Nick, Nat, and LaCroix Images and Quotes from the eps

Be My Valentine:
(At the Azure)


Night in Question:
(At Nick's loft)

Just before Nat arrives at the loft:
Nick: I don't remember you, but if you do know me as well as you say you do, help me, tell me who I am.
LaCroix: It's not so much who you are, as what you are. You are extra-ordinary.... You're a killer. Well, if you don't believe me, why don't you go outside and rediscover yourself for yourself.
Natalie comes back to Nick's and finds him with LaCroix. For the rest of the conversation, Nick's pretty silent...a bit perplexed at everything....
LaCroix: Good evening. Dr. Lambert, isn't it?
Natalie: I know who you are.
LaCroix: How flattering. My reputation has preceded me.
Natalie: Thank you for helping to cover for him in the hospital.
LaCroix: We made quite a good team, didn't we? It really was
Natalie: Was. But now I think that you should leave him alone.
LaCroix: Whatever you say. I trust that you will inform him of his special nature and needs in my absence? Perhaps not. Perhaps you will use this opportunity to try to accomplish the impossible. To redeem him.
Natalie: I think you'd better leave. (LaCroix looks up at the skylight) By the door.
LaCroix: Whatever you say, Doctor. Good luck with your little quest. Get well soon, Nicholas. Come and see me when you can.

(In Nick's dream/nightmare)



Nick and Nat arrive back at the morgue, finding LaCroix waiting:
Nick: What do you want, LaCroix?
LaCroix: Oh, nothing much. I just thought that now at the hour of our death, the good doctor might appreciate seeing firsthand the results of her hypocrisy. You purport to help people, doctor. You proffer modern medicine as religion. And that faith and technology will not be defeated. It's a false promise. A lie. You can't save your friend. You can't save us. You are powerless.
Natalie: Why are you so angry? You're not sick.
Nick: But you were sick, LaCroix, what happened?
LaCroix: I've looked into that abyss, Nicholas. I have faced death this night, and I have called his bluff.
Natalie: You killed him? You drank his blood?
LaCroix: Yes, a reward for the plague that he visited on my house.
Natalie: Oh my God. Oh my God, that's the answer. Cal...Cal said it in the precinct. HIV overwhelms it in the body.
LaCroix: So the killer is the cure, isn't that fascinating. His tainted blood will be our salvation.

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