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March 2003

March... it can't be March already..What happened to Christmas,
February....jeesh...  Well, the Satellite  Guide says March,
so I guess it is.. and here's what I've found so far...
quite a bit this month --- and something from all the
primary cast members - that doesn't happen often.

As always, please check your local listings for exact dates & times,
I have been known to make typos (and so have the sources I've pulled
from).  You can also check to see who else is in each
movie, and what's it about.

Thanks this month to Satellite Direct,, and

Forever Knight is back on both SciFi and Space(Canada) this month

Rough Air - Danger on Flight 534        LifetimeM       12,13

This movie is directed by Jon Cassar.  Fellow listmembers
Rae Plachecki (aka Javiette) and Jill Bejarano were on the
set for one day of shooting.  Here's the details from Rae:

"During the turbulence scene, when the plane is going down,
we're in the second to last row...I've got blonde hair and Jill has brown. "

But she's pretty sure it all ended up on the cutting room floor  :-(

Early Warning:  Hypercube ---  with Ger
   on  Sci Fi   ----  April 5 & 10th.
    (Note: SciFi Events Calendar says March 22)

All I Wanna Do (Harvey Sawyer)          Oxygen          10,11
Between Love & Honor (Bodyguard)        WE              13
The Crossing (Gen. Gates)               A&E             11,23
Darkman III, Die Darkman Die (Nico)     USA             12
Gotti (Bruce Mouw)                      HBO2            8,15,20,26,31
Legends of the Fall (Ship Captain)      TBS             10,23
                                         TCM             8
Love & Betrayal-Mia Farrow Story        FMC             4,5
                 (John Farrow)
Murder at 1600 (Burton Cash)            TNT             29,30
Sanctuary (Sen. Macguire)               MAX             8
The Skulls (Dr. Whitney)                AMC             21/22
Where's the Money, Noreen?
         (Det. Briscoll)                 LifetimeM       8,9
Secret Adventures of Jules Verne:
    Black Glove of Melchizedek           Sci Fi          13 (early morning)
LEXX                                    Sci Fi          18,19,20,24,25,27,31
PsiFactor: Return                       TNT             6
         : Tribunal                      TNT             20
         : John Doe                      TNT             24

American Psycho 2                       MoreMax 6,11,18,21,30
Tracker                                 SciFi

CATHERINE DISHER (Natalie Lambert)
A New Life (Student)                    HBO-S           11,14,20,22,28
Rollie Polie Ollie:Great Defender
     of Fun (Mom - voice)                Disney          30
Woman on the Run: Lawrencia
     Bembenek Story (Judy Zess)          LifetimeM       19,20

And the Sea Will Tell (Len Weinglass)   Lifetime                28
Breakfast Club (Carl)                   TBS             30
Cool & the Crazy (The Greek)            LifetimeM       22
Defenseless (Jack Hammer)               Oxygen          12
Internal Affairs (Steven Arrocas)       MMax            6,9,17,26
The Late Shift (Robert Morton)          HBOS            5,9,16,25,27
Legally Blonde (Dewey Newcombe)         SHOW            3,4,8,14,18,19,23,24,31
Man Trouble (Det. Melvenos)             AMC             25
Roxanne (Chuck)                         MAX             9,20,28
                                         Starz           8,13,17,20
Sixteen Candles (Rudy)                  TBS             30
Weird Science (Dino)                    Comedy  22,23

DEBORAH DUCHENE (Janette Ducharme)
THe Broken Chord (Allison Chapman)      LifetimeM       29

GARY FARMER (Capt Stonetree)
Police Academy (Sidewalk Store Owner)   Comedy           22,23,31
Route 666  (Shaman)                     SciFi           22
Smoke Signals (Arnold Joseph)           Starz           7,10,19,26,30

Flatliners (Professor)                  A&E             12,23,27
Speed (Lady on bus - video)             HBO2            8,12,18,21,27

BLU MANKUMA (Capt Reese)
Blacktop (Buck)                         Max             6,19,25
Bone Daddy (Trent)                      HBO2            7,12
Fade to Black   (Morris)                MAX             21

BEN BASS (Javier Vachon)
The 6th Day (bodyguard - at helicopter) SHOW2           7,15
                                         TMC             8,16,17,25,31
Scandalous Me: Jacqueline Susann Story
                         (Rex Reed)     Lifetime        20

Andromeda                               check local listings

Judging Amy (Dr. Lily Reddicker)        CBS             Tuesdays
Way of the Gun (Francesca)              IFC             16,28,29

Wilder (Dugald Ferdinand)               USA             3  (8amPST)


BRENDA BAZINET (Johanna Shea - Queen of Harps)
Undue Influence                         Lifetime        23
Woman on the Run: Lawrencia
     Bembeneck Story (Amy Bryson)        LifetimeM       19,20

BERNARD BEHRENS (DuChamps - Blood Money)
Christmas in My Hometown (Gosling)      LifetimeM       4,5
I'll be Home for Christmas              LifetimeM       5,6
Waking the Dead (Father Stanton)        USA             14

KRISTA BRIDGES (Ellen - Hearts of Darkness)
Treacherous Beauties (Tiffany)          WE              13

CYNTHIA BELLIVEAU (Alexandra - Faithful Followers)
A New Life (Tina)                       HBO-S           11,14,20,22,28

HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN (Andre - Fallen Idol)
Life as a House (Sam Monroe)            StarZ           25,30
Virgin Suicides (Jake Conley)           Lifetime        23

TRACEY COOK (Rebecca - Dying for Fame, also Alma)
Snake Eater III - His Law (Hildy)       Extreme         8,13,19,26,31

CHRISTINA COX (Joan of Arc - For I Have Sinned)
Brother's Promise:Dan Jansen Story      LifetimeM       16,17
No One Could Protect Her (Det. Jordan)  TNT             5

GORDON CURRIE (Sean duChamps - Blood Money)
Blood and Donuts (Boya)                 SciFi           21

NICOLE DeBOER (Jeannie - Dark Knight)
The Dead Zone                           USA             weekly

MARIA DEL MAR (Magda - For I Have Sinned)
The Child Saver (Lola)                  LifetimeM       26,27
Diary of a Sex Addict   (Vita)          MMax            6,15
Unlikely Angel (Allison)                LifetimeM       3,4

DAMON D'OLIVEIRA (Inca - Black Buddha)
Bogus (Office Worker)                   MAX             23
Short Circuit 2 (Bones)                 Encore          5,8,14,24,

COLM FEORE (Walken - Blood Money)
City of Angels (Jordan)                 TBS             27,28
                                         TNT             8,9
Critical Care (Wilson)                  Oxygen          24,25
Night Falls on Manhattan (Harrison)     MMax            7,15,24,30
Red Violin (Auctioneer-Montreal)        IFC             9,10,31
Striking Poses (Linus)                  Lifetime        7
Where's the Money, Noreen?              LifetimeM       8,0
         (Kevin Hanover)

VON FLORES (Tran - Can't Run Can't Hide)
Blood on Her Hands (Mike Lee)           Lifetime        17
Car 54, Where are You (Mr. Kim)         Encore          2,6,10,15,26
Darkman III, Die Darkman Die (Johnny)   USA             12
Johnny Mnemonic (Viet)                  TNT             5

COLIN FOX (Dr. Nystrom - Near Death)
Woman on the Run: Lawrencia
     Bembenek Story (Joe Bembenek)       LifetimeM       19,20
Nero Wolfe Mystery (Fritz)              A&E             weekly

DAVID HEMBLEN (Dr. Vanderwal - Sons of Belial)
The Last Don II (Bishop Enzo)           USA             7
Maximum Risk (Dimitri Kirov)            MAX             5,13,22
Sweet Hereafter (Abbott)                IFC             6,7
                                         Starz           9,27

GEORDIE JOHNSON (Jerry - My Boyfriend is a Vampire)
Andromeda - And Your Heart Will Fly Away (Bartolome Naz)
                                        WGN             16,22
                                         (other local stations)
Change of Place (Jacques)               WE              7,16
The English Patient (Oliver)            Encore          22,26,31
Once a Thief - The Director Files (Desmond Happy)
                                        (check local channels)
Too Rich: The Secret Life of Doris Duke, Part 1 (Lawyer)
                                VISN- Hallmark-Odyssey  24
Too Rich: The Secret Life of Doris Duke, Part 2 (Lawyer)
                                VISN- Hallmark-Odyssey  25

MICHAEL McMANUS (Father Rochefort - For I Have Sinned,
                         also Kai in LEXX)
Hard to Forget (John Gilman)            WE              3,4

EARL PASTKO (Miklos, the bartender at the Raven)
Blood and Donuts (Donut Shop Junkie)    SciFi           21
LEXX: Brizon (Brizon)                   SciFi           12/13

CLAIRE RANKIN (Fleur - Be My Valentine)
Brother's Promise:Dan Jansen Story      LifetimeM       16,17
John Q  (Public Defender)               Black Starz     5,14,15,18,24,25,30
You Belong to Me Forever (Joey Amos)    LifetimeM       7,8
      (aka In Quiet Night)

JULIAN RICHINGS (Dr. Paul Dana - A More Permanent Hell)
Julian Richings (Dr. Paul Dana -AMPH)   (check - recurring role)
Red Violin (Nicolas Olsburg)            IFC             9,10,31

SANDI ROSS (Grace Balthazar, Nat's assistant)
Bone Daddy (Housekeeper)                HBO2            7,12
Down in the Delta (Pawnbroker)          Oxygen          21,22
Genius (Techer)                         Disney          12
Ms. Scrooge (Bank Teller)               HBOFam          4,8,13,21,31
They Call Me Sirr (Mrs. Aronesti)       Show3           4,19,20,27

ANDREA ROTH (Lucy Sylvaine - Faithful Followers)
Change of Place                         WE              7,16

RICK SPRINGFIELD (Nick Knight - original pilot)
Change of Place (Phillip)               WE              7,16
Silent Motive (Woods)                   LifetimeM       5

AMANDA TAPPING (Dr. Naomi Ross - Near Death -- also on Stargate)
Blacktop (Waitress)                     Max             6,19,25

LOUISE VALLANCE (Charlie Hawkes - My Boyfriend is a Vampire)
87th Precinct:Heatwave (Margaret Grayson)       Court   16

Cheryl Hoffman, NA (& I ain't changin' it), Cousin, NBN, G4, Bridging
"My, my... we are in a mood tonight.." -LaCroix       Richland, WA
AIM/Yahoo:  DayaBayGal          ICQ:  30464256

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