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August 2004

I would like to give thanks to Cheryl Hoffman who has generously allowed me to post her updates on my site for all of her hard work!

I'll update this page each month as the VCR alert is sent to FORKNI-L (usually within couple/few days of the first of the month). Updates to the list (if there are any) are in Italics. Past VCR Alerts can be found here.


August 2004

Better late than never!!!

The Arrow is a great movie.... very intesting, fun to watch
for all the folks we've seen on all the shows.

*****The Arrow (3hr15min)       True            14,30,31
    (great movie about the Canadian Avro Arrow plane -
         1st time I've EVER seen it listed on TV)
Catch a Falling Star            Lifetime        15
Gotti                           HBO-S           15,26
Guilty as Sin                   Mystery 17,28
Half a Dozen Babies             Fam             21
Interceptor Force II            SciFi           22
Madonna: Innocence Lost         WE              22
Post Impact                     SciFi           29

One of the Hollywood Ten        True            11,16,22

And the Sea Will Tell           Mystery         12,20,24
Auto Focus                      Max             11,
The Boost                       Show            16
The Breakfast Club              AMC             18,29
Head Office                     Max             17
Man Trouble                     Starz           20
Nothing in Common               HBO-S           23,29
Police Academy                  TBS             14,15
The Relic                       Max             12,18,20,25

Hiroshima: Out of the Ashes     True            17,29
Speed                           FX              14,15

Cheryl Hoffman, NA (& I ain't changin' it), Cousin, NBN, G4, Bridging
"My, my... we are in a mood tonight.." -LaCroix       Richland, WA
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