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Previous updates:

15 April, 2007 (or 16 April, for those not in the Pacific Time zone or further west!) All of 'Downward Spiral' is now up on my fanfic page.

12 April, 2007 Started to post 'Downward Spiral' to fkfic-l. It's partially available on my fic page (the first half). I'll post here when I get all of it up.

17 March, 2007 'In Excess' (fifth in the huntes series) will be up just as soon as I get it formatted as text, eat something, and add it to the fanfic page. Might be about an hour, and then the link should be working. :)

16 March, 2007 For those that don't check my livejournal, you might want to! Also check fanfic page, as the 'update' is also there (and it's from today, so a bit more recent). As soon as I think up a title for something, a fic should pop up. :P

24 May, 2006 Linked in / 'officially' posted 'Frailty' on my site. See fic page for more story info. This has also been linked in from my LJ since yesterday, and I might do that (ie, it'll be linked from LJ before my site) with future stories expecially if the text file is already on my site...as it's a bit quicker to update that than update these pages and upload 'em.

19 May, 2006 ...Just barely after midnight. Anyway, quick 'update'.      If you want to keep up on 'pending updates' especially re fic, my livejournal is probably the place for that. I noticed I've mentioned fic in several posts, and since work is being nicer, that should increase. Also actually writing fic, which I've done a bit more the last few days, finally. About the only thing that my LJ will change is that I'll probably post a link to the finished fic in an entry. I'll still probably post to fkfic-l, although not sure how much it's worth it.
     Site stuff, first: A) I hope my main page works for people. No comments on it, so...I assume it is. Fic..see previous item. Bit more detailed...I do hope to post Frailty to fkfic-l soon, although it has a whole new...suffice it to say, I almost want to CHANGE the title now. Why? See next item. :P
     RL has been a PAIN. In quite a few ways. For one...random weeks of 60 hours working (ack)/multiple shift changes (early graveyard to late, to early, to swing to reaaaaaly late graveyard (2am...)...oh, and tonight will be night 12 in a row..and still three more days till I get an actual day off (did have one on paper, but...dang shift changes)) are a pain. Currently on second 90 days, and I don't think they can keep me for another. For another: A medical emergency, literally, and finally got in to see a doctor shortly after the last update in here, which resulted in a biopsy in March and...well, non-conclusive, basically. More on that, see LJ as I'm off to post an update about that. So between the two, I haven't been online much of the last two and a half months. Bleah.

24 February, 2006 Wee morning hours: Changed the main page and added a CSS menu. Boy was that a pain to get IE to like it. But, it seems to be working fine in both IE 5.5 and the current version of Firefox. I added a link to my contact form in the disclaimer, in case someone has trouble with the thing. All of the links that were on the entry page are now in that menu. I even added one.... A LiveJournal, for those curious...I broke down and made one up, although I have a journal on another site (but it's a bit restricted (and a bit one-topic dominated), so...hence the LJ one).
     And...arg. Having TWO finished stories (one just needing a beta with the other making me torn between wanting to post it and wanting to outright delete it). For those curious: I'm very close to taking down the 'available for request' notice. Just realised the 'Site Map' needs updated...a fair bit, as I know at least in my story stats file I'm well over 1M words, and I'm sure there's more than 5Mb actually 'on site'. That update will probably be done 'silentely' and not mentioned here...hopefully sometime soon.

5 January, 2006 First off: Updated fkfanfic2.com a few days ago. Still waiting to hear from someone on that, but...bleah. ALSO, updated the fic progress page and finally got it uploaded. Yes, this is another update that's been ready to upload for over a week that I kept forgetting about, etc. Still haven't tackled emails from feedback on story--as I feel too bad to even try replying to 'em now. I feel sick even trying. And no, probably won't respond to the thing on forkni-l. For one, who'd care what I have to say? lol For another, don't know if I'd even be able to post to that list...haven't managed to for a long time, and can't even ask for betas there anymore/last long while or anything. And I'm not really part of the fandom or anything. Don't talk to anyone or the like... (actually, that goes for out of the fandom, in general, too).
     Re Job: I got the 90 day thing! So far, looks like I'll be working about five days a week, and that it's pretty close to full time. But, 36-44 hours a week is a whole lot better than the 50 it was, with 6 days a week working, so...lol.

20 December, 2005 No actual site updates (yet). But, for those curious, I did get that temp job. In fact, I'm past the halfway point. Wow. And, so far, it's been a lot of hours worked. (got 37 hours the first 4 days...and looks like it'll be about 50 for the second week, and so far about 22.5 for this week (three days to go). On a plus--there's a possibility I might get to work for about three months more (but less hours...lol...much less, as it's just bad now cuz it's Christmas)
     (And to think, I've been trying to post this update for a week (and a half, as I missed it again), but keep getting sidetracked...doesn't help that 4 days I'm working late swing shift, and 2 days I'm working DAYS, and so far the least demanding thing I've done is throw objects weighing from less than an ounce up into the 20-30 lb range anywhere from a few inches to about 20 feet, for at least 8 hours.)      On the plus side of that last--I think I've stopped hurting. That might change in a couple days, as the 'day' stuff is on the weekend, and it's the harder (physically) work. Edit--and yesterday night...forget the 'stopped hurting' bit.      Site-ish... Good news: I've been fiddling with writing out st45. I figure it's over half-written now. Bad news: I haven't had time to email anyone back that has sent feedback about 'Elusive Gains'. I've either been getting the fingerprint/etc stuff done for job, then get car ready for winter since I got job (just in time, as it's rather ICY and COLD), and, yeah...arg. :( And now I haven't emailed much and it's physically difficult to hit 'reply'. I do plan to, hopefully maybe Friday, as I have that day off. :) But, yeah, I updated the 'stats' on the progress page for that story.

15 November, 2005 Well, guess I should say that I've added 'Elusive Gains' to the fic section (late night on the 11th). It will finish posting to fkfic-l on the 19th. (Actually, finished the 18th, due to line length change on the list.)

24 October, 2005 First off, no, I didn't go to LCA this year. :( And...arg. Boy my car would have loooved that trip (not to mention my grandma would have loved a visit, as I've been driving down about once a year the last couple years...). But can't/couldn't go anywhere for various reasons. And...wow...it's been a full year since I actually 'talked' to much of anyone (especially in person...in person, other than picking up prescriptions, job interviews, etc I've talked to a whole *one* person in the last year...). I feel like I'm going crazy, just sitting here, whenever I stop with the job junk.
     On stories: I still can't decide on a title for that one long one, but it's otherwise DONE and will hopefully be posted 'soon'. Basically, it just needs a title. Also, thought up an idea for another story, which...grr. I blame it on my sinus headache/infection/whatever horrid pain I've been dealing with for the past 3 months. Details on that (the story, what there is of it) are on the progress page.
     On the positive side re not going to LCA: This year I was able to apply for a temp job that I *wanted* to apply for last year, but ended up in CA for the application part. Still, I'm sad about not being able to go. But, job: So far, application's been in for a week, and I figure they're doing the background check so it'll be another week or so. If I 'get' the job, I'll not only be drug tested, but fingerprinted. Haha. All for a grand 3 weeks of employment. BTW, this is for the same place/company/whatever the 'exams' were for, and is a different hiring method (being a temp employee, instead of a part-time one. About the tests for those curious: Got those back late september/early october and...technically I didn't score too good, BUT there's a good possibility *everyone* did bad on the thing. They apparently 'scored' the work experience/personal part and...well, let's just say the son of one of my mom's coworkers pretty much got the same score as I did, but figures he also pretty much aced the first parts. So. No clue on that until one of the places start hiring, specificially here, as mom'll know when/if they hire any new people.
     Back to something semi-FK related: I keep seeing John Kapelos *everywhere*. Just in the last week, I've seen him at least in that weird x-files ep with the Caddy and in an episode of Matlock. So, between that, doing a bit of episode quotes and editing the long story (which has a fair bit of Schanke...), man, that's weird.

17 August, 2005 Pardon the long stretch: Still been trying to get a job. And...still no job. Seems no experience and a fair bit of education means too educated for a minimum wage job and not enough experience for just about everything else. LOL Doesn't help that my area is stil not 'the greatest' as far as employment rate goes. :( Anyway--I've taken a couple exams (3, actually, in three different cities) that *might* get me a job, sort of. Good paying (hourly), only bad thing is it'd be part time. Currently waiting for my 'scores' on 'em. Mum thinks I probably got close to 100, and if so hopefully I'll be in the first round of interviews for at least one of the locations. Good: May have a job soon. Bad: May need to move soon. Also good: When I'm busy, there's more updates here. :)
     Anyway, on to the main purpose of this update: I added 'Tepmtation' *finally*. I still want to do another read-through of the other story before adding it. There should be more updates, as long as I don't end up moving in the next few weeks (unlikely, but possible if I scored high enough and they're hiring in the first place I took the exam...as I should get those results back next week).
     I also added a few stories to fkfanfic2.com, and there will probably be another update, as I go hunt down fkfic-l (and other list) emails: Had to reformat hard drive two weeks ago, and lost all mid-April through June list emails, so the update was smaller than had been planned (planned on updating when I went to take the first exam...right after laptop incident).

22 January, 2005 Oops. Sorry, I've been so busy trying to find a job (which has so far failed miserably) that I haven't updated. But I will, even though I'm not sure anyone wants more (fic or other).
     First I'm going to finish up the episode quotes. I'm fairly close on them...just need to do the rest of first season to full episode quotes. Depending on how much needs done, it should be a few hours (2-5) to do each, so might take a week or two. These are first priority. I started this 'project', just getting the 'good' quotes back in 2000, and I want to get it done. 2nd and 3rd season are word for word. And a few from 1st. But I want to get it to *all*. I'm also going to do this psuedo transcript like thing for the movie. :)
     And then maybe pull out a fic...maybe post 'Temptations' (here, probably not to fkfic), as maybe there's someone out there still interested. Maybe? I think I fixed some of the things I was going to fix. I might do yet another final read through on that one, as it was not beta read. I'll also add in the newest story to the progress page, as I wrote quite a bit when I was in CA (IIRC).
     And I will update the FK VCR Alert, although like the other, I wonder if anyone cares/wants it? I've practically vanished online since November (could have been dead as far as much of anyone knew) and yet nothing. Not even an email asking if I was going to post another fic or update that page (which I said I would later that day, but didn't...and didn't and didn't...). lol Oh well. I will update it.
     If anyone happens to read this before tomorrow--updating fkfanfic2.com tomorrow, or possibly late tonight.

1 November, 2004 The FK VCR Alert for November is up.
  -  Also, back, and did start the new story hinted at. I'll update the progress page later today...I've got a few other things I need to do first, though (Namely take some NyQuil or something...). Looks like I might have some stories to add to fk archive thing, maybe.... *still working on email*

19 October, 2004 - I'm leaving for California tomorrow (Oct 20), and will be either at a relative's or at LCA for the next week and a half or two. So...won't really be any updates here. I should get a bit written while gone (maybe some quotes, but...fic would be easier, simply as at times I won't have a whole lot else to do (ie, at night at my relative's, or even during the day. I might be able to get online while in Sacramento, but while in LA, I'm sure that's out. Which means I won't be able to responde to any emails if someone writes.

1 October, 2004 - The FK VCR Alert for October is up.

16 September, 2004 - Er...not much of an update. All of these pertain to my fk fic dungeon pages. Split 'Secrets' more permanately, as it's really two stories and always has been. Also finally added 'Of All Things...' to the non-series page that I wrote for a challenge on the UF list a while ago. And axed the 'All Stories' page.

15 September, 2004 - Added (and subtracted) a few/couple links to the fk links page. Also added some quick jump links so you don't have to scroll down the page if you don't want to. :)

13 September, 2004 - Not *really* an update. I've been fixing up fkfanfic2 a bit, and I think I'm more or less *done* with that. Next up--work on fixing up fics (and maybe actually try to finish the fifth in the hunted series), and quotes for first season. Might get a few of those up in the next week or so, so it's a bit of a heads up to those waiting for that.<g>

2 September, 2004 - The FK VCR Alert for September is now up. :D

24 August, 2004 - Added 'A Game, Indeed' to the fic page. It's a kind of Conversion Day story.

10 August, 2004 - FK VCR Alert for August is up. :)

30 July, 2004 - 'Something Slaughtered', fourth and last in the 'Something' series is now up on the fic page.

24 July, 2004 - 'Something of Gread Need', third in the 'Something' series is now up on the fic page.

1 June, 2004 - FK VCR Alert for June is up.

5 May, 2004 - Or really late on the 4th.... The VCR Alert for May is up.

12 April, 2004 - Updated the links (deleted several...) on the FK faction links pages. Also took off some broken links on the FK links page.

29 March, 2004 - The FK VCR Alert for April is now up.

25 March, 2004 - Added another story -- 'Something... Opportune...'. This is second in a series.

3 March, 2004 - Added a new story -- 'Something Curious'. This is the first in a series of four stories, all of which are done, just not posted. The other three will be posted within the next month, or should be, anyway. Also put up the FK Alumni/VCR Alert for March.

31 January, 2004 - Added a new story -- 'Fiat Justitia'.

30 January, 2004 - The FK Alumni Alert for February is now up.

25 January, 2004 - 'Quotes' are up for 'If Looks Could Kill'. Egads that ep took a long time. I also linked in/renamed the one for 'Dead Air' that I actually did a month or so ago for someone. Might be a couple days before I do another, and they might be a bit more random.

24 January, 2004 - Update 3: Ep quotes for 'Fatal Mistake' are now done. Okay. DONE for the night/day/whatever.... May or may not do another one tomorrow. Off to do something other than type, hopefully.

24 January, 2004 - Update 2: Ep quotes for '1966' are now also up. Off to take a bit of a break....

24 January, 2004 - Quotes for 'Love You to Death' are up. Yes, I'm working on those right now. :)

22 January, 2004 - Some time ago I fixed the image a bit on the main page...can't get to my primary computer at the moment (apartment was flooded about two weeks ago, took out my monitor's power supply along with about half my belongings, and I haven't found a power supply to replace it yet....)...anyway, added a 'search' to the FK Quotes pages. This is available off the main fk quotes index page and searches all the ep quote pages. It's experimental (and ad supported...lol), but it works pretty good. :) Although it *does* work better when you're searching for an actual quote to make sure it's in quotations or brackets or something.

13 January, 2004 - Redid the main domain page...it might stay and it might change...but...I thought it could use a bit of a change.

11 January, 2004 - Added a few more links to the FK links page.

10 January, 2004 - Update #2 for the day...lol - Added some fanfic links to the FK links page and...messed a bit with spacing/etc.

10 January, 2004 - Put the graphics index page back up...would like to add to it, but...does anyone want more added there or other places? Oh, and tried to make the site map a little...shorter but with more stuff, and still readable. There's more than thirty pages linked, and it's all pages except the minor fic pages, I think.

9 January, 2004 - Oh...either yesterday or this morning I just flat out deleted the graphics page, so if you go to it, nothing will come up. Sorry, I'm tired and...well...tired. And, again, no updates. Sorry, I don't know what's wanted for updates and can't manage to work on something I don't know is wanted or not.

5 January, 2004 - Got a bit bored...semi redid the FK Quotes pages (the main ones...not those for the individual eps).

4 January, 2004 - Semi redid the Unholy Trinity pages...they don't have links back to the main fk pages and I might be fiddling a bit more, but not too much.... No new content, though.

1 January, 2004 - Happy New Year! Again, no updates...just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year if anyone happens to pop in here. And today is day four out of the last six it has snowed.<g> *Staying inside, I think.*

27 December, 2003 - It's snowing! Sorry, just had to announce that...doesn't snow too often here (in a desert), and hasn't for a couple of years. Sigh...don't have anything to add yet. Anyone want new stuff/old stuff back up?

19 December, 2003 - Moves some stuff around locationwise...hopefully all the images are showing...lol. More of the broadcast thingies are up on the page I added a couple of days ago--now both second and third season.

17 December, 2003 - A new story, 'Fulfilment', is available/linked-in/whatever...lol...now, off to work on a project I haven't been able to get to for several days (a RL one...). Also added a new page off the quotes page -- Monologues by LaCroix. So far, it's just third season, the earlier bits will be up in a few days, probably.

16 December, 2003 - May or may not post that story I mentioned.... I'd rather delete it than anything at the moment...lol. Anyway...all the links on the FK links page, and the FK Faction links page should be working. Had to get rid of 4, total...sniff. Also, finally took down the FK graphics page. It's not available. As to if it will be back...I don't know yet. lol -- Late: Posted link to story to RA list...will be linked in to site some time tomorrow.

14 December, 2003 - More fiddling with graphics/etc but on other FK pages. Also combined FK fanfic and other links into one larger page -- the faction links are still on their own separate page as...well...there's a lot of them and it's not changing. Should be a story very soon (tonight/tomorrow). -- Correction, may not be a story soon...lol

6 December, 2003 - Messed a bit with layout for my fanfic page...no new stories, though....sigh...just a format/layout alteration.

2 December, 2003 - Fixed the link for Stormy's fanfic page on the FK fic links page.

1 December, 2003 - The FK VCR Alert for December is now up. Sigh...I want to do other updates, but not sure what...lol...all for now....

29 November, 2003 - Sorry about the site being down -- combination of having trouble changing nameservers and then having trouble to get online to change them.

31 October, 2003 - The FK VCR Alert for November is now up.<g>

26 October, 2003 - Have another page, although it's not directly linked to this site. It's a Beta Readers board for fanfic. Go check it out.

1 October, 2003 - The FK VCR Alert for October is now up/linked in.

15 September, 2003 - Took the images off the FK faction page. Why? Because only the top four had images and if I put them back up, I'll do some more (and redo those, too). Also ran link validation thing...and the Enforcements faction page is gone...one more vanished. And took two off both the fk fic and fk links pages. :( Also, took down one link and fixed one link off the general fic links in the fic directory.

14 September, 2003 - Added a couple of backgrounds to the graphics section.

7 September, 2003 - Fixed the Poe section...it should look a wee bit better now. Also put up a sort of 'in progress' page off my fic page. It has word count, size, title, for all of my stories (both on and *off* site...even the ones that are in the middle of being written).

6 September, 2003 - Added another story - 'Paradise Interrupted'.

5 September, 2003 - Added two stories - 'Forever Mine' and 'Intoxicating, Isn't It?'.

1 September, 2003 - The FK VCR Alert for September is now linked/up.

24 August, 2003 - Renamed my index2.html page to just index, so now there's a new main page for the domain up...not really much of an update...sorry. Oh, fic now has a title--Reunion. That's about all that changed, though.

23 August, 2003 - Finally back online a bit more (been getting some things done that I needed to...although still really haven't gotten to any email yet). I split up my fanfic page into multiple pages *and* added a story. It's not titled, though, so it's listed as 'Untitled/2003 Conversion Day fic' or so until it gets a title and is not posted/available anywhere else of yet.

9 August, 2003 - Added a few more short stories (and a long one) to the Poe pages. That'll be all for right now, though...that's all I have for the moment. And for those using netscape...I apologise for the 'mess'...I'll try fixing that later.

8 August, 2003 - Uploaded the newer, not quite as...er...old...Edgar Allan Poe pages. Nothing new on them, though, just the layout. This also isn't part of planned updates...I just thought it needed an overhaul. *And* added a few more poems to the page.

7 August, 2003 - Well, for one, this is a weird update...basically it's to say that I've updated some things (like the links pages) that don't really look like they're updated (by the date on the page)...and they were updated several days, a week or two ago, too...which adds to the confusion. That, and I have added the updates to the FK VCR Alert page, too.... Heheh.

Anyway.... More on the update line...I've been bored, so...uploaded the qts section and *with* the new second season episodes. I *think* I spellchecked them all, but...might not have. They have a bit of a new look, too...which will hopefully work okay. I also linked in the three madlibs I've had done for a while.

As this is not the update I was planning, I won't be announcing it anywhere like I'd planned to...which means no asking for new links.... :( I'm also not adding any new stories...not quite yet, anyway. I probably will when I return from San Diego, which will be...er...around the 19th-21st of August. Until I leave, I might be doing some small, itty bity updates, but (other than probably the main page and this update), nothing major yet.

(Also...a bit after the previous reuploaded the FK pages and the 'new' cleaner top graphics I made back in...er...February ... *And* redid the FK Main page and moved the Poe page(s)...)

31 July, 2003 - The FK VCR Alert for July is up.

26 July, 2003 - Okay, this really isn't much of an update.... In fact, it isn't an update, really. But, there's a poll here that will have an impact on what/when the next update will include/take place. I really want to update, I just really don't know if anyone thinks my site is worth updating, so I haven't, and have actually considered deleting parts of it....

11 July, 2003 - The FK VCR Alert for June is now up.

11 June, 2003 - Finally updated the link for the FK FTP site.

1 June, 2003 - The FK VCR Alert for June is now up.

2 May, 2003 - The FK VCR Alert for May is now up.

1 April, 2003 - Added a link to the FK fanfic links page.

30 March, 2003 - The FK VCR Alert for April is now up.

11 March, 2003 - Fixed/deleted a few links on the fkfic and factions link pages. Also took off some links on the FK main page. I'm really not sure if the next 'update' will be taking off links/stories, or adding something. Really just not sure.

2 March, 2003 - Put up the March FK VCR Alert. Also put the stories back (but not the poems).

28 February, 2003 - Took poems and several stories down. (Hey, it's better than outright deleting them, which is what I feel like doing.)

23 February, 2003 - Added two poems to my fanfic page. Might be the last for a bit, possibly. I don't really know....

9 February, 2003 - Added two things to my fanfic page -- 'Stained Blood, Stained Tears' a poem, and 'Shades of Grey' a story. Enjoy! Am working on a major update/overhaul to the general FK section...but will not be up for several more weeks, I don't think.

3 February, 2003 - The FK VCR Alert for February is now up.

26 January, 2003 - Cleaned up the scans on Liz' page to make them clearer and reuploaded the images/page.

2 January, 2003 - Added a couple of links to the FK links page (really got to go through and add descriptions to those, sometime). Also added a short adult fic called 'A Choice'.

1 January, 2003 - The FK VCR Alert for January is now up.

27 December, 2002 - Nothing, really...but split this page up and changed a few things (minor things...) on the main fk page.

26 December, 2002 - All of 'Things Fall Apart' is now up. Now what to do? lol

25 December, 2002 - Through part 28 is up, working on more.

24 December, 2002 - Through part 23 is up. More *should* (unless I don't get to be at my computer much) more up tonight/tomorrow morning. Heheh.

23 December, 2002 - Through part 22 of 'Things Fall Apart' is up, and I'd like to get a lot more up in the next couple of days, but...don't know if I will yet.

20 December, 2002 - Through part 18 of 'Things Fall Apart' is up.

18 December, 2002 - Through part 16 of 'Things Fall Apart' is up. Still possibly more to come later tonight. If not, tomorrow.

17 December, 2002 - Up through part 8 of 'Things Fall Apart' is up (still just what's been/being posted.

16 December, 2002 - Got bored and...well, if you've seen the main domain page and notice it has a purplish theme now.... I've done some other stuff too, but nothing else to upload, unfortunately. Also got through part five of 'Things Fall Apart' (a new story) up on my fic page.

13 December, 2002 - Added a new story, 'Along Came A Slayer' to the fic page, and also added new quotes from the first two episodes from the second season.

11 December, 2002 - Added a new story, 'Food for the Soul,' to my fic page.

10 December, 2002 - Well, with being without internet access for a week, and only intermittant the week before, I did some minor/major updates. I changed some of the navigation links, and uploaded the FK War 7 Archive. Should be more coming soon.

23 November, 2002 - Linked in a page/section I made a few days ago for my roommate, Liz, which currently contains drawings/cartoons of some of the FK characters. It is linked off of the main FK page, and here.

31 October, 2002 - The FK alumni vcr alert for November is now up.

21 October, 2002 - Added a poem to my fanfic page entitled 'A year, Ten years, A hundred years.

20 October, 2002 - Added a couple of links to the FK fanfic links page. Heheh.

2 October, 2002 - So much for note...can't stay away. Uploaded another wallpaper, a near transcript of Close Call (linked off that episode's quotes page), the vcralert yesterday and updated it today, and changed the Aired order episodes page...that's all for the moment.

21 September, 2002 - Not an update...just a note. At the moment, I don't know what till be updated next...or when. Right now, I'll be writing and attempting to get the season two quotes updated...but it might be a while. If I get any requests for an episode for quotes, thoughts or suggestions for a background or something, I might put that up.
  Also...I ended up deleting all of the emails in my hotmail account, and may have deleted a couple I meant to write back to...so go ahead and write again if you don't get a response.

21 September, 2002 - Took down the FK sounds section. Will probably not be back up. Also updated the site map.

19 September, 2002 - Updated links on the fk links and fkfic links pages. They should all be working.

17 September, 2002 - Went through the faction link pages and removed/fixed broken links. They should all be working.

11 September, 2002 - Linked in from the main FK page some madlibs using LaCroix' broadcasts/monologues. It can be found here. Back to homework, now....

5 September, 2002 - Made revisions to the VCR Alert as per posting on forkni-l.

1 September, 2002 - Updated the VCR Alert with September's listing. :)

24 August, 2002 - Added two Conversion Day stories 'An Unexpected Gift' and 'A Special Offering'...they're both short, and are up. 'A Special Offering' was posted to fkfic-l.

19 August, 2002 - Third season quotes are done! Next up on that front will be second season (and I'll probably star at the end). Also, this Saturday, the 24th, there will be one (very possibly two) short fic(s) added...which might be the next update. At the moment, I am not planning on posting these anywhere else.

18 August, 2002 - Another three eps are done and up. The remaing three for third season should be up today or tomorrow.

15 August, 2002 - Redid five more eps of quotes for third season. I'll be working on the remaining six over the next several days and will hopefully be able to get them up.

2 August, 2002 - Put up a page in the quotes section with the episodes listed in aired order.

1 August, 2002 - Ack, it's August... Anyway, added four more wallpapers. Also--fixed the fk main quotes page (wasn't linking BBII) and added another wallpaper.

31 July, 2002 - Hmm...no new ep quotes done (or at least not up)...but redid the main FK page, added a FK intro page, added five more fk wallpapers and split the graphics section into two pages...and finally updated the site map.

27 July, 2002 - I redid the first half of the quotes pages for the third season...these episodes are almost word for word. I will be redoing all of the episodes like this, and there should be a lot of updates to the quotes pages over the next couple/several weeks.

1 July, 2002 - Updated the VCRAlert...July's is now up. Also, I will be cut off from the internet from tomorrow (out of the country), 2nd July through 8th July, and will be unable to make any updates, etc.

29 June, 2002 - Added another fic, 'Consanguinity,' to my fanfic page.

28 June, 2002 - Added a FK graphics page, with startup/shutdown screens and a background, which can be found here.

10 June, 2001 - Redid the last two of the first season quote pages...now, next is the third season. :)

8 June, 2001 - 12.28am...didn't notice the time until after the update, though... :) Redid the quotes for three more first season eps (only two to go...). Looks like the counter will be hitting 10,000 pretty soon...maybe I'll try for a larger update...perhaps not in content, but at least on the background for the quotes section (you'll see...) and maybe...maybe a story.

31 May, 2002 - Added a page for the FK Alumni VCR Alerts off of the main fk page...it is not linked off of the other pages as of yet.

11 May, 2002 - Linked in two crossover stories (the Buffy/FK one, and the sequal to 'The Elder').

8 May, 2002 - Added some more sounds for 'Dark Knight: The Second Chapter.'

6 May, 2002 - Added a few sounds from 'Dark Knight: The Second Chapter.' Removed and fixed the JavaScript thing from the quotes page...it should be working again.

5 May, 2002 - Added a story to my fanfic page (A Wistful Thought). Also added some sounds from 'Dark Knight' (linked off of the quotes page).

27 April, 2002 - Redid the quotes for 'Spin Doctor.' (Dying for Fame is the next on the list)

21 April, 2002 - Redid the quotes for 'Father Figure.'

20 April, 2002 - Redid the quotes for 'Dead Issue' (and a lot of em too...). 'Father Figure' is next on the list in case anyone is curious.

14 April, 2002 - Updated the Xover archive...38 new stories...and, yes, I know I don't normally put those updates here, but the archive has also moved...boths servers and it's now under a domain xoverfic.com, so...that's done. Also added a listing (not the actual link, though) to a old/new story in the fanfic dungeon.

2 April, 2002 - Added a bit of info about forkni-l and fkfic-l to the FK links page.

26 March, 2002 - Okay, I really need to keep this updated as I actually update...blush... But, anyway, got another new story up 'The Past, Present, and...' and 'Blood of One's Desire' *will* (I promise...) be up soon. Also, redid the quotes for first season episode 'Hunters'. And I updated the Unholy Trinity section a bit--adding 'Blood of One's Desire' and 'Valentine's Lair' (by Joy Powell) to the fiction page, and adding an episode quotes/images (only a few, sniff) page.

9 March, 2002 - Still working on getting Pawns of Kings up, but it should be up sometime today. Moved servers (probably won't really notice...hopefully, anyway). Updated the factions page (and might do some more on that later today).

13 February, 2002 - Messed with the FK faction links page...made another page (linked from the present faction page) for the factions with an alphebetical organization.

11 February, 2002 - Went through the FK faction, fiction, and links pages. Fixed/unlinked moved/gone pages (about 6 total, with five of those being removed), and added a few to the faction page.

10 February, 2002 - Re-did another two 3rd season eps--Fallen Idol and Jane Doe. Finally got links up for the stories 'Uncovered' and 'State of Change.' Also added a link to 'Another Knight'...another story....for a total of 350K or so of new stuff. ;)

9 February, 2002 - Re-did 2 more 3rd season episode quotes--Avenging Angel, and Hearts of Darkness.

8 February, 2002 - Re-did 6 more episodes on the FK quotes page (five first season, one third season).

22 January, 2002 - Messed with JavaScript a bit....on the FK quotes page.

9 January, 2002 - Re-did 13 episodes on the FK quotes page--eight from the first season (and they're the canadian versions, too), and five from the third season.

21 December, 2001 - Another note if you hit this version...I got the links up for the Unholy Trinity page, as well as added a site map.

20 December, 2001 - Just a note if you hit this version of the updates...yep, that is a different URL up there, and hopefully I didn't mess any of the links up...if one isn't working, drop me a line and I'll either get it fixed, or delete it.

16 December, 2001 - Still haven't managed to link the UT faction page...although I added a link to it on the faction links page...and of course, it's still here as well. Also added a link of the UT page to a fanfic page (2 fics so far).

9 December, 2001 - Added a short fic, 'Mixing Minds,' to my fiction dungeon page.

3 December, 2001 - All of the links should be working on the FK fanfic links page...removed 8 not functioning links (although I think about three are due to a down server (crosswinds) and should hopefully be back up). The URL's are still there in the code, just not on the page. And...I got a new quote up!

2 December, 2001 - Added a link to the FK fanfic links section and one to the faction links section. This is also the official 2 year aniversary of the site going by the counter (2 years ago, I had one piece of fanfic up 'The Elder' and about 3 fanfic links....wow, it's definitely grown. The original opening of the site was April 7th 1999, actually.).
     I added a new page for the Unholy Trinity (FK faction for Nick, Natalie, and LaCroix) and it can be found here. Currently not linked to the rest of my site, but working on it....

1 December, 2001 - Updated a couple of links in the FK section (one on the fanfic links page, the other on the general links). Also changed the graphic on the FK index page and added a few (4) images to the faction links page.... That's it for now...although I might be adding (should be) a short story to the dungeon soon... ;)

28 October, 2001 - Done with the FK quotes, at least for the first time through. :) Got them up for 'Bad Blood,' 'Undue Process,' and 'Father's Day.'

27 October, 2001 - Wow...today's gone interesting. Should have the other three quotes pages for season 2 up later tonight or tomorrow morning. (Black holes, my research project, is extremely interesting, but...it's taking a toll on my brain..so I've been taking several breaks...which is, however, good for that page... :) ...)

So got the quotes for three more episodes ('The Fix', 'Queen of Harps' - lots from that one, and 'A More Permanent Hell').

20 October, 2001 - Yep, I'm still alive. :) Changed the FK pages a bit...the main FK page is set up like the main page of the site now, with links to the various sections, and I moved the links that had been on that page to their own. There are a few more links on the non-fk fic links page...and there have been several updates in the Xover archive. (165 stories right now....34 of which have FK in them in case anyone's curious--actually 35...but....)

8 September, 2001 - Hmm...added a few links to the non-fk fic links page. Also updated the Xover Fic Archive.

5 September, 2001 - Added several links to the FK fiction links page.

2 September, 2001 - Reuploaded all of the poems in the Poe section, and added (15) more. Got the quotes done and up for the episodes Stranger Than Fiction and The Fire Inside.

1 September, 2001 - Added quotes from eight season two episodes (Near Death, Crazy Love, Baby Baby, Partners of the Month, Curiouser & Curiouser, Close Call, The Code, and Bad Blood) to the FK quotes page.

30 August, 2001 - Added some links to both the faction and fanfic pages of the FK section. Will hopefully be updating the quote on the main page everyday again. Added quotes from Be My Valentine to the FK Quotes page.

28 August, 2001 - Slightly new layout on the FK pages. Added a couple of links to the fic page (not the FK one). Added quotes for 3 season two episodes (Capital Offense, Can't Run, Can't Hide, and Beyond the Law)

26 August, 2001 - New layout on the main page and the fic links were moved to their own page. A guestbook was also added to the main page, and guess what, I finally updated that qoute! I added a link back to the main page from the Poe one.

10 August, 2001 - Added quotes from six second season episodes (Killer Instinct, A Fate Worse than Death, Forward Into the Past, Hunted, Faithful Followers, and Amateur Night).

9 August, 2001 - All of the first season is done! Off to do some packing, then will get started on season 2.

7 August, 2001 - Added this page, replaced the season 3 quotes page with another (with links to all season 3 episodes, and about half of season 1 For I Have Sinned --> Dying for Fame).