Tracy: Looks like it's stolen.
Nick: Punched in the ignition.
Tracy: Probably popped the lock. I'll check with vehicle theft when we get back to the shop. (Her cell phone rings, and she answers it) Vetter? Dad, I'm working.... What?! You can't. Dad, I've got--I've gotta go.
(Nick walks over to where Natalie is)
Natalie: Uh-oh, trouble at home.
(Tracy joins them, putting her phone away)
Natalie: Ah, her name was Helen Neary. Greer is looking up next of kin.
Nick: She die on impact?
Natalie: Actually, I doubt it. She was shot.
Nick: Shot?
Natalie: Five bullets into the torso. Small caliber, maybe a thirty-two. No exit wounds, so we should be able to match the recoveries, assuming that you can find a weapon.
Tracy: Did they take anything?
Nick: No, they don't think so. Credit cards, cash--nothing seems to be missing.
Tracy: Looks a little bit like a hit.
Nick: How many hired killers do you know soften up their victims by ramming them with their cars first?

Tracy: What do you know about Corporate Crime Division?
Nick: White collar. Suits. Expense accounts. Good place to advance.
Tracy: Would you go there? If you were offered a transfer?
Nick: That's what the phone call with your father was about? A transfer? You interested?
Tracy: I don't know.

Nick: Is the son the only next of kin we've got?
Tracy: No, there is a daughter, but Records is having a problem tracking her down.
Nick: (Reaching an apartment) Here we are.
Tracy: Ugh. I hate notifications.
Nick: Everyone does. (He knocks) Matthew Neary?
Matthew Neary: Yeah, what?
Nick: Police officers. Could you open the door, please?
(Scuffling sounds from within the apartment)
Tracy: Just because he's her son doesn't mean he didn't pull the trigger.
(They break down the door, find that Matthew has already left)
Tracy: Damn!
Nick: Well, while we're here, why don't we have an informal look-see?
Tracy: (Her phone rings) I thought I'd turned that off. (Answering her phone) Vetter? (Gives Nick an embarrassed look, and then moves away) Dad, I can't talk right now. Because I'm on duty. Just like the last time. No, I haven't made a decision yet. Well, yeah, I know what you think, but I don't- Dad, I am capable of running my own life.

Russia: 1916

Czar Nicholas II: It is the monk, Rasputin. The Czarina will do nothing without his consent.
Nick: How can this be?
Nicholas II: It is through our son. Alexei grows weaker every day. Alexandra is convinced that the monk is the only person who can help him. He seems to control her every thought. Her mind is...clouded. Rumor has spread to the people that she has gone mad, though I know it is Rasputin's influence, not madness.
(As a servant comes within earshot, they momentarily pause)
Nick: How can I help? What can I do?
Nicholas II: It is said that a friend gained at the gaming table is the truest a man can find. I have need of such a friend now, Nikolai. Yefimovitch has ambition. (Alexandra is approaching, with Rasputin not far behind her.) It is her with him. (Once she is in speaking distance) Ready to retire for the evening, my dear?
Alexandra: What are you doing here? Ah, Nikolai. Discussing past exploits at the gaming table, no doubt?
Nicholas II: We were not, actually. Is that Yefimovitch lurking in the shadows? Nikolai, I want you to meet Rasputin, the so-called monk my wife believes will cure our son.

Tracy: I can't believe this! Nick, this letter is from Christie Black. She's his sister.
Nick: Christy who?
Tracy: Christy Black. The singer.
Nick: Any return address?

Dr. Ben McGee: Yes?
Nick: I'm Detective Knight. This is Detective Vetter. We'd like to speak to Christie Black, please.
McGee: How did you know she was here?
Nick: We found out through her brother.
McGee: Look.... Whatever it is, you can discuss it with me.
Nick: And you are?
McGee: Dr. Ben McGee. I'm Ms. Black's therapist.
Nick: You live in?
McGee: Well, it's my home, actually. It also serves as a clinic. Christie's case requires constant supervision.
Nick: What's the matter with her?
Tracy: Drugs, wasn't it?
McGee: Please. I'm trying to rebuild her life at the moment.
Tracy: May we please speak with her? It's very important.

McGee: Christie, the police are here to see you. Pull yourself together. That's enough, Christie. Pay attention now. You listen to the detectives.
Tracy: Miss Black, your mother is Helen Neary?
Christie: Yes.
Nick: There's been an accident. Your mother's dead, Miss Black.
(Christie looks up to McGee)
McGee: Is there anything else?
Tracy: Uh, yeah--Miss Black, is there any reason you can think of that your brother might not want to speak to the police?
Christie: (She shakes her head) Can I get a glass of water, please?
McGee: Of course. Don't be long.
Christie: My
Nick: It was a hit-and-run.
(Christie leaves the room)
Tracy: If I remember correctly, this whole uh, drug thing started shortly after her boyfriend committed suicide. Didn't he shoot himself at Pier 5?
McGee: Gary Wilton. But she would have gone over the edge without that. They both hit rock bottom together. Heroin, cocaine, you name it. Fortunately, she's made good progress. She's beginning to come back to life. I just hope a shock like this.... Any leads on the driver?
Nick: No. Actually, it was murder.
McGee: She shouldn't be this long. (He goes off to find her)

McGee: She's gone! The door's open.
Nick: She can't have got far. (Nick and Tracy follow McGee outside)
McGee: We have to find her. She's not equipped to deal with something like this.
Nick: (To Tracy) That way. Go with him.

Christie: (After Nick pulled her back from the road) What...? What happened?
Nick: Are you all right?
Christie: I don't know...I, uh, I shouldn't--I shouldn't--
Nick: Christie? Christie, it's okay.
Christie: I shouldn't have done that.
Nick: It's okay. Just take it easy, all right?
(McGee and Tracy arrive)
McGee: Christie! Christie! Is she okay?
Nick: Yeah.
Christie: I'm sorry, I... Please help me, I don't know what to do.
McGee: It's okay, Christie. Let's get you inside.

Nick: We ran Matthew Neary through CPIC.
Reese: They got him on cocaine. Think he was into heroin, too. Like sister, like brother. Maybe Mom was cutting back on his allowance, and he decided to do something about it, who knows? You put out an APB?
Nick: Yeah.
Reese: All right. Now, uh, what was the sister's name again?
Tracy: Christie Black. The singer.
Reese: Unless she sings the anthems at hockey games, I don't know her. You sure about leaving her at McGee's house?
Nick: Well, it is a clinic. She doesn't need to be locked up, and her doctor's right there.
Reese: All right, it's your call. Look, maybe you'd better start working up the reports.
(Nick leaves, and Tracy moves to follow)
Reese: Ah...Tracy. Now, Detective Vetter, I got a phone call.
Tracy: Don't tell me. My father called.
Reese: He informed me you were transferring off my watch. Working under Captain Forrest at Corporate Crime.
Tracy: I don't know what to tell you, Captain. None of this was my idea.
Reese: Oh, okay. I know how that goes, but I wish you would've told me it was in the wind.
Tracy: I haven't agreed to take the transfer yet, but apparently my father's telling everyone it's a done deal. I mean, career-wise, it's....
Reese: A smart move.
Tracy: Maybe. But the more my father pushes, the more I don't want to do it.
Reese: Look, I know he's put you in a tough spot, but I don't want anyone on my watch who's here to prove a point. You're here because you want to be, or you move on and that's it. Okay?
Tracy: Okay.

Natalie: Helen Neary might have lived, if she'd had good field care and a great surgeon, but the five shots into her chest sort of settled the issue. Thirty-two automatic.
Nick: Have you heard of a psychiatrist named McGee?
Natalie: Ben McGee? Oh, yeah.
Nick: What's that? Disapproval?
Natalie: More like caution. Some people call him miracle worker. He works on very high profile cases. Rich ones. If you've got enough money, you're not crazy, merely eccentric. Why do you ask?
Nick: I met him tonight. He's treating Helen Neary's daughter, Christie Black. The singer? (She shakes her head) Nah, me, neither.
Natalie: What? And you think they're involved in the murder somehow?
Nick: Well, we're looking for Neary's son, Matthew.
Natalie: Charming. Well McGee is a whiz at hypnotherapy and chemical conditioning. It's a classic behavioristic approach.
Nick: You're not a fan?
Natalie: It's the old elevator controversy. Say you have a patient who has a fear of closed spaces. He can't ride in the elevator. One school of thought says treat the fear of closed spaces, and its underlying causes, so that he can ride the elevator. The other side--McGee's side--says get him used to riding in the elevator, get him used to closed spaces, and the fear doesn't matter. One way you treat the disease, the other way you treat the symptom. I'm a 'treat the disease' kind of gal myself.
Nick: He does get results.
Natalie: Oh, no question. Probably faster, too. I'm just uncomfortable with leaving the original fear there, waiting to come out in compulsive behaviors. And he does tend to take over his patients' lives.

Alexandra: (After Nick hands her a porcelain doll) Absolutely exquisite.
Nick: It's for Anastasia. I found it in a small shop in Covent Garden.
Alexandra: You're so thoughtful, Nikolai. We are grateful for your friendship.
Nick: I did not mean to sadden you with this gift.
Alexandra: Oh, of course not. But of late, I am often stricken with melancholia. I don't know the cause. So many things. The world is no longer the world I knew. I fear for our survival.
Nick: Your Highness, if I may. The monk.
Alexandra: Rasputin is my trusted confidant. He is a holy man. Do not speak ill of him. My son has been sick for months. Yefimovitch is the only one who can help him.
Nick: This sickness. Tell me, is Alexei weak? Pale?
Alexandra: Yes, terribly.
Nick: His bones ache. He has fevers. Bright lights hurt his eyes. He's always thirsty.
Alexandra: Yes. Yes, how did you know?
Nick: I'm familiar with his ailment.
Alexandra: This there a cure?
Nick: Yes. But only up to a certain point. Your Highness, Rasputin's treatments cannot save your son.
(Rasputin enters)
Rasputin: Without me, he would already be dead.
Nick: If Alexei is to be cured, it must be done now.
Rasputin: And you would cure him?
Nick: If the Czarina wishes.
Rasputin: Then we should ask her. *No one can help him but me. You are right to resist outsiders who would try to steal your son.*
Nick: *Examine his motives, Your Highness. He's using your son's weakness to gain control of you.*
Rasputin: *He lies.*
Nick: *Can you not feel the hold he has on you?*
Rasputin: *His is an evil soul. I am the salvation of Alexei.*
Nick: *I can help Alexei.*
Alexandra: No. No, Yefimovitch is the only one. Any who oppose him must die.
Nick: (Realizing he has lost the battle of wills) Ever your servant, Your Highness.

McGee: What were you thinking? Did you think killing yourself would make it all better? I asked you a question!
Christie: (Crying) She was my mother. I loved her. I needed her.
McGee: No. The only person you need right now is you. Accidents happen. Life goes on, but you--your solution is to kill yourself? You're saying you give up. That you're weak. Is that what you're saying, Christie?
Christie: Yes.
McGee: That's not you, Christie. You're not weak. All you've been through. All the work. The pain. That's not something a weak person could go through, is it?
Christie: No.
McGee: You're getting better. No one can take that away from you, can they?
Christie: No.
McGee: Because you're strong. Say it.
Christie: Strong.
McGee: Again.
Christie: (She stops crying) Strong.
McGee: Loud.
Christie: Strong!
McGee: Strong enough to do what you have to do to survive.
Christie: Yes!
McGee: And more than that. You know why I'm hard on you, don't you?
Christie: Because I can take it.
McGee: Right. Now, center yourself, and let's get back to it.

Nick: Your father call again?
Tracy: He may as well have. He's talked to everyone else.
Nick: Why don't you just tell him you need more time to think about the transfer?
Tracy: Because, he'll tell me how much time to take.
Nick: You can't reason with him?
Tracy: How do you reason with someone who thinks that they're always right? Sooner or later, you just give up. Let them have their way. People need to feel in control of their lives. If not, it's like a little piece of you goes crazy. Maybe that's why I always used to run to my dad for advice. I couldn't make decisions because he'd never let me learn how.

McGee: I'll do what I can, but you must realize I can't jeopardize Christie's recovery in any way.
Nick: We're not asking you to. But our only next of kin are Matthew and Christie.
Tracy: He won't talk to us, and she can't. We're hoping that you can provide us with some information to go on.
McGee: Well, there's not much to say about Helen. Quite an unremarkable woman, really. Christie had an ambivalent relationship with her.
Nick: What about the brother?
McGee: Matthew was a problem. He and Helen fought a lot. There was his substance abuse. Poor Christie was always caught in the middle. Matthew won't talk to you?
Tracy: No. Um, you said Helen and Matthew fought? Was there any physical violence?
McGee: He's a suspect? But he couldn't.... I know Matthew, and he's not a killer. And his own mother? I can't believe that.
Nick: Perhaps there's a motive you're unaware of.
McGee: If it does turn out that Matthew killed Helen, I have to do everything possible to keep that from Christie. Can I have your word that you'll help me do that?
Nick: We'll do what we can.
Tracy: How is Christie?
McGee: Overall, I'm optimistic. Of course, the news of her mother's death. Well, you saw her reaction. But I think I helped her work through some of the grief in our session last night.
Nick: Um, Doctor, about that.... Your methods.
McGee: I know what you're going to say. My treatment technique has troubled you.
Nick: Yes.
McGee: I've heard it many times. All I can say, Detective, is that it gets results. (The doorbell rings) Excuse me--I'm expecting some deliveries. (He leaves)
Tracy: Nick? I think I'm going to take the transfer.
(Before Nick can comment, there's a gunshot and shouting)

Tracy: Are you hit?
McGee: No, I'm okay. It was Matthew.
Nick: Call it in.

Nick: Police.
Matthew: That bastard's messin' with my sister's head. He's screwing with her brain--don't you get it?
Nick: You're under arrest.

Matthew: I wasn't trying to shoot him. Look, I'd had a couple of beers. I wanted him to know I meant business.
Nick: What type of business?
Matthew: I don't like the way he's treating my sister.
Tracy: Oh, you mean the fact that he's practically saved her life?
Matthew: Any rehab clinic can do that. Hell, I'm proof of that. I've been clean for two years now...except for tonight, maybe.
Nick: So what's the objection?
Matthew: Christie isn't Christie anymore.
Tracy: Well, judging by her past, maybe that's a good thing.
Matthew: No, she isn't anyone anymore. She's just blank. Under his complete control.
Nick: Tell us about your mother.
Tracy: When was the last time you two spoke?
Matthew: I dunno. (He shrugs) In the last year.
Nick: We heard the two of you didn't get along. That there were fights. Is that right?
Matthew: What, are you analyzing me now?
Nick: Your mother's dead.
Tracy: Murdered.
Matthew: What, you think it's me? She's my mother, for God's sake. I swear, I didn't know.
Tracy: Well, we went to your apartment last night to notify you, and you ran. Why?
Matthew: I was holding.
Nick: I thought you were clean?
Matthew: Hey, clean's relative. Just a little grass, that's all. Does Christie know...she was murdered?
Nick: Not yet. Dr. McGee thought it was better not to tell her yet.
Matthew: Might be the first time I ever agreed with him.

Reese: Well, what's your take?
Tracy: Well, I don't if I buy his reason for running.
Reese: Well, we're still a few pieces of evidence away from guilty. We can hold him on the weapons charge. Kind of a mess to pull together an act like that, don't you think?
Nick: I think we should tell Christie that her mother's been murdered. McGee's not going to like it, but she's the only person we haven't really talked to.
Reese: All right, I'll get the Crown Attorney on the horn to hold the brother. Oh, one other thing, while I got the two of you here. Tracy, I just got word that your father's pushed through your transfer. You start in Corporate Crime first thing tomorrow night. You knew, didn't you?
Tracy: Well, I'd sort of accepted the inevitable.
Reese: I'm going to be sorry to lose you, but who knows? You might like it down there. Now, look--shift's over. Go home, report to Corporate tomorrow. See how it goes. Okay?
Tracy: Thanks, Captain.
Reese: Congratulations.

Nightcrawler: I know what you're thinking. You're thinking about the past. And you're asking yourself, 'How did I' And when you think about it you realize that really you had no say in the matter at all. Funny, isn't it? You've just been bobbing along on the eddies and currents of life, like flotsam, subject to the whims of everyone and everything, but yourself. Bumping through history.

Nick: What is it you want? Why have you summoned me?
Rasputin: It wasn't me.
(Nick looks across he room--LaCroix' there) LaCroix: Bumping through history again, Nicholas? Here to see a revolution in the making?
Nick: What are you doing here?
LaCroix: Oh, I'm never very far from my acolytes, or from history for that matter. History, after all, is always where we are.
Nick: You brought him across?
LaCroix: Delightful conceit, don't you think? A holy man. Unfortunately, he's turned out to be rather more of a handful than I had first anticipated. He's quite mad, I'm afraid. Not even a real monk. He's rather headstrong. Rather like you, actually. Although, I trust that it is not madness that makes you so.
Nick: You know why I resist you.
LaCroix: Oh yes, you would have me believe that all men should be free. Unfortunately, history teaches us that the human species lends itself readily to enslavement. It is a comfort to be told what to think, how to live, against whom to wage war. Freedom is the absence of individual thought. We are all under one form of control or another. The Czar under the Czarina, the Czarina under Rasputin, Rasputin under me.
Nick: And you are under?
(The question is ignored, and two soldiers enter the room with rifles.)
LaCroix: He's begun to resist me. He's forgotten the source of his power. Here I was, ready to hand him this peasant nation on a silver platter. But oh, no. It wasn't enough. Ah, well. (LaCroix nods to the soldiers, who then shoot Rasputin) Throw him in the river.
(The soldiers drag Rasputin's body away)
Nick: But that won't kill him.
LaCroix: Of course not. But it will catalyze events. Revolution, you see, is all in the timing.

Forrest (Tracy's new employer): You're going to get along with everyone here. Nothing but the cream of the crop. We have more economics and business administration degrees in this one room than in most brokerage firms.
Tracy: Really?
Forrest: You should be very proud. It's not everyone who gets into our forensic accounting department.
Tracy: Forensic accounting?
Forrest: Oh, yes. You have to get your feet wet.
Tracy: Yeah, but...Captain, my last assignment was homicide.
Forrest: Oh, I know this is a big challenge, but I'm sure you're up to it. And here's your new home. Welcome to Corporate Crime Division, Detective Vetter.

Rose Woolcott: (A knock on her office door) Yes? (Another knock) I'm working late tonight. You can clean up here in the morning. (She opens the door and sees her visitor) What are you doing here? Oh, for goodness sake. Come in. (She turns, and is shot several times)

Natalie: Well, what can I tell you? Five shots from a small caliber, probably a thirty-two. Sound familiar?
Nick: Victim's name was Rose Woolcott. Christie Black's business manager.
Natalie: Aha, I detect a pattern.
Nick: Time of death in the last twelve hours or so?
Natalie: Definitely.
Nick: Well, that lets Matthew Neary off the hook. He was in holding at the time.
Natalie: So, who does that leave you with?

Forrest: That's the Lauren file. He's an investment broker we suspect has been bilking his clients of tens of thousands of dollars.
Tracy: Okay.
Forrest: We need you to follow the various paper trails. See where they start and end.
Tracy: Sounds exciting.
Forrest: Look. I know it's tedious, but it's what we do around here. My people keep their heads down, do exactly what I tell them to, and get the job done.
Tracy: That's fine.
Forrest: And don't think I'm cutting you any slack because your father sits on the Police Commission.
Tracy: I would hope not.
Forrest: Because around here, we do things my way.
Tracy: You've already pointed that out, Ma'am.
Forrest: Yeah, well, you homicide cops have a reputation for being...independent.
Tracy: Don't worry, Ma'am, I wouldn't dream of using my head in here.
Forrest: I'm just going to pretend this conversation didn't happen, and that we got off to a good start, okay, Vetter? There's the Lauren file. Have it completed by the end of business tomorrow.

Reese: Miss Black. How can I help you?
Christie: I want to see my brother. You're dropping the charges.
Reese: Yes, we are. And yes, you can see him. Normally, we wouldn't, but since you're his sister.... Just leave your purse behind, if you don't mind. Officer? She gives her purse to the cop) Just accompany him.

Matthew: Christie! What are you doing here?
Christie: I came to see you.
Matthew: On your own? No McGee?
Christie: No.
Matthew: Well, here--sit. They're letting me out.
Christie: I know.
Matthew: Yeah.
Christie: That's good.
Matthew: Yeah.... Look, about Mom. (She starts to cry) Hey, shhh. Can we get some water, maybe? Kleenex?
Cop: Yeah, sure thing. (He leaves)
Matthew: It's okay. It's okay. You and me are going to be okay. What you say, after, we go get something to eat at my place. I'd like to talk to you about McGee. I really think he's not doing good things for you, Chris.... It's okay.
Christie: (She pulls out a pistol with a silencer barrel) I don't care what you think. You wanna hurt me. (She shoots him five times)

Reese: How the hell something like this could happen in a police station is beyond me.
Nick: She had us all fooled.
Reese: Well, that won't wash when this hits the fan upstairs. And the fact that she walked right out....
Natalie: (Joining them) Would you be surprised if I said five shots, probably with a thirty-two-caliber automatic and a silencer?
Nick: The mother, the manager, and now the brother. What's going on inside her head?

Forrest: Tracy--you still working on the Lauren file?
Tracy: Yeah.
Forrest: Come up with anything?
Tracy: Why don't we just cut the little game, Captain. You and I both know I'm not working on the Lauren file.
Forrest: (Starts to walk away, but turns back) I would have thought you had the smarts to take a look at the larger picture. We're talking about your career. This is not about the Lauren file, or your homicide case, this is about you doing what you are supposed to do.
Tracy: You mean me doing what you say I am supposed to do.
Forrest: Same thing.
Tracy: No, it's not. What I should be doing, is trying to track down a killer.
Forrest: What are you doing?
Tracy: I'm...being insubordinate.
Forrest: You are making a big mistake.
Tracy: What are you going to do? Bust me back down to meter maid?
Forrest: I could.
Tracy: You wouldn't. You're too busy trying to score brownie points with my father.

Nick: It's good to see you. Thanks for the call.
Tracy: No problem.
Nick: Any sign of him?
Tracy: Nope.
Nick: Well, I've got the warrant. Come on.
Tracy: According to the records I've found, Christie had no motive to kill anyone. No one can get at the fortune unless Christie died.
Nick: (After ringing the doorbell) And if she did?
Tracy: Money simply stays in the corporation, to be controlled by Matthew and Helen Neary, Rose Woolcott, and Dr. McGee.
Nick: (After ringing the doorbell again) Three down, one to go.
Tracy: Yeah, but which one?

Nick: First time we were here, wasn't she watching a video of Rose Woolcott?
Tracy: Yeah.
Nick: (Finds the tape and puts it in) There she is.
Tracy: Dr. McGee said he uses the old videotapes in his therapy.
Nick: (Fast forwards the tape a bit) Matthew Neary.
(Nick puts on the headphones--hears a subliminal audio track)
Tape/McGee: This is the person that you must shoot. This is the person that you must shoot. You're strong. You can do it. It is just a dream. Not real. Don't let anyone stop you.
(Nick pulls off the headphones)
Tracy: Anything?
Nick: I'd like to get these tapes checked out. If I'm right, Dr. McGee is using these and the drugs to program Christie.
Tracy: To control her.
Nick: To make her kill. She probably doesn't even know she's doing it.

Rasputin: You cannot kill me. No one can.
Nicholas II: What are you?
Rasputin: The man who will lead all the Russias.
(Rasputin tries attacking the Czar, but Nick flies in and stops him)
Nick: Leave now and I'll let you live.
Rasputin: We could destroy them all.
Nick: Listen to me, Grigori Yefimovitch--you would bring a monarchy to its knees. Countless thousands of people may die in the upheaval. You would be ruler of nothing but a wasteland, filled with rotting flesh.
(The czar retrieves a revolver from his desk)
Rasputin: You do not belong here, de Brabant. This is not your country. It is mine.
(Nick pushes him aside, and when Rasputin attacks him, Nick kills him with a stake)
Nicholas II: (Aiming the revolver at Nick) You are like him?
Nick: It's a long story, Nicholas. One that I'm afraid I shan't be able to tell you. Alexei should recover now. I wish you and your family old friend.
Nicholas II: I thank you for what you have done, but go now. Please. Do not return.

Nick: Pier 5.
Tracy: That face looks familiar. Isn't that Gary Wilton?
Nick: The boyfriend who committed suicide.
Tracy: Nick, if McGee's programming forces Christie to kill whoever's on the videotapes he makes her watch....
Nick: She's going to kill herself.
(McGee walks in)
McGee: What the hell are you doing here?
Nick: We have a warrant, Dr. McGee, but I'm thinking that maybe we should add your name to it. How does conspiracy to commit murder sound?
Tracy: (When McGee takes a step back, as if he's going to run)
Don't even think about it.
Nick: Where's Christie, Doctor? You know where she'd gone, and what she's going to do.
McGee: I don't have to say anything.
Nick: Cuff him.
Tracy: (As Nick is leaving) Where you going? (He leaves)

McGee: (In Christie's mind) This is the person that you must shoot. You are strong. You can do it. It is just a dream. Not real. Don't let anyone stop you.
(She raises a gun to her head, and Nick arrives)
Nick: Christie!
Christie: (Points the gun at Nick) No! Go away! I can't let you stop me.
Nick: Christie, you can stop.
Christie: I have to shoot her.
Nick: No you don't.
Christie: I have to! (Points the gun at her head)
Nick: *Listen to me. Listen only to me. You can rest. You can forget the pain for now.*
Christie: No.
Nick: *You don't have to kill her, Christie. It's not what you want. It's what McGee wants. Think, Christie. He's been controlling you. You know that. You don't have to die.*
Christie: I don't have to.... I don't have to.... I don't have to....

Reese: Well, well, well, will you look who's here? So, um, you had that conversation with your father?
Tracy: No. That's still to come.
Nick: Boy, I'd like to hear it when it does.
Tracy: I'm sure you would. How's that Christie Black thing going?
Nick: Not good, but not hopeless. She's got a lot to recover from. But she does remember what McGee did to her and she's willing to testify.
Tracy: Yech. McGee's got the best lawyers.
Nick: Nah, the tapes are going to hang him. (Tracy's cell phone rings) Sounds like his ring to me.
Tracy: (On the phone) Vetter. Dad, how are you? Yeah. Yeah, right. Yeah, we do have to talk. Okay. How about two? Well, that's--No, that's not good for me. Dad, you change yours.

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