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22 Jan, 2016 - Added another fic (the long one), and added several 'new' ones to the progress page.

Dec 2013/Jan 2014 - Some 'new' fics are *finally* up! Also updated the code on the fanfic page there a little. Still having the issue of 'must find titles' as per previous update, but at least it's not as bad! But I've written some more title-less fics since that last update, too...there's three or four new ones...

23 Jan, 2013 - Well, so much for the previous note about more updates. I *thought* I'd have time, but nope. :( Didn't get to update before, but maybe now. :)
   Started with a major update to my 'fanfic progress' page. As one can see: Must. Find. Titles. Hopefully some of those on the list will start popping up here in the very near future.

6 May, 2011 - Pardon the downtime--my webhost changed IP addresses and I couldn't use my previous nameservers, so the site was down for almost a week. *oops*
   Also updated email(s) on contact page, and in the fic files.
   There will likely be updates within the next couple/few months to the site. :)

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