Henry: One hundred percent industrial grade cut steel.
Joey Martin: No. No, only the Bulldozer, Henry. Only the Dozer's made of cut steel.

Henry/Bulldozer: He thinks he's so explosive. He's buried, he's finished! I'm going to doze him into the ground!
Miles Filbourn (Manager): Oh, I don't know, Bulldozer. Nitro's won his last thirty two matches.
Nitro: Thirty two matches! Thirty two! And it all gets better than this scum! He's nothing more than a stepping stone to my title shot!
Henry: Is that right?! I'll tell you something big mouth...(Gets frustrated not remembering what he needed to say)
Director: Hold the roll, hold the roll.
Henry: I'm sorry, I can't concentrate.
Director: You're all bang, you got no bite.
Henry: I'm going to bury you so deep the only title you'll get is rest in peace. I got it, I got it.
Filbourn: Come on Henry, concentrate.
Nitro: Maybe you should let Forest Gump do your lines!
Director: Roll. Start rolling, now!

Henry: You guys want to see me bury him? I'll bury him right now!

Nitro: You're a jerk-wad or psycho. And after this fight, you're done!

Joey: You showed him, Dozer, you showed him good.
Henry: Listen, Joey, can you do me a real big favor, okay? Can you go get me some extra towels? Joey: (excitedly) Yeah....

Joey: (There's a fight between 'Bulldozer' and Nitro, and Nitro drops to the bench after getting his neck snapped.) Bulldozer! (The 'Bulldozer' leaves without a word.) Did you have enough, Nitro? You got dozed. Hey? Nitro, quit foolin'. (Stutters, then leaves, somewhat realizing something is wrong)

Natalie: Looks like a break of the third cervical.
Nick: Add the contusions around the face, and I'd say...
Natalie: Someone tried to separate that guy's head from his body. Guys, be very careful around the head, we might be able to lift some prints off his face.
Tracy: The deceased is Carl Hilbert, known in wrestling circles as Nitro. He was found by that wrestler over there taking to Jackson, Bulldozer aka Henry Ellis. They just finished shooting a promo for television.
Nick: Well, it takes a lot of beef to kill someone that size that way.
Natalie: And the know-how to do it.
Tracy: Narrows the field a bit, doesn't it?
Natalie: Try not to OD on all the testosterone.

Nick: Officer, we'll take it from here.
Henry: You guys Detectives? Look, my nephew has a mental disability, he's slow. I can't seem to find him. This happened, and he just disappeared.
Nick: All right, his name?
Henry: Joey.
Nick: Yeah.
Henry: This ain't like him.
Nick: Listen, I'm Detective Knight, this is Detective Vetter.
Henry: Henry Ellis.
Tracy: Was he here in the locker-room?
Henry: Yeah, he helps me out, gets me things--a gopher? Look, he shouldn't be hard to find, he's seventeen, five foot eight, a hundred and fifty pounds, light brown hair. Look, his parents died a couple of years ago in a car accident. I'm his guardian.
Nick: Anything else that might help us?
Henry: Nitro road him a bit about his problem, but most of the stuff went right over Joey's head. He's a sensitive kid. I-I've got to find him, okay? He needs me.

Joey: (When Natalie gets in her car) I'm not supposed to ride with strangers.
Natalie: (She gets out) Officer! There's someone in the back seat of my car.
Joey: I...I didn't mean to scare you.
Officer: Hands on the car, now!
Joey: Don't be mad, I didn't know what to do! You got tell, you got to tell Henry....
Natalie: Ah, hold on a minute, guys. Why, is Henry going to be mad at you?
Joey: I'm not supposed to...I'm not supposed to ride with strangers. It's a rule, that....
Natalie: Well, that's a very good rule. Um...hi, my name's Natalie, what's yours?
Joey: Joey Martin.
Natalie: Well, we're not strangers anymore, are we, Joey?
Officer: You want us to take him?
Natalie: Where is Henry?
Joey: He's inside.
Natalie: Why don't we go and find him together. Okay, Joey?

Joey: (Pointing to the posters) Shark, and uh, Nitro, and the-the Tank....
Natalie: (As they stop in front of one of the Bulldozer.) Who's that, Joey?
Henry: There he is.
Joey: Henry!
Henry: Joey, where you been hiding, bud?
Joey: I-I was in Natalie's car. She's not a stranger, so it's okay.
Henry: Joey, what were you doing there? You been causing trouble.
Joey: Henry...I saw a bad thing. A very bad thing. H-he-he didn't mean to do it, though. He couldn't.
Nick: Who, Joey? Do you know who hurt Nitro?
Henry: It's okay, Joey. They're detectives, you know...like Ace Ventura? You can tell them.
Natalie: Nothing bad is going to happen to you. Okay, Joey?
Joey: (Pointing to the poster) Bulldozer.... What are we going to...what are we going to do?

Henry: Look, for the millionth time, when I got to the locker room, I found Nitro dead on the floor. No Joey.
Nick: I don't think Joey would lie about something like that, do you?
Henry: He's mixed up. He gets that way.
Tracy: What happened between you and Nitro during your promo tonight?
Nick: We heard about the fight.
Henry: He made a crack about Joey and I took exception.
Nick: A little over reaction to something like that, don't you think?
Henry: Okay, okay, maybe I was a little hyped up tonight, but that was just for the camera's, nothing else.
Tracy: After the promo, Joey says you sent him out for towels.
Henry: Yeah, I did. There's never enough in the locker room.
Nick: And that way you could be in the locker room alone.
Henry: I didn't go to the locker room...not right away.
Tracy: Then where were you?
Henry: The trainer's room. I felt a twinge in my back and I went to have it checked out.
Nick: Okay. Well, we'll have to keep you here until, uh, we have a chance to check it out.
Henry: You can't do that. I mean, Joey, I'm the only family he's got. What's going to happen to him?

Reese: You think there's any chance the kid might be mistaken?
Nick: Well, it's not out of the question considering his problems. And by the way Ellis was behaving...he's hiding something, but I don't think it's murder.
Natalie: Broken neck, third cervicla. The killer is right handed, so is Henry Ellis--I checked. Forensics also lifted a partial palm print from Nitro's left cheek.
Reese: A match to Ellis.
Natalie: And I also pulled some fibers out from underneath Mr. Nitro's fingernails.
Nick: Yellow lycra?
Natalie: Yep.
Nick: Well, their fight during the TV promo could account for all of it.
Tracy: We found the trainer, a guy named Eddie Phelps. He swears he was no where near the arena tonight.
Reese: That would be the nail in the coffin. It may not feel right, but there went his alibi. Okay, book Mr. Ellis and uh, call Julie, have them make arrangements for Joey.
Natalie: Wait a minute. This kid is scared, his only relative is in jail, his whole world is upside down.
Reese: Nat, I know what you're saying, but it's the law.
Natalie: He has special needs. You put him in a facility he's just going to find another car to hid in, only this time he might not be so lucky in the company that he chooses.
Tracy: She has a point. He is our only witness.
Nick: You're saying protective custody?
Natalie: Well, only as long as it takes you guys to solve the case.
Reese: All right. Who wants to volunteer to play surrogate parent?
Natalie: I'll take him.
Reese: Natalie, do you know what you're getting yourself into? Besides, it should be a cop.
Natalie: All right, then make it joint custody. (Turns to Nick)

Brabant - 1247

LaCroix: The loss of a family member is never easy, especially when you had the power to prevent it.
Nick: It is not what my sister wanted.
LaCroix: Time has dulled your memory, Nicholas. It was not what you wanted. A fact that I will enjoy reminding you of often.
Nick: I loved her too much to let you subject her to your hell.
LaCroix: And I loved Fleur so much that I offered her the gift of eternity. What has your love given her? A revoir, mon amore....
Nick: She wrote to me after she knew she was dying, asking me to look after her son.
LaCroix: You can't be serious.
Nick: It's something I have to do for her.
LaCroix: So this is how you're going to ease your conscious? Very well, Nicholas, play the charade if you must, but you know how it will end.

Natalie: Come on Nick, the kid's going to have a hard enough time as it is.
Tracy: With less pressure, he might remember more.
Nick: Against my better judgement....
Natalie: And there are those that would say you have a cold heart.
Reese: Have Julie set something up anyway. Just in case....

Natalie: So, your place or mine?
Nick: Mine...you go on ahead.

Harris: Oh...you scared me.
Nick: This area is off-limits. You didn't happen to touch anything, did you, Mr. Harris?
Harris: Not yet, just going to get started.
Nick: Take the night off. I didn't see you earlier. You weren't here for the murder?
Harris: Just came on--graveyard shift. It's terrible what happened to Nitro. I'll just, uh.... (He leaves)

Joey: I cook the food most times. Henry says that I'm a good cook.
Natalie: You like Henry, don't you?
Joey: Yeah. Almost as much as I like the Bulldozer.
Natalie: Ah, Joey, they're the same person, aren't they?
Joey: You don't know very much about wrestling, do you? Henry's my uncle.
Natalie: Oh.
(Nick arrives, and Natalie heads in his direction.)
Natalie: We're making soup!
Nick: How domestic of you. (Then, to Natalie) Just...don't make me eat any.
Natalie: Did you find anything.
Nick: Yeah, these in his locker.
Natalie: Lycra spandex, one size fits all. Look, before you walked in, I was talking to Joey...I don't think he realizes that Henry and Bulldozer are the same person.
Nick: (Walking over to the stove) Hey Joey, looks like good soup.
Joey: Did-did you want some?
Nick: Maybe later. Joey, uh, did Bulldozer say anything to you when he was fighting with Nitro in the locker room. Joey?
Joey: I was scared.
Nick: Yeah, I know you were scared. Did he say anything to you?
Joey: The Bu-the Bulldozer?
Nick: Yes, the Bulldozer. *Did he say anything to you?*
Joey: I can't remember. I can't remember! I can't. Nick: Joey, Joey, it's okay. Joey? Joey, look at me. It's me, come on...some soup. Come on.

Nick: He's not going to come up with anything more.
Natalie: His testimony puts him in a state-home and his uncle in prison. I call that a pretty bitter pill to swallow.
Nick: We're not through with the investigation yet. Something might come up. If only his brain was normal.
Natalie: It was, once. Joey's impairment, it came from a very high fever, spinal meningitis, when he was three. Well, it means that his brain was functioning normally at one time.
Nick: And?
Natalie: And...if you gave him a little help, maybe it would heal the damage.
Nick: No.
Natalie: I'm not asking you to bring him across. Look there's a, there's a test sample of your blood right in the fridge. It wouldn't take much, just a very small dosage.
Nick: We don't know what would happen.
Natalie: Isn't it worth the risk?
Nick: The effects might only be temporary.
Natalie: We don't know that.
Nick: It's not fair to Joey.
Natalie: Oh what, and sending his uncle to prison is?
Joey: Natalie....
Natalie: It's okay. Joey, you need get some sleep.
Nick: I think maybe we all do.
Joey: It's...but it's daytime. It's time to get up.
Natalie: Not if you've been up all night.
Joey: I wish Henry was here. When's he coming back?
Natalie: Soon, Joey. Very soon.

Joey: This is bad. This is very bad.
Natalie: It'll all be over in just a second, Joey.
Joey: Drugs are bad. Henry said that drugs are very bad.
Natalie: He's right, Joey, drugs are bad, but this is a kind of a medicine that's going to help you.
Joey: No, it's going to hurt. I don't like it when it hurts.
Natalie: I'm not going to lie to you, Joey, it's going to hurt you just for a little bit, but I think you're brave, just like your wrestling friends. You are brave, aren't you Joey?
Joey: Yeah. I'm brave.
Natalie: Good boy. Now, why don't you show my how brave you can really be. Okay? (She injects him with a little bit of Nick's blood.)

Filbourn: A champion brought down in his prime. A fine athlete and an explosive performer, Nitro will be missed by us all.
Shark: Agh...who's kiddin' who?! He was just another bite on the food chain to the title!
Tank: He was my ??? partner and you couldn't have even lasted a minute in the ring with him!
Shark: He wasn't even a meal!
Tank: Why you....
Filbourn: Guys, guys!
Tank: Why, I ought to blow you out of the water--just like I'm going to do this Saturday on Wrestle Frenzy!
Shark: All you're going to be doing is become shark bites, because I'm going to bite you big, baby!
Tank: Why you little....
Filbourn: Looks like we got a bit of a crunch match here fans, but this Saturday night--Wrestle Frenzy. Don't get near the water with these two!

Filbourn: It's ridiculous, but I enjoy it.

Filbourn: I hope that man rots in Jail for a long time. He's cost me more money than you'll ever know.
Nick: Well, look's like you'll do all right with the Shark.
Filbourn: Eventually. It takes time to build a career, and Nitro was on top. The fans and the sponsors loved him. Tracy: Anyone who didn't?
Filbourn: Henry Ellis, apparently.
Nick: Besides Mr. Ellis?
Filbourn: He did it. Certainly you've learned by now that Bulldozer was a pain in the butt to just about everybody.
Tracy: So, he wasn't Mr. Congeniality. That makes him hard to deal with, not a murderer.
Filbourn: You don't know what been like around here the last few months...moody, always picking fights, annoying as hell to deal with.
Nick: Well, why'd you use him?
Filbourn: I almost stopped, but he started showing signs of improvement in the ring and he's got that kid to support. I had a weak moment, okay? My mistake.
Nick: Why would Henry jeopardize his shot at the big time by killing Nitro?
Filbourn: Detective, wrestlers like Bulldozer exist for one purpose--to be beaten by wrestlers like Shark or Nitro. He was never going to get a shot at stardom.
Nick: You're saying Henry killed Nitro out of frustration?
Filbourn: That, and that Nitro was threatening to bring him up on charges with the wrestling association.

Natalie: No. No, don't you dare. Ugh!
Joey: A problem?
Natalie: The computer age is the problem. (Joey turns the TV off) What is the wrestling over already?
Joey: I turned it off.
Natalie: Yeah. Just not the same...just not the same without bulldozer
Joey: Yeah, I guess. It just seemed kind of stupid.
Natalie: (Giving up on her computer) Hopeless! (Joey sits down) How are you feeling?
Joey: Fine. What are you trying to do?
Natalie: Oh, I'm trying to modem a report over to my office. This working at home thing isn't fool proof, yet. Oh, uh Joey, I appreciate the thought, but really, that's not a toy to....
Joey: Try it now.
Natalie: It worked. Oh my God...it worked! (She hugs him and he has no idea why.)
Joey: What?!

Nick: Sit down. So...when were you planning on telling us that Nitro wanted you out of the Association?
Henry: He said it the night we had our...fight. I didn't think he was serious.
Nick: Well, he was serious enough to schedule a meeting with the governing board. Why would he want to do that?
Henry: It's one of those chemistry things...we didn't get along too well.
Tracy: It's hard to believe Nitro would go to all of that trouble just because he didn't like you.
Nick: Tell me, Henry. What does it take to get expelled from the IWA? Gambling? Cheating? Am I getting close? Or is it drug use? I should have seen it sooner. Nervousness, mood swings...all the classic symptoms of a steroid user.
Henry: You're crazy, okay.
Nick: Tracy, schedule a drug test for Mr. Ellis, will you?
Henry: Wait. Listen, it's-it's not something I'm proud of, okay? I started using a couple of years ago. When things weren't going so well. I was losing my definition, my cut. I needed an edge. I never meant for it to last this long.
Nick: Joey doesn't know, does he?
Henry: No. After he came to live with me, Joey didn't care much about anything, until he saw me in the ring one day. And all of a sudden...the Bulldozer, it was his big hero. You don't know what it's like to have someone put you on a pedestal like that.

Nick: The cross? Well, it's coming along well.
Andre: Thank you.
Nick: It's time to eat. Put that down, now.
Andre: Nicolas? Why is it that you never eat with me?
Nick: I eat after you are asleep, Andre.
(There's a knock on the door)
Andre: I'll get it.
LaCroix: (Entering on his own) Good evening. May I come in? Heartwarming. Aren't you going to introduce me?
Mick: Andre, this is Monsieur LaCroix.
LaCroix: It's a pleasure to meet you, Andre. I knew your mother.
Andre: Really? Mother never spoke of you.
Nick: It's time for bed, Andre.
Andre: Goodnight Monsieur. Goodnight Nicolas.
Nick: Goodnight.
LaCroix: He has her eyes....
Nick: And her spirit. His tutor says he's doing well.
LaCroix: Seems like a very caring relationship. Though, I wonder what young Andre would think of you, Nicholas, if he knew your little secret.
Nick: I'm planning on telling him, though I don't think it really matters. You see, LaCroix, it's more important to Andre who I am than what I am.
LaCroix: Are you certain?

Henry: So what happens now?
Nick: Well, admitting to steroid use does not get you off the murder rap.
Henry: It does if it gives me an alibi, right? I didn't go to the locker room that night because I was busy making a buy at the north stairwell of the arena.
Tracy: Who'd you make the buy from, Henry?
Henry: The guy who said he didn't see me that night. The trainer, Eddie Phelps. I think you should know, he was late meeting me, too. Hey, Knight? Listen, is there any chance of keeping this steroid thing quiet? No, I guess not.

Nick: (Arriving back at his place) What are you doing, Joey?
Joey: Data search...uh, going to access the university library. Natalie, it's asking for a password! Do you have one?
Natalie (From upstairs): Password? I thought you were in the chat board.

Natalie: I'm sorry, Nick. I had to.

Natalie: I had to do something. I couldn't just stand by and watch-
Nick: How much did you give him?
Natalie: Maybe two cc's.... A very small dose. Look, he gives you a lead, Henry goes free and then everything goes back to normal.
Nick: Including Joey?
Joey: Why won't it let me in!
Natalie: Joey?
Joey: It's a stupid idiotic machine!
Nick: Look, take it easy, okay? Just take it easy.
Joey: Get your hands off of me! I'm fine. I'm fine.
Nick: Joey? Joey, do you understand what's happening to you?
Joey: Yes, Natalie told me. The shot made me smarter. I'm fine, I'm fine.
(Nick leads Natalie away)
Natalie: Okay, look, he's a little edgy. That is totally understandable.
Nick: It's more than that. You didn't consider the side effects.

Joey: After I got the towels from Sam, he's the equipment manager, I headed for the locker room. Went inside, heard the scuffle, and that's when I saw Bulldozer...I mean Henry. My uncle killed Nitro.

Reese: Same story.
Tracy: But he seems so much more articulate.
Natalie: He's relaxed. Poor kid...he was under a lot of stress last night.

Nick: Joey, I want you to think really hard about that moment in the locker room, okay? Focus on the Bulldozer. Was there anything unusual about him?
Joey: H-his robe. I put a robe on him after the promo, but he wasn't wearing it in the locker room. And gloves, he was wearing gloves. Henry never wears gloves with his Bulldozer costume.
Nick: What kind of gloves?
Joey: They were weird, they...they weren't like regular gloves, regular leather gloves. (He flashes on what had happened) And he wouldn't talk to me. He wouldn't talk to me. It wasn't Henry. Henry would have ta- Henry would have talked to me. Henry....
Nick: Joey, are you okay?
Joey: Henry would have.... That's all. That's all I can remember.
Nick: I think that's enough.

Reese: Give me some proof of Ellis' steroid alibi, and you can cut him loose tonight.
Tracy: Still playing babysitter?
Natalie: We'll be waiting for Henry in the morgue.
(Tracy and Reese go to leave)
Reese: You're without a suspect, Vetter.
Tracy: Working on it. Unbelievable. He seems like a different kid.

Natalie: Are you sure you want to make this a part of the tour?
Joey: It's kind of dumb to go to a morgue and not see a couple of stiffs.
Natalie: I guess....
Joey: Which one's Nitro?
Natalie: That one.
(The go closer, and Joey flips back the sheet.)
Joey: It's stupid.
Natalie: What?
Joey: What my uncle does to look like this. He does drugs, you know? To build the muscle.

Phelps: Where the hell did you come from?
Nick: You must be Eddie Phelps. Don't think about it, let's go.

Nick: (On the phone with Reese.) Well, Henry's got his alibi and we've got our drug collar.
Filbourn: Please tell him that we knew nothing of this. To the best of my knowledge this is a drug free sport.
Nick: Did you get any of that?
Reese: Yeah and blue pigs whistle Dixie in the dark. All right. All right, I'll release Ellis and you find me a new suspect. Turn that place upside down and shake it hard, Nick.
Nick: All right.

Natalie: Joey....
Joey: I-I think I need another shot.
Natalie: Joey, I can't.
Henry: Hey, Joey!
Joey: Why not, Natalie? He can have a shot for his stupid, stupid muscles. Why can't I have one for my brain?
Henry: What's going on?
Natalie: Ah, Mr. Ellis, I-
Joey: She won't give me the shot.
Henry: What shot? Joey, sit down here, let's figure this out.
Joey: Don't, don't talk to me that way, Henry. I'm not stupid. I know what you do. I've watched you shoot up. And for what? To be a phony wrestler? It's for my brain. It's for my brain!
Natalie: Joey, please!
Henry: What the hell did you do to him, anyways?
(Joey pushes his way out of the morgue)

Filbourn: (Walking by) I expect everyone to cooperate fully with the officers. Let's be helpful here.
Harris: Here Tank.
Tank: Thanks Johnny.
Nick: What was he doing with your costume?
Tank: Johnny? He'd kind of all trades, mends costumes, does that thing around here.
Tracy: Does he have access to all of the lockers?
Tank: Sure.
Nick: He's kind of big for a handy man.
Tank: He tried to join the Association but, I don't know, he washed out. Keeps bugging Miles for another chance. Look, are we done around here?
Nick: Yeah. Call it in.

Nick: (As others arrive and Harris is on the ground) Now I know why he washed out.

Nick: (Getting his phone) Knight?
Natalie: Joey took my bag, I think he's headed for the loft. We're on our way.
Nick: You handle this. Natalie's got a little problem with Joey.

Nick: He's gone.

Reese: Full confession.
Tracy: Just a frustrated wrestler who thought taking out some of his competition would give him a shot.
Reese: Pathetic. Where's your partner?
Tracy: Natalie called. There seems to be a problem with Joey.

Henry: These are the pills you gave him?
Natalie: We had to help his mental processing to clear you.
Nick: It was a mistake, all right. We weren't aware of the side effects. The fact is, you're staying out of prison because of it.
Henry: And because of it, Joey knows what I was doing. I was his hero. I won't be able to get that back. You'll never know how that makes me feel.

Nick: There now...you may rest until morning, and I will come to you again. I'm afraid I will only have you to help me through the day. (Laying the woman down and going to another) I have been saving the last of your life for tonight. I have thought of nothing else. (Takes the woman's blood...Andre's sees him) Andre....
Andre: No.
Nick: Andre!
(Andre runs)
LaCroix: He knows the truth now.
Nick: Damn you, LaCroix. I would have told him.
LaCroix: Everything?

Nick: Look, Henry. Joey's in trouble. He needs your help whether he wants it or not. We'll see what the APB turns up, and-
Reese: Knight, there's something nasty going down at a place called the Raven club. Looks like a guy fitting Joey's description is right in the middle of it.
Nick: On my way. This could be just another bar fight.
Tracy: Okay, I'll hang out here in case something else comes in.
Reese: Um...next time you two ask for joint custody, hire a babysitter.

Joey: Why are they laughing at me!
Young woman: (with a broken bottle to her throat) No one's laughing.
Joey: Tell them to stop!
LaCroix: Well now.... A floor show.
Joey: Look, I don't want to hurt you. Tell them to stop laughing. Tell them! I'll show you. I'll hurt her, and I'll show you that I'm not what you think I am!
Natalie: Joey! Joey.
Joey: Look who's here. Did you come to see how your experiment's doing in the field, Doctor?
Natalie: Joey, let me take you home.
Joey: What, and miss out on all of this fun we're having? What do you think, Doc? Am I everything you expected?
Natalie: Joey, the medicine that you took, it has a dangerous, violent side effect.
Joey: Great. Let's try it out right now!
Natalie: Joey! Don't, don't make her pay for my mistake!
Nick: Joey, let her go. We're sorry. Okay?
Joey: All I wanted to do, is be like you. I am like you. But nobody sees that. (He lets her go and stands up.) You knew this wasn't going to last, didn't you, Natalie?!
Natalie: I wasn't sure. Look, I know you're not going to believe this, Joey, but I did it for you, I did it to give you a chance.
Joey: All these years, and I finally know what it feels like. By tomorrow I'm not going to remember any of this.
Henry: Joey. Joey, this is no good. Listen, I did what I did because I wanted to make you happy. It was a mistake. I'm sorry.

Henry: Give me a chance to make it up to you. Please.... Joey, I need you. You're what keeps me going. Don't take that away from me.
Joey: I believed in you. Thanks for the insight, Natalie.
(Joey goes to stab himself with a broken bottle)
Natalie: Nick!
Henry: No!

Natalie: Aren't we a little bit early?
Nick: Nice seats, huh?
Natalie: So, when does the show start?
Nick: Look. It already has.
Natalie: Is that?
Nick: Yeah. I convinced Filbourn to give Henry Johnny Harris' old job. He seems to like it.
Natalie: Apparently, so does Joey. He's a lucky kid, you know. If he'd opened up his arm one more time, he probably wouldn't be here. What do they remember?
Nick: Only the part that matters.
Natalie: Was I wrong, Nick?
Nick: I guess what you have to ask yourself is, are Henry and Joey happier now than they were three days ago? Well? Yes.
Natalie: Thank you. So, you who do you pick in the fourth?
Nick: This is wrestling, that's horse racing.
Natalie: I knew that.

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