FK Alumni - VCR Alert
April 2003

Here's what I've found so far... I'll keep checking, I always miss
something...  and, if you know of something I've missed, or of
a good new tv-schedule site, please pass it along.


CUBE 2 : HYPERCUBE - Eight strangers try to survive in
another dimension -- **Premiers  on Sci Fi  April 5, 10
FK folks:  GWD (Nick),  Kari Matchett (Alyssa),
Lindsay Connell (Julia - Avenging Angel)
along with: Greer Kent  & Neil Crone (American Psycho 2),
Matthew Ferguson (Nikita), Philip Akin (Highlander),
Bruce Gray (Traders & Babylon 5)

MUTANT X - Final Judgement -- Nigel Bennett
 From Jayne L'argent --   will be on week of April 7th
 From -- (eastern times)
    Sat  Apr 12  05:00P   PIX- New York
    Sun  Apr 13  07:00P   WGN- WGN Cable Superstation
    Mon  Apr 14  01:00A   PIX- New York
    Sat  Apr 19  05:00P   WGN- WGN Cable Superstation
Check at for your local listing

And, if you can, check out the programs on  sooooo many
of them are filmed in either Toronto or Vancouver, and feature all our
favorite 47 Canadian actors..... just a few: Strange World, Tracker,
Crow, Poltergiest, Earth-Final Conflict, Outer Limits, Jules Verne &

As always, please check your local listings for exact dates & times,
I have been known to make typos (and so have the sources I've pulled

All I Wanna Do (Strike) -Harvey Sawyer  OXYGEN          7,8,13
The Crossing - Major Gates              A&E             9
Degree of Guilt - Victor Salinas        Lifetime        29
Lies He Told - Col. Malcolm             Lifetime        19
Murder at 1600 - Burton Cash            TBS             21,22
Naked City: Killer Christmas - Soloff   Extreme         5
Outside Chance of Max Glick -
      Derek Blackthorn - Piano Teacher   FMC             1
Shattered Trust: Shari Karney Story -
         Clark Paxton                    Lifetime M      1/2
Too Young to be a Dad - Dr. Howell      Lifetime        9
Ultimate Betrayal - Steve Rogers        LifetimeM       17
Vanished Without a Trace - Keith David  LifetimeM       25,26

American Psycho 2  - Eric Daniels       TMC             5,29
*** Cube 2 - Hypercube - Simon Grady    Sci Fi          6, 10
Dancing in the Dark - Dr. Lambert       Lifetime        21
Tracker                                 SciFi           Friday nites

CATHERINE DISHER (Natalie Lambert)
Conspiracy of Silence - Justine Osborne Lifetime        10

Guilty as Sin - Ed Lombardo             TNT             13,14
Internal Affairs - Steven 
Arrocas                                 HBO             12,15,21,
Legally Blonde - Dewey Newcombe         Show            9,13,18,26,29,30
Roxanne - Chuck                         Love            11,12,16,21,27
                                         MMax            2,14,18,22,26
The Shadow - Duke Rollins               SciFi           17
Vibes - Eugene                          Love            5,11,16,28

DEBORAH DUCHENE (Janette Ducharme)
Sugartime - Christine McGuire           HBO-S           2,8,13,22,26
     (violent mob movie)

GARY FARMER (Capt Stonetree)
Police Academy - Sidewalk Store Owner   TNT             11
The Score - Burt                        Extreme 1,9,13,19,25,28
Sparks: the Price of Passion - Pete     LifetimeM       5,6

Blind Faith                             Lifetime                4
Flatliners - Professor                  CMAX            6,10,14,16,22,26,27
                                         Mystery 2,3,19,20
                                         Showtime        4,12,17,181,22,27,28
Speed - Lady on Bus                     Max             1,6,7,11,19,23,28,

BLU MANKUMA (Capt Reese)
Halloweentown II - Gort                 Disney          27
That Old Feeling - Piano Player         Encore          24,29


Judging Amy                             CBS             Tuesdays
Strange World                           SciFi           13,20
Poltergiest: The Legacy                 SciFi           Friday nites

Once a Thief - Murphy           CBS - Los Angeles -- Sunday nights
                                 WGN -

BRENDA BAZINET (Johanna Shea - Queen of Harps)
Hidden in America - Food Bank Worker    LifetimeM       15, 16

BERNARD BEHRENS (DuChamps - Blood Money)
Defenders - Taking the First - Milton Lewis     TNT     15
Evidence of Blood - Dr. Stark           Showtime3       4,16,21

KRISTA BRIDGES (Ellen - Hearts of Darkness)
Bloodknot - Julie                       Lifetime        13
Treacherous Beauties - Tiffany          WE              24

CYNTHIA BELLIVEAU (Alexandra - Faithful Followers)
Hearst & Davies Affair -                True            2,6,19,29,30

HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN (Andre - Fallen Idol)
Life as a House - Sam Monroe            Starz           11,12,17,23
Trapped in a Purple Haze - (Orin Krieg  LifetimeM       30
The Virgin Suicides - Jake Conley       Lifetime        6

CHRISTINA COX (Joan of Arc - For I Have Sinned)
Better Than Chocolate - Kim             Sundance        4,1,,115,19

JENNIFER DALE (Countess - If Looks Could Kill)
Once a Thief - The Director             check your local listings

NICOLE DeBOER (Jeannie - Dark Knight)
Family Pictures - Penny                 LifetimeM       6,7

DAMON D'OLIVEIRA (Inca - Black Buddha)
Bogus - Office Worker                   MMax            5,16
Short Circuit 2 - Bones                 WAM             13

COLM FEORE (Walken - Blood Money)
Night Falls on Manhattan - Harrison     HBO-S           2,6,11,19,29
                                         HBO             8,27
The Red Violin - Montreal Auctioneer    IFC             1

VON FLORES (Tran - Can't Run Can't Hide)
Car 54, Where are you?                  WAM!            4,16
Conundrum - Lihn Tze Chou               USA             16
Universal Soldier II - Jong Sung        SciFi           27
Earth:Final Conflict                    SciFi           Saturday AM

DAVID HEMBLEN (Dr. Vanderwal - Sons of Belial)
Defenders - Choice of Evils             TNT             15
Judgement Day: Ellie Nesler - Judge Polley   Lifetime   30
Earth:Final Conflict                    SciFi           Saturday AM

TORI HIGGINSON (Erica - Last Act)
Family Pictures - Liddie (19-38)        LifetimeM       6,7

BARCLAY HOPE (Roger Jamison - Only the Lonely)
Cruel Intentions 2 - Mr. Felder         HBO             4,15,
To Save the Children - Tom Little       LifetimeM       9,26,27

LISA HOWARD (Laura Neil - Spin Doctor)
Earth:Final Conflict                    SciFi           Saturday AM

MICHAEL McMANUS (Father Rochefort - For I Have Sinned,
                         also Kai in LEXX)
Family Pictures - Philip O'Casey        LifetimeM       6,7

ANDREW MILLER (Andrew - Stranger than Fiction)
Family Pictures - Bob                   LifetimeM       6,7

EARL PASTKO (Miklos, the bartender at the Raven)
Battlefield Earth - Bartender           SciFi           12,13

CLAIRE RANKIN (Fleur - Be My Valentine)
John Q - Public Defender                Starz           25,29

CHRISTINE REEVES (Dr. Alyce Hunter - Dark Knight)
Beyond the Call - Cop's Wife            LifetimeM       24

JULIAN RICHINGS (Dr. Paul Dana - A More Permanent Hell)
The Crossing - Mckenzie                 A&E             9
The Red Violin - Nicolas Olsburg        IFC             1

SANDI ROSS (Grace Balthazar, Nat's assistant)
Down in the Delta - Pawnbroker          Oxygen          25
Guilty as Sin - Postal Supervisor       TNT             13,14
On Hostile Ground - Voodoo Lady         Sundance        2,7,22
Scared Silent - Nancy Tobin             Lifetime M      12

RICK SPRINGFIELD (Nick Knight - original pilot)
Dead Reckoning - Kyle Rath              USA             24

ILYA WOLOSHYN (Daniel - Father's Day)
Vanished Without a Trace - Johnny       LifetimeM       25,26

Cheryl Hoffman, NA (& I ain't changin' it), Cousin, Val,
NBN, G4, Bridging, Indecency,
"My, my.. we are in a mood tonight.." -LaCroix       Richland, WA
AIM/Yahoo:  DayaBayGal          ICQ:  30464256

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