FK Alumni - VCR Alert
September 2004

Wow... September...  I know it's an old line... but where did the
summer go?  Here's what to keep busy with this month.
I've been busy duping my tapes... boxes of them... to DVD's... ah,
isn't technology great...Actually watched a few along the way, it's
been fun.  I figure I'll gain most of a closet when I get rid of the tapes
when I finish.

As always, please check your local listings for exact dates & times,
I have been known to make typos (and so have the sources I've pulled

The Crossing                    History - Bio   26
Darkman III:Die Darkman Die     SciFi           11
Degree of Guilt                 LifetimeM       26
Half a Dozen Babies             Family          26
Lies He Told                    LifetimeM       18,19
Madonna:Innocence Lost          WE              27,28
Martha Inc                      LifetimeM       12,13
One Tough Cop                   USA             29
Phase IV                        USA             14
The Shamrock Conspiracy         Mystery         9,14,15,18,19,24
Too Young to be a Dad           Lifetime        27,28
Vanished Without a Trace        LifetimeM       21,22
Secret Adv. of Jules Verne:
    Black Glove of Malchizadek   SciFi           15
Forever Knight                  Space           3,8,15,22,29
LEXX                            Space           3,4,17
PsiFactor                       Space           8l.9,17,20

Auto Focus                      MMax            4,7,22,27
The Boost                       TMC             10,20,
Class                           TMC             27,30
The Craft                       TBS             4,22
Nothing in Common               HBO-Fam         2,7,19,22,27
The Relic                       MMax            7,12,16,20,29
Roxanne                         HBO-S           5,10,13,25,29
Sports Pages: Heidi Bowl        Show3           12,22,27

GARY FARMER (Capt Stonetree)
Adaptation                      MAX             11
Police Academy                  Max             10,18,28
Route 666                       SciFi           9

BEN BASS (Javier Vachon)
A Killer Among Friends          Court           25

Jason X                         Encore          4,9,20,29

Cheryl Hoffman, NA (& I ain't changin' it), Cousin, NBN, G4, Bridging
"My, my... we are in a mood tonight.." -LaCroix       Richland, WA
AIM/Yahoo:  DayaBayGal          ICQ:  30464256

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