait.

Nick: I don't remember you, but if you do know me as well as you say you do, help me, tell me who I am.
LaCroix: It's not so much who you are, Nicholas, as what you are. You are extra-ordinary.... You're a killer. Well, if you don't believe me, why don't you go outside and rediscover yourself for yourself.
(Natalie comes back)
LaCroix: Good evening. Dr. Lambert, isn't it?
Natalie: I know who you are.
LaCroix: How flattering. My reputation has preceded me.
Natalie: Thank you for helping to cover for him in the hospital.
LaCroix: We made quite a good team, didn't we? It really was
Natalie: Was. But now I think that you should leave him alone.
LaCroix: Whatever you say. I trust that you will inform him of his special nature and needs in my absence? Perhaps not. Perhaps you will use this opportunity to try to accomplish the impossible. To redeem him.
Natalie: I think you'd better leave. By the door.
LaCroix: Whatever you say, Doctor. Good luck with your little quest. Get well soon, Nicholas. Come and see me when you can.

Natalie: How are you feeling, did you eat?
Nick: He said I was a killer. Why did he say that?
Natalie: In your line of work you've had people shoot at you, you've shot at them...they've missed, you haven't. I don't know.
Nick: I guess it makes sense. What did he mean by my special nature?
Natalie: Oh, he's just.... You don't have to believe anything that he says to you.
Nick: He said he was my oldest friend.
Natalie: Well, he's not your friend. He can't help you. Not like I can.
Nick: But there is something wrong with me, right? I'm sick or something?
Natalie: I don't this now is a good time to talk about it.
Nick: But, I-I....
Natalie: It's very late and I think that we both need to get some sleep. I'm afraid you're just going to have to trust me on this one, Nick. You have to promise me something. You've got to promise me that no matter what happens, you won't leave this apartment.
Nick: Why would I want to leave?
Natalie: You and I have been working very hard together for a very long time to help you make a change in your life that you've wanted to make. This accident has a silver lining, if you want to look at it that way.
Nick: What change is that?
Natalie: Well, all I can say, is that the change seems to be happening. It feels like we're really getting somewhere. But you have to trust me. You have to go slowly with me. We...we both have to take this slowly.
Nick: We? What do you mean by 'we'? Do we have a relationship?
Natalie: No. No we're just friends.
Nick: You know when I first saw you at the hospital, I knew there was something special between us. Something very good.
Natalie: It's hard to explain. We...we have a unique relationship.
Nick: (He kisses her) But you won't tell me why?
Natalie: I don't know if I should
Nick: (Another kiss) Is it important?
Natalie: (As he kisses her again...) No...not now.

Nightcrawler: Bonsoir, mes amis. C'est moi, the Nightcrawler, and I'll be with you until the sun rises. Keeping you company, soothing your confusion, your bond in Giliad. Tonight's meditation is dedicated to lost friends, lost from each other, lost from themselves. And the simple fact is, the way back for one is the way back for the other. For we must never forget what we are, or whom we came from. This is our life-blood, our nourishment. Without it, we wither and become nothing.

Nightcrawler: You will come back. You must come back. It is your destiny, and destiny will not be trifled with.

Tracy: Nothing. If he's here, I don't see him.
IA 1: Is it because you don't remember, or because you didn't get a good look at the guy?
Tracy: I don't know.
Reese: Look, this happens to a lot of cops when their partner gets tagged. She just needs some time...and some rest.
IA 1: Anybody heard anything from Detective Knight, yet?
IA 2: Nothing.
Reese: I wouldn't count on him being any help for a long time. (IA leave)
Tracy: Captain.... I'm sorry.
Reese: Look, you just got to stop pushing it, Tracy. Step back from it for a while and give it a break. You got to learn to let it come to you. Now come on, give it a rest.

Officer: Hold it right there. Hands in the air.
Nick: (Turns around): I'm a police officer. I'll just go into my pocket and get my badge, all right?
Officer: You do it slowly.
(Nick hands her his badge)
Officer: What are you doing here, Detective? (Nick focuses in on her neck...) This is a protected crime scene. (Nick turns away, vamping out) There was a police officer shot here last night.... Are you okay?
Nick: (Taking his badge back) Yeah, I'm fine. I'm the officer who was shot.
Officer: What are you doing here?
Nick: I'm looking for something.
Officer: Whatever you say, Detective. (Nick seems lightheaded/weak, leans against something) Are you sure you're alright?
Nick: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine, thanks. I'll let myself out.
Officer: (Leaving) Okay.

Natalie: Nick! Oh, my God! (Nick enters, smoking from the sun)
Nick: Did you know this would happen?
Natalie: I told you not to go out.
Nick: But you didn't tell me why! What's wrong with me? How could it be this horrible? Tell me! Tell me. Why won't you tell me!
Natalie: Oh, Nick. Why'd you have to go?
Nick: I remembered something. I sensed the shooter before he fired. I sensed him and that means something. Come on, tell me what it means! Tell me!
Natalie: You were so close. If only you'd done what I asked, I might never have had to tell you the truth. We were so close. We were so close....
Nick: (Flashes on the killer before the shooting) Natalie, I saw his face. I have to go. I can help.
Natalie: No. No, you can't go anywhere until the sun sets.
Nick: Why?
Natalie: There's no easy tell you this, Nick. You're a- You're a vampire.

Tracy: Vetter.
Leon Sharp/Mallik(?) Too bad about your partner. You got his head all messed up, didn't you? Bet you feel bad.
Tracy: Who is this?
Leon: Not important, but a friend of mine has a little score to settle. The name Jimmy Mallik ring a bell?
Tracy: No.
Leon: Jimmy likes parades. He like the clowns the best...the floats. Do you believe in Santa Clause, Tracy? Jimmy does.
Tracy: You're the one.
Leon: No, it was Jimmy. He's sad. He wants to talk to you--alone.
Tracy: Where?
Leon: Cement plant at the lake front.

Nick: The pain's almost gone. Does this always happen?
Natalie: That's why your head wound didn't kill you. You heal incredibly fast.
Nick: I thought you said the bullet just grazed me?
Natalie: I lied.
Nick: How long have I been a vampire?
Natalie: Seven hundred and sixty-seven years.
Nick: Natalie, is what I am the thing that makes you so sad?
Natalie: It's what's kept up apart.
Nick: But we're together now? Last night? We can't be together?
Natalie: Last night I believed it was possible, that we'd finally won. We can't have the relationship we want, Nick. It just--it won't work this way. I'm sorry, I should have told you the truth.
(Nick stands up, and then gets really weak.)
Natalie: (Goes and gets the bottle LaCroix left, and helps him to a chair) Come on, sit up. Come on. It's okay. It's okay, sit up. Here. Drink this. (He does just that) Normally you drink cow's blood. You stopped drinking human blood a long time ago, just in case you were wondering. I could explain it all to you but until you get your memory back you really wouldn't understand.... (He takes another drink, savoring the taste) You don't want to be a vampire.

Reese: (While Nick's flipping though picture on the computer) How's it going?
Nick: Nothing yet.
Reese: Did it ever occur to you that the only reason for people like us is people like them?
Nick: I don't know. (Recognizes the guy) Captain, that's him. I know that's him.
Reese: Wait a minute. Leon Sharp, are you sure?
Nick: I'm positive. What's the matter?
Reese: Leon Sharp aka Leon Mallik. About fifteen years ago Leon's older brother, Jimmy, was shot and killed during a drug bust. Damn. The police captain that fired that shot was Captain Richard Vetter, now Commissioner Vetter--Tracy's father.
Nick: We've been set up. Tracy was the target.
Reese: She still is. Look, get over to her place. I'll call her and I'll have backup meet you there.

Tracy: You wanted to talk? Here I am.
Leon: (Shoots at her) Good evening Detective Vetter! Real happy you could make it!
Tracy: Pleasure's all mine.

Tracy: Why do you want to shoot a cop?
Leon: You remember Jimmy? I told you about him.
Tracy: Yeah, I remember.
Leon: Yeah, my brother! Got shot by a cop. Fish around in his place, they didn't give him a chance. They just came in shooting. Do you remember the old saying, 'Do what you want to me, but don't mess with my family.'
Tracy: What about it?
Leon: How's Captain Vetter these days, Tracy?

Nightcrawler: All's well that ends well--although it never really does end for some of us. Anyway, until tomorrow, I remain a friend to all, and as always, when you have a friend in the Nightcrawler, who needs enemies?

Natalie: So, I guess it's business as usual. Oh, ah Nick? I know that you're probably a hundred percent, but I think it's maybe a good idea if you stayed home for a while.
Nick: There's someone I need to talk to first.
Natalie: I know I can't fill in all the blanks.
Nick: Nat, you were right. It is a lot to take in all at once, but bear with me.

LaCroix: Nicholas, I'm so glad that you're well. What brings you in? A social call? Some urgent police matter, perhaps?
Nick: No, it's just a feeling. I'm guessing you can fill in the blanks for me. Help me figure out who I am. All of who I am.
LaCroix: It's nearly dawn, you'll have to spend the day here with me, I'm afraid. You have plenty of time?
Nick: Eternity, so I'm told.
LaCroix: Good, because what you are, Nicholas, is a long, long story....

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